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Willis Jinks Family

Willis Jinks was born 17 Sept 1807 in Georgia the son of William and ? Jinks. Willis and his younger brother, Wilborn, with their father, William, were some of the first white settlers on White Water Creek in what was then Muskogee Co, GA (later Talbot/Marion Counties and now Taylor Co) Muscogee County was formed from Creek Indian Lands in 1826 (see Lottery 1827 Marion County was formed from Muscogee the following year, 1837. Taylor County was formed in 1852, so the same land would have been in these several counties.

Although we believe they lived in Marion County , Talbotton (Talbot County) was probably closer to them, and the marriages of the two brothers are recorded in Talbot County. Willis married on 10 Mar 1833 to Nicey Martin. She was the daughter of Ananias and Frances Wright Martin. Her brother, Ananias Martin, also lived nearby. Wilborn Jinks married Elizabeth Reeves on 25 Jan 1835. She was the daughter of Stephen and Sarah Flowers Reaves. (Source: Marriage Book - Talbot County)

Based on the Tax Returns of Taylor County 1852 we know that Willis settled on land around Little Whitewater Creek (12th District) in 7 adjoining land lots with a land value of $5,000. Wilborn settled in the northwest portion of the county on the Pasiliga Creek (the 15th District)

Marion County Deeds
Jan 30th 1841 Willis buying from Thomas Burger 12th #151 

Mar 1846 Willis Jinks buying  Dist 12 Lots 119 and 139  from Edmund H. Worrel

7th May 1850  Willis buys at a sheriff's sale $38  12th Dist  #171

Willis J. Jinks born: 17 Sept 1807 died: 1 Apr 1885 (Tombstone: 77 yrs 6 mo 14 days) buried: Bethel Primitive Baptist Cemetery, Bethel, Taylor Co, GA spouse: 10 Mar 1833 (Talbot Co) Nicey Martin father: ? Willis Jinks mother: ? Rebecca Wilson See Deed of Land Distribution Nicey MARTIN born: ? 1816 died: ? 1891 Probably the daughter of Ananias and Frances Wright Martin. Frances Wright Martin buried in Martin Cemetery west of Butler. LL63 15th District
Children: 1. John F. born: 17 Jan 1834 died: 9 Feb 1911 buried: Jinks-Streetman Cemetery, Taylor Co, GA spouse: Martha A. Weisner 2. Elizabeth "Betsy" Ann born: Feb 12, 1837 married: 23 Dec 1852 in Taylor Co, GA Lucius C. Q. Franklin death: April 25th 1935, age 98 yrs 2 mo 13 d." Note: Source of marriage and death : Franklin Family Bible Living in Attalas County MS with name Elizabeth Franklin at time of father's death. 1880 Census Neshoba County. Listed with husband Lucius C Franklin (See below) 3. Mary Ann (Polly) born: 1 Jan 1839 died: 1 Aug 1905 buried: Jinks-Streetman Cemetery, Taylor Co, GA spouse: 1) Drury Averett (killed in VA in CSA) 2) Lemuel Streetman (married July, 1865) Researcher: Carol Watson 4. Tolliver Lafayette (Tol) born: 7 Nov 1843 died: 9 Aug 1918 buried: Jinks-Streetman Cemetery, Taylor Co, GA spouse: Oliva Arabella (Bell) Harris 31 May 1865 5. William Henry born: 18 Jul 1848 died: 21 Apr 1901 buried: Rice Cemetery (Navarro Co) Texas spouse: Mary Ann Brewer (married: 23 Dec 1872) buried in Corbitt's Cemetery, Taylor Co, GA (1848-1939) 6. Winnie Virginia born: 27 June 1852 died: 18 Oct 1915 Alma, Ellis Co, TX buried: Rice Cemetery, Navarro Co, TX 7. Mary Ella born: 23 Oct 1857 died: 26 Oct 1926 buried: Butler Baptist Church Cemetery spouse: Tom Taylor ?Marion Co, GA born: 27 Apr 1857 died: 24 Oct 1916 buried:Butler Baptist Cem Mary and Tom lived in the "old Jinks" place, Taylor Co. Researcher: Jill Hughes Children: 1)(Bud) Tom (Mar 1885-Dec 20, 1952) 2)William (Bill) (Mar 1887 - ?) 3)Mary (12 Dec 1897 - 1 Sept 1901) Butler Baptist Cem.
Dates of births of Willis-Nicey's children came from Bible belonging to Bud Taylor (Tom Taylor Jr.) (1885-1952) son of Mary Ella Jinks Taylor . (Jill Hughey has copy from her Aunt Elba who received it from Tom Taylor Jr.)
Polly Ann Streetman The Butler Herdal Sept 19, 1905 - Reprint Jan 2005 Taylor Tracer
Polly Ann Streetman, nee Jinks, was born Jan 1, 1839, died Aug 1, 1905. These dates mark the beginning and close on earth of a more than ordinary life. Converted and joined the Methodist Church in 1869 and when she gave her heart to God she gave her usefullness to the church to help make the world better.
She filled wel the place of wife and mother. She gave the best that was in her heart and life for husband and children. She was called upon to drink deep into the cup of sorry. Her first husband and five children had preceded her to the good world.
Declining health for four years and confined to her bed for the last six months of her life,hency she suffered much, yet she never murmured or complained. She was God's woman in all things and constantly rejoiced in the witness of the Spirit. A few days before she left us she said with great emphasis, as said Mr. Wesley: "The best of all is, God is with us." And in full consciousness of her acceptance with God went to dwell on high.
Georgia - 1840 Census
Wilborn Jinks Talbot, Georgia  
William Jinks Talbot, Georgia 

W. Jinks in Jackson, Butts Co., GA
      1 male less than 5, 1 male 15-20, 8 males 20-30, 1 female 20-30.
W. Jinks in Floyd Co., GA
      1 male less than 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 30-40, 1 female less than 5, 1
female  20-30.

Marion County -1850 Census 
pg. 227   57th Division
Willis Jinks - 42 $1200  Farmer   Ga
Nicey   30  - SC
John 16  GA
Betsy Ann  11  GA
Polly Ann  9  GA
Toliver 7    GA
Wm. H.    2   GA
Frances Martin  62   SC (probably mother of Nicey)

1851, Willis Jinks appointed Marion County commissioner in the 
Whitewater GMD #853 along with Daniel Wheatley, Frnaklin 
Lockhart, A.M. Rhodes.

The Butler Herald March 13, 1877

Effects of the Cold Weather
Mr. John F. Jinks, informed us a day or two ago, that he and his father (Willis Jinks) were losing a great many cattle from the effects of the recent cold. Mr. Jinks owns about 600 head of cattle in this and the adjoining County of Marion, and fram that he will lose 1/6 of them by the 10th of April next.

Land District: 12
Land Lot: 117
Time Period: 1852 Tax Records
Owned by Willis Jinks. His daughter Polly and her husband 
Lemenuel Streetman lived there later.
Land Lot: 119
Time Period: 1852 Tax Records
Owned by Willis Jinks. His son, John F. Jinks lived there later.

Land Lot: 139
Time Period: 1852 Tax Records
Owned by Willis Jinks. His daughter Winnie Virginia and her husband Henry J. 
Ruffin lived there later.
Land Lot: 140  (joins 117)
Time Period: 1852 Tax Records
Owned by Willis Jinks. His son, Tolliver Jinks  lived there later. The Jinks 
Cemetery is here.

Land Lot: 151 + 170  (adjoining)
Time Period: 1852 Tax Records
Owned by Willis Jinks. His log home was on this.
Researcher: Virginia Crilley

1876 Land Owned by and taxes paid on in Land District 12:
Willis Jinks 5 202 1/2 acre Land Lots and additional 100 acres
John Jinks  6 202 1/2 acre land lots and additional 100 acres
William Henery Jinks 3 202 1/2 acre land lots and add. 100 acres
Toliver Jinks 1 land lot 202 1/2 acres
Henry J Ruffin 1 202 1/2 acre land lot #139 and add. 100 acres LL215
Lemuel Martin Streetman 1 202 1/2 acre land lot

The above was all in Dist 12. All this land was SW of
Butler  just south of Whitewater Creek. The Willis Jinks
home was just north of Little Whitewater Creek(runs to
the east and crosses Ga 137 3 mi South of the Whitewater
Creek crossing) and the two merge about 1 mile from
Willis homeplace. Whitewater Creek runs in a SE direction
and runs across the NE corner of LL 170, was owned by
Willis in 1876! The junction of the two creeks is located
just Se of the Se corner of LL 170.

Wilborn Jinks 3 202 1/2 acre land lots and 150 additional
acres District 15 Sect 2.A few miles to the Northwest of
Willis neighborhood. He lived on Patisiligia Creek, north
of Ga Highway 96. 

Willis Jinks Land Distribution TAYLOR COUNTY Deed Jinks, W.H., Nicey, John F, et heirs 1886 File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Virginia Crilley DEED BOOK H pg 706-707 GEORGIA Taylor County
This Indenture made the thirteenth (13th) day of March in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty Six (1886) between W.H. Jinks, Nicey, widow of Willis Jinks, late of said county dec'd, John F. Jinks, Elizabeth Franklin, Mary Streetman, T.L. Jinks, Winnie V. Ruffin, Ella C. Taylor, all heirs at law of said Willis Jinks dec'd and all of said state and county except Elizabeth Franklin of the County of Attala and State of Mississippe of the one part and W.B. Bateman of the county of Taylor and State of Georgia of the other part.

Witnesseth that the said parties of the first part being heirs at law of said Willis Jinks dec'd for an in consideration of the sum of Three Hundred and Two dollars ($302.00) to them cash in hand paid, at or before the sealing and delivery of these present the recipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have granted, bargained, conveyed and confirmed and by these preesnt do grant barain, sell, alien, convey and confirm unto the said W.G. Bateman his heirs and assigns all the following described property (all the afresaid heirs at law of said Willis Jinks dec'd having caused the proprety herinafter described to be exposed to sale at public outcry to the highest bidder before the Court House door at Butler, said Taylor county on Tuesday the Second day of February last past within the legal hours of sale to wit:

Lots of Land Nos One Hundred and Seventy (170) One Hundred and Fifty Two (152) each of said lots containing two hundred two and one half (202 1/2) acrs more or less.

Also one hundred acres it being the East half of Lot No One hundred and Thirty Seven (137)

All the above described land situated lying and being in the Twelfth 12th District said Taylor county and said State of Georgia.

To have and to hold the said bargained premises with all and singular the rights, members and appurtenances then to appertaining to the only proper use benefit and behoof of him, the said W.G. Bateman, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in fee simple and the said partied of the first part (each being of the age of twenty one years and over) heirs at law as aforesaid of the Willis Jinks dec'd, the said bargained premises unto the said W. G. Bateman his heirs executors, administrators and assigns against the said parties of the first part, heirs at law as aforesaid of said Willis Jinks dec'd his heirs, executors and administrators and against all and every other person or person shall and will warrant and forever defend by virtue of those presents.

In witness whereof, the said Nicey Jinks (widow of said Willis Jinks dec'd) John F. Jinks, Elisabeth Franklin, Mary Streetman, T.L Jinks, W.H. Jinks, Winnie V. Ruffin and Ella V. Taylor heirs at law as aforesaid of said Willis Jinks dec'd have hereunto set their names, afixed their seals and delivered these present the day and year first above written.

John F. Jinks
Ellas Taylor
Nicey Jinks  (her mark)
Toliver L. Jink
William H Jinks
Winnie V. Ruffin  (her mark)
Mary A Streeman (her mark)
Elisabeth Franklin

Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of us:
J.E. Jewell
J.J. Ruffin
WB Wilson, JP
C.B. Marshall JP
John F. Parker
J R Brown  ex officio JP

Recorded Jan 26, 1890  J.B. Fowler, Clerk

Notes from Carol Watson
Willis J. and Nicey Martin married in Talbot Co in 1833.No Taylor Co until 1852.
Willis and Nicey was living in Marion Co in 1840 Census and In their home was an older lady and a male to old to be a son of Willis and Nicey. In 1850 a lady in the home was listed as Frances Martin, 62 years of age, assumed to be Nicy's Mother.The male of 1840 is most likely Ananais Martin, the brother of Nicey Martin Jinks. Some have Nicey(Willis's wfie as being the daughter of Ananais.

Ananais married Lydia Peacock(some say Reeves) and was in the 1850 Census. Ananais had a daughter married Nicey A..(born 1851) This could not have been Willis's wife. She was apparently named for her aunt.

Willis bought LL Lot 151 in the 12th District of Marion Co in 1841. This became part of Taylor when it was created in 1852.

(Nicey was present(March 13, 1886) when the family sold the land that Willis owned at the time of his death in April 1885.)

I believe that Henry Martin, listed as an early settler of Marion Co in Marion Co History books as the father of Nicey and wife of Frances W. Martin.
No proof. Early Marion County records burned at the Courthouse fire while the courthouse was still at Tazwell.I believe that William Henry Jinks was named for both of his Grandfathers. I have been unable to find what part of the county Henry Martin lived in.

Mary Ann "Polly" Jinks married Drury Averette first and had two children. He was in the Civil War and was a casualty. She married Lemuel Martin Streetman just after the war and had several more children by him.

Sons of Willis & Nicey---John F Jinks,CSA and his wife, Toliver Jinks, CSA and his wife and "Polly"Jinks and her second husband,Lemuel Martin Streetman, CSA are all buried in the Jinks-Streetman Cemetery which is located on the "Tol Jinks Place"located near the junction of Ga 137 and Curenton Road in Taylor Co Ga oly a few miles SW of Butler, the county seat.

Effingham County Georgia Will Book
LEWIS JONES  3/17/1801 probated 8/3/1801 pg 36
Wife: Fanny  Sons: Lewis, Cyrus  Dau: Polly Jinks
Other ch (not named)
Wits: Jesse Jones, Thomas Jones

Elizabeth Jinks Franklin in Mississippi Neshoba Co Census

1860 census
79  35 F652 Franklin      L. C. 32 M sheriff 2400 5220 Ga             
79  36 F652 Franklin      Elizabeth 23 F hk Ga                                 
79  37 F652 Franklin      Martha F. 5 F Ms B                                   
79  38 F652 Franklin      Singleton 3 M Ms  

(must be connected) Note Francis??
79  29 F652 Franklin      A. H. 34 M farmer 800 4104 Ga               
79  30 F652 Franklin      Mary A. 24 F hk Ga                                   
79  31 F652 Franklin      Fransis E. 2 F Ms    
Company D, 11th Regiment, Mississippi Volunteers.  The enlistment officer was Captain Alexander H. Franklin 
1870 census

40  28 F652 Franklin        Lewis C, 41, M, W, Farmer, GA                      
40  29 F652 Franklin        Elizabeth, 32, F, W, Keeping House, GA             
40  30 F652 Franklin        Martha F, 15, F, W, , MS                           
40  31 F652 Franklin        Singleton, 13, M, W, , MS                          
40  32 F652 Franklin        Ida E, 6, F, W, , MS                               
40  33 F652 Franklin        Susan E, 3, F, W, , MS                             
40  34 F652 Franklin        Young A, 7/12, M, W, , MS                          

1880 Census Place: District 1, Neshoba, Mississippi 

Lucius C. Franklin 51, GA (father GA Mother VA)

Elizabeth A 42  GA (Father GA Mother SC
**she is the daughter of Willis and Nicey Jinks***

Ida E 16
Susan E 13
Lucius J 10
John W 8
Hamilton S 5
Minnie 2

Franklin, M. F.
Salter, R. P.

Betsy Ann
Researcher:  Diana Gunnarson  gunnarson@familyfootsteps

Married in Taylor Co, GA Dec 23, 1852 Lucius Cincinnatus Franklin.
(source Franklin Family Bible
Elizabeth's is listed in this same family Bible thus: "Elizabeth, wife of L.C. Franklin, Departed this life April 25th 1935, age 98 yrs 2 mo 13 d." It doesn't say where she died, so I'm still looking for that.)

born Nov 6, 1828 Hancock Co, GA
died: Chicot Co, AR after 1900
(family of Lucius in Hancock from 1812)

Had 10 children:
Martha F  (married R.P. Salter 1879)
Singleton  (Mar 25, 1857 - Dec 27, 1940)
Ida Elizabeth
Susan Ella
Young A
John Willis

Living in Neshoba Springs, Neshoba Co, MS 1860, 1870, 1880 Census

1880 Neshoba Census
Lucius C. Franklin 51  Ga
Elizabeth A 42 GA
Ida E 16
Susan E 14
Lucius J 10
John W 8
Hamilton S 5
Minnie 2

Singleton Franklin
Mar 25, 1857 - Dec 27, 1940

Hattie E.J. Franklin
Aug 3, 1861 - Aug 10, 1939

1900 Census Chicot Co, AR

Nicey Martin

Nicey Martin (Born ? 1816 - Died ?1891)
Married: Willis J. Jinks on 10 Mar 1833 G.H. Davis, JP pg 30 Talbot County
Survived her husband as she is mentioned in the Deed of Distribution - 1886. Estimation of 1891 based on an Insurance application for Claude J. Ruffin (son of Winnie V. Jinks Ruffin), in answer to age of maternal grandmother at her death.
No record of burial but estimated 1865.
Believe she may have continued to live in the Willis Jinks homestead with their youngest daughter, Mary Ella who married Thomas Taylor.

Ananias OR Henry and Frances Martin
Frances Martin est 1788-1860. Her tombstone in the Martin Family Cemetery says "Age unknown", but based on Census Records we estimate these dates.
Frances Martin appears in the 1850 Census Marion Co. age 62; 1860 Taylor Co Census as age 67 born in S.C. living with Nicey and Willis Jinks.
Mary Winney Martin (?1815 - before 28 Dec 1879) who married George Layfield in Talbot County 16 Jul 1833 by Justice of Peace, G.H. Davis.
Son, Ananias Wright Martin (Feb 15, 1824 - Mar 9, 1886 62 yr old). He (and probably his wife, Lydia Peacock) are buried in the Martin Family Cemetery. We believe "Wright" might have been his mother's maiden name. Listed as Ananias W. Martin Jr. on 1860 census.
All the children born in S.C. so I think they probably came to Georgia around 1827. Based on Nicey's marriage in 1833 in Talbot County to Willis Jinks. Perhaps they were drawn by the Land Lotteries, but I've not established Nicey's parents enough to know if they drew.

Grave site of Frances W. Martin can be found:
Go west from Butler on Ga 96 Highway. At the edge of Butler is the 10 mile marker. Go three miles and you will see a large electric substation on your left. Slow down and turn left on the first small narrow dirt road. The 7 mile marker is very close by the dirt road. There are two groups of graves about 1/2 mile down on the left hand side about 150 feet back in the woods. Her graves is marked as: Frances Martin Age unknown.

1850 census age 62; 1860 Census age 67. (probably this is an error and it should have been 72) We estimate that she died around 1865.

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