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James Ruffin was born about 1770 in Bertie Co, North Carolina. He was one of 9 children and the son of a tobacco planter who descended from the Virginia Ruffins. Through the father, William's deed of 10 Feb, 1800, we were able to identify all of the siblings.

He married Margaret VEALE, of another Bertie County family. They spent their early married years in Bertie Co, probably raising tobacco on land near his brothers.

We think that he and Margaret decided to leave Bertie Co because of the worn out condition of the land from all the tobacco, and take up a new life in Georgia raising cotton around 1819. His sons were old enough to help by this time, and the opening up of the Indian lands in Georgia, probably drew them

Unfortunately the financial situation in America was not good, and we know that James lost to a sheriff's sale, several Negro slaves, as well as some land that he had purchased in Jones Co., GA.

He is enumerated on the 1820 census in Jones Co, but after that we assume that he died. Margaret returned to NC with two of her younger sons, Whitmel and James J,to settle her mother's affairs in Bertie Co.

They do return to Georgia however, and Margaret lived to be 80 years old where she appears in the Upson Co, GA census living with her son, Thomas.

     BORN:  Abt 1770              PLACE:Bertie Co, NC
(based on 1st listed in 1791 Tax List)
     DIED:   Abt 1820             PLACE: Jones Co GA
     BUR.:                        PLACE: Jones Co GA
     MARR:   22 Dec 1794          PLACE: Bertie Co NC
     FATHER: William RUFFIN
     MOTHER: Penelope WINBOURNE?/ Martha Bryan

     WIFE    Margaret VEALE
     BORN:   Abt    1776          PLACE: Bertie Co NC
     DIED:   Abt    1850          PLACE: Talbot GA
     BUR.:                        PLACE:
     FATHER:Thomas VEALE
     MOTHER:Elizabeth CARNEY

      1.  NAME: Richard V.C. RUFFIN
    ----- BORN: Abt    1800          PLACE: Bertie,NC
          DIED:    Mar 1861          PLACE: Villa Rica,Carroll,GA
          BUR.:    Mar 1861          PLACE: New Hope Cem,Carroll ,GA
          SPOUSE: Elizabeth P. HARRELL
          MARR:  9 Nov 1823          PLACE:Jones Co, GA
	    DIED: Aft 1870 Villa Rica, Carroll Co, GA

      2.  NAME: Thomas Veale RUFFIN
     ---- BORN: Abt    1805          PLACE: Bertie,NC
          DIED: Aft    1860          PLACE: Marion,GA
          BUR.:                      PLACE:
          MARR: Mary SMITH            PLACE:? Talbot Co
           2nd: Frances Bevins (12 Aug 1853)

     3.  NAME: William Whitmel RUFFIN
     ---- BORN: Abt    1808          PLACE: Bertie,NC
          DIED: Abt    1859          PLACE: Talbot,,GA
          BUR.:                      PLACE:
          SPOUSE: Mary AMMONS
          MARR:  7 Aug 1841          PLACE:Talbot, GA

     4.  NAME: James Johnson RUFFIN
     ---- BORN: 14 Nov 1814          PLACE: Bertie Co NC
          DIED: 21 Feb 1905          PLACE: Reynolds,Taylor,GA
          BUR: New Hope Primitive,Reynolds,Taylor,GA
          SPOUSE: Sarah AVERETT
          MARR:  1 Oct 1837          PLACE: ,Talbot,GA
          2nd wife: Carrie Shines Lucas
           Marr: 1 Aug 1889   Place: Taylor Co. GA

 James Ruffin 
 494 1/3 acres, one white poll and 8 slaves. 

Margaret Veal Ruffin

Tax List Bertie County - Capt Jesse Averitt's Dist 1821
Thomas VEALE                    1 free   1 slave
                                        1 tract 300ac  joins John RUFFIN
Elizabeth VEALE                 2 tracts 458ac           8 slaves
                                        1 tract 460ac join Richard VEALES heirs
                                        1 tract 523ac   ""    "         "
                                        1 tract 08 ac  "        "          "
                                        1 tract  40ac in Rocquis Pocoson

William VEALE                   4 tracts 561ac
                                        1 tract 383ac joins Wm. VEALE et als
                                        1 tract 398ac  "       "        "
                                        1 tract 108ac  joins Silas SMITH and all
                                        1 tract  100ac  in Rocquiss Pocoson

Richard VEALE Estate by Jno ?   4 tracts 989ac

VEAL Family time Line

Parents of Margaret Veal:

Thomas Veale (?1752 - 1806 probate of will April 18, 1806.Inventory

Elizabeth Carney (? 1755 - May 25 1829 deed names heirs.

1.Agnes Veale (1768? - ?)
Spouse: William Veale 17 Nov 1798 Bertie Co NC

2. Margaret Veale (1770 - 1850?)
Spouse? James Ruffin 22 Dec 1794 - Bertie Co NC

3. Richard Veale (?1773 - May 16, 1820)
Spouse: Ann Harrell - 6 April 1800
Daughter of Josiah Harrell - see John Harrell's will inventory 1759 names son, Josiah's children, Fanny and Anna who married Richard Veale
Children: Richard who remained in Bertie Co; Eliz. E.C. Veale

4. Morris (Maurice) Veal (?1775 - 1804)
Thomas deeds three tracts of land to "son Maurice" Nov 10, 1800. 157 acres     40 acres
By 8 Feb, the siblings are selling to Richard their share of "Morris Veal dec'd" land]

5. Thomas Veale (1776 ? - ?1826)
Spouse: Rachel ? Will (Mar 13, 1824) mentions daughter-in-law Sally Ann. Winifred Harrell. Wit: John Ruffin and Sally Grimes. NCHistorical & Gen Review Vol 2 & 4 Oct 4, 1901 pg 551

6. Catherine Veal (?1781- migrated to TN in 1828, died in TN. October 1, 1851 )
Spouse: James Grimes 29 Jul 1803 Bertie Co
"In the Dr. Henry Horn Sugg cemetery in north Robertson Co., TN., several miles south of Keysburg, there is a monument erected to the memory of the mother of Mrs. Henry Horn Sugg, nee Mary Ann Grimes, who was born May 12, 1812 [Bertie] and died June 6, 1884. The inscription reads: Catharine Grimes born in Bertie Co., NC 1781, migrated to TN in 1828, died in TN. October 1, 1851. [Robertson Co TN is across the state line from Logan Co KY]
Deeds - Bertie County sale of land to Ruffin and Veal

More on Catherine Veal

7. Dempsey (Demcy) Veale (1779? - 1829?)
Spouse: Sopher?
Deeds - Bertie County

Richard Carney

Richard Carney (?1725 - 1793?)
Spouse: Mary Westcott

1. Richard Carney (?1750 - ? April 20, 1833) Born: Portsmouth, Norfolk Co, VA - Died: Port Royal, (South of the Red River along Parsons Creek) Montgomery Co. TN
Spouse: Sally Lewelling Aug 3, 1774 Norfolk Co VA

2. Stephen Wright Carney (? 1753 Norfolk Co VA - Dec 27, 1811 Halifax or Bertie County)
Spouse: 1) Priscilla Coffield ? 1790; 2)Ann Northcutt Jan 6, 1811 Norfolk Co Va)
Law Suit

3. Elizabeth Carney (?1755 - 1829 Bertie Co)
spouse: Thomas Veale

4. Mary Carney (? 1757 - ?)
Spouse: Slaughter Cofil/Cofield/Coffield May 21, 1770 Norfolk Co VA Will names grandchildren.

5> Nancy Carney (? - ?)
Spouse: Roderick Cotton

Law Suit re Land

Stephen W. Carney 18 Mar 1811 will Halifax County NC- probate Feb ct 1812
Left land called "Gracie's place and Negroes" to Halley Kennedy; My wife Ann Carney, residue of my estate. David Coffield to be guardian to Haley. Wit: James Barnes Ex: David Coffield
Probate: will caveated 8 July 1814. contested by siblings of Stephen against their sister Mary Carney Coffield. Elizabeth Carney Veal by James Grimes (hus Catherine Veal); Roderick Cotten (Hus of Nancy Carney) Richard Carney by Rhoderick Cotton et al . Jury said paper writing contained the last will & testame of said Carney, but lands to not pass. [Note: at that time, lands had to stay within the family]

Know all men by these presents that we Rhoderick Cotton, Richard Carney by Rhoderick Cotton, Elizabeth Veale by James Grimes, are held and firmly bound unto Moses Bishop, Executor of Mary Cofield in the full and just sum of Fifty Pounds each, to be paid unto the said Moses Bishop Executor of Mary Cofield, her Heirs, Exors, Administrators or Assigns, to which, payments will and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators jointly and severally, & firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals, and dated this 8 July 1814.
The Condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bound Rhoderick Cotton, Richard Carney by Rhoderick Cotton and Elizabeth Veale, by James Grimes, their Heirs, Executors or Administrators, do and shall well and truly pay or cause to be paid unto the said Moses Bishop, Executor of Mary Cofield, his Heirs, Exors, Admins or Assigns, the proportionable parts, of the costs of a suit to be commenced by the said Moses Bishop, Executor of Mary Cofield, against David Cofield, Executor of Stephen W. Carney as soon as the suit is determined, then the above obligation to be void or else to remain in full force and virtue.
Signed & Sealed
Rhoderick Cotten seal
in the presence of Wm Britton
Richard Carney by R. Cotten seal
Elizabeth Veale by Jas Grimes seal

From The Misc. Family Records, #2182, Fol. 61. SOUTHERN HISTORICAL COLLECTION, THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL Copy from the Manuscript Department, Wilson Library The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Richard Carney shared the following information:
However, the court decided that the will did not apply to Stephen's land-probably since Stephen and Ann had been married less than a year. (Ann Northcutt was Stephen's second wife. His first was Pricilla West. After she died he went back to Norfolk Co., VA and married Ann.) This court ordered that Stephen's land be divided amoung his siblings.

A later court over ruled that decision and awarded Ann a third of the land with the rest going to Stephen's siblings.

I have no idea who Halley Kennedy was or what his connection was to Stephen. Stephen was an owner and trainer of race horses as well as a General in the Militia and a politician.

Will of Mary Cofield 13 Dec 1813 - Feb Ct Bertie Co 1814 
"...being sick and weak in body..." 
- grandson Slaughter Cofield Harrell - $400 and bed, to be paid him when he is 21. 
- grandchildren Richard Wright Carney Harrell, Nancy Powel Harrell, Slaughter Cofield Harrell, Henry Harrell, Mary W Harrell, Sylvester C Harrell, Stephen W C Harrell, Celia W Harrell, Emilla Elizabeth Harrell 
- Martha Maddrea and Slaughter Coffield Maddrea [children of John and Westcoat Maddrea's] 
- Robert Coffield, Polly Coffield, Nancy Coffield, Patsey Coffield, Emmily Coffield [children of Charles Coffield] 
- Richard K Powell, John Powell, and Mary K Powell [children of Keder Powell and Nancy his wife] 
- an equal proportion of the money arising from the sale of my estate, to be kept at interest until they are of age or marry, and then to receive their just proportion, also allowing a proportion to each of the children of Charles Coffield and Martha his wife who may be living at this time and not mentioned. All my real and personal estate should be sold by Moses Bishop. 
EX: Moses Bishop 
Wit: Benjamin Hampsted, Powell Harrell, Henry [x] Harrell 
[abstract by David B Gammon] 

"Wiliam's son, Moses Bishop, was born in 1751 and died in 1815, Bertie County, N.C. 
His wife, Mary Griffin, was born in 1754 and died in 1825." 

More on Catherine Veale

Robertson County, Tennessee Abstract Chancery Court Loose Papers, 1844-1872 by Jean M. Durrett & Yolanda G. Reid, 1986, pg 68

Lawsuit # 406

Mary A. Sugg & Cyrus A. Sugg, ex. vs. James B. Sugg et al
RE: Petition for construction of will of Dr. H. H. Sugg
Dr. Henry H. Sugg d. February 1853
Widow, Mary Ann Sugg
Cyrus A. Sugg
James B. Sugg
Virginia C. Sugg
Mary E. Sugg
Henry H. Sugg
William D. Sugg
Emma S. Sugg
Eleanora Sugg

Agreements signed by heirs of 
Mrs. Catherine Grimes ***my gggg grandmother! :
H. H. Sugg
Jno H. Grimes - catherine and thomas' son
Joseph Small & wife, Sarah Small
James T. Grimes  **** - catherine and thomas's son and my ggg grandfather

Reference in agreement to will of Thomas Veal of Bartoe Co. (Bertie Co.?) North Carolina, dated 26 April 1806.

Copy of will of Catherine Grimes in file naming grandchildren"
Cyrus A. Sugg
James Sugg
Virginia C. Sugg
Herny H. Sugg
William D. Sugg
Sarah E. Sugg
Mary Grimes 
Robert Grimes
John H. Grimes
Susan Grimes
***(my gg grandmother was born here after Susan - Ida H Grimes b 1860 Logan County, KY, dau of Father: THOMAS VEALE b: C. 1753 in NC 
Mother: ELIZABETH CARNEY b: 1755 in North Carolina James T Grimes, son of James Grimes and Catherine Veale-dau of Thomas Veale & )

Elizabeth Small
Filed: 1857   *** filed 3 years before my gg grandmother was born.

Proving descendancy for James children
William names his sons... which includes James

His wealthiest sons will be Thomas and John.  Thomas never marries so his land is equally divided between all of the brothers or their children if they were deceased at his death.

He had bought some land which wasn't included in his will -- and this is what helped us trace all the brothers and their children.
Look for the 1841 deeds all to John Ruffin...all that land came from the "division" of brother Thomas' land.

"being his undivided interest in that portion of the lands of said THOMAS, purchased by him after the date of his last will and testament. "
"ONE FOURTH OF ONE UNDIVIDED FIFTH of the land purchased by said THOMAS RUFFIN,"   This is how we knew that James had 4 sons to divide this 1/5 land. (There were 5 brothers living or with descendants at the time of Thomas death)
Thomas V.C. says the same thing.

Is this enough circumstantial evidence to prove the descendancy?  The other Thomas siblings (i.e. Henry's children -- we never did get all of them for sure)  had a different wording on their "division --- of their 1/5th.
"one fifth of one undivided fifth "   this is Henry's children
See John J.

Land Purchases/Lottery of James and his children

Jones County 11th Dist LL127 50 acres
25 Mar 1820 $740 James Ruffin bought
(I don't have this deed)

14 Dec 1820 $300 Sheriff's sale. Deputy Sheriff Thom. Livingston fi fa suit of Jessie Lisle
James loses the land, Highest bidder William Lowe
Say adjoins White and Wm. Lowe where James Ruffin now lives. 1820 Census, Andrew Lowe lives next to James Ruffin

1821 Lottery

4th Dist LL280 Dooly (this is Pulaski Co today)
Richard Ruffin living in Capt Stallings District of Jones County.
Richard had to be 21. What did he do with the land?

1821 lottery
RVC Ruffin while living in Phillips' Dist Jones County drew LL82 7th Dist Henry County

1833 July 24 (from Macon Telegraph) Cobb County Sheriff Sales for August 17th Dist LL993 property of S. Howell fi fa of RVC Ruffin and W.W. Ruffin
*who was the highest bidder?

1833 Sept (from Macon Telegraph) Murray County Sheriff's sale
4th Sect 8th Dist LL199
property of John Cain fi fa R.V.C. Ruffin
LL286 10th Dist 3rd Sec
Property of D. McDaniel fi fa S. Ruffin & W.W. Ruffin

Vol 5 1836-1840 pg 122
Decatur Sheriff's Sale
1st Tues May, sold at Bainbridge
Lot 119 14th Dist levied on as property of RVC W.W. Ruffin to satisfy execution in favor of George B. Graness

pg 721 List of letters remaining in P.O. at Talbotton July 1, 1839 James J. Ruffin

pg 668
Randolph Co. Sheriff Sale
Dec 1838
Lot 200 7th Dist levied on as the property of David Bivins, to satisfy executions of Richard Hopper vs Richard V.C. Ruffin

pg 777 April 4, 1840
Sheriff Sale
Stewart County April
Lot 75 23rd Dist levied on as the property of Richard V.C. Ruffin to satisfy executions in favor of Richard Hooper & John Warren (Original Lee County - Lottery)

1851 Jan 16 Upson County
J.J. and Wm Whitmell Ruffin buy from Edwin Turner land 15th Dist LL160 - 150 3/4 acres. Vol G 458-9
(somehow James J. must have given this land to his brother, because W.W.'s widow, Mary, remains there...and that land is divided at her death to her children)

James J. got two bounty segments for his Indian War service...but I've never known what they were...but they would have been outside Georgia I think.

In the 1827 Cherokee Lottery, The History of Upson County gives Thomas V. Ruffin and James Ruffin's Orphan as drawing in the District of 537, but gives nothing else.

In the 1835 Gold Lottery, the book gives Thomas V. Ruffin as drawing in Militia District Upson Co. 537, Lot NO. 327, Dustrict 1, Section 2 .

For James Ruffin's Orphan, he is listed as those living in Upson County who drew land in other parts of the state. James Ruffin's orphan was given as Militia District Upson Co. 537, Land Lot Cherokee Lottery 211, District 12 and Section 3.
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