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Updated 9/10/03 (50th B-Day, added The Life and Times paper)

This is the home page for Jerry Longeuay. You will find geneology and various papers dealing with the life and times of Garbage Grove Jerry. Enjoy!

These are the various databases for Bergevin, Langevin, Longeway, Longeuay, Lashway, Kehoe, Jacquemain and many more. 

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Link 1
This is the autobiography of yours truly.  It's more than you'll probably want to know and points to the various papers below. 
Link 2
Paper on Conscious Evolution (or how to better yourself). About 10 pages long.
Link 3
1971 Plane Crash (N60360) and my ordeal. About 20 pages.
Link 4
Shortcut to photos of plane crash.
Link 5
The 1999 Longeuay Vacation around the States. 50 pages of the adventure. Better than National Lampoon's Vacation!
Link 6
The Cairo Caper! Jerry's journey through the wonders of ancient Eygpt in 18 hours.
Link 7
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (Respect Enhanced Spouses Produce Enriched Couples Together). A paper to help couples with the most distructive force in their relationship - respect (or lack of it).
Link 8
The saga of the Running Springs fire that almost wiped out the Longeuay cabin. (3 pages)
Link 9
Stone Hedge or Jerry? The whimsical trip through England. See if Jerry runs into anyone you know?
Link 10
Sea Ya Later! The drama unfolds as some of the Longeuay family is swept out to sea...
Link 11
9 Lives.  This is for mom.  She wanted to know how many times I've come too close to the edge of life - or death...
Link 12
Multi-Million Dollar Crook Caught, film at 11!  After only 3 months of owning the Laundromat, Jerry is ripped off by the Yugoslavian Trio.  This describes the stake out and capture.
     Link 13      The twists and turns of destiny that brought Jerry into the world, as well as his descendents. 
                      A short seven page story chronically the destiny of descendents.

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