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Jacob Gen.3
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Generation Three

5. Jessie Arabella3 Smith (Hannah2Huntington, Jacob1) was born on 6 August 1868 at Tucker, Cowlitz County, Washington.9 She married Joseph O'Neill on 3 September 1893 at Tucker, Cowlitz County, Washington; by TM Reese, MG; witnesses Gussie Smith, George Smith. Both were school teachers, he resided at Castle Rock, she at Tucker.24

Joseph O'Neill was born before 3 September 1865 at Illinois.24 He died on 5 May 1928.10

Children of Jessie Arabella3 Smith and Joseph O'Neill were as follows:

bullet10. i. Hertha Jessie4, born 12 July 1894; married Robert C. Cartmell.
bulletii. Hilbert Earl was born on 6 August 1900.10

6. Florence May3 Huntington (Henry2, Jacob1) was born on 31 March 1878 at Cowlitz County, Washington.21,23 She married Daniel Frederick Havewell on 18 February 1906.25,10 She died in June 1932 at age 54.10

Daniel Frederick Havewell was born on 23 May 1878 at Pennsylvania.25

Children of Florence May3 Huntington and Daniel Frederick Havewell were as follows:

bulleti. Rose Florence4 was born on 24 February 1907.10
bullet11. ii. John Henry, born 29 September 1908 at Castle Rock, Cowlitz County, Washington; married Hilda Ruth Campbell.
bulletiii. Eleanor Mary was born on 23 December 1909.10
bulletiv. Ida Martha was born on 13 June 1911.10
bulletv. Hanna Alice was born on 31 October 1915.10
bulletvi. George Wilson was born on 6 December 1918.10

7. Eva Anna3 Huntington (Henry2, Jacob1) was born on 12 January 1882 at Castle Rock, Cowlitz County, Washington; parents: Henry V. Huntington, b Connersville IN & Fanny V. Bratton b Verona WI; aff from Jessie S. O'Neill, cousin & Gratia G. Huntington, eldest sister.26,21 She married Ernest A. Davidson on 11 August 1914 at Castle Rock, Cowlitz County, Washington.27 She died on 30 July 1972 at Cowlitz County, Washington, at age 90.21

Ernest A. Davidson died on 11 August 1944.27

Children of Eva Anna3 Huntington and Ernest A. Davidson both born at Reardon, Lincoln County, Washington, were as follows:

bullet12. i. Dorothy Lea4, born 4 October 1915; married George F. Spitzer.
bullet13. ii. Roger Ernest, born 16 June 1920; married Geraldine Lindsay.

8. Fanny Tressie3 Huntington (Henry2, Jacob1) was born on 8 March 1890 at Castle Rock, Cowlitz County, Washington.21,9 She married George Taylor before 1918.27 She died on 27 July 1953 at Cowlitz County, Washington, at age 63.21 She was buried after 27 July 1953 at Hubbard-Whittle Cemtery, Cowlitz County, Washington.28

She was also known as Tressie Huntington.

George Taylor died before 1966.27

Children of Fanny Tressie3 Huntington and George Taylor all born at Castle Rock, Cowlitz County, Washington, were as follows:

bullet14. i. Margaret May4, born 1 May 1918; married James K. Anderson.
bulletii. Mary Elenor was born on 13 October 1919.27 She died in March 1937 at age 17.27
bulletiii. Helen Patricia was born on 18 October 1921.27

9. Maud Verona3 Huntington (Henry2, Jacob1) was born on 23 April 1893 at Castle Rock, Cowlitz County, Washington.23 She married Albert Bishop on 21 May 1924.27

Albert Bishop died on 12 November 1960 at Grandview, Yakima County, Washington.27

Children of Maud Verona3 Huntington and Albert Bishop were:

bullet15. i. Priscilla Ann4, born 28 October 1926 at Grandview, Yakima County, Washington; married David Candanoza; married Ralph Castilleja.


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