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The Shield is: Gules; on a terrace vert; an owl proper.
Translation: Gules, or red denotes Military Fortitude and Magnanimity. Vert, or green signifies Hope, Joy and sometimes Loyalty in Love. An owl betokens Vigilance at all times, and represents Victory of Wisdom over Strength and Prudence over a Conquering Force.
The Crest is: A peacock tail proper.
Origin: Germany
Variant spellings for Scheidel: Schadler, Schedel, Scheidle, Scheidl, Schadel and Scheidell.

According to etymologists, the German surname Scheidel is believed to be of nickname origin. Nickname surnames are those names which derive their origin from a phhysical characteristic or personal attribute of the initial bearer. In the instance, the surname Scheidel, which means "skull" refers to "one with a noticeable skull". Similar surnames are Breitschadel (wide-skull), Grossschadel (big-skull), Rotschadel (red-skull) and Weissschadel (white-skull).

References to this surname or to a variant include record of one Heiner, Schedela of Esslingen in 1240. One Albertus de Stiusselingen dictus Schedel was mentioned in records of 1267. In 1441, one named Jakob Schadel died, who was a citizen of Bolschweil in Muellheim. One Hartmann Schedel, a humanist, was mentioned in documents of Nurnberg.

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