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Jennings County Indiana


Cemetery Listings for Some Cemeteries in Marion, Montgomery Townships in Jennings County Indiana; Other Resources

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Dodd Funeral Home

Cemetery Locations


Grand Army of the Republic Melville Thomas Post 515
Paris Crossing, Indiana

Online Records, Cemeteries

Cana Methodist, Coffee Creek Baptist, Coffee Creek Christian, Gaddy/Wykoff,
First Marion Baptist, Keith,
Mt. Zion Methodist,
Paris (Old)/Cave Dixon , Sage/Barnes,
Tea Creek,

Combined Listing:
Bear Creek,
Deputy Farm,
Paris (Old), Keith

Bear Creek (PDF)

Cana MethodistChurch(PDF)

Coffee Creek Baptist

Coffee Creek Christian(PDF)

Coryell (PDF)


Montgomery (PDF)

Marion Baptist (PDF)

Paris (Old) (PDF)

Tea Creek(PDF)

This site was set up many years ago simply to share information in order to honor the memory of our ancestors.

I want to bring your attention to the excellent resources on the Jennings County genweb site at:  . It is maintained by Sheila Kell and she is to be commended for putting to many records online. She has personally transcribed cemetery, court and other records. Many of the cemetery lists to the left are now transcribed by her and therefore are searchable on that site.

If you are here to do research the cemetery links are all to the left. Most require the use of the free Adobe Acrobat PDF reader, which you can obtain here:

Please take note that the cemetery canvas lists and indexes on the left are not the work of the author of this site. With the exception of the Coffee Creek Baptist Church Cemetery and Keith Cemetery listings, they are simply scans I did of documents at the Jennings County Public Library. I am grateful to those wonderful volunteers who canvassed the cemeteries, and to the Jennings County Library for housing those records. Please be sure and visit the genealogy section of the Jennings County Library if you are ever in Indiana to do research. It is very worthwhile!

The Coffee Creek Baptist Church minutes are on a site maintained by G. Wilson, whose mother, Pat Wilson transcribed them and originally placed them online. The Internet address is:
Many many thanks to both for making these records available!

If you are related to any of those who rest in these cemeteries and would like to add some history to help preserve their legacy please e-mail me: jlopp AT or jlopp.geo AT
(replace AT with @ )

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Lewis Family

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Loppnow Family

My name is Jonathan R. Loppnow. I am descended from three families in the Jennings County area: the Daniel Lewis famly ; the Samuel Adkins Keith family (both of whom lived near Paris Crossing, Indiana. Also, I am descended from Willis Calloway Owens of Scott and Jackson County.

My Loppnow line is based in Minnesota.



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