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Gen. 3
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Descendants of Samuel Rather

Generation Three

4. James3 Rather (James2, Samuel1); born circa 1760 at Virginia;7 married Elizabeth Rowton 10 Nov 1785 at Charlotte County, Virginia;7 died between 1828 and 1830 at Wilson County, Tennessee. His name was also found in records as Wrather, as when he witnessed a will, and his own estate was settled.20

He appeared on a tax roll in 1798 at Sumner County, Tennessee.21 He appeared on a tax roll in 1799 at Sumner County, Tennessee.22 Wilson County's history says that "the first settlement on Round Lick Creek was made near the present site of Watertown in 1799 by William Harris and William McSpadden of North Carolina, and James Wrather and Samuel King of Virginia." At this time, Wilson had not yet been cut off of Sumner County.23 He appeared on the following tax rolls:

1800 at Sumner County, Tennessee.24
1804 at Wilson County, Tennessee, in Capt. George Clark's Militia Dist. No. 3.
1805 at Wilson County, Tennessee, Capt. Clark's Co.
1806 at Wilson County, Tennessee, 130 acres on Round Lick; Cpt. Branch's Dist.

He made several land transactions, all in Wilson County. On 1 Jun 1810 he purchased 450 acres on Round Lick Creek from John Harvey of Stewart County, Tennessee.28 Then, on 20 Feb 1811 he purchased from Adam Trout, 100 acres on Barton's Creek.29  On 1 Mar 1811 he sold to Armstead Stubblefield of Smith County, Tennessee, 277 acres on Round Lick Creek.30 He sold  to Rowland W. Grissim, on 1 Mar 1811, 300 acres on Round Lick Creek.31 In Dec 1813 he sold 100 acres in to Abner Hill.32 He appeared in a court record in 1823 at Wilson County, Tennessee; "An act for the relief of . . . " .33

James Rather left a will dated 22 Nov 1828, written at Wilson County, Tennessee:.34,35

"Know all men by these here presents that I James Rather of the county of Wilson & State of Tennessee, being of sound mind and memory, do by these presents, ordain this my last will and testament to wit:

Item 1st: I ordain & bequest that all my negroes, to wit: Will, Man, Betty, Jerry and Harriet with all my horses, cattle, sheep, waggon, with all my household & kitchen furniture, farming materials of every description is left to my wife Lizey Rather during her lifetime, for her use & benefit with the conditions that if she should marry again, then in that case, she is to have a childs part.

Item Second: I do bequeath that an my wife's death, that my negro fellow Will, I give to my daughter Betsey Gresham.

Item 3rd: I will & bequeath unto my daughter Patsy Coe, my two negroes Jerry & Harriet with all my house . . . of every description & my watton.

Item 4d: I do bequeath unto my daughter Mary Harris . . . my negro Woman Betty.

Item 5th: I do bequeath that my old negro woman have the priveledge of living with any of my children she choses to live with.

Item 6th: I do bequeath that my wife have the priveledge of selling any part of my stock at anytime for her support.

Item 7th: I do bequeath that at my wife's death all the property that is not deposed of by then will at my wifes death is to be sold at a twelve months credit and the proceed to be equally divided between my three children, Patsey Coe, Betsey Grissum & Nancy Harris.

Item 8th: I do hereby appoint ordain and consititute Lizey Rather & Isaiah Coe . . .

His will was proved in court on 20 Feb 1830 at Wilson County, Tennessee,7 and was settled on 21 Jun 1831. Philip Fisher, T. Waters Jr., Hardin Goodall, were the commisioners, and vouchers were submitted by:35

Doctor Boyd bill against the estate $5.00
Solomon Caplinger's account 2.00
Anderson Green 3.50
James Larche's account 2.00
Simpson Organ's account 3.00
Solomon Capplinger's account 1.31
Wilson T. Waters note 2.00
Hardin Goodall's account .62
Benjamin T. Bell's account 2.00
Lydia Rather's receipt 19.50
Lydia Rather's receipt 31.57
Sutton E. Belcher account 3.50
Lydia Rather's Receipt 5.00
tax receipt for 1830 1.62
executors fees 9.00
attorney's fees 10.62
clerk's fees 1.50
total amount of vouchers 115.91
leaving a balance of $355.91

Elizabeth Rowton. She was called Liza Wrather in the final settlement of her estate.36 The inventory of her estate was made 7 Oct 1844.37 Her will was settled on 30 Dec 1844 at Wilson County, Tennessee; Final settlementment was recorded in Wilson County Will Book 1844-1850, page 15.36

The three known children of James3 Rather and Elizabeth Rowton were as follows:
bullet+ 16 i. Betsy4 Rather, born between 1786 and 1789 at Virginia; married Rowland W. Grissim.
bullet+ 17 ii. Nancy Rather, born 11 May 1796 at Virginia; married Fergus Sloan Harris.
bullet+ 18 iii. Patsey P. Rather, born circa 1790.

5. Karon Happock3 Rather (James2, Samuel1); born between Feb 1763 and Oct 1763 at Virginia;38 married Moses Mills 7 Nov 1787 at Charlotte County, Virginia;39 died 19 Jun 1857 at Lovejoy, Fayette County, Georgia;40 buried after 19 Jun 1857 at Moses Mills Farm Cemetery, Fayette County, Georgia.40

Her married name was Karon Happock Mills.41 They were married 8 Dec 1787 in Charlotte County, Virginia and a Francis Clark signed the marriage bond with the soldier. She is the daughter of James (dec'd) and Lucy Rather, and was aged about 24 at her marriage.38 She applied for a military widow's pension on 14 Jan 1839 at Fayette County, Georgia; She stated that she was aged 75, the widow of [Moses] a soldier, who was living in Halifax County, Virginia at enlistment, that he had applied for a pension 3 Sep 1832 at Fayette County, Georgia, aged 85, and had died 2 Jul 1833.

Moses Mills was born circa 1747.38 He did Revolutionary War Service from Halifax County, Virginia.38 By 1820, he was in Elbert County, Georgia where he appeared on the census.42 He wrote his will on 23 Mar 1831 at Elbert County, Georgia,39 and on 3 Sep 1832 applied for and received a military pension, while living at Fayette County, Georgia.38 He died on 2 Jul 1833 at Fayette County, Georgia.38,39

The known children of Karon Happock3 Rather and Moses Mills were as follows:
bullet+ 19 i. William4 Mills, born 5 Sep 1788; married Nancy Brown.
bullet+ 20 ii. James Mills, born 5 Oct 1790; married Nancy McMullen.
bullet+ 22 iv. Martha Claibourne Mills, born 1 Oct 1797 at Fayette County, Georgia; married Richard Phipps.

6. Daniel3 Rather (William2, Samuel1); born circa 1761 at Virginia;43 born 11 Mar 1763 at Virginia;7 married Frances Taylor before 1792;44 died 6 May 1824 at Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama, at age 61.43

He served in the American Revolution between 1776 and 1780 from Virginia.45 In 1792 he went from Virginia; being the first of the family into Tennessee.46 He signed petition to "erect" Roane County in 1799 at Roane County, Tennessee.47 About 1800, he was Roane County's first country coroner.47 He was in Capt. Thomas Coulter's Militia Company in 1802 at Roane County, Tennessee.47,48 He purchased 200 acres from David Stuart on 25 Feb 1804 at Muddy Creek, Roane County, Tennessee, for $300. The deed was filed 6 Oct 1809:49

Beginning at a black oak; S 40 deg. E 52 poles to a post oak, in the mill dam; down the creek 34 poles to an Iron Wood, Nich. Stevens corner; N 25 deg. E 140 poles to a pine; N 40 deg E 20 poles to a pine; N 320 poles to a pine & hickory; W 80 poles to a post oak; S 65 deg E 250 poles to a post oak & black oak on top of a ridge; to the beginning.

John McClellan, wit. DAVID STEWART

He appeared on a tax roll in 1805 at Roane County, Tennessee.45 He sold land on 30 Dec 1805 at Town Creek, Roane County, Tennessee; to James Preston, 180 acres on Town creek:.50

"including the place wheron the said Preston now living." Beginning at a stake & some marked bushes, corner to Isham Cox; south 45 deg. E 45 poles to a post, then E 39 poles to a hickory & chestnut oullaws corner, thence S 50 deg. W 218 poles to a post oak, thence N 45 deg. W 118 poles to a black oak, thence a direct line to the beginning.

Wm. Rather, Isaac Brock wits.
Registered 25 Jun 1807

He sold land on 30 Dec 1805 at Town Creek, Roane County, Tennessee; to Sandy Rector:51

110 acres on Town Creek, joining lines with James Preston, McElwee & Others. Beginning at a post oak corner to Jas. Preston, S 50 deg W 232 poles to a black oak, thence N 57 W 31 poles to a post oak, McElwee's line; N 29 deg E 234 poles to a pine, McElwee's corner; N 60 deg E 6 poles to a black oak; N 30 E 3 poles to a black oak, Preston's corner; then with his line to the beginning.

William Rather, Isaac Brock, wits.
filed 3 July 1807.

He appeared in a court record in 1807 at Roane County, Tennessee; having conveyed prisoners from Roane County to Jonesborough. (Ser. 14, Ch 104.4).33 He sold 124 acres to Thomas Rayburn for $250 on 15 Oct 1807 at Roane County, Tennessee; witnesses to the sale were Hugh Francis and John T. Rather.52 On 14 Dec 1807 at Roane County, Tennessee; he sold "a Negrow girl named Mary, 10 years old the eighth day of June next." to Thomas Brown, for $210. Witnesses to the sale were John Brown and William Lambkins.53 He sold 124 acres in Roane County after 14 Dec 1807 to Thomas Rayburn,  for $250.:49

beginning at a poplar, N 50 deg. W 180 poles to a post oak; S 45 deg. W 110 poles to a stake; S 50 deg. E 180 poles to a white oak; direct line to the beginning.

Hugh Francis, John T. Rather, wits.

He sold land on 15 Feb 1813 at Huntsville, Madison County, Missisippi Territory (now Alabama):54

"Know all men by these presents that I, Daniel Rather, of the County of Madison, Mississippi Territory, am held and firmly bound unto John William Waller, of the county & territory, his heirs, executors, administrators, or assignees, in the just & full sum of Four Thousand Dollars, for the ture & faithful payment of which I hereby bind myself, my heirs, executors, administrators & Assignees firmly by these presents: it being for value recd. Witness my hand & seal this 15th day of February 1813.

The condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bound Daniel Rather, his heirs &c. as soon as the last installment on the quarter section of land on which he now lives, being the North west quarter of Section number twenty-five, Township number Three, Range number one West of the Basis Meridian, of said County, becomes due, shall well & truly make, execute & deliver to the said J. W. Waller his heirs &c a good & sufficient Deed in fee simple forever, passing & conveying to the said Waller, his heirs &c. Twenty acres of Land, part of hte said Rather's quarter section, beginning at the North East corner of said Rather's quarter of Charles Cabiness's line, thence running south with the line of the said Cabiness's & Rather to a small Hickory stake which is chopped, thence west to a stake near a Black Oak on said Rather's land, thence North to the upper line of said Rather's quarter section, thence east on the said last line to the place of beginning, including what is called Wyatt's old well -- then the above obligation to be null & void, otherwise to remain in full force & virtue. Witness my hand seal the day & year above written.

Daniel Rather (seal)
witnesses: Thomas Obanion, James Rather."

He purchased land on 31 Oct 1817 at Madison County, Mississippi Territory; Lot Number 28; on Washington Street.55

He left a will dated 5 May 1824 at Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama, recorded in Will book No. 3, page 105 & 106 the 28th day of May 1824 - - - - Thos Brandon, C. C. C."54 :

"in the name of God amen, I Daniel Rather of the county Madison and State of Alabama, do make declare this my last will and testamentin manner and form as follows. first. I assign my soul into the hands of almighty God hoping and believing in a remission of sins by the merit & mediation of Jesus Christ, and my body I commit to the earth, bo be buried at the discretion of my Executors, here in after named and my worldly estate I give and devise as follows --

First. I give and devise to my Daughter Nancy Adair, one dollar to be paid her out of the Said property after my Death by my said Executors --

I also give unto my son John T. Rather one Dollar to be paid in like manner. --

I also give my son James Rather one Dollar to be paid in like manner. --

I also give unto my son Thomas M. [note: the M. was inserted above the line] Rather Six hundred Dollars, payable out of my Estate after my death in the following manner, by my Executors, that is to say one hundred & fifty dollars each year for four years.--

Also give and bequeath unto my Daughters Sarah M. Caruthers and Elizabeth Rather the following descirbed property. One negro man George, one woman Hannah, one negro woman Chansy and her four children named as follows: Mary, Philis, Minerva, Leatha, also Caroline a woman & her child Washington, together with all my household and kitchen furniture, Cattle of every kind, together with all debts due me. The above negroes & described property to be equally divid between my two daughters Sarah M. Caruthers & Elizabeth Rather and the time my Daughter Elizabeth Rather becomes of age or may marry -- and the said Elizabeth to have her schooling & maintainance out of said property until that time, the maintainance and clothing & school &c. the sum _____ shall be ______ of by my said Executors, or her buardian, and I do hereby appoint my friends Wm. McBroom & Robert Caruthers -- Executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other or former wills heretofore by me made in witness hwereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this fifth day of May 1824 --

Danl Rather (seal)

Signed Sealed published and Declared by the Said Testator as for his last will and testment in the presents of us: Richd B. Purdon, Wm L. Hathaway.

In the county court of Maidson County 17th May 1824, The last will and Testament of Daniel Rather, Decd., was this day produced in open court and the execution thereof being duly proved by the oaths of Richard B. Purdom & William Hathaway the subscribing witnesses thereto was ordered to be recorded, see orphans court minutes No. 3, page 77. Test. Thos Brandon, CCC

His will was administered on 16 Nov 1825; Robert Caruthers, William McBroom, John P. Neale, and Lewis Moore signed a $6,000 executors bond for the Robert Caruthers & William McBroom as administrators for the estate of Daniel Rather.54 An estate sale was held on 26 Dec 1826 at Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama. Total amount of the sale was $252.43. Items sold and the sale price are (purchaser was not indicated):54

One still 20.00
One large oven .315
One Potrack 1.00
One bearow [?] 7.00
One Brick Kitchen & Smoke House 20.00
Two small rows (?) & porch 21.00
one Small Oven .25
One Large Pot 2.50
One Kettle & Oven 1.50
Two ovens & gridiron 2.43
One oven 81
one brass kettle 3.50
one stone churn 2.50
One stone Jar 1.00
One brass morter & pestel 4.00,

Three Flat Irons 1.25
One pr waffle irons 1.37
One iron crane 2.25
One pr hand irons 1.00
one truk 1.00
one book case 3.75
one family Bible 6.00
one Sugar Chest 5.25
one cow & calf, 8.50
one yearling 3.50
on pr waffle irons .50
one small wheel .25
one small Table .43
one Kettle 1.50
one counterpin 2.68
six chairs 2.00
one large oven 1.25
one small oven 1.37
one large pot 2.06
one lot books 1.50
one set of dining tables 15.37
one oven & pot 1.87
one small table 2,00
one brass candle stick .50
one frying pan 62
one demi John 1.37
one spinning wheel 1.50
one bed 9.00
one pr blankets 5.12
one pr sheets 3.00
one colrd counterpin
one white counterpin 1.50
one oven & kettle 1.18
one pr large shears .25
one pr hand irons .50
one pr hand irons .25
one pr candlesticks .87
one Tin Kitchen 2.50
one corner cubbord 5.00
one Stable 21.00
one Small Table 1.00
on pr Banketts 4.81
one bed &c 8.00
on pr sheets 2.25
on counterpin 2.75
one bedstead 1.56
on trunk .62
one Lot books 1.37
one Bedstead 1.56
Two looking balsses 3.37
one pair Hand Irons 1.00
one cow & 2 yearlings 7.50
one cow & calf 7.37."

Daniel3 Rather may have been the father of the following supposed child:
bullet23 i. David4 Rather.

Frances Taylor. Her married name was Frances Rather. She was also known as Frankey Rather.7 She was born on 22 Jul 1767.56,57 She died on 8 Aug 1822 at Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama, at age 55.58

The nine known children of Daniel3 Rather and Frances Taylor were as follows:

She resided at Madison County, Alabama.7 A William Adair is listed among the inhabitants of Madison County in 1809, having in his household: 1m, 1f (-21); 1m, 2f (-21). total of 5 persons.62

bullet   24 i. Nancy4 Rather; born circa 1790;7 married William J. Adair 18 Nov 1809 at Roane County, Tennessee; Samuel Riley, bondsman.59,60,61
bullet+ 25 ii. John Taylor Rather, born 14 Mar 1792 at Prince Edward County, Virginia; married Barbara Walker McClellan; married Susan H. Roberts.
bullet+ 26 iii. James Rather, born 15 Apr 1795; married Harriet Lewen.
bullet+ 27 iv. William B. Rather, born 3 Dec 1800 at Tennessee; married Lucinda H. (--?--).
bullet   28 v. Thomas Mills Rather; born 16 Nov 1802;57 died 16 Nov 1829 at Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama, at age 27.63 His estate was probated 3 Mar 1830 at Huntsville, he died intestate, and insolvent.63
bullet   29 vi. Elizabeth Rather; born 26 Jun 1810.59,57 Though many compiled records show it, she was not the Elizabeth who married John Hays 26 Oct 1822 at Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama. Her father's will (see above), dated 1824, indicates she was unmarried at that time.
bullet   30 vii. Sarah Esther Rather; born 14 Mar 1806;57 married Robert Caruthers 31 Jul 1823 at Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama; by Rev. David Thompson;59,66,64 died 5 Jul 1826 at Huntsville, at age 20.67
bullet+ 31 viii. William Rather, born 30 Apr 1783; married Betsey McElwee.
bullet   32 ix. Ann Rogers Rather; married William Gardenhire 10 Dec 1803 at Roane County, Tennessee; bondsman, William Rather.68,61,69,70  She also went by the name of "Polly."71

7. Samuel3 Rather (William2, Samuel1); married Mary Ann (--?--);7 born circa 1765 at Virginia;7 died circa 1825 at Bedford County, Virginia.16

He was tavernkeeper, and had at least 5 children.7 At the 1810 Bedford County, Virginia census he is shown with a household consisting of 1 male & 1 female 26-45, 1 female 16-26, 2 males & 1 female 10-16, 1 female under 10.72

For the years 1823-1825, Samuel Rather was granted a license to keep a "house of private entertainment." For the year 1825-1826, license was granted to Daniel B. Rather. In 1826, and continuing until 1845 it was granted to Mary Ann Rather, except for the years of 1837-1839, when it was granted to her son-in-law Archibald Prather. This appears to be a continuous appointment for one establishment, to 4 different proprietors.73 She appeared on the the 1840 Bedford County, Virginia census shows her as the head of a household consisting of 1 female 60-70, 1 male 40-50, 1 female 30-40, 1 female 15-20; and 1 male and 1 female slave age 36-55. 6 total persons, 3 employed in agriculture.74

The three known children of Samuel3 Rather and Mary Ann (--?--) were as follows:


bullet+ 33 i. Sarah4 Rather, born circa 1792 at Virginia; married Archibald Prather.
bullet+ 34 ii. Elizabeth Rather, born circa 1801 at Bedford County, Virginia; married Thomas H. Morgan.
bullet35 iii. Mary Ann Rather; born circa 1810 at Bedford County, Virginia;75 married James Hawkins 2 Jun 1828 at Bedford County, Virginia; daughter of Mary Ann.75

9. Jesse3 Rather (William2, Samuel1); born 1761;8 born 1769 at Virginia;56 married Frances Dillon 21 Jul 1788 at Prince Edward County, Virginia.8 Jesse died on 28 Feb 1854 at Roane County, Tennessee having burned to death in a housefire, along with two of his grandchildren.8

At one time he resided in Illinois.16

He appeared on the following tax rolls:

1797 at Dinwiddie County, Virginia, 35 acres conveyed by Edmund Elder.10
1798 at Dinwiddie County, Virginia, 22 acres - conveyed 12 acres to William A. Meridith.10
1799 at Dinwiddie County, Virginia, 22 acres, and 30 acres conveyed by Brightwell Rather.10
1800 and 1801 at Dinwiddie County, Virginia, taxed on 22 acres, 30 acres, and 30 acres conveyed by Brightwell Rather.10
1802 and 1806 at Dinwiddie County, Virginia, taxed on 30 acres, 30 acres, and 22 acres.10

About 1808 he settled at Roane County, Tennessee.2 He was had land surveyed on 12 Apr 1833 at on the waters of Bear Creek, Roane County, Tennessee; chain carriers were Joseph Emery & Hugh Dillon:76

"Beginning on a hickory Spanish oak and black bum, Running North eighteen degrees West Seventeen poles to a white oak and dogwood corner of the land said Rather lives on, then with the line of it South Seventy-two degrees, West ninety-two poles to a stake in Said Rathers field; then South eighteen degrees east passing a hickory and black oak marked as a corner near the top of a nob at fifty-eight poles in all seventy poles to a stake; then North seventy-two East ninety-two poles to a stake; then to the beginning."

On 9 Aug 1833 he received a land grant in Roane County, Tennessee; #17972; 40 acres; Bk. 17, pg. 796.77 At a census of 14 Sep 1850 he was living at Rutherford County, Tennessee with Gillington A. Hurt, keeper of poor house.78

The eight known children of Jesse3 Rather and Frances Dillon were as follows:
bullet+ 36 i. William4 Wrather, born 11 Feb 1802 at Virginia; married Emilla Ezell.
bullet+ 37 ii. James Rather, born 8 Jun 1806 at Dinwiddie County, Virginia; married Elizabeth Wheat; married Sarah S. Williams.
bullet38 iii. Stephen Rather resided at Roane County, Tennessee; "stayed back in Roane County or went to some other part of the U. S. A."79
bullet+ 39 iv. Devoreaux Wrather, born 1800 at Nottaway County, Virginia; marriage license Eliza Cole; married Nancy Stone.
bullet40 v. daughter. Betsey Rather and Patsey Rather Logan Wrather's letter says there was only one daughter, Sally. He doesn't mention either of these two.79
bullet+ 41 vi. John Rather, born 15 Feb 1791 at Virginia; married first to Nancy Nail; and then toMargaret Reyburn.
bullet42 vii. daughter.  Patsey Rather and Betsey Rather Logan Wrather's letter says there was only one daughter, Sally. He doesn't mention either of these two.79
bullet43 viii. Sally Rather.

10. William3 Rather (William2, Samuel1); born 1771 at Virginia;7 married Elizabeth Smith 14 Sep 1814 at Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama;80 died between 1850 and 1860 at Smith County, Mississippi.7

He resided at Alabama or Mississippi,16 and was supposed to have had 16 children, 13 sons & 3 daughters.7 Between 1803 and 1809 he resided at Roane County, Tennessee,7 but by 1812 was living in Madison County, Alabama,7 where he sat on a jury on 29 Oct 1812.81 He again was a member of a Madison County jury, this time in the case was the Territory vs. William F. Sturgus, who is charged with assault on Francis Degrafenread in May 1814.82 He appeared in Monroe County, Alabama Orphans Court minutes between 1816 and 1821.83

At the 1830 census of Marengo County, Alabama; his household consisted of 1 male born 1770-1780, 1 female born 1790-1800, 1 female born 1810-1815, 1 male born 1815-1820, 1 female born 1820-1825, 1 male born 1825-1830, 1 male born 1825-1830.84  In 1850 he was at Smith County, Mississippi.85  And in 1860 at Hinds County, Mississippi, where the only other member of the household is a female, A. Rather, aged 17,  born in Mississippi.88

The three known children of William3 Rather and an unknown spouse were as follows:

She may be the Martha Rather, aged 40, who was living with John and Caroline Ralls at the 1850 Smith County, Mississippi census. They have a 3-month-old daughter named Martha, and are located 9 houses from William Rather, Martha's father.86

bullet+ 44 i. James Burness4 Rather, born 17 Jan 1802 at Prince Edward County, Virginia; married Lucinda Hudson.
bullet   45 ii. Martha Rather; born circa 1810 at Roane County, Tennessee.7
bullet+ 46 iii. Daniel Rather, born 8 Feb 1804 at Virginia; married Allie Tinsley.

Elizabeth Smith was born in 1790 at North Carolina.7

The four known children of William3 Rather and Elizabeth Smith were as follows:
bullet+ 47 i. Samuel Mills4 Rather, born 1818 at Alabama; married Sarah J. Barfield.
bullet+ 48 ii. Ivy T. Rather, born circa 1825 at Alabama; married Nancy Louisa Golden.
bullet   49 iii. Betsey Ann Rather; married James C. Miller 23 Dec 1839 at Dallas County, Alabama.87
bullet   50 iv. Edmond Rather; born 1829 at Alabama.88

11. Rawley3 Rather (William2, Samuel1); born 10 Oct 1775 at Dinwiddie County, Virginia;16 married Susan Frasier 10 Nov 1800 at nr Liberty, Dinwiddie County, Virginia;16,57 married Nancy Prior 12 Jul 1819 at Bedford County, Virginia; William Holliday, surety;57,75 died 18 Apr 1861 at Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Tennessee, at age 85.16,57

He resided at Bedford County, Virginia.16 He appeared on a tax roll between 1803 and 1804 at Dinwiddie County, Virginia, taxed on 35 acres, conveyed by William Rather.10 He appeared on the census of 1810 at Bedford County, Virginia; 1 male 26-45, 4 males under 10, 1 female 26-45.89 He appeared on the census of 1820 at Bedford County, Virginia. He was enumerated on a census in 1830 at Bedford County, Virginia.17

Susan Frasier was born on 13 Dec 1775 at Dinwiddie County, Virginia.57 She died on 12 Aug 1818 at Liberty, Bedford County, Virginia, at age 42.57

The six known children of Rawley3 Rather and Susan Frasier were as follows:
bullet+ 51 i. Alexander B.4 Rather, born 13 Jan 1803 at Virginia; married Jane Tarpley; married Louisiana (--?--).
bullet   52 ii. William Rather; died at Union City, Obion County, Tennessee;16 born 10 Nov 1805 at Dinwiddie County, Virginia;57 born 17 Nov 1805.16  He married 5 times.16
bullet+ 53 iii. John Rather, born 29 Apr 1809 at Liberty, Bedford County, Virginia; married Martha Fletcher.
bullet+ 54 iv. Daniel Rather, born 29 Apr 1809 at Virginia; married Ann Rather; married Sallie E. Ann Tucker.
bullet   55 v. Baker Rather; born 7 Feb 1813;16 born 19 Nov 1814 at Liberty, Bedford County, Virginia;57 died 29 Aug 1817 at age 4;16 died 1 May 1821 at Liberty, Bedford County, Virginia, at age 8.57
bullet+ 56 vi. George Washington Rather, born 13 Jul 1818 at Liberty, Bedford County, Virginia; married Elizabeth E. Jones.

There were no known children of Rawley3 Rather and Nancy Prior.

12. Enoch3 Wrather or Rather (William2Rather, Samuel1); born circa 1784 at Virginia;7 married Ann Southall Feb 1807 at Amelia County, Virginia;7 married Nancy Chanley before 1860;7 died after 1860 at Gibson County, Tennessee.16

He appeared on a tax roll the following Dinwiddie County, Virginia tax rolls:
1815 being taxed on 136 acres, conveyed by James Lee;10
1816 and 1818 on192 acres.10
Between 1819 and 1820 at Hatcher's Run taxed on 177 acres,10  having sold 15 acres to Joshua Spain.10

Enoch appeared on the census of 13 Sep 1850 at Rutherford County, Tennessee,61 when he was a wagonmaker.78 On 20 Sep 1860 the census enumerated him at Conyersville, Henry County, Tennessee; the four adults having all been born in Virginia, the children in Tennessee. Enoch owned $100 in real and $50 in personal property. John was a clerk, and had $75 in personal property.90,91

Ann Southall was born circa 1790.7

The four known children of Enoch3 Wrather and Ann Southall were as follows:
bullet   57 i. Jane4 Rather; born 1814 at Dinwiddie County, Virginia.7
bullet+ 58 ii. Ann Rather, born circa 1815; married Daniel Rather.
bullet   59 iii. Sarah Rather; born circa 1820 at Dinwiddie County, Virginia.7
bullet   60 iv. Rhoda B. Rather; born circa 1826.7

The two known children of Enoch3 Wrather and an unknown spouse were as follows:
bullet+ 61 i. John B.4 Wrather, born circa 1829; marriage license Mary E. U. Lannum; married Mary E. U. Lannum.
bullet   62 ii. M. J. M. Wrather; born circa 1836 at Rutherford County, Tennessee.7

The only known child of Enoch3 Wrather and Nancy Chanley was:
bullet+ 63 i. Mary G.4 Wrather, born 14 Feb 1831 at Rutherford County, Tennessee; married Edwin Coleman.

14. Baker3 Wrather (William2Rather, Samuel1); born circa 1789 at Virginia;7 married Sally C. Masterson 19 Dec 1815 at Rutherford County, Tennessee;92,93 married Rody Rowden 2 Dec 1816 at Rutherford County, Tennessee; by Edmd Jones;40,92,94 married Levenia Green 24 Nov 1846 at Rutherford County, Tennessee;92 died after 1856 at Rutherford County, Tennessee.16

He appeared in a court record, recorded as Baker & Wrather -vs- John Williams & George Hallum. An undated petition was presented to the Tennessee Legislature recommending him as J.P. in place of Robert Womack, who had resigned.95 He appeared on a tax roll in 1809 at Dinwiddie County, Virginia, being taxed on 66 acres.10 He was appointed a pastor.96 He appeared in a court record in Mar 1816 at Wilson County, Tennessee; action originally brought by Read & Washington, against Baker & Sarah G. Wrather for debt she incurred prior to their marriage.97 He and Sally C. Masterson appeared in a court record on 31 May 1816 at Wilson County, Tennessee; Thomas J. Reed and Gilbert G. Washington charged Baker Rather and wife Sarah G. Rather with failure to pay $61.75 for goods, wares, and merchandise which the said Sarah G. Rather purchased prior to their marriage. During the proceedings, the said Sarah G. Rather died. Case then dismissed against said Baker Rather. June Term 1816.93,97 He purchased land on 8 Aug 1820 at Wilson County, Tennessee; from Joseph Johnson, 2 town lots.98 He sold two town lots to James H. Johnson on 31 Jan 1823 at Wilson County, Tennessee; and was called "of Rutherford County, Tennessee." Witnesses were Lawrence Sypert and William Jolly.99 He was listed in the Stones River Improvement Lottery in 1827 at Rutherford County, Tennessee.33 A newspaper entry on 3 Mar 1848 at Lebanon, Wilson County, Tennessee referred to him as "B. Wrather, Secretary, Board of Directors of the Cumberland and Stone River Turnpike Co."100 He appeared on the census of 10 Sep 1850 at Rutherford County, Tennessee.101 He received a land grant on 31 Oct 1853 at Rutherford County, Tennessee; #23230; 112 & 120/160 acres. Bk 8-Occupant, pg. 158; Middle TN #23071-24012.77 He wrote a will in 1856 at Rutherford County, Tennessee.102

Sally C. Masterson. She was also called Sarah G. Masterson.93 She died before Jun 1816 at Wilson County, Tennessee.93

There were no known children of Baker3 Wrather and Sally C. Masterson.

The three known children of Baker3 Wrather and Rody Rowden were as follows:
bullet+ 64 i. Calenous M.4 Wrather, born 21 Jan 1821 at Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Tennessee; married Sarah E. Alvis; married Nancy L. Robertson.
bullet+ 65 ii. Wesley Stiger Wrather, born 12 Jun 1822 at Tennessee; married Susan Frasier Tarpley.
bullet+ 66 iii. Enoch Baker Wrather, born circa 1826 at Tennessee; married Ellen V. Robinson.

The only reputed child of Baker3 Wrather and Levenia Green was:
bullet   67 i. Mariah Louiza4 Wrather; born circa 1848;7 married Phillip O. Robinson 19 Jul 1860 at Rutherford County, Tennessee.104  If she is the daughter of Levenia Green, whom Baker married in the fall of 1846, Mariah would have been no more than 13 years old at her marriage.7

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