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An Ancestral List

If my mathematics abilities don't fail me, then the following is true, while sparing the reader from the monotonous "Great" following the 3rd generation Grandparents: Each of us has 4 Grandparents, 8 Great Grandparents, 16 Great Great Grandparents, 32 Great Great Great Grandparents, 64 4th Great Grandparents, 128 5th Great Grandparents, 256 6th Great Grandparents, 512 7th Great Grandparents, 1024 8th Great Grandparents, and so on. The number doubles as we look at each preceding generation. 

I'll list each generation of my ancestors by name and by maternal (M) and paternal (P) lines, also linking their names to the page they are on. Lots more research needs to be done on my maternal ancestors, some of whom didn't leave many clues behind as to their identity. Most were farmers, which was no surprise.

This is a work in progress!

4 Grandparents:

P Alphonsus Edward Ward Sr., and Ruth Mary Miller

M Frank Richard O'Brien and Evelyn Spencer

8 Great grandparents:

P Edward Ward and Mary Hudson (Peel)Frank Augustus Miller and Cora Adaline Fenn

M Frank Emmet O'Brien and Hattie Ann Smith, and Walter Alonzo Spencer and Lodema Olive Beach

16 Great Great Grandparents:

P Patrick Ward and Anne Keating, Edward Hudson and Frances Robson*, Charles Carroll Miller and Miriam Cross Dyer, Oscar Fenn and Salina E. Wilson

M Charles Emmet O'Brien and Emogene Perkins, Amos Smith and Esther Ann Dockham (Munro), Walter Spencer and (unknown), Clark  Beach and Mary Ann Madden

* Surname has been variously spelled Robson, Robeson, Robertson, and Robinson.

32 Great Great Great Grandparents, some still unknown:

P Edward Ward and (?), Keatings unknown, Hudsons unknown, Jeremiah G. Miller and Jane W. Green, Ebenezer Libby Dyer and Mary Cross, Daniel Dibble Fenn & Adaline Gardner, Alvah Wilson & Annis (or Annice) Bartholomew.

M Richard O'Brien and (unknown), Richard Perkins and (unknown), Isaac Smith and Mary (Ische?), Samuel L. Dockham and Rhoda Louisa Moore, Thomas C. Beach and Lodema Z. Ford, Nelson Madden and Olive Parks

64 4th Great Grandparents, the ones I know of, at least:

John Miller and Love Kingsbury, Eliphalet Green and Jane Cilley, Christopher Dyer and Lydia Libbey, Ebenezer Cross and Abagail Webb, Theophilus Merriman Fenn and Mary Dibble, and Levi Gardner & Lydia Stickney, Thomas Wilson & Rhoda Rhodes, Thomas Bartholomew & Anna Foote

M Alpheus Madden and Eunice Beach, Heman Dockham & Rachel LaRue, unknown Moores, Clark Beach & Elizabeth unknown, Ohman Ford & Hannah Sawtell, Robert Parks and Mary "Polly" Smith

128 5th Great Grandparents:

Jeremiah Miller Jr. and Mary Walker, Joseph Kingsbury and  Sarah Milberry, Aaron Cilley and Elizabeth Dodge, Christopher Dyer and Hannah Randall, Ebenezer Libbey and Miriam Larrabee, Ralph Cross and Miriam Atkins, Unknown Webbs, Edward Fenn and Abagail Austin, Daniel Dibble and Sarah Patterson, unknown Gardners, Rueben Stickney and Sarah Cleveland.

M  Timothy Madden and  Abigail Kibbe (?), Enoch Dockham and (?), Hendrick LaRue and Maritje "Mary" Mandeville, Isaac Beach and Mary unknown, Robert Parks & Elizabeth Hall, Michael Beach & unknown,

256 Sixth Great Grandparents (got a ways to go on this category!):

Jeremiah Miller & Elizabeth Lassel

Linus Beach & Dinah Royce, William Beach & Martha Clark, Nathan Beach & Jemima Curtis

Still working on this...

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