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Allred Family

Fernard Walter Spendlove 1910,
Nettie Anne Sanders 1885, Joseph Moroni Sanders 1836, Moses Martin Sanders 1803,
Mary Allred  1783,  William Allred 1756-66, Thomas Allred 1730,
John Allred  1706,   William Aldridge 1675, Clement Aldridge 1636,
Clement Aldridge Allred 1600-01,   John Aldred 1558, Rev. Henry Aldred 1530

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John Allred, Revolutionary War Participant 

History of Mary Allred,

wife of David Sanders

Mary Allred
by Jackie Spendlove Leatham,
3rd great granddaughter
Mary Allred was born 30 Nov. 1783 in Randolph, North Carolina to William Allred and Elizabeth Thrasher.   Mary was the oldest sister by one year to James Allred who settled Spring City, Utah in 1852.

She married David Sanders, son of Moses  Sanders, in 1802  at Franklin County, Georgia.  David was born around 1775, Irdll County, North Carolina.  A deed of land describes the Moses Sanders’ property as “being next to ‘old William Allred place’ — Old William or Old place?  Maybe the two families just moved along together.”

(Louis E. Allred Family Record, by Archibald Bennett).

Mary’s three oldest children, Moses Martin, William Hamilton, and Sarah (Sally) were born in Banks Co.(now Franklin), Georgia.  The family was in Bedford County (now Marshall County), Tennessee, when Nancy was born in 1810, and David James in 1815. 

Mary’s husband, David,  died 11 Jan 1815 at Bedford, Tennessee leaving Mary, a young widow, of thirty-three years. Only five years later, Mary passed away on 19 May 1820.  Her oldest child, Moses Martin, was seventeen, her youngest child, David James, was five.  

Although Mary died before the Gospel was restored, her son Moses Martin recognized the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and was baptized on 28 Jan 1835.  He and his wife, Amanda Armstrong Fausett, gathered with the Latter-Day Saints at Farr West (1836), Quincy (1839), and Nauvoo, Illinois.  Before Moses Martin left Nauvoo for Winter Quarters, he was blessed to lead prayers held in the Nauvoo Temple on 14 Mar 1846, 29 Mar 1846, and 31 Mar 1846. (Journal of History of the Church).   His family then removed to Winter Quarters, Council Bluffs, West Jordan (1850), Fairview (1858/9),  and eventually St. George, Utah (1865) where Moses Martin helped build the first temple in the West dedicated to the Lord in this dispensation.  Mary Allred, the mother of Moses Martin,  was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at the St. George temple on the 21 Feb. 1877, and her endowments were performed on the 22 Feb. 1877. 

Mary’s grandson, Joseph Moroni, was born  25 Dec. 1836, the night his family was driven from their home in Farr West, Clay, Missouri. This same grandson was baptized on his birthday, 25 Dec. 1844 in a hole cut out of  the ice of the  frozen Mississippi River just out of Nauvoo. Joseph Moroni married Hulda Charlotte Zabriskie, the daughter of Lewis Curtis Zabriskie, on 20 Aug. 1860 at Fairview, Sanpete, Utah. Lewis Curtis Zabriskie and his wife, Mary Higbee, came to Utah with the Garden Grove Company in 1851, and eventually settled in Spring City, Utah, which was originally called “The Allred Settlement.”

Life Story of Rebecca Ann Sanders Sanderson by Elden G. Hurst

Emma Sanders Tidwell by Stella Tidwell Hall

The Sanders Saga Feb. 1984

Joseph Moroni Sanders by Margaret I. S. Haslam Hardy

A history of 
James , Isaac and William Allred, 
Mary's brothers

A History of James, Isaac and William Allred

by Karla Monson

(Missouri Era)

 Two years following their arrival in Monroe Co. Hyrum Smith and John Murdock preached to the Allreds, testifying that a new prophet, Joseph Smith, had organized a new church or rather the old one restored. They arrived on August 4, 1831 and taught the next day. John Murdock became ill and they spent a week at Salt River. According to Redick, his parents were exemplary Presbyterians and were taught that prophets and apostles were no longer needed. They thus regarded Elder Smith and Murdock suspiciously. The two Elders passed on to found the center stake of Zion, New Jerusalem in Jackson Co., Mo. Later Isaac opened his home for meetings as other Elders, bound for Jackson Co., stopped to teach. A year passed and the faith sown in 1831 took root as George Hinkle, Daniel Cathcart and James Johnson organized the Allreds, Ivies and others into the Salt River Branch. Nineteen converts, including Isaac and Mary, one or two daughters and William Moore were baptized September 10, 1832.5

As the Saints were amassing in Jackson Co., the Salt River increased in self-sufficiency. John Ivie baptized Reddin and Redick in March 1833. That year Isaac, intent on founding Zion with the Saints, sold his farm to relocate westward. However, in the fall the Saints were expelled from Jackson Co. Their departure was marked by the falling of stars, which Redick affirms, "...was witnessed in our locality in all its splendor, and many believed the end of the world had come." Awaiting the next gathering, Isaac rented the home of the buyer of his former property and stayed with the members of the Salt River Branch. At this time Isaac observed that Paulinus Harvey's mouth would draw down to one side when he laughed. Isaac called on the healing power of the Elders and Paulinus' mouth was normalized.6

Isaac's family met the prophet as he recruited men for the army to reclaim the lost property of the Saints in the spring of 1834. William defined his first impressions of the Prophet of Zion's Camp as follows:

"I thought he had a very noble appearance, very kind and affectionate. I visited the camp several times while they were stopping at my Uncle James Allred's farm. I know he was a true prophet of God, for I have lived to see many of his prophecies fulfilled and am willing for this testimony to go to all the world."

Joseph Smith specifies in the Journal History that the company arrived June 7, 1834 and camped in a grove by the spring waters of the Salt River, by a branch of the Church called the Allred Settlement. They rested, washed clothes and prepared for their journey until June 12. James Allred (Isaac's brother), Isaac and Martin Allred (James' sons) and Andrew Whitlock (James' son-in-law) joined the company formed to redeem Zion.7

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