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Family Mottoes


Family Name Gaelic Equivalent Original language English Translation Coat of Arms
Eardley - Non nobis solum. Not for us for oneself. -
Eaton éatún Vincit omnia virtus. Virtue conquers all. -
Eccleston - Omne solum forti patria. Every sail to a brave man in his country first. -
Eccleston - Spero meliora. I hope for better things. -
Eden-Si sic prudentia.If there be prudence.Click Here
Edgar - - Man do it. -
Edge - Semper fidelis. Always faithful. -
Edinburgh - Nisi Dominus frusta. It is in vain without the Lord. -
Edmonds - Vincit veritas. Truth conquers. -
Edmonstone - - Be hardy. -
Edwards Mac éadbaird Duw ydi ein cryfdwr. God is our strength. -
EdwardsMac éadbairdHeb Dduw heb ddim Duw a digon.Without God, without anything, God is enough.-
Edwards Mac éadbaird Omne bonum Dei donum. All good things comes in the gift of God. -
Edwards Mac éadbaird Perseverando. By perservering. -
EdmondsMac éamainnNil desperandum.Never dispair.-
EganMac AogáinFortitudine et prudentia.By fortitude and prudence.Click Here
Mc ElligottMac UileagóidVirtus post funera crexit.-Click Here
Elliot(t)-Perseverando.By perservering.Click Here
Ellis-Deo patriae amicis.To God, my country and friends.Click Here
Elmhurst - In Domino confido. In God we trust. -
Elphinstone - - Cause caused it. -
Elphinstone - - Do well and let them say. -
Elphinstone - Merito. With merit. -
Elphinstone - Semper paratus. Always prepared. -
Elvin - Spectemur agendo. Let us be judged by our actions. -
Elwon - Dum spiro spero. While I breath I hope. -
Emerson-Hoov xeigkugie, sedoguotui ev ig xui.Thy hand O Lord, hath been glorifed in strength.-
Mc EnchroeMac ConcrúSceac mac concrada.The thorn bush of Enchroe.Click Here
Mc EneryMac InneiríVincit veritas.Truth prevails.Click Here
Enery Mac Inneirí Sans changer. Without changing. Click Here
EnglishInglisNisi Dominus frusta.It is in vain without the Lord.Click Here
EnnisMac AonaisVirtute et valore.By virtue and valour.Click Here
EnrightMac LonnractaigNec flectitur nec mutant.They neither bend nor change.Click Here
Erskine - - Think well. -
Erskine - Fortitudine. With fortitude. -
Erskine - In Domino confido. In God we trust. -
Erskine - Jour de ma vi. Day of my life. -
Esmonde - Malo mori quam foedari. Death rather than dishonour. -
Essington - - Sea or land. -
EustaceLústásSoli Deo gloria.Glory to God alone.Click Here
EvansÓ NéiminHeb Dduw heb ddin a Duw a digon..Without God, without anything, God is enough.-
Evans Ó Néimin Fide et virtute. By fidelity and valour. -
Everard - - Say and do. -
Everett - Festina lente. Be quick without impetuosity. -
Mac Evoy Mac Fiobuí Misneac. Bear and forbear. Click Here
Mc EvoyMac FiobuíMisneac.Bear and forebear.Click Here
M' Ewan - Reviresco. I flourish again. -
Ewing - Audaciter. Boldly. Click Here
Ewing-Audaciter.BoldlyClick Here
Exeter - Semper fidelis. Always faithful. -

Irish Family Mottoes "The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales."
By Tomás ó Baoillby Sir John Bernard Burke

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