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Gen. 2
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Descendants of Samuel Rather

Generation Two

2. James2 Rather (Samuel1); born circa 1740 at Virginia;1 married Lucy (--?--) circa 1750 at Virginia;7 died after 1787.1

The two known children of James2 Rather and Lucy (--?--) both born at Virginia were as follows:
bullet+ 4 i. James3 Rather, born circa 1760; married Elizabeth Rowton.
bullet+ 5 ii. Karon Happock Rather, born between Feb and Oct 1763; married Moses Mills.

3. William2 Rather (Samuel1); born 4 Nov 1741 at Virginia;8,9 baptized 2 May 1742 at Bristol Parish, Virginia;2 married Sarah (--?--) circa 1760;8 died 19 Jan 1789 at Dinwiddie County, Virginia, at age 47.2

He appeared on a tax roll in 1787 at Dinwiddie County, Virginia, taxed on 301 acres,10 between 1788 and 1793 on 301 acres, and 100 acres "conveyed by Butler Erors.,"10 between 1794 and 1796 his estate was taxed on 401 acres,10 between 1797 and 1799 the estate was taxed on 366 acres;10 between 1800 and 1802 on 366 acres, "30 acres conveyed to Jesse Rather;"10 between 1803 and 1805 on 331 acres, "conv 35 acres to Rawley Rather;"10 in 1806 his estate was taxed on 151 acres; "151 acres conveyed to James Birchett."10

Sarah (--?--). Her married name was Sarah Rather. She died before 23 Jun 1833, the date of her obituary, at Rutherford County, Tennessee.11

The 10 known children of William2 Rather and Sarah (--?--) were as follows:

Samuel had at least 2 children.7 He resided in 1799 at Dinwiddie County, Virginia.7 He appeared in a court record on 6 Mar 1802 at Nottoway County, Virginia, bringing suit against Joseph Brown & Stephen Johns, for debt. Judgement was in his favor, and payments of 4 -6/4 with interest were to be made until the entire sum was paid.12 He again appeared in court, 8 May 1802 at Nottoway County, Virginia, when he brought suit against Joseph Brown, who failed to appear. It was ordered that he recover 16 and costs.13  He appeared on the census of 1810 at Nottoway County, Virginia; 1 male 16-26.14

He was also known as Asa Rather.17 In 1812 he served in the East Tennessee Draft Militia; as a private under Col. Wm. Johnson and Capt. Jas. Rogers,18 and later in the East Tennessee Voluntary Militia; as a private under Col. Jno. Brown, Cpt. Wm. D. Neilson.18 He was enumerated on a census of 1830 living at St. Charles County, Missouri.17 He left a will dated 1843 at Rutherford County, Tennessee.19 

bullet+ 6 i. Daniel3 Rather, born 11 Mar 1763 at Virginia; married Frances Taylor.
bullet+ 7 ii. Samuel Rather, married Mary Ann (--?--); born circa 1765 at Virginia.
bullet8 iii. Brightwell Rather; married Martha Ligon, daughter of Richard Ligon;7 born 1767 at Virginia;7 died 1841 at Nottaway County, Virginia.7
bullet+ 9 iv. Jesse Rather, born 1769 at Virginia; married Frances Dillon.
bullet+ 10 v. William Rather, born 1771 at Virginia; married Elizabeth Smith.
bullet+ 11 vi. Rawley Rather, born 10 Oct 1775 at Dinwiddie County, Virginia; married Susan Frasier; married Nancy Prior.
bullet+ 12 vii. Enoch Wrather, born circa 1784 at Virginia; married Ann Southall; married Nancy Chanley.
bullet13 viii. Asa Wrather; born circa 1780;15 died circa 1843 at Rutherford County, Tennessee.16
bullet+ 14 ix. Baker Wrather, born circa 1789 at Virginia; married Sally C. Masterson; married Rody Rowden; married Levenia Green.
bullet15 x. Elizabeth Rather; died at Rutherford County, Tennessee.16

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