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Descendants of HENRY LOVEALL aka Desolate Baker

First Generation

1. HENRY LOVEALL aka Desolate Baker 1 was born 1694 in Cambridge, England. He died 1778 in Piscataway, NJ.

The History of the Loveall family in America, by Michael Sullivan

The founding of the Loveall family in the United States has been traced to Reverend Henry Loveall, who is also known as Desolate Baker, believed to have been his real name.  Henry Loveall was born in Cambridge, England around 1694.  As a young man, it is reported that he was involved with a woman from his church - it is not known if he was the Pastor of the chuch or not.  After being accused of "an inexcuseable immorality", he fled the city of Cambridge to avoid prosecution.  It is believed that Henry Loveall imigrated to the American colony of New York by changing his name from Baker, and signing himself up as an indentured servant.

By 1725, at the age of 31, he was relocated to the colony of Rhode Island where it is said that he was Baptized.  It is, at this time, that the first mention of his spouse is made, although when they were married it is not know - they already had two sons.  Henry and Martha moved to New Jersey sometime before December of 1731, because a son named Luther was born in December 24th of that year at Piscataway NJ.

On Jan 3, 1732, Henry Loveall was ordained as a preacher, but he was not listed as a pastor of any church at the time.  A fourth son was born on September 26, 1734 in Piscataway NJ, named Calvin.  This son may have died as a child as no mention of him has been found for him after this time.  By 1742, Henry's two oldest sons - Zebulon and Ethan - had moved to Maryland.  It is in this year that Henry Loveall made his way into Baltimore County, Maryland.  In the area known as Chestnut Ridge lived a land owner named Henry Sater.  Mr. Sater, who was known for his desire to have a Baptist Church in the area, asked Henry Loveall to preach for him and other Baptists in the area.  Mr. Sater and Henry Loveall were a group know as "General Baptist".  At his own expense, Mr. Sater built a Meeting House of red brick to be used as a church.

On November 17, 1742, Mr. Sater deeded over the meeting house and one acre of land to the church.  At the time, the church was called "Sater's Church", however this church that was begun in 1742 by 57 members is now known as Chestnut Ridge Baptist church and is located in a suburb of Baltimore, MD.  By an act of the court on August 4, 1743, Henry Loveall was granted the right to preach in Maryland.  Although there were others who had preached for this congregation, Rev. Loveall can be said to be the first Pastor of the church.

In four years, the young congregation grew to 180 members and had spread to Virginia.  Despite this growth, the church members would not participate in the Lords Supper or Communion, as there seems to have been an "unhappy situation"  - this could have been because of the practice of the laying on the hands and foot washing that was practiced by the church.

In 1743, Henry Loveall moved to Opequan, Berkeley Co., VA (now West Virginia) to help start a church for some former members of Sater's Church.  When he went to Virginia, some said he took another man's wife. This church soon developed some type of trouble and they sought help from the PHiladelphia Association (a Baptist Organization). Rev. Loveall was turned out of the church for "misconduct and for a licentious life style".  By 1751, Henry Loveall returned to Maryland and the Chestnut Ridge area.  In his absence, Mr. John Davis had become the resident pastor at Sater's Church.  There was in all probability some conflicts between the followers of the two pastors.  Henry Loveall seems to have been controversial in his time and was sometimes accused of not living in a manner not in keeping with the teachings of the church.  Henry Loveall was reported to have been a man of talent and an acceptable preacher.

HENRY married MARTHA on 1719 in Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ. MARTHA was born about 1699.

They had the following children:

  2 F i
  3 F ii
+ 4 M iii ZEBULON LOVEALL was born 1728 and died 9 Jan 1786.
+ 5 M iv Ethan LOVEALL was born 26 Sep 1730 and died 1795.
+ 6 M v Luther LOVEALL was born 31 Dec 1731 and died about 1821.
  7 M vi
Calvin LOVEALL 1 was born 26 Dec 1734 in Pascataway, Middlesex Co., New Jersey.

#1 - Joan Bouley:
no evidence that he lived beyond infancy
  8 F vii
Rebecca LOVEALL 1 was born about 1735.
  9 M viii
Solomon LOVEALL was born about 1737.
+ 10 F ix Susanna LOVEALL was born 1745.

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