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Family Mottoes
Co - Cu


Family Name Gaelic Equivalent Original Language English Translation Coat of Arms
CoakleyMac CaoclaoicIn hoc signo vinces.Under this sign you shall conquer.Click Here
Coates - Vigilans et audax. Vigilant and bold. -
Coats - - Be firm. -
CochraneMac CogaráinVirtue et labore.By virtue and exertion.Click Here
Cockburn - - Press through. -
Cockburn - Vigilans et audax. Vigilant and bold. -
Cockrane Mac Cogaráin Virtute et labore. By valour and exertion. Click Here
CoddMac ódaVulneratus non victus.Wounded not conquered.-
CoffeyÓ CobhthaighNon proventia sed victoria.Not in providence, but in victory.Click Here
Cogan - Constans fidei. Steady to my faith. -
Cokayne - Virtus in arduis. Courage in difficulties. -
Coke - Esto quod esse videris. Men should be what they seem. -
Colandrine - Sursum. Upwards. -
Colborne - Constans fidei. Steady to my faith. -
ColeMac ComaillEsto quod esse videris.Men should be what they seem.Click Here
Colebrooke - Sola bona que honesta. Those things are good which are honest. -
Coleman Ó Colmáin - Be just and fear not. Click Here
ColemanÓ ColmáinEsto sol testis.Let the sun be a witness.Click Here
ColganMac ColghainVirtus probata florescit.Tried virtue flourishes.Click Here
ColleyÓ CollaVirtutis fortuna comes.Fortune the companion of valour.Click Here
CollierCoiléirNemo sine cruce beatus.No one is happy but by the cross.Click Here
CollinsÓ CoileáinDant vulnera vitam.The wounds of life.Click Here
Collins - Fide et virtute. By fidelity and valour. -
Collins - Frangas non flectes. You may break, but shall not bend me. -
Collis - Mens conscia recti. A mind conscious of rectitude. -
Collmore - Semper eadem. Always the same. -
Collow - Pro patria semper. For my country ever. -
Cologan - Virtus probata florescit. Tried virtue flourishes. -
Colquhoun - Dum spiro spero. While I breath I hope. -
Colquhoun - Festina lente. Be quick without impetuosity. -
Colston - - Go and do thou likewise. -
Colt - Vincit qui patitur. The one who is patient wins. -
Columbine - Audaces fortuna juvat. Fortune favours the bold. -
Colville - - All is in God. -
Colville - - Persevere. -
Colvin - In hoc signo vinces. Under this sign you shall conquer. -
Comber - Sapiens dominabitur astris. A wise man can rule the stars. -
Mc C(r)ombie--Touch not the cat bota (without) a glove.-
Comer - - Persevere. -
ComerfordMac CumascaigSo no no Dea ne.God will perform it.Click Here
Compton - - Be firm. -
Compton - Dum spiro spero. While I breath I hope. -
ConcannonÓ Concheannain Con can an.Wisdom without blemish.Click Here
CondonCondúnIn Deo spes mea.In God is my hope.Click Here
CondronÓ Conaráin-Watchful and valiant.Click Here
ConlanÓ ConnalláinInter utrumque.Between the two.Click Here
O' ConnellÓ ConaillCiall agus neart.Reason and strength.Click Here
Connell Ó Conaill Non sibi. Not for himself. Click Here
Connellan - Inter utrumque. Between the two. -
ConnollyÓ CongailleEn Dieu est tout.In God is all.Click Here
O' ConnorÓ ConcuirÓ Diagac aon cabair.From God all help.Click Here
Conqueror - Victoria. Victory. -
Conran - In Deo spes mea. In God is my hope. -
Conroy Ó Conraoi - History cannot be destroyed by time. Click Here
ConroyÓ ConraoiMaureann a sgríobtarThat which is written lives.Click Here
ConsidineMac ConsaidínVigeur de dessus.Strength from above.Click Here
Constable - Semper paratus. Always prepared. -
ConwayMac ConmideFide et amore.Faith and love.Click Here
Conyngham - - Over fork over. -
CooganÓ CuagáinConstans fidei.Steady to my faith.-
Cook-Esse quam virderi.To be, rather than to seem.-
Cooke - Pro rege et patria. For king and country. -
CookeMac DabocNihil habere sine labore.I have nothing without labour.Click Here
Cookson - Ne quid nimis. Nothing too much. -
Cookson - Nil desperandum. Never dispair. -
CooneyÓ CuanaFortis et fidus.Brave and trusty.Click Here
Cooper - - Love, serve. -
CooperCuipéirFreastalag grá.Love serve.-
Coote - Vincit veritas. Truth conquers. -
Cope - Perseverando. By perservering. -
Cor(r)y - Virtus semper viridis. Virtue is always flourishing. -
Corbet(t)Ó Coirbin - Save me, Lord. Click Here
Corbet(t)Ó CoirbinDeus pascit corvos.God feeds the ravens.Click Here
Corbet(t) Dum spiro spero. While I breath I hope. Click Here
Corbin - Deus pascit corvos. God feeds the ravens. -
CorcoranÓ CorcráinIn fide et in bello.Strong both in faith and in war.Click Here
Mc CormickMac CormaicSine timore.Without fear.Click Here
Cornwall - - We beg you see warily. -
CorriganÓ CorragáinConsilio et impetu.By wisdom and vigour.Click Here
CorryÓ CorraVigilans et audax.Watchful and bold.-
Cosby - Audaces fortuna juvat. Fortune favours the bold. -
Cosby - Sub libertate quietem. Rest under liberty. -
Cosgrave(Ó) Mac CoscraigManu forti.With a strong hand.Click Here
CostelloMac CoistealaAudaces fortuna juvat.Fortune favours the bold.Click Here
CostiganMac OistoghínVirtute et fidelitate.By valour and fidelity.Click Here
CotterMac OitirDum spiro spero.While I breath I hope.Click Here
Cotton - - With God's blessing. -
Cotton - Fidelitas vincit. Faithfulness conquers. -
Cottrell - Nec temere nec timide. Neither rashly nor timidly. -
CoughlanÓ CochláinFortis in arduis.Brave in difficulties.Click Here
CoulterÓ ColtairTransfigam.I will transfix.Click Here
Couper - Virtute. By virtue. -
De Courey - Vincit omnia virtus. Virtue conquers all. -
Mc CourtMac CuartaPer mare per terras.Over sea and land.Click Here
Courtayne - Per mare per terras. By land and sea. -
CourtneyÓ CurnáinDei gratia.By the grace of God.Click Here
Le Coutenr - Toujours prest Always nimble. -
Coutts-Esse quam virderi.To be, rather than to seem.-
CowleyMac AmalaíDulce periculum.Danger is sweet.Click Here
CoxMac An CoilligFide et fortitudine.With faith and fortitude.Click Here
Mc CoyMac AodaPro Deo et patria.For God and country.Click Here
CoyleMac Giolla ComaillHuamni nihil alienum.Nothing that relates to man is indifferent to me.Click Here
CoyneÓ Cadhain-Faithful to an unhappy country.Click Here
Coyney - Fide sed cui vide. Trust, but be careful whom (you trust). -
Cradock - Nec temere nec timide. Neither rashly nor timidly. -
CraigDe CreagVive Deo ut vivas.Live to God that you may live.Click Here
Cramp - Fide et amore. Faith and love. -
Cranstonn - - Thou shalt want ere I want. -
Cranstoun - - I desire not to want. -
Craw - - God is my safety. -
Crawford Mac Rait - God feeds the crows. Click Here
Crawford Mac Rait Fide et diligentia. Faith and diligence. Click Here
CrawfordMac RaitTutum le rabore reddan.I will render you safe by my strength.Click Here
Mc CreadyMac RiadaSemper paratus.Always ready.Click Here
CreaghCraobhach-Hold on to your branch.Click Here
Creagh Craobhach Thournib'crev'th. I give you the branch. Click Here
Creagh Craobhach Virtute et numine. By virtue and prudence. Click Here
CreanÓ CroidheáinCor mundum crea in mea Deus.A clean heart trust in God.Click Here
Cree - - The reward of integrity. -
CreganÓ Criocáindes of craoideán.[Dim of Croide heart.]-
Cregoe - Fortuna audaces juvat. Fortune favours the bold. -
CreightonÓ Criocháin-God send grace.-
CreminÓ CroninLám láidir a buag.The strong hand to victory.Click Here
Creswell - Aut nunquam tentes, aut perfice. Either do not attempt, or complete. -
Creswick - - Do right and fear not. -
Crichton - - God me guide. -
Crichton - Perseverantia. Perseverance. -
Crockett--Crow not, croke not.-
Croft-Esse quam videri.To be, rather than to seem.Click Here
Crofton - Pro patria et rege. For country and king. -
Crofts - Virtute et fidelitate. By valour and fidelity. -
De St. Croix - In Deo confido. I trust in God. -
CrokeCrócNon mihi sed Deo.Not for me, but for God.Click Here
Cromie - Labor omnia vincit. Work wins everything. -
Crompton - - Love and loyalty. -
CroninÓ CroininFortes fortuna juvat.Fortune favours the bold.Click Here
Crookshank - Per ardua. Through difficulties. -
Cropper - - Love every man, fear no man. -
Crosbie, CrosbyMac An CrossáinIndignate invidia florebit justus.The just man will flourish in spite of envy.Click Here
Cross Mac An Crossáin Certavi et vici. I have fought and conquered. -
CrossMac An CrossáinCruce dum spero fido.While I breath I hope.-
Crosthwaite - - Conquer or die. -
Crothers - Sperandum est. It is to be hoped. -
CrottyÓ CrotaigLám láidir in uactar.The strong hand uppermost.Click Here
CroweMac ConcraSceac mac concrada.The thorn bush of Mc Enchore.Click Here
CrowleyÓ CruadhlaoichSpeo in Deo.I hope in God.Click Here
CrozierCrúiséirDiligentia fortior.Stronger by diligence.Click Here
Cruickshank - Diligentia ditat. Industry renders rich. -
Crum - - Fear God. -
Cuff(e)Mac DubAnimus tamen idem.A mind as yet unchanged.Click Here
CullenÓ CuilinnNon sibi.Not for himself.Click Here
CullinaneÓ CuileannáinVirtus in arduis.Courage in difficulties.Click Here
M' Culloch - Sine macula. Without stain. -
Mc CulloughMac Cú UiadVi et armis.By strength and courage.-
Cum(m)ing - - Courage. -
Cumming - Fuimus. We have been. (We have made our mark.) -
CumminsÓ CoimínVirtute et fide.By valour and faith.Click Here
Cunard - - By perseverance. -
Cuninghame Mac Cuinneagáin - Over fork over. Click Here
Cuninghame Mac Cuinneagáin Fortitudine. With fortitude. Click Here
Cunliffe - Fideliter. Faithfully. -
CunninghamMac Cuinneagáin-Over fork over.Click Here
Cunnighame Mac Cuinneagáin Per varios casus. By various fortunes. Click Here
CurleyMac ToirealaigFinem respice.Consider the end.Click Here
Curling - Finem respice. Consider the end. -
CurranÓ CurráinCor mundum crea in me Deus.Create in me a clean heart O God.Click Here
Currel - - Forward. -
CurryÓ ComhraidheAspiro.I aspire.Click Here
CurtinMac CuirtinNil nisi bonum.Nothing but good.Click Here
CurtisDe CuirtéisGradatum vincimus.We conquer by degrees.Click Here
Curtis - Per ardua. Through difficulties. -
Curtler - Labor omnia vincit. Work wins everything. -
Curzon - Spec mea in Deo. God is my hope. -
CusackCiosógEn Dieu est mon espoir.In God is my hope.Click Here
Cust-Esse quam virderi.To be, rather than to seem.-
Cuthbert - Fortiter. Boldly -
Cuthbert - Spero. I hope. -

Irish Family Mottoes "The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales."
By Tomás ó Baoillby Sir John Bernard Burke

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