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The Shield is: Azure, a horseshoe reversed or, between its branches a small cross paté of the last, en abīme.
Crest: On a crowned helmet, a hawk addorsed proper.
Origin: Poland
Variant Spellings: Kosmicz in Rumania, Kosminski, and Kosmosky among many others.

The Polish family name Kosmicki is classified as being of occupative origin. We have a derivation of the old Polish term "kosma" (scythe, to mow), together with the characteristic occupative suffix "..icki", here referring to one engaged in either the manufacture or sale of this implement, or its use, "one who mows".

One of the earliest references to this name or to a variant is a record of one called Cyrillus Kosmicz upon his marriage to Anna Jekal on 26th November 1876 in the Catholic Church, Althutten, Bukovina, Rumania. In accordance with the Polish Clan system, the newly ennobled family was allocated the arms of the extant clan, and here they shared the arms of the Jastrzebioc Clan, along with about eight hundred other Polish families, constituting the largest name grouping in the overall context of the system.

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