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Information On John Leith Lewis Family
Information From Carolyn Whitaker
Jim Lewis and I were corresponding some tme ago and I had told him of this information that I had concering the family of the Lewis and Baxter's from Cocke County Tennessee. I had been looking high and low for it and FINALLY found it today and wanted to post it to the Collin County Page because many of the descendants moved to Collin County.

I can't determine exactly where this was published, but on page 66 of the "Ansearchin" News. I believe it was send to me by Bertha Day as I recall a couple of years ago.

Here's the contents of the article:

LEWIS AND BAXTER BOOKLET, contributed by Eva Klare, P.O. Box 119, Bristol, R.I. 02809

"While going through an old house that was soon to be torn down in Cocke County, Tennessee, my brother and I found a handwritten booklet on the Lewis and Baxter families. The booklet may have been written about 1838 since it does not include a son Elijah Baxter who was born about 1839. The entire text is as follows:

Names and ages of the children of John Lewis and Leanna his wife: (Note: Leanna was nee BROWN, I believe Leanna was the sister of Ellender who married James Click in Cocke County, as Leanna's daughter Charity Baxter was residing in Ellender's household in the 1850 Cocke County census. In the 1830 Census James Click and Leanna are living next to one another before her marriage to Aaron Baxter, who also was living next to Leanna and her kids as John Lewis is dead. The other thing that makes me think they are sister's is due to John Lewis and Leanna Brown's son, Hamilton Lewis married Eliza Jane Click, the daughter of James Click and Ellender (Brown).

Hamilton Lewis was born January the 1st, 1820
William Lewis was born December the 4th 1822?
Malden Lewis was born September the 20, 1823
Mary Lewis was born July the 3rd, 1825
John Lewis Jr. was born January the 29th 1827
Elizabeth Lewis was born February the 10th, 1829

Aaron Baxter was born April the 8th, 1783
Leanna Lewis was born July the 11, 1799
Charity (Charrity??) Baxter, daughter of Aaron Baxter & Leanna his wife was born January the 15th 1831
Samuel Baxter, son of Aron (sic) and Leanna his wife was born October 5th, 1834
George Baxter, son of Aron Baxter and Leanna his wife was born June 15th, 1837.