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Chandler Gen.3
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Huntingtons in the Northwest

Generation Three

6. Lewis Huntington3 Hubbard (Melinda2Huntington, Chandler1); born 3 February 1878 at Astoria, Clatsop County, Oregon;77 married Hattie Kaiama 1902 at Honolulu, Oahu County, Hawaii;78 died 19 May 1938 at Honolulu, Oahu County, Hawaii, at age 60.79

Hattie Kaiama died in 1911.80

Children of Lewis Huntington3 Hubbard and Hattie Kaiama were:

bullet12. i. Harriett Pua4, born 21 January 1907 at Waipahu, Oahu County, Hawaii; married Norman St. David Markham; married George Wilbur Blackburn.

7. Arabella Catherine3 Huntington (Noyes2, Chandler1); born 21 July 1884 at Freeport, Cowlitz County, Washington;81,82 married Benjamin Ward Waterhouse 15 October 1913 at Kelso, Cowlitz County, Washington.83

She was also known as Catharine Arabella Huntington.84 She resided circa 1915 at Astoria, Clatsop County, Oregon.85

Benjamin Ward Waterhouse was born on 1 February 1885 at Derbyshire, England.86

Children of Arabella Catherine3 Huntington and Benjamin Ward Waterhouse all born at Astoria, Clatsop County, Oregon, were as follows:

bullet13.   i. Mary Jane4, born 21 August 1914; married Glenn Stilwell.
bullet       ii. Jean Anne; born 30 March 1917;87 married Ragnvold Kraft 6 August 1943 at New London, New London County, Connecticut.88
bullet14. iii. Margery Isabel, born 25 June 1922; married Roy Dean Moss.

8. Irving Stevens3 Huntington (Noyes2, Chandler1); born 11 March 1886 at Freeport, Cowlitz County, Washington; parents: Noyes Henry Huntington, b Freeport WA & Jane Davolt, b Des Moines IA; affadavit from aunt Mrs. Emma Davolt Nelson, who "was living with the family at the time of his birth;"89,90 married Ava Grace Hibbard 1 December 1920 at Vancouver, Clark County, Washington;91 died February 1971 at Seattle, King County, Washington, at age 84.92 His Social Security Number was #533-05-5028 at Washington.93

Ava Grace Hibbard was born on 30 December 1886 at Lowville, Pennsylvania.94

Children of Irving Stevens3 Huntington and Ava Grace Hibbard both born at Kelso, Cowlitz County, Washington, were as follows:

bullet       i. Irving Noyes4; born 18 November 1921;95 married Brawanda Lou Land 25 November 1959 at Seattle, King County, Washington.96
bullet15. ii. Flora Jane, born 10 June 1923; married Wesley Roy Stillmaker.

9. Lloyd Grant3 Huntington (Alonzo2, Chandler1); born 15 August 1888 at Kelso, Cowlitz County, Washington;97 married Eliza Pauline Wells 12 January 1910 at Kalama, Cowlitz County, Washington;98,99 died 3 January 1923 at Kelso, Cowlitz County, Washington, at age 34; he drowned in the "Kelso Bridge Disaster." He was married, his wife was Eliza. He was a stage driver;100,101 buried 14 November 1923 at Cowlitz View Memorial Gardens (IOOF), Kelso, Cowlitz County, Washington; arrangements were handled by VanNote & Leichardt.102,103

Eliza Pauline Wells died on 28 September 1961.104 She was buried after 28 September 1961 at Kelso, Cowlitz County, Washington.105

Children of Lloyd Grant3 Huntington and Eliza Pauline Wells all born at Cowlitz County, Washington, were as follows:

bullet16.  i. Kenneth Wells4, born 9 October 1910; married Anne Muzyn.
bullet17. ii. Helen Lucille, born 2 August 1912; married Oswald Campbell Hoff.
bullet     iii. Edward; born 1918;106 died 1920 at Cowlitz County, Washington.107

10. Frederick Noyes3 Huntington (Alonzo2, Chandler1); born 19 September 1890 at Kelso, Cowlitz County, Washington;108 married Elsie Gertrude Timmons before 1914;109 died 3 October 1960 at age 70;110 buried after 3 October 1960 at Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon.111

Elsie Gertrude Timmons was born on 3 May 1894.112

Children of Frederick Noyes3 Huntington and Elsie Gertrude Timmons were as follows:

bullet       i. Donald4; born 1914;113 died 1931.114
bullet18. ii. Arabella, born 17 February 1917 at Kelso, Cowlitz County, Washington; married Eugene K. Justus.
bullet19. iii. Marian Aileen, born 30 November 1918 at Kelso, Cowlitz County, Washington; married Edgar James Clemons; divorced Edgar James Clemons; married George Preston.
bullet20. iv. Jeanne Marie, born 5 October 1921 at Kelso, Cowlitz County, Washington; married LeRoy Gehaed Lee.

11. Carlton Robinson3 Huntington (Alonzo2, Chandler1); born 1 November 1895 at Kelso, Cowlitz County, Washington;115 married Freda Lyon 14 November 1916 at Vancouver, Clark County, Washington;116 died 27 June 1953 at Kelso, Cowlitz County, Washington, at age 57;117 buried 27 June 1953 at Cowlitz View Memorial Gardens, Cowlitz County, Washington.118 He was also called as Carlton Robin Huntington.119

Freda Lyon was born on 19 October 1895 at Cowlitz County, Washington.120

Children of Carlton Robinson3 Huntington and Freda Lyon were:

bulleti. Carlton Robert4; born 29 August 1924 at Kelso, Cowlitz County, Washington;121 married Barbara Carol Wetzler 24 October 1959 at Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon.122

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