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Timeline: Richard Taylors of Early Massachusetts

This timeline attempts to track chronologically, with sources, all that I've compiled so far about the early Richar Taylors of Massachusetts. Its purpose is to help me better identify which Richard Taylor of Yarmouth was which, but also documents other early Massachusetts Richard Taylors, because RT of Yarmouth was at least once called "Richard Taylor, SOMETIMES of Yarmouth".
Location Date Source Description Commentary
Mass Colony 1630 NEHGS Register, volume 3, 1849, p. 89 List of Freeman, Mass. Colony: John Taylor
Watertown 1630 Watertown records per another researcher. (Need specific citation.) Gregory Taylor was on hand in 1630, and was participant the each of the five divisions at Watertown. Supposedly came on the Winthrop Fleet
Mass Colony 18 May 1631 NEHGS Register, volume 3, 1849, p. 91 List of Freeman, Mass. Colony: Gregory Taylor JCL says Watertown
Mass Colony 14 May 1634 NEHGS Register, volume 3, 1849, p. 92 List of Freeman, Mass. Colony: John Taylor
Concord 1635 Per another researcher Concord formed needs confirmation
-- 10 Jun 1635 "Emigrants for St. Christophers, etc." NEHGS Register, volume 14, 1860, p. 354 x Junij 1635. Theis under written names are to be transported to the Bormoodes or Somer-Islands, imbarqued in the Truelove de London. Robert Dennis Mr being examined by the Minister of Gravesend concerning their comformitie to the orders and discipline of the Church of England as it now stands established: and took the oath of Allegeance: ... James Tayler, 28... Rich Tayler, 16... Wm Tayler, 17... Ann Taylor, 24

Another source [which?] indicates another list of passengers on the TrueLove, but with only one "Taylor" -- George #39. (same as of Salem/Lynn 1638?)

Others have said that this ship ultimately came to New England. It is the oft-cited source for the "family" of James (28), Ann (24), Willliam (17) and Richard (16) Taylor.

Is James Taylor age 28 same as married at Concord 1641?) (b. abt. 1607)
Is Richd Taylor age 16 first of Watertown/Concord then Boston 1642, then Yarmouth 1643? (b. abt. 1619)
Is Wm Taylor age 17 he of Concord in 1649? (b. abt. 1618)
Is Ann Taylor age 24 wife of James or sister to above? (b. abt. 1610)

Cambridge 1638 Another researcher Cambridge formed/named (out of Newtowne) needs confirmation
Mass Colony 1638.05.18 NEHGS Register, volume 3, 1849, p. 96 List of Freeman, Mass. Colony: George Taylor
Yarmouth 1639 Ruth M. Weissberger, article for the Bray Farm (former home of RT "the Rock" in Yarmouth) copied at goodregister.htm

"Richard (the Rock) [sic] Taylor ? departed from Gravesend, England, June 10, 1635, on the ship Truelove bound first for Bermuda. The Truelove reached the New England coast sometime in 1636. In 1639, Richard Rock Taylor built his house near a huge rock on the line between the Indian lands of Hockanom and Nobscusset, the location of today's Yarmouth-Dennis town line. Richard's name, Richard Rock Taylor was given to him in recognition of this rock."
What is the evidence that ties THIS Richard Taylor to this passenger list? There are a number of RTs who this could be!
Sudbury 1639 Another researcher Widow Taylor died 1639 Sudbury, the first year of that town as a separate entity from Concord.
Source? And can it really be Sudbury? I thought S didn't get started until much later.
Boston 1642 Supposedly Pope, Pioneers of Massachusetts
Richard Taylor was awarded freeman status at Boston May 18, 1642.
Wife was Mary, and had a son John baptised at Boston Feb 6, 1646/47.
Need specific citation info and language.
Boston 1642 Savage, Vol. IV, p. 263 Richard, of Boston, br perhaps of the preced. [Richard] join our ch 1 Jan 1642, then “a single man and a tailor,” was adm freem 18 May follow by w Mary had:
John b 2, bapt 6 Feb 1647; d 1673
His will of 30 July, prob 2 Aug of that yr [1673] names no ch but John, sis Joan in England and wife Eliz.
What happened to Mary? Looks like she died between 1647 and his 1673 death during which time he m2 Elizabeth. Can we get a copy of this will? This Richard can't be the same as that of Yarmouth (who m. Ruth Whelden) because he died July-Aug 1673; RT spouse of Ruth W died at the end of 1673 or even early 1674. Must get both wills and compare.
Yarmouth 1642.05.18 Lucius R. Paige, "List of Freemen," NEHGS Register, Volume 3, 1849, p. 189 citing CR, Volume II, p. 18 “List of Freeman”
Rich'd Tayler
Philip Tayler…
Rich'd Taylor

Two adult Richard Taylors listed in same year as freemen. Pope (apparently, but needs confirmation) believes one to be husband of Mary and father of John bapt. Boston 6 Feb 1646/7; so does Savage.
Yarmouth 1640s Simeon L. Deyo, History of Barnstable County, Massachusetts 1620-1890, (New York: H.W. Blake & Co., 1890), p. 458 “There were two Richard Taylors early in town, both of whom were enrolled among those able to bear arms in 1643 [not so per this same History!], and both had wives named Ruth. To distinguish them, one was called Richard Taylor, tailor from his occupation, and the other Richard Rock, from the circumstance that his house was built beside a great rock. The first Richard, in the year 1646, had a difficulty with Gabriel Whelden, who objected to his marriage with Whelden's daughter Ruth, and the court took cognizance of the matter. This new style of courting succeeded an Whelden's consent was followed by the marriage. The Taylors of Chatham are descended from this Richard. The Taylors of Yarmouth are from "Richard Rock," who married Ruth Burgess. He was constable in 1656 and 1668, surveyor of highway in 1657, excise officer in 1664 and on the grand jury in 1685."

Unless we can see the ORIGINAL 1643 list of those in Yarmouth able to bear arms, we can't confirm that there were TWO RTs in Yarmouth. The History of Barnstable County indicates there were, but I've seen -- in NEHGS -- the same supposed list (a transcription) and it has only one RT. So either the transcriber merged them or there were not two listed able to bear arms. There are two freeman in 1642, but only one able to bear arms in Yarmouth 1643-- unless the list is wrong.

Also, I have yet to see confirming proof that the Richard Taylor who married Ruth Whelden was the tailor (vs. the Rock).

Yarmouth 1643 New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol. 4, No. 3, July 1850, p. 258. "List of those able to bear Arms in New Plymouth," … Yarmouth… Richard Taylor [listed once only]
Barnstable County 1643 The history of Cape Cod : annals of thirteen towns of Barnstable County, p. 182 “In 1643, military companies were authorized and organized in town, and the inhabitants were directed by government “to provide a place of defence against sudden assault.” The persons in town liable to bear arms were:… Richard Taylor [listed once]
Barnstable County 1643 History of Barnstable County, p. 460 The fifty-two bearing arms were: … Henry Whelden… Richard Taylor Note: this same page also lists freeman of Yarmouth this year; Richard Taylor is not listed on it, but he wouldn't be if he was made freeman the year before.
Watertown March 11 or 22 1643 Watertown First Book, p. 12 [per another researcher] Seabred Taylor, son of Thomas Taylor, born at Watertown 11 (1)
1642 (March 11 or 22, 1643)

Need to see actual text.

Apparently, his son Thomas
was the claimant for Seabred as Grantee of the Narraganset land grants (see 1735 below).

Yarmouth 1643 Savage, Vol. IV, p. 263

[Taylor] "Richard, Yarmouth, 1643, m. says the fam. tradit. a Burgess, perhaps d. of Thomas, whose d. Ruth also, m. ano. Richard T. His w. was drown. 4 Dec 1673, and he d. next yr. leav. two s. six ds. John; Joseph; Mary; Martha, b. 18 Dec 1650; Eliz.; Ann, bur. 29 Mar 1650 aged a yr and a half; Hannah and Sarah, of wh. this last d. unm. 3 Jul 1695; Mary m. a Merchant; Martha m. 3 Dec 1675, Joseph Bearse; Ann m. 25 Jun 1679 Josiah Davis; Hannah m. 19 Jul 1680, Job Crocker; and Eliz. m 20 Dec 1680, Samuel Cobb."

I believe he has confused the wives here. He clearly didn't find the court case when Richard sought permission to marry Ruth Whelden. But he was familiar with the drowning story. From family tradition? Or did he see the Duxbury inquest records? His claims of 4 of the daughters is confirmed by the will of one of them (see 1695 line below).

In addition, he claims a dau Ann died 1650, but then goes on to say she married 29 years later!

Lastly, what proof is there that those early Taylor infant deaths belonged to the tailor and not the Rock?

Yarmouth 1643 Ruth Weissberger (2003): (This was from an article written about the history of the farm at "the Rock".) Richard Rock Taylor...
In 1643, at the age of 24, Richard married Ruth Burgess of Sandwich. Together they raised their seven children, Richard, Mehitable, Keziah, Jasher, Hannah, Elisha and Mary, on the farm.
Where did she get the 1643 marriage record from (and his age, 24?). Where did she get Burgess from?
Yarmouth 1643 Apparently Torrey, New England Marriages Prior to 1700, p. 730
“1. Taylor Richard (-1703) & Ruth (Burgess) (-1673?)” I've only seen this referenced; have not seen the actual page.
Yarmouth >1643 "Dennis First Comers," Cape Cod Genealogical Society, Vol. 27, No. 1, Spring, 2001. “post 1643 Taylor, Richard 'Rock' H[ockanom] N. end Bray Farm Rd. S67, R51.”
Yarmouth 1646 Savage, Vol. IV, p. 263 [Taylor] "Richard, Yarmouth, farmer, call. says tradit. rock Richard, from his first build. his cottage against a rock, m. a. 1646 Ruth Burgess, perhaps d. of Thomas; had Ruth, b. 29 Jul 1647, bur. next year; Ann, 2 Dec 1648; Ruth again, 11 Apr 1650; Richard, 9 Jan 1652; Mehitable, 23 Jul 1654; Keziah, 18 Feb 1656; Joshua, 9 May 1659; Hannah, 17 Sept 1661; Elisha, 10 Feb 1664; and Mary, 12 Jun 1667; his w. d. 22 Jun 1693 and he d. 1 Aug 1703."

I also think that Savage confused the names of the children of each set of Yarmouth Richards. The daughters who died young, we may never know; but the wills of each man should clarify at least those who survived him.

This appears to be the primary source for the Burgess myth. What was Savage's source for this information???

Yarmouth 1646 Ruth Weissberger (2003) from an article written about the history of the farm at "the Rock".) "...two men named Richard Taylor lived in Yarmouth during the middle 1600s. One was a farmer, the other a tailor. Not only that, each married a woman named Ruth... Eventually, one came to be known as Richard Tailor Taylor, based on his profession, and the other became known as Richard Rock Taylor. Richard Rock Taylor was the first owner of the Taylor-Bray Farm... Richard Tailor Taylor was associated with Gabriel Whelden... Mr. Whelden's daughter, Ruth, married Richard Tailor Taylor Oct. 27, 1646... Records show that June 3, 1668, Richard Taylor was constable of Yarmouth and also that The will of Captain William Hedge of Yarmouth, dated June 30, 1670, names his beloved friends Mr. Edmond Hawes and Richard Taylor, Tailor, as overseers... She makes reference to records, but does not cite them. How does she know which RT was Constable? Or which, for that matter, was involved with Gabriel Whelden?
Plymouth Colony 1646 GenForum posting by William Simpson, Jr.
4 August 2003
“The Plymouth Colony considered marriage a civil contract rather than a religious sacrament. The Pilgrims adopted this custom while in Holland. From this the court records reflect a romantic courtship involving Gabriel, his daughter Ruth and future son-in-law Richard Taylor. Richard Taylor, a single man, settled near the Wheldens, and in accordance with the law requested permission from Gabriel court his daughter Ruth. Although no reason is recorded, Gabriel refused possibly reluctant to part with a beloved daughter.
Richard persisted in his suit, and Gabriel refused to relent. Finally, Richard filed suit with the Court in 1646. Apparently the wise old men of the Colony sided with Richard and persuaded Gabriel to reconsider Richard as a future son-in-law. Gabriel at last relented and the young couple were soon married.”
Included for the historical reflection only. His interpretation of what happened between the individuals is purely hypothetical. The court record I've seen conveys no such reluctance on the part of Gabriel Whelden; it indicates only that he gave his consent. (Unless there's additional court documentation I haven't seen yet. Quite possible.)
Yarmouth 27 Oct 1646 Torrey, Clarence Alman, New England Marriages, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1985; p. 730

History of Barnstable County, Massachusetts, edited by Simeon L. Deyo. 1890. New York: H. W. Blake & Co.; CHAPTER XVII, pages 453-506. Town of Yarmouth, by Hon. Charles F. Swift.

[Summarizing sources; still needs exact wording from each source] Yarmouth: RT obtained permission from Gabriel Wheldon to marry Ruth Wheldon. Taylor, Richard (-1673) (tailor by trade) & Ruth Wheldon (-1673? 1693?); ca 27 Oct 1646, date of her father's consent. Yarmouth”
[daughter of Gabriel Wheldon]
I have seen no record of Gabriel's disaffection for the marriage. It is apparently implied from the case brought before the court that approved the marriage. Ah… that means we need to find the court case. THIS source only pertains to the permission granted. More info needed.
Yarmouth 27 Oct 1646 Plymouth Colony Records, Volume 2, p. 110; transcribed here October 27, 1646 (PCR 2:110) In the case betweene Gabriell Whelding and Richard Taylor, about his daughter Ruth, the said Gabriell pmiseth his free assent and consent to theire marriage.
Boston 2 Feb 1647 Early Records of Boston, NEHGS Register, volume 9, 1855, p. 188 born: John, son of Richard and Mary Taylor; Boston; bp 2 Day 12th month, 1646 [therefore Feb 1647?], age 4 days This Richard Taylor cannot be the same as the RT of Y who married Ruth Whelden in October 1646.
Yarmouth 29 Jul 1647 Savage, Vol. IV, p. 263
[Child of Richard and Ruth Taylor:]
Ruth Taylor (bur. 1648)
need to find better source; some say child of Taylor-Whelden; others Taylor-Burgess
Yarmouth 2 Dec 1648 Savage, Vol. IV, p. 263 [Child of Richard and Ruth Taylor:]
Ann Taylor (bur 29 Mar 1650)
need to find better source; Savage then goes on to say she married Josiah Davis 19 years after her death. Perhaps the Ann who married was daughter of the other RT? Or Ann who was buried in 1650 was dau of other RT?
Yarmouth 11 Apr 1649 Savage, Vol. IV, p. 263 [Child of Richard and Ruth Taylor:]
Ruth Taylor
need to find better source; some say child of Taylor-Whelden; others Taylor-Burgess
Boston 26 Jun 1649 "Early Bells of Massachusetts-- Addenda," NEHGS Register, volume 37, 1883, p. 46; by Elbridge H. Hoss, Esq. of Melrose, Mass. "In 'Boston Town Records' is found the following vote: 'The 26th: 4th mo., 1649. Rich. Taylor is to ringe the bell at 9 of the cloke at night, and half an hour after foure in the morninge, and is to have for his recompence 41. a yeare, beginning his yeare the 24: 4th mo, 1649.'" Which Richard Taylor this? Likely the one m. Mary with son John.
Yarmouth 18 Dec 1650 Savage, Vol. IV, p. 263; See also: Shurtleff 8:12.
See also Pope, Pioneers of Mass., p. 447-8.

[See also: Genealogical notes of Barnstable families, Bearse chapter, page 55]
[Child of Richard and Ruth Taylor:]
Martha Taylor
She apparently married Joseph Bearse, son of Austin, on 3 Dec 1676; she died 27 Jan 1727/8, age 77. She was named as daughter in the 1674 inventory of the estate of Richard Taylor (supposedly the "tailor")
Sudbury 1651 Another researcher. CHECK. Sudbury formed If Sudbury wasn't formed until 1651, how could Widow Taylor have died there in 1639?
Yarmouth 9 Jan 1652 Savage, Vol. IV, p. 263
Richard Taylor born [listed as son of Richard (Rock) & Ruth (Burgess) Taylor] Better source is the 1677 list from Yarmouth town records (see below) that lists names, ages (translating to birth dates) of children of Richard Taylor.
Lynn 11 Feb 1653/54 Supposedly Middlesex Probate as File 24387; proved April 4, 1654, and duly recorded into probate May 22, 1654 "Fourthly and Lastly I doe give all my estate (in Malden) consisting of house=frame, lands, Cattle, and corne, (together with what money is due unto mee from William Croffts of Linne) to Margaret Whelding, my wife, whom I doe Appoint, and constitute, my sole Administrix and executrix for the disposing thereof, According to God who gave the same unto mee. In witness whereof I putt heere=unto, my hand, the day and yeare above mentioned. Gabriel Whelding"
The will of Gabriel Wheldon, then of Malden having retreated from Yarmouth to Lynn the previous year (a daughter may have lived in Lynn), and then in the year of death, to Malden where he had a small holding, a dwelling and 1-1/2 acre land… the inclosure in parenthesis "(in Malden)" suggests that there was other component/s to the estate NOT at Malden... This apparently was a deficient will leaving issues that should have been addressed by him before death... There was an inventory taken, but of course, only included the property and moveables at Malden.
Yarmouth 23 Jul 1654 Savage, Vol. IV, p. 263 Mehitable Taylor born [listed as of Richard (Rock) & Ruth (Burgess) Taylor] Confirmed by the 1677 Yarmouth list of names, ages of children of Richard Taylor (see 1677 below). BUT that list does not include name of Richard's wife!
Middlesex Co 28 May 1655 Court Files of Middlesex County, Mass., 1649-1675; NEHGS through Writ agst Margarett Weilden to Answer Henry, & John Walden & Richard Taylor husband men for witholding then portions of Estate of their father Gabriel Weilden Note the NEHGS index lists RT only once.
Middlesex Co 27 July 1655 Court Files of Middlesex County, Mass., 1649-1675; NEHGS through Writ agst Margaret widow of Gabriel Weilden complt of John Weilden for witholding money he sent his father Gabriel before his death
Middlesex Co or Suffolk Co? 27 July 1655 [JCL] Middlesex Court Files Folio 11; HLS #409: "To the Constable of Maulden or his Deputie. You are reguired to attach ye body, and for want thereof the goods of Margaret Weilden, late widdow of Gabriel Weilden and to take bond of her to the value of twenty pounds with sufficient suerties for her appearance at the next Court holden at Cambridge the 2d day of the 8th mo. 55. then and there to answer the complaynt of John Weilden, for withholding tenn pounds from him which he lent to his father Gabriel Weilden sometyme befour his death and soe make a true returne hereof under your hand. Dated the 27th of the 5th m0. 55. By the Court Tho: Starr" Two things suggest that there were deeper issues than just the money. Firstly, note that the court implies that Margaret may well have removed herself from the Middlesex Courts distribution, or that it was felt that once presented with the suits in legal fashion, that would remove herself. [She was trying to return to England, actually.] Secondly, the court imposed attachmentt of her person, or bond of 20#, twice the value that John was attempting to recover!
Middlesex Co or Suffolk Co? 28 Jul 1655 Middlesex Court Files Folio 11; HLS #411 [JCL also makes reference to "Probate Court, Cambridge, Suffolk County". Which is it?] "To the Constable of maulden or his deputie. You are required to attach the body or goods of Margrett Weilden, late widdow of Gabriel Weilden, and to take bond of her to the value of fourscore plus tenn pounds with sufficient suerties for her appearance at the next Court holden at Cambrdge ye wd day of ye 8 mo. 55, then and there to anser ye complaynt of Henry Weilden John Weilden, Rich: Taylor Taylor and Rich: Taylor husbandman for withholding their parts or portions of an estate which their late father Gabriell Weilden was possessor or owner of in his life and soe make a true returne hereof under your hand. Dated the 28 of the 5th mo. 55. By the Court Tho: Starr"
Note reference to two RTs-- one a tailor (Taylor Taylor), one a husbandman. Richard "the Rock" was supposedly a husbandman. But what is their relation to EACH OTHER? "which their late father" implies Gabriel Whelden was somehow related to BOTH RTs. Implies that both RTs were adults, and not one of them a 3-year-old son. JCL: The difference in certain spelling and word usages suggests that a different clerk recorded the two orders, both issued by the officer Thomas Starr... The amount involved was substantial and considerably greater that the value of the estate at Malden, valued by the Court inventory at 40-11-8. The surety required of 90 pounds surely implies a considerable estate above and beyond the Malden component resolved in the will!! Likely, those holdings were at Yarmouth.
Maulden 1655 Pg 158 The History of Malden, Massachusetts, 1633-1785 "How long Mr. Matthews remained at Malden is not known: but apparently he had removed in 1654. It is said,on doubtful authority, that he preached awhile in Lynn. He returned to England in 1655, and Several of the Malden Church went with him. Of these returning pilgrims I recognize the widow Margaret Wheldon, who left a law-suit over the estate of her deceased husband, Gabriel" This would explain why the suit requested support from Maulden; Margaret was on her way back to England; Gabriel's sons (and son-in-law) wanted their portion of the estate before she left!
Yarmouth 18 Feb 1656 Savage, Vol. IV, p. 263 Keziah Taylor [listed as son of Richard (Rock) & Ruth (Burgess) Taylor] She is listed on the Yarmouth 1677 list of children of Richard Taylor (but without the name of the mother)
Suffolk Co 2 Feb 1659 Abstracts from the Earliest Wills on Record in the County of Suffolk, MA; NEHGS, Register, vol. 9, 1855, p. 224 Richd Taylor… deposed [will of Comfort Starr…]
Rebecca Taylor is one of the people who owed money to Starr
Will was recorded in Suffolk County
Suffolk Co 22 Apr 1659 NEHGS Register, Volume 95, 1941, p. 127-131 The will of Dr. Comfort Starr is dated 22 Apr. 1659, when he was in his seventieth year… The four witnesses to his will were… "Richard Taylor living in 1647 in Boston, but perhaps formerly of Yarmouth on Cape Cod..." On 2 Feb. [p. 128:] 1659/60, two of the witnesses Richard Talor and William Reade, deposed before the Court as witnesses... (Suffolk County Probate Records, No. 233; inventory, vol. 3, pp. 183-191, 233.)

Also listed in the will (see p. 131) are people owed (or owing) money, including: "Rebecca Taylor" (footnote reads: probably a daughter of William Tailer and his wife Rebecca (Stoughton)... William Tailer and Rebecca Stoughton were married in Boston, perhaps in 1641, although the entry is not found in the Boston records. William Tailer committed suicide 12 July 1682. Mrs. Tailer died 26 Aug 1708 and was buried in the Stoughton lot at Dorechester. There also her son, William Tailer, Lieut. Gov. was buried after his death 1 Mar 1731 (See "Boston Book of Posessions," p. 93 and "Gleanings,' by Bowdith, pp 12 and 19.]

This implies that Richard Taylor of Boston (probably he who m. Mary and fathered John?) was related to William Taylor. See 1635 Truelove passenger list.

Yarmouth 9 May 1659 Savage, Vol. IV, p. 263 Joshua Taylor born [listed as of Richard (Rock) & Ruth (Burgess) Taylor] Some call him Jasher. He's Gesur on the Yarmouth 1677 list of children of Richard Taylor (no mother named).
Yarmouth 4 May 1659 Plymouth Colony Probate Records, Vol. II, Pt. 2; also: Chase, George W.,. Genealogy of a portion of the descendants of William Chase : who came to America in 1630, and died in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, May, 1659.. Washington, D.C.: unknown, 1886. Will of William Chase written; refers to Richard Taylor, tailor , as one of the two overseers. [This per Ruth Weisberger in an email dated 30 May 2007.] NOTE This is the first instance of Richard Taylor being referred to as a tailor in Yarmouth.
Yarmouth 14 Sep 1659 "Descendants of William Chase," NEHGS Register, volume 87, 1933, p. 48; citing Plymouth Colony Probate Records) Richard Taylor listed as one of three men who took inventory of the estate of William Chase.
Watertown 04 Oct 1659 Supposedly the Will of Richard Taylor of Watertown, d. 6 May 1659, probated Middlesex 4 Oct 1659; Middlesex Probate Records 1659

Tayler, Tailor, Taler, Talor, Taylor
[Need exact language] Named wife Ann sole heir; only child mentioned was Frances Adams. Savage? also names him; says he was the one listed as freeman; says he was of Charlestown with wife ann and dau Frances who m. Adams. Apparently (per another researcher) Watertown records otherwise make no mention of a Richard Taylor, but there is a Gregory Taylor, freeman: 14 May 1634; an original proprietor of W; sold property before 1644. Also a Thomas Taylor, proprietor of homestall, 1642; sold land in 1660 "of Reading"; wife Elizabeth; son Seabred, b. 11 mar 1642/3. The will of 1659 was certainly to insure that the wife Ann recieved the estate including house, lands, stuffe, tooles and all other moveables whatsover. The one exception was a token of one shilling to daughter Frances Adams. He made in the will his sole executor the wife Ann.
Yarmouth 6 Oct 1659 "Descendants of William Chase," NEHGS Register, volume 87, 1933, p. 49, citing "Plymouth Colony Records, vol. 3, p. 172") 6 Oct 1659. Wee, whose names are underwritten, having made serch and enquiry… into the cause of death of Mary Chase, viz, of our towne of Yarmouth, do with joynt consent p'sent the day and yeare above said, that wee can find noe other but that shee died a naturall death through inward sickness, as is evident to all men naturally. [signed] ... Richard Tayler [among others] Same will names Richard Tayler as one of two overseers, calling him "neighbor".
Marlborough 1660 Another researcher Marlborough formed Check
1661 History of Yarmouth, 1884, p. 88 "The rights of parties finding drift whales on the Cape were for some time a matter of controversy, and in 1661, a proposition was sent to the Cape towns, which, after some delay several of them complied with. By this agreement it was provided that for every whale that should be secured two barrels of oil should be delivered at Boston, at the place designated by the Treasurer of Plymouth Colony, free of charge to the government. This agreement was signed by ... Richard Taylor, in behalf of the town of Yarmouth" Which Richard Taylor was this?
Yarmouth 16 Sep 1661 Savage, Vol. IV, p. 263 Hannah, dau of Richard (Rock) Taylor and Ruth (Burgess) Taylor, born Yarmouth She is listed on the Yarmouth 1677 list of children of Richard Taylor (but no mother's name included)
??? 3 Feb 1664 NEHGS Register, vol 13, 1859, p. 338. Unfortunately, no location is provided. Inventorye of Phillipe Rice His estate apprised by Gamaliell Waite and Simon Rogers. Feb. 3, 1664. Administration to the Estate granted unto Deacon Richard Trusdall & Richard Tailor, who deposed Where did this take place? Which RT was this?
Yarmouth 10 Feb 1664 Savage, Vol. IV, p. 263 Elisha Taylor, son of Richard and Ruth (Burgess) Taylor Listed on the 1677 Yarmouth list of children of Richard Taylor (without mother's name, though).
Charlestown 24 Apr 1665 Record-Book of the First Church in Charlestown, NEHGS, Register, vol 25, Oct 1871, p. 344 Baptized: 1665
2th mo, 24th day: Sarai, the daughter of our sister Anne Taylor
Note that Savage names a daughter of Richard Taylor of Y as "Sarah". He is he referring to this one?
Charlestown 24 Sep 1665 Record-Book of the First Church in Charlestown, NEHGS, Register, vol 23, 1869, p. 283. Admitted: 1665
7th mo; 17 day: Anne taylor: ye wife of Richard Taylor
Not the wife of Richard Taylor who d. 1659 or she would have been named widow. And this is too soon for the 1652 Richard T of Yarmouth to be married. The proximity of this record to the one above implies that Richard Taylor was the father of Sarah. If so, increases likelihood that this is the Sarah Taylor who dies in Yarmouth, unmarried in 1695 (see below), likely daughter of Richard Taylor of Yarmouth. BUT this Ann and Richard Taylor of Charlestown continue to have babies after the 1673/4 death of Richard Taylor, tailor, of Yarmouth!
Yarmouth 20 Nov 1666 Abstract of the earliest Wills. NEHGS Register, volume 6, 1852, p. 188 Mr. John Joyce (Yarmouth). Will, 20 Nov., 1666… To Rev. Tho. Thornton and Richd Taylor But which Richard Taylor? See next entry below.
Yarmouth 20 Nov 1666 Maclean W. McLean, "John Joyce of Yarmouth, Mass. (ca. 1615-1666)," The American Genealogist, 43 (1), (January, 1967).
John Joyce died at Yarmouth on 21 Dec 1666 (Town Recs.) leaving a will dated 20 Nov. 1666 in which he mentions wife Dorothy, his only son Hosea (named sole executor) and daughters Mary and Dorcas. There is also a small bequest to Richard Taylor atte the Rock. This appears to be the earliest record found so far that refers to the "Rock".
Yarmouth 12 Jun 1667 Savage, Vol. IV, p. 263 Mary Taylor, dau of Richard & Ruth (Burgess) Taylor May have been two of them: 1. Savage indicates that "Mary" was one of the daughters of the Richard "tailor" Taylor (and that she married Merchant). 2. Yarmouth 1677 list of children of Richard (Rock) Taylor lists this one. She is not named in the latter's 1693 will.
Charlestown 2 Jan 1668 Record-Book of the First Church in Charlestown, NEHGS, Register, vol 26, 1872, p. 49. Baptized: 1667
11 mo, 12 day: Anne ye daughter of [our] sister Anne Taylor
I'm struck by the absence of the father's name in both this baptism and that of Sarai, above.
Dracutt 1668.11.30 Will of John "Web" Evered of Dracutt; probated at Middlesex [JCL]

The probated record of the estate of John Evered, alias Web, of Dracutt at Middlesex Nov 30, 1668 included a debt to one Richard Taylor of Boston.

Payment of two pound two shillings eleven pence was awarded from the estate to Richard Taylor of Boston on July 28, 1669. Note that a lesser but substantial sum was also awarded to one William Taylor of Boston (actual payments in 1670 were somewhat less than those awarded at Probate in the original assessment).

Presumably, this could not be the Richard Taylor who died in 1659. Likely the Richard initially married to Mary, father of John, who also had a shop at the foot of the stairs under the Boston Town Centre.

Remember that both a Richard and William Taylor were on the TrueLove in 1635.

Charlestown 1668 Middlesex Probate Records 1669 [from JCL] Another probated will at Charlestown was that of Richard Pritchard dated Jan 22, 1668/69, probated Apr 20, 1669, which included a cow to go to Richard Taylor the son of Richard Taylor on condition that he give the first cow calfe of that cow to his sister Ann.

Re: "his sister Ann." Whose sister? Richard Taylor's or Richard Pritchard's? If the former, were they, Richard and Ann, children of Richard and Ann Taylor mentioned above, siblings of Frances?? Keep in mind that the Truelove that left England for Bermuda included both a Richard and an Ann Taylor.
Charlestown 16 Apr 1670 Record-Book of the First Church in Charlestown, NEHGS, Register, vol 26, 1872, p. 52. Baptized:
2nd month, 16th day: Thomas, ye son of Tho. Taylor & Anne his wife
Was there both a Richard and a Thomas Taylor in Charlestown around the same time, and were they both married to Anns? Or is there some confusion here about the name of the Taylor married to Ann?
Yarmouth 30 Jun 1670 Ruth Weissberger (2003): The will of Captain William Hedge of Yarmouth?, names his beloved friends Mr. Edmond Hawes and Richard Taylor, Tailor, as overseers. need to find better source; note the reference to "Richard Taylor, tailor". Would love to see full language
Yarmouth abt 1672-1680s Savage, Vol. IV, p. 263 Richard [Taylor], Yarmouth, son of sec. Richard of the same; serv. in war against Philip; had:
• Isaac,
• Joshua,
• Nathan,
• Ebenezer and
• two daughters.

Savage includes no dates for the children of this Richard. If this Richard was born 1652, he probably married about 1672 at the earliest, placing the birth years of his children between 1673-1680; if so, then he cannot be the same Richard as that who marries Hannah Rice Ward in Sudbury! AND NOTE: None of these are the names of children recorded in Sudbury VR as children of Richard Taylor and Hannah Rice.
Charlestown 1672 Court Files of Middlesex County, Massachusetts, 1649-1675 ( "April 1672" 1672.2.2 Test Bartholomew Flegg Ae 23 [twenty three] yrs & Mckell - Ae 21 [twenty one] Petition of Edward Johnson Jun of Charlestown unable to work as a Shipwright, - to keep an ordinary signed John Allen Thomas Chadwell Saml Ballot Joseph Lynde John Penticost Edward Carrington Aaron Sudkin Richard Kettle Peeter Trothingham Richard Austin Giles Fifield Solomon Phipps Richard Louden Thomas Carter William Smith John Sect Richard Taylor John Newell John Larkin Nathaniel Cutler Wm Stitsone Randoll Nicholls Jacob Greene John Cutler Sant Hammond. I believe that Richard Taylor named here was married to Katherine Johnson, either sister or daughter of the Edward Johnson Jr. seeking to open an ordinary.
Duxbury 3 June 1673 Plymouth Colony Archive Project, University of Virginia

which is transcribing various colony records, including wills, inventories and other records. I found the following under the subhead:
Profiles in Tedium: The Constables of Duxbury
under the section for George Partridge, subsection "career":
3 June 1673. On jury investigating the death of Thomas Phelpps' daughter of Yarmouth in a boat wreck, and another boat wreck that killed the wife of Richard Tayler of Yarmouth ( PCR 5:122-123 ). Both drowned in boat wrecks, probably the same one (or separate wrecks, which suggests a bad storm or bad guidance).

Note that it cites Plymouth Colony Records, volume 5, pp. 122-123. Would like to get my hands on this.

Note that this says June 1673; the one several lines below says Dec 1673.

Boston 1673.08.02 Savage, Vol. IV, p. 263, Richard Taylor of Boston. Will of Richard Taylor probated; names no children but John (is this the Richard and Mary Taylor who baptized son John in Boston in 1647?); names a sister in England (Joan) and wife(2) Elizabeth Savage distinguishes this Richard Taylor from that which dies around same time in Yarmouth. JCL writes "the probate record that makes it clear that Richard had children not recorded (surviving) in America, namely John, Joseph and Mary." Need to obtain actual wording of this will.
Yarmouth 1673 Ruth Weissberger (2003) According to records, [RT's] wife Ruth [Whelden] perished shortly before Dec. 4, 1673 in the wreck of a boat in which she had probably intended to go from Yarmouth to Plymouth or Duxbury. A jury of inquest was formed in Duxbury where the boat appears to have been found, which rendered its verdict on Dec. 4, 1673. Ruth had drowned in the boat. Her husband, now advanced in age and most likely shaken by his wife's death, died before Dec. 13 of the same year.

Ruth W sent actual language (but without source data): 3 June 1673. On jury investigating the death of Thomas Phelpps' daughter of Yarmouth in a boat wreck, and another boat wreck that killed the wife of Richard Tayler of Yarmouth (PCR 5:122-123). Both drowned in boat wrecks, probably the same one (or separate wrecks, which suggests a bad storm or bad guidance).

NOTE: The name of RT's drowned wife is not provided. Therefore we do not know for sure this was Ruth Whelden Taylor.

Duxbury 1673.12.04 Duxbury - Jury of Inquest [published in… ] Rendered verdict in the cause of death (drowning) of Ruth (Wheldon) Taylor, wife of Richard Taylor; dau of Gabriel Wheldon Must find original record of this. If accurate, may be the only documentation of her name (although it appears to be referencing the same citation as above)
Yarmouth 4 Dec 1673 Savage Vol IV, p. 263 [Richard Taylor's] wife "was drown 4 Dec 1673 and he d the next year leav two sons six daughters:
Mary; m Merchant
Martha b 18 Dec 1650; m 3 Dec 1675 Joseph Bearse
Eliz m 20 Dec 1680 Samuel Cobb
Ann bur 29 Mar 1650 age a year and a half
Hannah m 19 Jul 1680 Job Crocker
Sarah d unm 3 Jul 1695
Ann m. 25 Jun 1679, Josiah Davis"

Note: no son Richard named. Also note that Savage's list of children of this couple have some overlap with his same list of children to the later Richard and Ruth Taylor .

Most of these children are confirmed through a) RT's 1673/4 inventory, and then the 1695 will of Sarah Taylor.

Charlestown 16 Dec 1673 Record-Book of the First Church in Charlestown, NEHGS, Register, vol 26, April 1872, p. 153. Baptized:
9th month 16th day: [Richard] ye son of Richard Taylor and of Anne his wife
Discounts the theory that the drowned wife of Richard Taylor of Yarmouth was Anne if she's baptizing a baby two weeks after her drowning death (and see 1675 below).
Yarmouth 1674 The history of Cape Cod : annals of thirteen towns of Barnstable County, Volume II, Yarmouth, p. 193. “Mr. Richard Taylor died this year.” [footnoted:] “There were two contemporary Rd. Taylors. To distinguish them, one was called Rock, from the location of his dwelling; the other Tailor Taylor. We suppose this to have been the latter, and that his children were John, Joseph, Mary, Martha, Elizabeth, Anne, Hannah and Sarah.” Doesn't appear that the writer(s) of this history were any clearer than we are about the two Richards and their children.
Yarmouth 13 Feb 1674 The Plymouth Colony Archive Project, University of Virginia; accessed 2 May 2007. Cites Plymouth Colony Wills, volume III, page 96. An Invoyce of the estate of Richard Tayler of Yarmouth late deceased taken the 13th of the 10th month 1673; and exhibited to the Court holden att Plymouth the sixt of march 1673 on the oath of John Tayler
An accompt of the particulars Giuen to the Children by their father in his life owned by the Children/:
John Tayler; viz: 3 Calves and
1 lambe to Joseph
To Martha : one Calfe
To Mary : sheep 1 pigg 1 Rugg 1 paire of sheets 1 blankett 1 Thousand of boards and what more the accompt is privy vnto [J]ohn Gorum
[J]ohn Thacher;

4 Mar 1673-4 As transcribed in Richard Hawes' "Richard Taylor, Tailor, and Some of His Descendants," no. 48 in Library of Cape Cod History & Genealogy , and which references 5 Plym. Col. Recs. 137, 138.
Plym. Col. Wills, v. 3, pt. 1, p. 96; Barn. Prob. Office, Recopied Wills, p. 307.
The Court Mch. 4, 1673-4, made the following order: “Mr. John Gorum and Mr. John Thacher are joyned with John Tayler for the disposing of the estate of Richard Tayler to his children, and for the paying and receiving of debts according to order of Court.Concerning the estate of Richard Tayler, late of Yarmouth, deceased, this Court doth order, first, that the eldest son of the said Tayler shall have his fathers' housing, and two thirds of the land, both upland and marsh, and the rest of his portion out of what of the estate Mr. Gorum and Mr. John Tacher shall judge most suitable for him... what woole and flaxe hath bin spon by the daughters sence theire parents death shalbe accompanted theirs that spon it.
In my mind, this makes it very clear that Richard Taylor, tailor, did indeed die in late 1673, shortly after the drowning of his wife (whoever she was), and that therefore there were indeed TWO Richard Taylors of early Yarmouth. The other went on to live until 1703, and his wife-- supposedly the Ruth who died in 1693. (See below.)
cont'd The rest of the estate to be devided betweixt the second son and the five daughters, everyone an equall proportion... The second son to have the other third of his father's land, besides his portion equall to his sisters. ... His inventory taken Dec. 13, 1673, and submitted to the Court under oath March 6, 1673-4... The children named are John, Joseph, Martha and Mary. Note that "five daughters" are referenced, but only Martha and Mary are named. We know that one of them is Sarah who dies in 1695 (see below). Another is likely Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Cobb who is named in Sarah's 1695 will (see below).
Charlestown 2 Apr 1675 Record-Book of the First Church in Charlestown, NEHGS, Register, vol 26, April 1872, p. 156. Baptized:
2 month, 2nd day, Alice ye daughter of Richard Taylor and of Anne his wife
I'd like to see death records for Charlestown to find out when this wife of Richard Taylor died.
Marlborough 10 Jul 1675 Marlborough VR through 1849, p. 301 [Rice], Hannah and Eliezar Ward, July 10, 1675. M.R.
Concord 1675/76 History of Concord Richard Taylor served under Capt. Joseph Sill at Cambridge; fought at Sudbury and Marlborough. John Taylor served, drawn from Concord, under Capt. Nath'l Davenport in a wider ranging area but including Sudbury and Marlborough

Which RT was this?

While some believe that because both JOHN and RICHARD served in KP war they were were therefore eligible for Naragansett land grants, BUT, N. grants were only for those who participated in the campaign of December-January 1675-76. See NEHGS Register, Volume 53, 1899, pp 341-343]

Yarmouth 1675 June History of Yarmouth, 1884, p. 100 "A list of the Soldiers of Yarmouth that were pressed into the country's service, and that went to Mount Hope against our enemies the Indians in the year 1675, and took their first march upon the 24th of June '75. The sum of each man's wages as followeth-- ... Richard Taylor, Jr.: 7, 07, 00" Note the "Jr." -- this makes me believe he's the RT born 1652. He would have been 23 at the time of his service.
Yarmouth 1675-6 History of Yarmouth, 1884, p. 101 "Second expedition to Narragansett-- … Richard Taylor: 4, 0 Is this different from the Richard Taylor who served under Capt. Joseph Sill, above?
1676 "Soldiers in King Philip's War," NEHGS Register, Volume 41, 1887, p. 408 April 24th 1676… Richard Taylor (00, 14, 10)… June 24th 1676… Sebread Taylor… Samuel Taylor Which Richard Taylor was this?
Yarmouth 1676 History of Yarmouth, 1884, p. 104-105 "A 'Rate' made the year 1676 'towards the charges of the late war,' signed by Edmund Hawes, Samuel Rider and James Matthews, shows the names of the tax-payers of the town and their comparative taxable property: … Elizabeth Taylor -, 8, 3; Rd. Taylor 2, 17, 9; John Taylor, 3, 8, 10;
Barnstable County (incl Yarmouth) 1675/76 The history of Cape Cod : annals of thirteen towns of Barnstable County, volume 2, p. 193 “In 1676, ‘town councils of war' being ordered, Messrs. Edmund Hawes, John Miller, and Jeremiah Howes were appointed. The requisitions of soldiers and money were frequently and cheerfully met” [Footnoted:]
“List of soldiers that were pressed into the country's service and went to Mount Hope against our enemies the Indians, in the year 1675 and took this first march June 24:… Jno. Taylor, Rd. Taylor… Jos. Wheldon…”
Marlborough - Sudbury 1676.04 From "Edmund Rice and his Family" p. 46:
Captain Wadsworth and his men marching to the defense of Marlboro turned back without rest to the relief of Sudbury, accompanied by the Marlboro captain and most of his men. They were ambushed near Sudbury where both captains and many of the men were killed. Included in this number was Eleazar Ward, the young husband of Henry Rice's daughter, Hannah..."
Yarmouth 1677 Yarmouth Book Three [p.13] [JCL] "The names and ages of the children of Richard Taylar (worn)
Richar Taylar his son was 25 years old on the 9th of J(worn)
Meehittabell Taylar was 23 years old the 23rd of July 1677
Kesia Taylar was 21 years old the 18th of February 1676
Gesur Taylar was 18 years old the 9th of May 1677
Hanna Taylar was 16 years old the 17th of September 1677
Elysha Taylar was 13 years old the 10th of February 1676
Mary Taylar was 10 years old the 12th of June 167(worn)"


Richard Taylor b. 9 Jan 1652;
Mehitabel b 23 Jul 1654;
Keziah b. 18 Feb 1656;
Gesur b. 9 May 1659;
Hannah b. 17 Sep 1661;
Elisha b. 10 Feb 1664;
Mary b 12 Jun 1667

This syncs with what Savage says above, but note that the name of their mother is NOT listed.

With the exception of Mary and Gesur, all these children are listed in the 1693 will of Richard Taylor who dies in 1703.

Sudbury 17 Oct 1677 "Sudbury Records [Copied from Middlesex Records by A.H. Ward…]", NEHGS Register, volume 17, p. 312 Marriages. Richard Taylor & Hannah Ward… 17 Oct 1677
Yarmouth 1678 History of Old Yarmouth, 1884, p. 108 "The names of the Freemen of the town on record on May, 1678, were as follows: … Je. Taylor
Sudbury? 15 Aug 1678 Sudbury Records; see NEHGS Register Volume 17, 313 15 Aug: Richard Taylor, son of Richard and Thankful Taylor, born Compiled from Middlesex Co. records
Charlestown Feb 1679 Middlesex Statistics, NEHGS, vol. 5, 1851, p. 172 Charlestowne, ffeb. 1679. A list of males, 240… List of Tythingmen:… Ric. Taylor Another piece of evidence that implies the Richard Taylor of Charlestown records was not the same as any RT of Yarmouth.
Sudbury? 1677-1692 Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850 via NEHGS, Richard and Thankful Taylor have children, recorded in Sudbury VR JCL points out that this compilation was made from Middlesex Co. records, not original Sudbury records, leaving open the possibility that the children were not actually BORN in Sudbury. [Did I get that right?]
Yarmouth 168? See Torrey, New England Marriages Prior to 1700, p. 730 Richard Taylor of Yarmouth marries Hannah? Where can I find this source? (Ancestry only has Supplement to Torrey's book.)
Sudbury? 27 Apr 1680 Sudbury Records; see NEHGS Register Volume 17, 313 27 Apl: John Taylor, son of Richard and Hannah Taylor, born. Compiled from Middlesex Co. records
Barnstable 20 Dec 1680 "Vital Records Barnstable, MA", p. 73 (1901), MD 3:73, [vol. 1, p. 397]. Elizabeth Taylor; m. Samuel Cobb 20 Dec 1680 in Barnstable Savage says she was the daughter of Richard and Ruth [Whelden] Taylor; Savage, Vol. IV, p. 263
Sudbury? 18 Feb 1682 Sudbury Records; see NEHGS Register Volume 17, 314 18th day, 12th mo: Elizabeth Taylor, dau of Richard and Hannah Taylor, born. Compiled from Middlesex Co. records
Sudbury? 1 May 1684 Sudbury Records; see NEHGS Register Volume 18, p. 47 1 May: Anna, dau of Richard and Anna Taylor born Mother's name shortened from "Hannah"? Compiled from Middlesex Co. records
Marshfield 25 Apr 1684 "Timothy Williamson and His Descendants," NEHGS Register, Volume 81, 1927, p. 78 Experience [Williamson] d. 2 May 1748; m. at marshfield, 25 Apr. 1684 (Rev. James Gardner officiating), Joseph Taylor of Marshfield, yeoman, who d. 13 Sep 1727 and is bur. in the Winslow Burying Ground…. Children: Richard, Mary, Joseph Jr., and Ebenezer were all baptized 8 Aug 1697 [per Mayflower Descendant]. In his will, made in 1727 and proved 2 Oct 1727, Joseph Taylor mentions his beloved wife Experience, his son Ebenezer, to whom he laves his farm at Turkey Point, his sons Samuel and Timothy, and his daughter Mary. (Pymouth Probate Records, vol 5, p. 327.) Who is this Joseph? Note how he names his children. Richard Hawes (LCC #48) claims he is son of Richard Taylor, tailor, and brother to John-- i.e., the Joseph mentioned in the 1673/4 will of Richard Taylor of Yarmouth.
Sudbury? 11 Jun 1686 Sudbury Records; see NEHGS Register Volume 18, p. 46 11 June: Lydia, dau of Richard and Hannah Taylor, born Compiled from Middlesex Co. records
Yarmouth? 1687? NEED SOURCE Nathan, son of Richard and Hannah Taylor of Yarmouth, born
Charlestown 21 Aug 1688 "Taxes Under Gov. Andros," by Walter Lloyd Jeffries, A.B., of Boston, NEHGS Register, Volume 34, 1880, p. 269 No. VII. Town Rate of Charlestown. A list of the names with the Rates of ye Inhabitants of Charlestowne to a single Country rate made by virtue of a warrant from ye Country Treasurer John Usher Esqr to ye Selectmen and Commissionr of Sd Charlestown as pr warrant under his hand, Danll Phipps Commissionr & Seal Augst 21, 1688... Rich. Tailor, 2 heads; Estate: -, 3, 6 [not sure what these last three places mean]
Charlestown 1689 Record-Book of the First Church in Charlestown, NEHGS Register, volume 27, 1873, p. 279 1689: - page 258 - Baptized. 8th month, 6th day: Richard S., aged 3 and John S., aged 1; [parents:] John & Katharine Taylor Therefore, this Richard was born 1685. Katharine is likely Katharine Johnson, and her husband, John Taylor, is likely son of John and Ann (Wheden) Taylor, per Historic Homes and Places and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to Families of Middlesex County, Mass., vol IV, edited by William Richard Cutter, 1908. See 1694 below.
Yarmouth 1689 Savage Vol IV, p. 263 or 264 (no date); LLC #75 (The Taylors of Yarmouth) Child of Richard Taylor and Hannah of Yarmouth: Ebenezer Taylor born Savage lists this child, but without a date and without a mother's name. Others [NEED SOURCE] indicate he d. 1770
Sudbury or Littleton? 27 Feb 1690 Sudbury Records; see NEHGS Register Volume 18, p. 40
Betty Barber Lusk says he was born in Littleton.
Born 27 February Caleb, son of Richard and Hannah Taylor Compiled from Middlesex Co. records [CHECK]
Sudbury? Littleton? abt. 1692 Bullard and Allied Families, p. 122, which cites Middlesex County Probate record Vol. 9, p. 785. Jonathan, supposed son of Richard and Hannah Taylor, born Sudbury? Need to find the Middlesex County Probate Record, Volume 9, p. 785. JCL believes Jonathan was NOT son of Richard and Hannah.
Charlestown 22 Jun 1692 "Descendants of Capt. Edward Johnson," NEHGS Register, Volume 59, 1905, p. 81 "The will of Edward Johnson of Charlestown, shipwright, dated June 22, 1692, probated June 12, 1693, names… daughter Katherine Taylor and her two sons Richard Taylor and John Taylor. … iv. Katherine [Johnson] m. John Taylor (See Wyman's "Charlestown," pp. 559, 933.)" Wonder-working Providence of Sions Saviour in New England (Edward Johnson,1937), p.cxli, says that Katherine married John Taylor "of Charlestown" and had 1. Richard, 2. John, 3. Thomas, 4. Catherine, 5. Sarah.
Yarmouth 1693.06.22 [JCL]:Yarmouth town records: Book 3 [p. 21] records
Ruth Taylor, wife of Richard Taylor Sr. in Yarmouth, died the 22nd of June 1693 Jillaine would appreciate a copy of these records.
Sudbury? 1694 Bullard and Allied Families, p. 122, which cites Middlesex County Probate record Vol. 9, p. 785.

Also in NEHGS “Index to the Probate Records of Middlesex County, Massachusetts”:
Tayler, Tailor, Taler, Talor, Taylor
"Richard Taylor, wife of Hannah Rice Ward, dies in Sudbury." QUESTIONABLE Note that the NEHGS citation refers to "Administration," NOT a will. I've requested a copy of this record from NEHGS.
Charlestown 21 Oct 1694 Historic Homes and Places and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs... by William Richard Cutter (, Vol. IV, 1908. "... Katherine (Taylor) Sweetzer, born November 10, 1694, daughter of John and Katherine (Johnson) Taylor. Richard Taylor, father of John Taylor, resided at Charlestown, and married Ann Wheden, who died October 21, 1694; he died in July, 1706." Be careful: Whelden and Wheden are distinct lines; don't mix them up. (Thanks JCL)
Yarmouth? 1695 Cape Cod History of Local History and Genealogy: A Facsimile Edition of 108 Pamphlets Published in the Early 20th: Richard Taylor, Tailor and Some of His Descendants, Author: James W. Hawes, Compiler: Leonard H. Smith; Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore MD, 1992, Original Date, 1914 Inventory of Sarah Taylor. Her inventory was taken 16 Aug 1695 and amounted to L34 19s. Brothers-in-law Deacon Job Crocker [husband of Hannah Taylor] and Samuel Cobb [husband of Eliz. Taylor] administrated, appointed 23 Sep 1695. The estate was equally divided between her brothers and sisters, and consisted of wearing apparel, five pounds worsted yarn, a Bible, cattle, sheep and lambs, cash, money due from Samuel Cobb and Joseph Bearse [husband of Martha Taylor], etc.
This confirms Savage's claim that Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth and Martha were siblings and all daughters of Richard Taylor of Yarmouth. But who was their mother? Ruth? Ann? Mary?
Yarmouth 1695 History of Old Yarmouth (1884), p. 117 "In 1695, John Taylor was appointed to take care of the meeting-house, for one year, for which service he was to be paid 1 pound. Likely son of Richard Taylor, tailor.
Yarmouth? 1703 "Notes: Eldredge-Long," NEHGS Register, volume 62, April 1908, p. 202 “The will of Richard Taylor of Yarmouth (who died Aug. 1, 1703), dated Sept. 2, 1693, with codicil dated Oct. 8, 1699, proved Oct. 6, 1703, and recorded in vol. 2, p. 162, at Barnstable, mentions sons Richard and Elisha, daughters Mehitable, Keziah Eldredge, and Hannah Jenkins, and grandsons Samuel Eldridge and Jehosophat Eldridge.” JCL indicates his death is not recorded in Yarmouth town records.
Yarmouth 1703 James W. Hawes, "Richard Taylor, Tailor, and Some of his Descendants," Cape Cod Library of Local History and Genealogy, Vol. 1, #48, (Yarmouthport, MA: C.W. Swift, 1912; reprinted by Leonard H. Smith, Jr., Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1992). This reference also cites: 2 Barnstable Probate Records, 262 for the 1703 will of Richard; it cites 4 Plymouth Colonial Records, 53 for Thomas Starr's will where RT of the rock is mentioned; it cites "3 mf 246" (Mayflower Descendant, volume 3, p. 256) for the 1677 list of his children.

"There were two men in Yarmouth in early times named Richard Taylor, the one, who appears to have been the older, was called Richard Taylor, tailor, from his trade, and the other, Richard Taylor of the Rock, from having built his house near a large rock near the boundary between Hockanom and Nobscusset in the northeastern part of the twon. The latter, it is said, married Ruth, probably daughter of Thomas Burgess, although neither the will of Thomas Burgess nor of any contemporaneous Burgess mentions her nor any Taylor. His wife died June 9, 1693. He died Aug. 1, 1703. To his will, dated Sept. 2, 1693, and to a codicil dated Oct. 28, 1699, he made his mark. The will and codicil were proved Oct. 3, 1703. (2 Barn. Prob. Recs. 262. ) He is mentioned in the records March 1, 1663-4, when it is stated that Thomas Starr had taken a piece of timber from 'Richard Tayler, of the Rocke ,' and was ordered to give him another piece and pay damages, or pay him £3. ( 4 Plym. Col. Recs. 53. ) . . . Richard Taylor of the Rock had in 1677 seven children ( 3 mf. 246 ): I want a copy of "3 mf 246", whatever that is.
Yarmouth 1703 F. Freeman, The history of Cape Cod : annals of thirteen towns of Barnstable County, Volume 2: Annals of Yarmouth, p. 207
“Mr. Richard Taylor died.” [Footnoted:] “Mr Richard Taylor, called Farmer Rock to distinguish him from another of the same name, m. prob. Ruth Burges and had Ruth July 29, 1647; d. inf.; Anna 1648; Ruth 1650; Rd. Jan. 9, 1652, who served in the Indian War, 1675; Mehitable, 1654; Keziah, 1656; Joshua May 9, 1659; Hannah 1661; Elisha, Feb. 10, 1664; and Mary 1667.” See also: Nathaniel B. Shurtleff and David Pulsifer, editor, Records of the Colony of New Plymouth in New England (Boston: ., 1855-1861), volume 12.

"The Original Will of Richard Taylor, September, 6th, 1693," Transcribed by Laurel Gabel (, sent to Jillaine by Barbara Fleming, July 2007.
Yarmouth 1712 History of Old Yarmouth, p. 126-127 "The division was made by lot, and the drawings were completed and choice made during the summer of 1712. A large portion of these lots have remained in the families of the first owners to the present time [1884]: … [Shares listed after name]… John Taylor, Senr (23); Samll Taylor, Senr (7-1/2); John Taylor, Jr., John 's son (7-1/2); Jaspar Taylor (22-1/2); Seth Taylor (21-1/2); Elisha Taylor (25-1/2); Richard Taylor (30-1/2); Isaac Taylor (7-1/2); Jesher Taylor (7-1/2); Jacob Taylor (13); Ebenezer Taylor, son to Richard Taylor (7-1/2);
Yarmouth 1712 History of Old Yarmouth (1884), p. 137-139 "Yarmouth on Cape Cod, Aug. 8, 1726. An awful and surprising Providence that befell one Ebenezer Taylor, who was on Saturday the 6th Instant buried 12 Foot under Stones and Earth in his Well… The said Taylor getting a Man to go down his Well to clear it, the Man in going down about mid-way of the well which was about 40 feet deep...would not proceed. Whereupon said Taylor went down...
Chatham 25 Jan 1721 [JCL] John Taylor of Chatham had inventory accepted by Probate Jan 25,
1720/21, but there were no other references.
JCL: Which of the many John Taylor within the sphere of Barnsatble County he may have been is not
obvious. However, at Chatham or elsewhere in Barnstable County no other records for John Taylor would suggest that he was same as born "say 1647". With that said, one John Taylor was married at Yarmouth on the date you gave (as I reported to you) and had two children that were reported in the TR Yarmouth, Samuel in 1675 and John in 1678.
Yarmouth? 14 Nov 1732 [JCL] Yarmouth Burial Records Richard Taylor died Nov 15, 1732 in
his 81st year
Therefore b. abt. 1652
Yarmouth? 18 Nov 1733 [JCL] Yarmouth Burial Records Hannah Taylor died Nov 18, 1733 in her 85th year. Therefore b. abt. 1849
Yarmouth 1733 NEHGS Register, Volume 16, page 146 Narragansett Grants – Yarmouth contains two mentions of Richard Taylor:
1) “Richard of Yarmouth still alive.”
2) “Richard Tayler's [heirs]” (a later hand has written “John”).
The only Richard Taylor of Yarmouth who had a son named John was, supposedly, Richard the tailor Taylor, although why his heirs would be listed as eligible for Narragansett land grants is beyond me as the tailor Richard died before King Philip's war.
Yarmouth 1733 History of Old Yarmouth, p. 141 "The names of the [Narragansett/Gorham] grantees from this town [Yarmouth] were as follows, though what proportion of them settled there we have no means of ascertaining: … John Taylor, Rd. Taylor… [This confirms JCL's theory that both John AND Richard were grantees.]
Yarmouth 1733.06.06 Bodge, No. 7, grantees partial list [JCL] Included RT of Yarmouth with footnote "John" JCL: This was the grantee list, not the claimant list; John probably not a replacement for Richard, but an AND as both Richard and John served in KP's war.
Sudbury 1735 NEHGS Register, Volume 16, page 216 Narragansett Grantees… The remaining grantees of No. 2 were the following, from the following towns… Sudbury… Richar Taylor for his father Richard, Thomas Taylor for his father Sebred…

“Richard Taylor for his father Richard.”
[JCL:] Note that Sudbury was never mentioned in those published and very official court documents regarding those men. [see above]
Yarmouth 1735 Mass General Court [JCL] Lists grantees and claimants: Yarmouth: Richard Taylour, alive, but does not report resident location of those submitting. The list published calls for grant to "Richard Taylours heirs." After publishing, written in ink by hand after the entry was "John" [JCL:] Richard living son of Richard and Hannah and brother to John; this is the listing of both grantees and claimants
Yarmouth 1735 "Grants of Land for Services in Indian Wars," by Hon. George Sheldon, of Deerfield, Mass., NEHGS Register, volume 53, 1899, p. 341-343 [Appearing on the role of Capt. Gorham's men in 1735 included] also the names of Richard Taylor and William Chase, then living at Yarmouth. While the list was submitted in 1735, it took the committee five years to compile it; did Richard die in the meantime (1732) or is this another Richard of Yarmouth? I think the former.
Mass Colony 1741 [JCL] Mass General Court Acknowledged several errors in No. 7 grantee list
Sudbury 1753 Index to the Probate Records of Middlesex County, Massachusetts (NEHGS'
Tayler, Tailor, Taler, Talor, Taylor
I believe this is Richard Taylor b. 1678, son of Richard and Hannah (Rice) Taylor.

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