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City of Jacksonville, Arkansas Police Department

My grandchildren are always wanting me to tell them police stories. Like most kids their age they are fasinated by such stories. So I have decided to make some of these stories a part of this site. I started my work in Law Enforcement in 1974. This was as a Auxiliary Officer or Volunteer. In mid 1975 I was asked to take the standard law enforcement examination, an apply for a regular officer's position. I took the test and was immediately hired. I went to work in the dispatch and jail area of the department. That means I worked the radio and jail and at the same time did all the intoxilizer tests for public druck and drunk drivers, and worked the front window if anyone came in needing help, in addition I also took care of all the booking of prisoners. If help was needed in the jail area then another officer was called in off the street. .

After a deparment upset and the changing of Police Chiefs from Red Brickel to Tommy Robinson I was moved to several different jobs. In the end I was moved to Criminal Investigations. I was now a Sergeant and found myself as supervisor over this division. During this time period I worked all types of cases and supervised 6 men and one woman. In addition to running Criminal Investigations we also handled the warrants division with about 8 to 10 thousand warrants in file at the time.

This is my 1976 Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy Graduation Photo. I am in the second row number four counting from the right back to the left

You may wonder why I had not been to the training academy before this time. Well when I started with the department they employed you first and then they had to send you to the academy before your first year was up. Each officer was on probation for one year and could be let go for any reason during this time. So if you did not pass the Law Enforcement exam's at the Academy then they terminated your employement.

Later on I was to spend a great part of my time in training from one University to another. In October 1985 I was sent to the University of North Florida to their Institute of Police Technology and Management to study Video Production. The picture below shows me in the back row number one on the right side.

I Thought the kids might like to see some of the old pictures and newpaper articles that were taken during this period.

The top picture shows me and others, as we are unloading some 40 pounds of marijuana from a bust of a man in the county. It was not uncommon for us to go most anywhere in the counties near Jacksonville to make such busts. This was something that was done as a result of my getting with the local sheriff's and The Arkansas State Police and making arrangements for one of their men to be assigned with us. We used information from my informants and I drew up the search warrants and then went with the County or State officer and made the bust bringing all back to Jacksonville for booking and trial. The middle picture is from an arrest of two men charged with armed robbery and kidnapping. They had been in jail in Green County and escaped. They were recaptured across the river in Missouri and then transported back to jail and then I and another officer transported them to jail in Jacksonville. The picture at the bottom right is of me checking one of the weapons that we had taken in a series of search warrants in Little Rock. All of the other items in this picture were stolen property that we seized with these warrants.

This is another graduation picture. This one from the Universty of Louisville in Kentucky. A school at The Southern Police Institute and was a school specifically designed around Homicide Investigations. I am on the third row in the very center of the photograph or number 7 counting from the left side going right.

This is a series of photo's and newspaper articles that were given to me by the Jacksonville News at the time. In one I am counting mony stolen in a robbery, another I am taking photo's of a crime scene. The picture at top was taken while I was searching a residence for stolen property.

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