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Cullen Family Genealogy
Mostly centered around Philadelphia, PA
Genealogy is an interesting hobby that we all seem to get involved with to some degree in our lives.  We all want to know something about where we came from.  My Cullen clan, and associated families, all stayed in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area once they arrived in America.   To start, I've included some of my Great Great Grandparents and Great Grandparents. The picture on the right is of Saint Charles Church cemetery in what use to be called Kellyville, Pennsylvania (now called Drexel Hill).     Jim Cullen

Cullen & Kelly

Bernard (Bryan) Cullen   b. December 25, 1844 somewhere in Co. Leitrem, Ireland, d. March 6, 1924 in Philadelphia, PA. He arrived in Philadelphia on May 24, 1863 and married Catherine C. Kelly on August 24, 1867 in Saint Charles Church, Kellyville, PA.  After Catherine died, Bernard married Catherine Henry in 1904. Parents were listed on his death certificate as John Cullen and Bridget Devanny, both from Ireland..

 Catherine C. Kelly  b. 1846 in Ireland, d. April  7, 1900 in Philadelphia, PA. Parents were Charles and Roseanna Kelly who arrived from Ireland aboard the ship Helen Thomson on May 17, 1851.

Loomis & Sheridan

Homer E. Loomis  b. April 10, 1838 in Buffalo, Erie County, NY, d. May 1, 1909 in Philadelphia, PA.  He married Elizabeth E. Sheridan around 1864.  After Elizabeth died, he married Hannah Freal on December 22, 1884. Parents were Richard Loomis and Fiedelia Clough. There is a rumor about American Indian blood in the Clough line, but definite proof has not been found. 

 Elizabeth E. Sheridan  b. 1841 in Philadelphia, PA, d. September 9, 1883 in Philadelphia, PA. Elizabeth's parents were Michael Sheridan and Margaret McCabe from Ireland.

Kent & Evans

William D. Kent  b. 1820 in Dublin, Ireland, d. June 3, 1884 in Ireland.  He married Jane Eliza on  September 11, 1846 in Delgany Church, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Parents were William and Elizabeth Kent from Ireland.

 Jane E. Evans  b. 1820 in Ireland, d. 1872 in Delgany Church, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.  Parents James and Marianne Evans from Ireland.

Teesdale & Ferris

Robert W. Teesdale  b. March 17, 1849 in Philadelphia, PA, d. March 1922 in Philadelphia, PA.  He married Mary Ella Ferris around 1870. Parents were William Teesdale and Margaret Sharkey.  William Teesdale was from Scotland and was killed on July 9, 1863 at the battle of Gettysburg.

Mary E. Ferris  b. October 1852 in Philadelphia, PA, d. June 21, 1903 in Philadelphia, PA  Parents were William and Ellen Ferris from Ireland.

Cullen & Loomis

Charles B. Cullen b. July 14, 1871 in Philadelphia, PA, d. January 3, 1903 in Philadelphia, PA.  He married Helen V. Loomis around 1891 in Philadelphia, PA. Parents were Bernard Cullen and Catherine Kelly.

 Helen V. Loomis b. February 20, 1873 in Philadelphia, PA, d. August 22, 1931 in Philadelphia, PA.  After Charles died, she married Matthew M. Raeney around 1904.  Parents Homer Edward Loomis and Elizabeth Sheridan.

Scheetz & Miller

George W. Scheetz  b. June  8, 1856 in Philadelphia, PA, d. December 20, 1929 in Philadelphia, PA.  He married Mary Elizabeth Miller around 1881. Parents were George W. Scheetz and ? from Germany.

 Mary E. Miller b. September 1866 in Philadelphia, PA, d. April 1, 1921 in Philadelphia, PA  Parents were William David Miller and Clara Magdalena Vickars.

Tyrrell & Kent

Arthur Tyrrell  b. October 31, 1856 in Ireland, d. August 30, 1928 in Darby, PA.  He married Eleanor Luvinda Kent on March 28, 1889 in Philadelphia, PA. Parents Peter and Harriett Tyrrell from Ireland.

Eleanor L. Kent b. August 2, 1859 in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, d. February 1, 1940 in Audubon, NJ.  Parents William D. Kent and Jane E. Evans remained in Ireland.

Teesdale & Harvey

Robert W. Teesdale  b. January 29, 1871 in Philadelphia, PA, d. March 11, 1938 in Philadelphia, PA.  He married Katherine Harvey on October 28, 1891 in Philadelphia, PA. After Katherine died, he married Elizabeth Ebinger about 1920. Parents were Robert Teesdale and Mary Ferris.

Kate Harvey b. November 29, 1871 in Philadelphia, PA, d. June 1, 1919 in Philadelphia, PA during the flu epidemic.  Parents John and Mary Harvey were from Ireland.



James C. Cullen, my grandfather, was a Fairmount Park Guard in Philadelphia.

 I would like to hear from you if you are connected to any of the above families.