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The Shield is: Azure a Lion rampant between three Antique Crowns Or on a canton Argent an Oak Tree eradicated Proper a Sword erect Argent hilts Or.
The Crest is: An eagle.
The Motto is: "Memor Esto", 'Be Mindful Of Thy Ancestors'.
Variant spellings of Greer: Grear, and Grier.

The name of a settler family from Scotland, found often in Ulster, paricularly in Antrim, Down, and Armagh. One Henry Greer settled in Ireland in the 1600's, coming originally from Northumberland.

One family of the name is said to descend from the MacGregors and Griersons of the Clan MacAlpin of Scotland. They are found centered in Ireland at Sea Park, Carrickfergus.

The Greer family of Tullylagan, Co. Tyrone are given to descend from Henry Grier, of Rock Hall and of Redford, near Grange, Co. Tyrone. He came to Ireland in 1653. The Greer family of Sea Park, Co. Antrim is given in the Irish Book of Arms.

Arms for the name are found on plates 86 and 106 in the Irish Book of Arms.

Source: The Book of Irish Families Great & Small
Michael C. O'Laughin
1997 Irish Genealogical Foundation