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Lewis Family Photos



Family photos gathered from distant relatives; always looking for more!

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Three Lewis Brothers:
Sons of William B. Lewis Senior who brought them by flatboat from New York State to Indiana.

Rev. William B. Lewis and wife Malinda Beltz
They are buried in the Marion Baptist Church Cemetary in Jennings County. 
See a
picture of their child Seth and his family.

Daniel Lewis: Two different picts
A, B and C
My g-g-g-grandfather who lived in Jennings County near Paris Crossing, Indiana. He is buried in the Keith Cemetary near there.

John M. Lewis and another shot (youngest child of William Senior, born on the flatboat that brought them to Indiana)


Children of Daniel Lewis: Some of the children of Daniel Lewis

Charles Newton Lewis
Charles Newton Lewis' family
Charles Newton Lewis' children
Gravestone of Charles Newton Lewis
Gravestone of Kizziah Mayfield Lewis, 1st wife of Charles Newton Lewis

Frances Marion Lewis - One of Daniel Lewis' sons.
Another shot of Frances (not certain, was in the Serelda Lewis Owens Bible with no identification but looks like Frances but it could be Charles Newton Lewis.)
Frances as a child, from the Serelda Lewis Owens Bible

Unidentified pictures in the Serelda Lewis Owens Bible:
Girl 1 (believe this to be Serelda but not certain)
Girl 2
Boy 1
Boy 2
Boy 3 (this could be William Jackson Owens as a boy but think it's a Lewis)

Permitte Lewis photo on a Carlock Family history page as wife to Mahlon Carlock. Also, Permitte Lewis Carlock standing on porch with her granddaughter Dorothy, daughter of Iva Iona Carlock and Ferd Milller. On the back is written "Dorothy May Loretta Miller around age 5 to 6. Permitta Carlock at 228 Pierce Street, North Vernon, Indiana." This would date the photo to around 1921-22.

Serelda Lewis Owens-
Daniel Lewis's daughter and my great -great grandmother . She is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery at Paris Texas.

Samantha Lewis Malcomb -
Serelda's twin sister, she is buried at the Tea Creek Cemetary in Jennings County Indiana.

Waity Ellen Lewis Winkler,
daughter to Daniel Lewis - 1948 . This picture was taken when she was visiting my great-grandmother Ida May Owens Rogers at Paris, Texas. They lived in Dallas and presumably are buried near there.


Grandchildren of Daniel Lewis:

Oliver Grant Lewis son of Frances Marion Lewis and grandson to Daniel Lewis.

Clytia Sayers granddaughter of Daniel Lewis and daughter to Ida May Lewis Sayers .  Clytia's picture has an "x" under it.  Here is a closeup

Clytia Sayers, daughter of Ida May Lewis and Smith Sayers, married Harley Skeel ca 1908. They are buried in the Crothersville, Indiana cemetery next to Ida May and her husband. Clytia and Harley had at least one child named Sayers Skeel. Clytia was a friend to my great-aunt Ione Rogers Russell as she sent a postcard to her with the above picture on it. I believe my Great Aunt used to visit by train from Paris Texas. 

Here is a link to a Skeel page showing Harley Skeel's ancestry. And here is his obituary:

From: "Doris T." <>
Subject: Harley Skeel
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 10:26:39 -0700
Bloomington (IN) Telephone, May 30, 1938, Pg. 1

Funeral services were held this morning for Harley V. Skeel, age 54, who died Friday at his home four miles east of Bloomington on the Nashville Road. Rites were conducted at the home of the deceased by the Rev. C. Howard Taylor, pastor of the local Methodist Episcopal church. Burial was at Crothersville. Active pallbearers were Glen Hepley, Elwood Stevenson, Bruce Beem, Marshall Wooden, Noble Stull and Dwight Stull. Honorary pallbearers were E. G. Kerr, Roy Burns, John Franzman, A. W. Fishback and Mr. Byers. Music was under the direction of F. E. Ellis of this city.



George Franklin Lawrence

George is the son of Luvinia Lewis and Rev. William Henry Lawrence. Luvinia is the daughter of Daniel Lewis of Jennings County, Indiana.

George Franklin Lawrence, his wife Sara Catherine Ayers, their daughter Haryette Shepard and her husband Chester George Shepard.


Martha A. Lawrence Burtch
Granddaughter to Daniel Lewis, daughter of Luvinia Lewis who married Rev. William Henry Lawrence.


Martha A Lawrence Burtch (granddaughter to Daniel Lewis, daughter to Luvinia Lewis who married Rev. William Henry Lawrence), her husband Thomas Jefferson Burtch; Martha's daughter-in-law (unidentified) and her granddaughter Alice Wilkerson and a "Grandmother" (unidentified). You can read more about her on the Coffee Creek Baptist Church Cemetary page off of my main page.

Here's the back of the picture written by my great-grandmother Ida May Owens Rogers


Nieces and Nephews of Daniel Lewis:

Selena Ann Lewis and Selena and children at Stockdale Kansas - niece of Daniel Lewis, daughter of Rev. Timothy B. Lewis his brother.

Marion Milford Lewis
Son of Rev. Timothy B. Lewis, nephew to Daniel Lewis