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(?-Stinson), Delia F.
(unknown), Alice
(unknown), Elizabeth "Betty"
(unknown), Elizabeth
(unknown), Lela J.
Bailey, Earline
Bailey, Ervin
Bailey, Ralph Brunner
Bailey, Ralph Calvin
Bailey, William Harrison
Box, Clara
Box, Dorothy
Box, Grace
Box, Henry Lee
Box, J. D.
Box, J. Henry
Box, Lester
Box, Louise
Box, O'Connell
Box, Victor Earl
Campbell, Eliza Katherine
Campbell, Hazel "Mamie"
Cassidy, (?)
Cassidy, Tommy
Champion, Laura Mae
Childers, Robert F.
Coble, Gene
Davis, Mattie Kathleen
Davis, Shelly
Day, Clarence E.
Eiland, Benson Murray
Eiland, Bryant Benson
Eiland, Bryant
Eiland, Carl Trainer
Eiland, James Melvin
Eiland, Lavada Odell
Eiland, Marilyn
Eiland, Michael Wayne
Eiland, William Jesse
Elmore, (unknown)
Elmore, Allen
Elmore, Alletha
Elmore, Bessie D.
Elmore, Clifford T.
Elmore, David Wilson
Elmore, Dora
Elmore, Emma
Elmore, Florence
Elmore, Hattie Aletha
Elmore, James A.
Elmore, James R.
Elmore, James Riley
Elmore, Jimmie M.
Elmore, Joe E.
Elmore, John David
Elmore, Lee R.
Elmore, Lillie Mae
Elmore, Lillie West
Elmore, Lora L.
Elmore, Marvin
Elmore, Minnie
Elmore, Minnie
Elmore, Nancy
Elmore, Nancy
Elmore, Preston
Elmore, Robert G.
Elmore, Roumania V.
Elmore, Sallie B.
Elmore, Sarah Alletha
Elmore, Sarah Elizabeth
Elmore, Veronica
Elmore, Vin Dell
Elmore, William "Bill"
Elmore, William
Elmore, William
Elmore, Willie F.
Emerson, James "Jim" Cleveland
Furniss, Arthur Thomas
Gibson, Howard
Green, Annis S.
Harbison, Betty Jean
Hendricks, Sarah Jane
Hill, Isabella V.
Hunt, Emma
Jones, Mary
Kelly, Georgia
Kirk, Denzil H.
McDaniel, James Oliver
Richardson, Durward Chester
Richardson, Francis Marion
Richardson, James Marion
Rowland, Alletha L.
Rowland, David
Sapp, Susie
Shaw, Anner
Shaw, Aubry C.
Taylor, V. A.
Trainer, America Lavada
Trainer, Cassenia
Trainer, Cecil Winston
Trainer, Evie Myrtle
Trainer, Gertrude
Trainer, Hazel
Trainer, James Willis
Trainer, Jay Hugh
Trainer, Jennie Wynell
Trainer, Lillian Beatrice
Trainer, Lottie Earnestine
Trainer, Marion Francis
Trainer, Milton
Trainer, Nannie Mae
Trainer, Rosie Nell
Trainer, Vaudie Rea
Trainer, Veronica Elizabeth
Trainer, William Jay
Trainer, William Thomas
Trainer, William
Vickery, Oma Corrine
Wims, John Lawrence