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DNA Matches For Our Lewis Line

1.  Kit 12486- John - NC/VA  This is my line of The Lewis Family

2.  Kit 21166 James - NC?  This line belongs to Gary Lewis

3. RA23Z  Thomas Morgan - Lidney  This line belongs to Christopher Morgan **

4.  Kit 32645 James - TN  This line is from William Bryant Lewis

5. Samuel - NC  This line is from William Charles Lewis

6. Kit 48852 - Robert Lewis - NC - This line belongs to William Edward Lewis

7. Kit 167883 - Nathan Lewis - TN - This line belongs to Randall Lewis

** Here is what Dr. Morgan wrote in reference to the difference in our Surnames.

"Though your paternal name does not match mine the situation in Wales is complicated by the naming system. For example an ancestor of your's might have been named say Lewis Morgan, but his son's name might well have been John Lewis! Hence we could still have a common male ancestor."