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Rottweil-Tuttlingen Genealogy

Births/Baptisms Outside of Schwenningen

This is a compilation of part of Schwenningen Kirchenbuch, Band 2, FHL #1658743. The image to the side is the introductory page. Please help me translate it. (See below for German text of image.) Generally, this band records the births/baptisms of people who settled in Schwenningen, but were not born elsewhere-- mostly women who married Schwenningen men.

I have scanned all 47 pages of this section. The table below does not include all information found on the pages; if you'd like more information, or an entire page, I'm happy to email a copy of a single page to you. (If you want all pages, you should rent a copy of this film from the LDS.)

You will also notice that I was unable to accurately transcribe all information; please contact me if you can correct any errors I've made. Thanks to the following individuals who have helped so far:

  • Sharron Sheppard for alerting me to this part of the film and explaining what it was; she also confirmed many against the Trossingen records.
  • Juergen Sterk for making initial corrections and some translations.
  • Christoph Heller for further clarification.
  • Peter Schifferdecker provided many additional translations and corrections.

The purpose of this index is to help researchers find information pertinent to their family history research. It was compiled by an amateur and should be confirmed through original source data. Please do not use this as original source data.

Jillaine Smith
Last updated: 10 December 2006

German text of image above (Thanks, Juergen!):

Abschriften Derjenigen Geburts- und Tauff- Scheinen Welche unterschiedliche Pfarr-Kinder
die in Schwenningen nicht geboren;
sondern von anderen Orten her sich
Hierhero verheirathet, von dem Löbl. (ichen)
Pfarr- Amt ihrer Geburts-Ort
Empfangen und hernach dem hie ­
Sigen Pfarramt übergeben
Und darauf in dieses Tauf-
Buch fideliter eingeschrieben
worden seynd
M. Johann Joseph Colber
Pfarrer in Schwenningen

Note: The "#" column was added by me to keep track of individual entries; please use this number if you email me about a particular entry. But know that this number was not part of the original record. Items that are bold have been corrected since the initial transcription. Individuals who are italicized are also in the Jauchs of Schwenningen GEDCOM.
On the original, a fifth column exists containing the names of baptism sponsors/witnesses.
# Page Birth place, year, date & month Pfarr kinder Parents
1 1 Trossingen, 1678, 1 April Christian, resignirtoambor? und Dorfvogt [governor, administrator of the village] in Schwenn. [he marries Anna Schlenker, dau of Erhardt Schlenker & Catharina Kohler, the latter of Talheim] Christian Buerk, vogt in Trossingen and Anna Dorothea [MAURER, b. abt. 1649 Hausen ob Verena] [confirmed in Tross. records.]
2 1 Trossingen, 1701, 20 Jun Maria, wife of Christian Buerk, mueller (miller) by profession Elias Maurer, burger in Trossingen und Ursula [confirmed in Tross. records]
3 1 Trossingen 1725, 19 Mar Anna Catharina, wife of Joh. Fried. Roemer, schulmeister, d. 3 Dec 1795 Johannes Gluntz? Pluntz? Landwirt in Trossingen and Catharina geb. Buerk [she is likely dau b. 7 Aug 1699 of Christian Buerk and Anna Schlenker] [confirmed in Tross. records.]
4 2 Trossingen, 1687, 21 Aug Eva Christina, wife of Christian Bentzing, vogt of Schwenn. Christian Kratt and Eva Christina [confirmed in Tross. records]
5 2 Trossingen [no date, but abt. 1695] [Chick Shepard later found birth in Tross. records: 30 May 1695] Catharina, wife of Jakob Jauch, weaver in the Musslen [district of Schwenningen] Martin Koch, beck, und Christina [Mayer per Peter Betz] [dau of Lorentz Majer; b. 25 Nov 1664 Schwenningen; m. 16 Oct 1693 Trossingen]
6 2 Trossingen, 1703, 6 Feb Barbara, wife of Martin Link, burger in Schwenn. [can't find in Schw. db.] Paulus Messer? and Catharina [found in Tross. records]
7 2 Trossingen, 1735, 21 Apr

Anna, wife of Martin Weiler, schuster; obig. Barbara tochter.

I think she's this one.

Jacob Haller and Barbara Mosser? [updated/corrected; confirmed in Tross. records]
8 3 Trossingen, 1722, 18 Nov Maria, wife of Jac. Mueller, Valentins burger of here Casper Linck and Anna. [confirmed in Tross. records.]
9 3 Trossingen, 1723, 7 Jan. Anna, wife of Andreas Stegmann, in Schwenn. Jacob Strohm or Strom , schneider, and Ursula [confirmed in Tross. records]
10 3 Schura 1715, 15 Jan Christina, wife of Christian Keyssar in Schwenn., married (1) 1729 20 Oct; married (2) 1758, 1 Feb Jacob Haller and Anna. [confirmed in Tross. records.]
11 3 Schura 1715, 10 March Catharina [Christina?], wife of Jac. Speck, baker? from here; d. 1784 [Hans] Jacob Linct and Anna [confirmed in Tross. records]
12 4 Schura, 1725, 2 Jul Maria, wife of Georg Schlencker, weaver, hausen gennant… d. 11 Dec 1789 Johannes Hauser or Hausser and Maria Link [confirmed in Tross. records.]
13 4 Schura, 1734, 5 Sept Ursula (d. 1782), wife of Martin Kaefer, burger and Kuebler [profession or house name] of here (dau of Maria Schuster?)

Johannes Hausser, and Maria [Confirmed in Tross. records.]
[IGI claims she's a GOETZ] [same couple as line above?]

14 4 Schura, 1720, 21 July Johannes Linck, burger and schmid, … died 22 Oct 1796 Jacob Linct or Linck and Anna [confirmed in Tross. records.]
15 4 Thuningen, 1703, 29 Jun Johann Martin Hausser, burger and schreiner of here; d. 21 feb 1758 Jacob Hausser, schreiner in Thuningen and Barbara. [BARRHO]
16 5 Thuningen, 1708, 29 Oct Ursula, m1. 1730? 27 Oct? m2. 1747, 7 Feb; m3. 1755, 7 Oct Jacob Hausser, schreiner in Thuningen and Agnes.
17 5 Thuningen, 1717, 30 Apr Anna Barbara, wife of Joh. Jacob Haller, schmid of here; d. 16 Jul 1793 Andreas Gloeckler, schmidt in Thuningen and Maria
18 5 Trossingen, 1688, 16 Jul Jacob Kirchberger, burger of here. Johannes Kirchberger and Maria [confirmed in Tross. records]
19 5 Oberbaldingen, 1702, 29 Sept Bartholomeus Gluntz, burger, alff in Schwenn. Bartholomeus Gluntz and Ursula.
20 6 Oberbaldingen 1697, 25 Feb. Maria, wife of Johannes Staehl, Raab… widower? in Schwenn. Christian Gluntz, burger in Oberbaldingen, and Barbara
21 6 Oberbaldingen 1726, 30 August. Maria, wife of Joh. Martin Haller, burger & schmid in Schwenn. Thomas Goetz, burger u. Metzger in Oberbaldingen, Oeffingen? fil. Christina geb. Lohren?
22 6 Oberbaldingen, 1702, 20 March Agatha Rebecca, wife of Martin Kaysser, burger in Schwenn. Jacob Wurtzler?, schmidt, and Agatha Rebecca
23 6 Oberbaldingen, 1725, 20 Nov Anna Catharina, wife of Jacob Schrenk?, weber of here; d. 1785 Andreas Goetz, burger in Ob'bald. and Anna Barbara Kaempst?
24 7 Oberbaldingen, 1693, 1 Oct Ursula, wife of Christian Bentzing, h…, widower? Matthias Hausser?, burger, Oberbaldingen, and Brigitta
25 7 born and married? in Oberbaldingen, 1727, 8 Apr Maria, wife of Conrad Schlenker, burger and schuster in Schwenn. d. 1800. Possibly married 1754.4.26 Joh. Martin Whetzler, burger and beck of Oberbaldingen and Maria Graestin of Biessingen.
26 7 Oberbaldingen, 1696, 14 Dec; died? 3 Jun 1754? Anna Catharina, wife of Joseph Schlenker Matthias Kaemff, school master in Oberbaldingen and Anna Kaysser
27 7 Biessingen, Oefingen 1716, 14 Apr Maria, wife of Christian Bentzing, vogt, schmid; d. 28 Sep 1796 (married 18 or 28 Nov 1737) Joh. Jacob Schneckenburger, burgermeister and Gerichtsverwandter in Biessingen, and Anna Rapp.
28 8 Thalheim, 14 Jan 1722 Susanna, wife of Erhard Bentzing Jacob Kohler, bauer in Thalheim and Anna Strohm
29 8 Thalheim, 1698, 18 May Margareta, wife of Conrad Kaefer [probably] in Schwenningen Johannes Moestburg in Thalheim and Agatha Weiler?
30 8 Thalheim, 1700, 16 Jul Catharina, wife of Johannes Maher, burger and zimmermann in Schwenn. Jacob Irion, Ertz fuhrmann in Thalheim and Catharina
31 8 Thalheim, 1706, 19 Mar Elisabetha, wife of Johannes Stenglin? deceased? ... widower Heinrich Irion, Chirurgus? in Thalheim and Rosina WERNER? [note: direct ancestors of J. Smith]
32 9 Thalheim, 1698, 17 Sep Martin Fuss, burger and provisor of here; d. 1787 Johannes Fuss, burger in Thalheim, and Catharina
33 9 Thalheim, 1681, 13 Apr Agnes, alt Jacob Haller kr. hintal? widow(er)? Felix Mueller, burger and weber in Thalheim, Catharina Schneckenburger of Schura
34 9 Thalheim, 1700, 19 Sep Johannes Haller, burger and schmid Martin Haller, and Anna
35 9 Hausen ob Verena, 1730, 6 Aug Anna Maria, wife of Balthasar Schlenker, schuster of here Elias Glaser, weber in Hausen ob Verena and Ursula Linck of Aldingen.
36 10 Hausen ob Verena, 1714, 9 Sep Ursula, wife of Thomas Linck, Schuster of here Jacob Schmick?, burger of Hausen ob Verena and Anna Margaretha
37 10 Kirthheim?, 1713, 15 Nov Susanna, wife of Joh. Haller Martin Mueller, wiederhol… and frau Barbara Sophia
38 10 Tuttlingen, 1728, 19 Dec Anastasia, wife of Johannes Wuerthner [direct line ancestors of J. Smith] Matthias Hausser of Thalheim … something in Tuttlingen, and Elizabeth Margar. Majer.
39 10 Aldingen, 1706, 16 Mar Anna Maria, wife of Joh. Georg Rapp, d 11 Mar 1780. Jacob Kutz, burger and posthalter? in Aldingen and Susanna
40 11 Moenchweiler, 1726, 16 Feb Margareta, wife of Heinrich Jauch, schuster Adam Wintmantal (deceased?) burger and hostbauer in Moenchweiler and Maria Jaeckle of Schura
41 11 Hornberg, 1724, 28 Feb Rosina Salome, wife of Christian Schlenker, schuster Johann Jacob Goehr?, burger and kirster? in Hornberg and Christina B….
42 11 Sultz?, 1712, 28 July Maria Salome, wife of Jacob Schlenker, weber in Schwenn. d. 5 Jun 1758 Joh. Conrad Braendler, beck and Jacobina Catharina
43 11 Trossingen, 1685, 23 Sep Agatha, wife of Joh. Jaeckle of here. possibly died in Trossingen in 1758? Marius Strohm, burger in Trossingen and Agatha Schneckenburger [confirmed in Tross. records, but does not look like "Marius"]
44 12 Nurttin??, 1691, 15 Jul Johann Michael Schloicher? abgodau… Soldat Johannes Schloicher and Margaretha
45 12 Sapau? in Mosgrasst, Hochberg, 1729, 1 Feb Eva, T.K. Sonntag, past in Sepau? Johann Michael Schleicher? and Anna Maria Schoerpp
46 12 geb. aust dem gen? Laugen? Dentzlingen (Denzlingen) ingefarsten Maubach host und get. (baptized?) Lang.. Druhlingen 1733, 25 Dec Johannes…. Johann Michael Schleicher? and Anna Maria Schoerpp
47 12 zu Thayugen or Thuengen, Schaffhauser Herrschaft [Switzerland], 1705, 5 Feb Barbara, wife of Michael Haager, burger in Schura; d. 12 Feb 1759 Peter Rumboll, aus Utrecht, Holland and Anna Hugin? zu genant …..
48 13 Biessingen, Oefingen 1710, 1 Apr Agnes, wife of Erhard Buerck, burger in Schwenn. Died? 4 Mar 1793. Note below this record indicates Erhard was son of Christian Buerck, dorst-vogt of Schwenningen and that they were married 1734, 25 May. More notes pertaining to Biessingen and their children, listed immediately below Johann Martin Sultzmann, dorst-vogt, in Biessingen and Agnes Schneckenburger
49 13 Child 1: 1735, 24 Mar: Christian who married a Schneckenburger in 1756 in Biessingen
50 Child 2: 1739, 8 July: Anna Catharina m. 17 Jan 1758 Johannes Schneckenburger, single son of Joh. Martin Schneckenburger, vogt in Biessingen
51 Child 3: 1741: 1 Nov: Agnes, m. Erhard Spek…
52 Child 4: 1749, 5 Aug: Johann Martin m. Katharina Benzing?
53 Child 5: 1752, 12 Feb: Erhard…
54 14 Thalstingen, 1721, 28 Sep Johannes Mauthe, burger u. Salpetersieder [maker of nitre] in Schwenn. d. 11 Apr 1791 Jacob Mauthe, dorst-vogt in Thailstingen and Lucia Fryer? [Heyer]
55 14 Kuervach, 1707, 16 Jan Magdalena, wife of Matthias Strohm, burger in Schwenningen; d 1778 Jacob Kaysser, burger and Schumacher auch buehlwirth in der Kuervach and Maria
56 14 Winterweiler, … Mosbach? in der baudgrastschaft? Salztuburg? 1720, 4 Nov Maria, wife of Johannes Jauch, burger and Schmid in Schwenningen; d. 1788. Note: Joh. Bernh. Jaeckl, evangel. pf. alda? Christian Herrnst das alter vogt sohn, burger in Winterweiler? Mappech… fil. and Maria Schoen?
57 14 ??? 1742 21 Oct in der stadt [town] Emmendingen Maria Magdalena Johannes Haller, zimmermann of Schwenningen, damals aust der nachst? an der S… Emmedingen… Maria Magdalena Host…aennin of Gendelfingen?
58 15 Zu Thuengen… 1730, 16 Jan Rosina, wife of Andreas Weiler burger and schmid in Schwenn. married 25 Mar 1756 Johann Jacob Frommer, ack… Thuengen bey Rosrufold and Anna Maria
59 15 born before the marriage of the parents in Thingen 1755, 28 Sept Andreas, ist nach prustiff pohlens ... 1782 gezogau [possibly went to Poland] Andreas Weiler, burger and Schmid in Schwenningen and Rosina Frommer
60 15 born in Biessingen, bapt in Oeffingen 1703, 18 Oct Catharina, wife of Pauli Schrenk, weber in Schwenn. Martin Moench, sattler in Biessingen and Anna
61 15 Vern?bach, 1741, 26 Sep Anna Jacob Rapp, burger and Moetzger in Schwenn. and Anna Kahler?
62 16 Oeffingen, 1708, 7 Feb Anna, wife of Christian Schlenker, weber of here Matthias Woelflin and Barbara
63 16 Neichaufs? von aust der Eck? 1728, 17 Feb [From P. Schifferdecker: " There is a village 78579 Neuhausen ob Eck in the district Tuttlingen."] Johannes Vosseler, D…. beysitzer [assessor] allf. Johannes Vosseler of Thalheim and Catharina Sohn?
64 16 Hausen ob Verena, 1704, 13 Sep Anna, wife of Christian Gerster?, burger and weber Johann Martin Klaiber, burger and taglohner in Hausen ob Verena and Maria
65 16 Thueringen?, Tuttl. 1733, 18 May; something happened 29 Jan 1782 (lots of notes); that's the date she married Martin Jauch in Schwenningen Agatha, zu rast Cunrad Graff? burger in Biessingen u. nach dister?.. Joh. Hausser? … Schwenningen Abraham Hausser, mueller in Thuningen and Anna Barbara
66 17 Biessingen (before marriage of parents?), bapt Oefingen; 1755, 7 Mar Johann Abraham Graff, stieffsohn (stepson) of Joh. Hausser, bir?ser in Schura; d. 29 Dec 1791 Johann Cunrad Graff, ... Biessingen, Agatha Hausser of Thuningen [P.Schifferdecker thinks Agatha was first married to Johann Hausser]
67 17 Oberbaldingen, 1730, 11 Nov; bapt in Oeffingen Anna, wife of Jacob Schlenker, schuster … Thomas Goetz, burger in Oberbaldingen and Christina geb. Lohrer.
68 17 Oberbaldingen, 1717, 11 Sep Anna Rebecca, wife of Johannes Haller, burger and bauer of here Johannes Wurtzler, burger and schmid zu Oberbaldingen, and Anna Hausser? of Schwenn.
69 17 Biessingen, 1730?, 11 Feb? Maria, wife of Johannes Schrenk, burger in Schwenn. Joh. Jacob Schneckenburger, burger in Biessingen, and Barbara
70 18 Thuningen, 1731, 5 May Maria, wife of Johannes Jauch, burger and Schneider in Schwenningen Johannes Hausser, burger and Schreiner in Thuningen and Ursula of Trossingen
71 18 b. Schura, bpt Trossingen, 1737, 2 Apr Christina, wife of Johannes Lauffer, burger and schneider in Schwenn. Johannes Hausser, burger in Schura, and Maria [confirmed in Tross. records]
72 18 Trossingen, 1718, 29 Oct (married? 12 Dec 1759) Margaretha, wife of Johannes Stegmann, burger and backer in Schwenn.; d. 1788 Heinrich Eppler, burger in Trossingen and Anna [confirmed in Tross. records.]
73 18 Moenchweiler, 1723, 8 Jan (married? 28 Apr 1760) Anna Maria, wife of Johannes Schlenker… burger in Schwenn; d. 10 Nov 1791 Matthias Foernbester?... of Moenchweiler and Elisabetha Hackenjoos?
74 18 Aldingen, 1728, 23 Nov (married? 31 May 1760) Anna Maria, wife of Georg Jauch, burger in Schwenn. Gottlieb Otto, chirurgus [surgeon] and burger in Aldingen…. Schwenningen and Maria of Aldingen
75 18 Schura, 1739, 14? Sep; married? 20 Jul 1760 [in Trossingen records: bewteen the 8th or 18th and 19th; baptized the 20th.] Agatha, wife of Jacob Jauch, burger and schuster in Schwenn. Joh. Hausser, burger in Schura and Maria Linck of Aldingen [confirmed in Tross. records.]
76 19 Talen?, 1726, 13 Mar Maria, wife of Johannes Link, schmidland… of here; d. 6 Apr 1794 Conrad Rattler? bahnwert in Talen and Margaretha Raichmann?
77 19 Twial?, 1701, 12 Oct Elisabetha Stisslar? … widow? Johann Matthaus Sti…, constabler and zimmermeister… and Anna Elisabetha
78 19 Thuningen, 1739 15 Jun Anna Christina, wife of H. Georg Jaeckle, … Andreas Schneckenburger in Thuningen, and Anna Barbara Linck
79 19 Biessingen, 1727, 29 Jan Anna Barbara wife of Georg Schlenker… Johannes Schneckenburger of Biessingen and Barbara Moench
80 20 Thuningen, 1731, 15 Jun Joh. Martin Roler, meister mau???... Georg Roler, burger and schuster in Thuningen and Maria, Gallman.
81 20 Oberbaldingen, Oefingen; 1738, 17 Sep Anna, wife of Georg Lauffer, meister schmidt of here Johannes Glunz, meister schmidt and Veronica Glanz
82 20 Trossingen, 1735, 13 Oct Ursula, wife of Cunrad Jauch, weber of here Andreas Birck and Agatha [possibly Gass?] [confirmed in Tross. records]
83 20 Trossingen, 1722, 3 Aug Sara, wife of Christian Schrenk, weber of here Johannes Kratt, weber and Maria [confirmed in Tross. records.]
84 21 Thuningen, 1733, 2 July Christian Vosseler (married to Maria Strohm)? Jacob Vosseler, wa…. and Barbara Kaifer [or is that Kaiser?]
85 21 b. Biessingen, bp Oberbaldingen 1718, 1 Dec d. 16 Oct 1795; Joh. Jacob Kuenzlin, …m? to Anna, widow of Mattheus Staehl and dau of Joh. Flaig, bauer of Oberbaldingen Jacob Kuenzlin, burger of Biessingen, Oeffingen pfarrer and Catharina Irion.
86 21 Moenchweiler, 1720, 10 Jan Barbara, wife of Christian Geister, weber of here Simon Flaig… and Barbara Starburger?
87 21 Hausen ob Verena? bp Thuningen? 1739, 4 Jan? Catharina, wife of Georg Jauch, bauer, son of Veit Jauch; d. 4 Mar 1798 Peter Barrho, bauer and Maria Lohrer.
88 22 Hohentwiel [the hill beside Singen, an old garrison; an old castle]... 1699, 28 Jun Sophia Barbara, widow her man … Hanss Georg Brat?, muss…. auf Hohentwiel and 30 year Grenzbatt [grenzbattalion] Matthias S…., constabler auf Hohentwiel; die mutter, Elisabetha Naudorser?
89 22 Winterbach? 1761 Hanss Rudolph Joh. Majer, son of Jacob Majer?
90 22 1763, 28 Aug Catharina ??
91 22 1766… Elisabetha
92 22 Thuningen, 1711, 4 Jul Susanna, wife of Veit Jauch Jacob Vosseler, Agnes Irion
93 23 Biessingen, 1744, 21 Dec Maria Magdalena, wife of Johannes Jauch, bauer of here; d. 18 Mar 1797 Cunrad Schneckenburger, schulmeister zu Biessingen and Magdalena Manger
94 23 Trossingen, 1724, 30 Jan Brigitta Rath, wife of Jacob Benzing, kraemer [grocer] of here; d. 11 Jan 1797 [young] Jacob Rath of Trossingen and Anastasia? (Anna confirmed) Moesser? [confirmed in Tross. records.]
95 23 Dottingen 1748, 22 Feb Anna Maria, wife of Johannes Weiler Johann Ludwig Bossler in Dottingen [now part of Muensingen, Kreis Reutlingen] and Christina Blanckenhorn
96 23 Oberbaldingen … 1728, 23 Dec Anna [geb HELD], wife of Jacob Mueller [widower; Kernenhaenderl (merchant of fruits); born 25. March 1731; m. 16 Apr 1771] (children follow) , . [Anna was first married to Christian Glunz; the children (No. 97 and 98) must be from the first marriage with Christian Glunz. Conrad Held, burger from Oberbaldingen and Ursula Kohler of Schura
97 23 child 1: 1758, 25 Oct Anna Barbara Christian Glunz, Anna Held [#96]
98 23 child 2: 1762, 30 Aug Christian Christian Glunz, Anna Held [#96]
99 24 Nagold: 1759, 29 Feb Juliana kinder? Gottlieb Palm, dolsmann? weber … and frau Susanna Fredericka Zoller?
100 24 Nagold: 1762, 25 Jan? Susanna Regina Gottlieb Palm, dolsmann? weber … and frau Susanna Fredericka Zoller?
101 24 Hausen ob Verena: 1748, 18 May Anna Maria, wife of Jacob Schlenker Philip Klaiber and Maria
102 24 Thunningen, 1743, 14 Jan Christina, wife of Andreas Schlenker, maurer? weib? [emigrated to Bessarabia] Johannes Hassler, weber, and Catharina Buerk.
103 24 Thalheim, 1751, 2 Dec Ursula, wife of Johannes Rapp, chirurgi Weib? Johannes Irion, … Ursula Otto
104 24 Thuningen, 1730, 7 Dec Maria, wife of Christian Jaeckle, schmid Weib Joh. Martin Barrho, Mousquetier, and Anna Knablin? [Peter Schifferdecker reports that Joseph Klett has documented Maria's parents as Johann Martin Barrho, schmid, and Maria Link m. 23 Nov 1728.]
105 25 Flozlingen, 1756, 18 Jul Rosina, wife of Paulus Benzing, burger and bauer Weib Weyland (deceased), Lorenz Woessner, burger and beck of Flozlingen and his wife Salome Risger
106 25 Thuningen, 1757, 28 Jan Barbara, wife of Georg Benzing, burger and bauer Weib; d. 2 Oct 1793 Jacob Kratt, burger and bauer .. of Thuningen and Anna Barbara Hausser
107 25 Oberbaldingen, Oefingen, 1752, 9 Dec Maria, … wife of Christian Schlenker…. burger and schuster Weib Conrad Held, … Oberbaldingen and Ursula Kohler of Schura
108 26 Theningen… Emmdingen… Hochberg 1763, 6 Feb Maria, … d. 9 Sep 1797 [per FR Vol II-415, m. Christian Schlenker.] Heinrich Pfreund, ein Dienst knecht? aus der Schweiz and Ursula Jauch
109 26 Stuttgart, 1765, 25 Jun… Anna Maria Christina Christian Schlenker, damaliger Grenadier a cheval; Maria Eva Schuler.
110 27 Flozlingen, 1756, 26 Feb Rosina… wife of Christian Gottlieb Lauffer, strumpff weber [stocking weaver] Georg Storz, hapt bauer? and das Greich [Greis? old man?] … and Rosina Irion
111 28 Festung Hohentwiel, 1741, 18 Jul… Maria Catharina Michael Mehnj, Musquetier, and Christina Mayer
112 28 Festung, Hohentwiel, 1743, 11 Apr Anna Christina Michael Mehnj, musquetier, and Christina Mayer of Schwenningen
113 28 Oberbaldingen, Oeffingen 1757, 20 May… Ursula, … wife of jung Johannes Menje, zimmermann, weib Conrad BottenMueller, burger and bauer of Oberbaldingen and Anna Glunz … d. (who?) 13 Dec 1771
114 28 Emmendingen, … 1764, 24 Nov Anna Catharina Johann Michael Rufft, pontif: Relig. Waasen Knaft zu Theningen … and Anna Maria Jauch of here
115 29 Flozlingen, 1757, 1 Apr Rosina, … wife? of Jacob Mueller, Weib. [m2.] Georg Jauch, doktor martins… died 17 Aug 1797 Andreas Geiger, burger and bauer of Flozlingen; and Francisca Rapp
116 29 Oberbaldingen, Oeffingen 1748, 27 Dec … Brigitta, …, jung Jacob Laufer, Faktoren [house name in Schwen.] Weib; d. 3 May 1832? Weyland, Johann Martin Keinzle, burger and bauer of Oberbaldingen and Dorothea Goez.
117 29 Biessingen, Oeffingen, 1732, 28 Feb … Agatha, … Johann Martin Haller, schmid, weib Johannes Schneckenburger, … burger and bauer; and Barbara Moench
118 29 Flozlingen, 1751, 7 May Maria, wife of Thomas Speck, weib Weyland, Bartholomaus Bahr, … of Flozlingen and Ursula Irion
119 29 Trossingen, 1759, 1 March Ursula, wife of Friedrich Jauch, Weib; d. 16 Dec 1797 Johannes Neup, burger and seiler of Trossingen and Anna Moessner [confirmed in Tross. records]
120 30 Oeffingen, 3 Feb 1754 Ursula, … wife of Martin Birken, Weib Herr Maximilian Wilhelm Goll, schulmeister in Oeffingen, and Ursula Moessner of Trossingen
121 30 Biessingen, Oeffingen, 21 Dec 1747

Anna, wife of Paulus Schlenker, sapen, Weib

[See GEDCOM for a Balthasar Schlenker m. Anna Irion; same?]

Weyland, Heinrich Irion burger and weber of Biessingen and Anna Tanner, von Bargen near Schaffhausen.
122 30 Oefingen, 13 Feb 1736 Ursula, wife of Michael Schlenker… Weib; d. 17 Nov 1782 Weyland, Martin Woelfle ..of Oefingen and Ursula Link von Richheim?
123 30 Thalheim, 3 mar 1759 Christina, wife of Hanss Martin Mueller, Schreiner, Weib Johann Jacob Pfister, burger and bauermann, and Agatha Lauffer, born here
124 30 Thalheim, Tuttlingen, Oberamt, 23 Jun 1762 Susanna, wife of Hanss Georg Haller, burger and Schneider, Weib Weyland, Matthias Ulrich, burger and Wagner and Susanna Schlenker
125 31 Siblingen, Kanton Schaffhausen, in der Schweiz , 1755, 7 Dec Anna, wife of Jacob Schlenker, Weyland Christian Schlenker … weber hinderlassen son, Weib Hanss Jacob Koller burger of Siblingen and Magdalena Hirk?
126 31 Biessingen, Oefingen, 1757, 13 Dec Anna Barbara, wife of jung Conrad Mueller, Weib Urban Vorner?burger and bauer of Biessingen and Catharina Kratt of Trossingen
127 31 Trossingen, 1747, 21 Oct Elisabetha, wife of Andreas Weyler burger and schmidt of here, Weib Johannes Neup, burger and weber of Trossingen and Maria Bilger [confirmed in Tross. records]
128 32 Tuttlingen, 1766, 11 Mar Magdalena Barbara, wife of Balthas Mueller, burger and taglohner, Weis. Johannes Schnell, burger and farber? of Tuttlingen and Magdalena Sichler
129 32 Hausen ob Verena, 1761, 1? Feb Ursula, wife of Conrad Mauthe, burger and bauerman, Weib Elias Maurer, burger and bauer in Hausen ob Verena, and Christina Haller
130 32 Hausen ob Verena, 1783, 22 March Christina Conrad Mauthe, burger and bauer of Schwenningen and Ursula Maurer of Hausen ob Verena
131 32 Strokburg, 1748, 30 Sept geb zu Munchweyler Anna Maria, wife of Martin Jauch, burger and taglohner, Weib. Johannes Graessle, weber of Strokburg [b. 26 May 1721 per P.S.] and Maria Flaig [Anna Maria Fleig, b. 21 Aug 1719 per P.S.] [P.S. reports that Johannes' family lived in the house "Am Schoren" where he was a weaver. A chronicle of Stockburg lists houses and their owners.]
132 33 Stokburg, 1775, 25 Dec… geb in Muenchweyler Johannes [illeg. son of Anna Maria Graessle & Martin Jauch, son of Jerg, of Schwenningen.] Die Mutter ist Anna Maria, daughter of Johannes Gressling, weber zu Stokburg, sie gab Martin Jauch, son of Jerg Jauch, Martins, burger and taglohner of Schwenningen zu?? vatter… kindt an.
133 33 Stokburg, 1780, 2 Mar… Muenchweyler Georg [illeg. son of Anna Maria Graessle & Martin Jauch, son of Jerg, of Schwenningen.] Die Mutter ist Anna Maria, daughter of Johannes Gressling, weber zu Stokburg, sie gab Martin Jauch, son of Jerg Jauch, Martins, burger and taglohner of Schwenningen zu?? vatter… kindt an.
134 33 Oberbaldingen, Oeffingen kirchspiels, 1737 Maria Magdalena wife of Georg Strohm, burger and weber, Weib Andreas Goez, burger and bauermann and Anna Barbara Kaempf
135 34 Thalheim, Tubingen… 1748, 28 Oct Maria Magdalena, wife of Martin Schlenker, Zeugmacher [maker of clothes, especially military uniforms], Weib Jakob Maher, burger and weber, of Thalheim, and Anna Maria Ennsl
136 34 Boeblingen [south of Stuttgart], 23 Feb 1736 Francisca Sophia, wife of Johann Heinrich Harpprecht des gewesenen Pfarrer von Schwennngen Frau Eheliebste [wife of the former pastor of Schwenningen.] P.S. writes that he was priest of Schwenningen 1776-1777. Herr M. Petrus Ludovicus Dreher tum temporis gewesener Diaconus zu Boeblingen [former priest of Boeblingen] and Frau Francisca Sophia Maher.
137 34 Hausen ob Verena, 6 nov 1763 Ludwig Friedrich Herr M. Johann Heinrich Harpprecht, pfarrer zu Hausen ob Verena und nachmald zu Schwenningen; und Frau Francisca Sophia Dreher
138 34 Hausen ob Verena, 14 Aug 1765 Maximillian Gottfried ditto
139 34 Hausen ob Verena, 19 Feb 1769 Luise Sophia Friedericka ditto
140 34 Hausen ob Verena, 10 April 1773 Maria Franciscoa Johanna ditto
141 34 Hausen ob Verena, 11 Oct 1775 Susanna Sara ditto
142 35 Auf der Festung Hohnentwiel wurden geboren und getauft. [On the castle Hohentwiel was born and baptized] 1727, 4 Nov Anna Elisabetha Justus Joachim Steinecker, musquetier and Glass… auf der Festung Hohentwiel; and Anna, daughter of Weyland Johann Jakob Schrenk, … burger zu Schwenn.
143 35 1729, 7 Sept Anna Justina ditto
144 35 1731, 19 Sept Maria Sophia ditto
145 35 Denzlingen, Markgrafschaft, Durlachischer Herrschaft 1743, 17 Nov Anna Maria, wife of Hanss Jerg Jauch, maurer, Weib Johann Georg Huft, burger zu Denzlingen, and Anna Ruebelmann
146 35 Thueningen, 1755, 19 Aug Agnes, wife of Christian Schlenker Johannes Hausser, burger zu Thuningen and Anna Barbara Link
147 36 Trossingen, 1761, 4 Dec Anna, wife of Johannes Spek, burger and ?lans, Weib. Christian Birk and Anna Messner [confirmed in Trossingen church records.]
148 36 Trossingen, 1761, 17 Oct Ursula, wife of Johannes Otto, burger and taglohner, Weib Martin Bilger and Barbara Messner [found in Trossingen church records.]
149 36 Feldrennach, 1742, 20 Dec [confirmed with Feldenrach records by S. Shepard] Ludwig Christoph, beisizer and maurer of Schwenningen; d. 26 Feb 1795 Jakob Gulla, Schweinhirth and Katharina
150 36 Thalheim, 1726, 13 March Maria, wife of Johannes Link, burger and schmidlan, Doktor, Weib Konrad Kattler, burger and … zu Thalheim and Margaretha Reichmann?
151 36 Schura, Trossingen 1758, 17 Jan Maria, wife of Johannes Schuler, burger and bauer, Weib Johannes Hausser and Anna [confirmed in Trossingen records]
152 37 Trossingen, 1748, 7 Oct Anna, wife of Christian Speck, burger and taglohner, Weib. Johannes Pilger, burger zu Trossingen, and Christina Schrenk [confirmed in Tross. records.]
153 37 Thueningen, 1752, 1 March Ursula, wife of jung Jakob Schlenker, weber hausen, burger and weber Balthas Braunsweiger, burger and Schuster and Ursula Link
154 37 Thueningen, 1748, 13 Jun Christina, wife of jung Jacob Haller… Jacob Kratt, burger and bauer .. of Thuningen and Gertrand Otto
155 37 Aldingen, 1752, 19 Sept Catharina, wife of Christian Mauthe, burger and salpeterseider, Weib Andreas Manger, burger and bauer and Anna Christina Manger
156 37 Aldingen, 1754, 2 Feb Ursula, wife of Martin Buerck, burger and bauser, Weib. Maximillian Wilhelm Boll, Schulmeister, and Ursula Mossmer
157 38 Oefingen, 1749, 11 Sep Catharina, wife of Johannes Weyler?, burger … bauer, Weib. Maximillian Wilhelm Boll, Schulmeister, and Ursula Mossmer
158 38 Biessingen, Oefingen, 1734, 4 Dec Anna, wife of Jacob Jauch, Kaelberhirth Johannes Schneckenburger and Anna
159 38 Aldingen, 1756, 3 Jan Elisabetha, wife of Jacob Laufer, gauslaububan?, burger and sohnstand Weib Erhard Schlenker, burger and bauermann and Anna Maria Sautter
160 38 Thuebingen, 1748, 28 Jul Christina, wife of Valentin Spek, burger and Uhrenhandler, Weib Jacob Hanssmann, burger, and ?? and Agnes Vosseler
161 38 Flozlingen, 1750, 6 Sep Maria, Jerg Weyler, burger and bauermann Georg Storz, richter and bauer and Rosina Geier
162 39 Thalheim, 1731, 20 Aug Michael, burger and bahnmanth? Martin Mueller, burger and weber, and Anna Ulrich
163 39 Thuebingen, 1744, 14 Jul Ursula, wife of [Johann] Jacob Schlenker, schumacher, burger… d. 1797, 20 Dec Johannes Hauser burger and mueller, and ? of Oberbaldingen
164 39 Mehrstetten, Muenfinger Oberamt, 1753, 10 Sept Christoph, … Elisabetha Klaiber mann Christoph Haibla, burger and Anna Elisabetha Engel of Balingen.
165 39 Vaningen? Ganingen?, 1749, 15 Jun Anna, wife of Andreas Mayer, burger and zimmerman, Weib; d. 20 Apr 1796 Hanss Martin Barrho, schreiner, and Katharina
166 39 Hausen ob Verena, 1744, 21 Oct Ursula, wife of Christian Schrenk, burger and schneider, Weib. Christian Kratt, burger in Trossingen and Maria
167 39 Flozlingen, Rop…., der Oberamt, 1756, 26 Feb Rosina, wife of Gottlieb Lauffer, burger and Re…. Weib Georg Storz Hofbein? und das Gerinfold? and Rosina Irion
168 40 Thalheim, 1730, 2 Jul Martin, Muhl…. Eahrmann auf dem S… Mueller
169 40 Trossingen, 1745, 3 Aug Anna, wife of Christian Benzing, weiler, Weib. Elias Maurer and Agnes [confirmed in Trossingen records]
170 40 Thueningen, 1731, 9 Mar [see #70, above; this is her 2nd marriage] Maria, wife of Jakob Jaeckl, widower? d. 1786 Johannes Hausser, schreiner and Ursula "N."? of Trossingen
171 40 Thueningen 1760, 6 Jan. Anna Barbara, wife of Michael Benzing, taglohner, Weib. Michael Raugold, bauermann and Anna (illegible [Hausser in GEDCOM])
172 40 Hausen ob Verena, 1723 Blondria?, wife of alt. Martin Kaefer, kueblens? Weib; d. 1786 Joh. Michael Schrenk, richter? and Anna Link
173 40 Langenberg?... 1737, 5 Oct Anna Eva, wife of Christian Schlenker, martinshaufen? Weib; d. 6 Jan 1791 Joh. Schuler, heinhausen? and Catharina Haller
174 40 Lustnau [near Tuebingen], 1762, 25 Sept Maria Christina Jakob Rapp, soldat, auf der Festung Hohentwiel and Barbara Mennin
175 41 Winterweiler, 1753, 23 Feb jung Johannes Jauch, schmidlaus, burger and Fruchthandler [corn merchant] of Schwenningen Johannes Jauch, schmidknecht von Schwenningen, Tuttlingen Oberamt and Maria Hemmer [Haller?]
176 41 Trossingen, 1735, 26 Apr Christina, wife of Joh. Schlenker, … Weib Johannes Kratt, burger and Weber, and Maria [confirmed in Trossingen records]
177 41 Trossingen, 1731, 28 Apr Anna, wife of Jakob Lauffer, …. Johannes Kratt, burger and Weber, and Maria [confirmed in Tross. records.]
178 41 Flozlingen, 1752, 8 Dec Anna, wife of Kaspar Schlenker, nimmo weber, burger and taglohner, Weib Weyland, Bartholomaus Bahr, bauer of Flozlingen and Ursula Irion
179 41 Hausen ob Verena, 1767, 2? Oct Johannes, dienst knecht of Schwenningen wurde allfier [alhier] confirmed. Christian Schrenk, tagoehner, Katharina Hausser
180 42 Thuningen, 1756, 26 Feb Christian, buszner, and dienstknecht allfier Johannes Kohler, burger and bauermann, of Thuningen and Christina Held von Biessingen
181 42 Thuningen, 1780, 6 Dec Ursula Christian Kohler, beisizer of Schwenningen and fuhrknecht, and Magdalena Schlenker
182 42 Thuningen, 1726, 23 Aug Martin, beisizer of Schwenningen; d. 6 Sep 1803 Bartholomeus Hanssmann, burger, webermeister of Thuningen and Ursula Hausser
183 42 Trossingen, 1774, 13 May Maria Christian Schrenk, schneider, and Ursula Kratt
184 42 Flozlingen, 1754, 4 Aug Anna, wife of Erhard Schlenker… bauer. Weib [Crossed out under her name was: Christian Schlenker, …] Matthias Storz, … schuster of Flozlingen and Anna Maria Lehmann
185 43 Rietheim, Hausen ob Verena, 1718, 16 Apr Christian; d. 1786 Johannes Mueller, burger of Schwenningen and damaliger … Widerkoluissen? bastaender of Rietheim and Anna [P.S: "Wiederholtscher Bestaender" in Rietheim. Wiederholt was a commander of the castle Hohentwiel, I think it was Konrad Wiederholt. So Johannes Mueller lived in Rietheim and worked for Wiederholt. Maybe he was farmer with a tenure from Wiederholt. ]
186 43 Schura, Tuttlingen Oberamt 11 Aug 1760, and of Trossingen Anna, wife of Balthas Mueller, Jakobs b & b, Weib Johannes Hausser, burger and kirsten of Schura and Anna Haller
187 43 Trossingen, 24 Jan 1742 Christina, wife of alt. Martin Kaefer, burger and kinff…. Weib. D. 1 Jun 1797 Paulus Link, burger and Schuster of Trossingen, and Maria Kohler [confirmed in Tross. records]
188 43 Oeffingen, 12 May 1741 Anna, wife of Jakob Palmtag, vulgo Schneiderjockel (= house name) , burger and weber, Weib Matthias Schweizer, burger and nachtsmacher and Brigitta Vosseler
189 43 Oeffingen, 3 Jan 1759 Anna Regina, wife of Christian Schlenker, son of Jakob Schlenker, schwanen wirth… burger and schuster nachgolassen; schmidt and schuster of here, Weib. [IGI has her later married to Joh. Georg Kaefer in 1790.] Johann Jakob Heppler, burger, beck, and richter, and Ursula Manger
190 44 Sunthausen, filial von Thuningen, 1736, 9 July Christina, wife of jung Johannes Haller, Paulus Hannsfer?, burger and schuster, Weib. Martin Lohrer, burger and bauermann zu Sunthausen and Agnes Hausser born in Schwenningen
191 44 Moenchweiler, St. Georges oberamt 1757, 22 Jan [Moenchweiler is now part of Horberg district.] Anna Rosina, wife of Georg Schlenker, schaefer, Johanneson [house name?], burger and taglohner. Christian Schmid, Schulmeister of Moenchweiler and Maria Flaig
192 44 Thalheim, Tuttlingen, Oberamt, 1760, 31 Dec Katharina, wife of jung Konrad Rapp, Konrads, burger and taglohner, Weib Ihre Mutter, Katharina Schweizer, von Thalheim gab Zum Vatter.. Johann Michael Dold von Oeffingen…
193 44 Thalheim, Tuttlingen Oberamt 1786, 24 March… Thalheim Tuttlingen Oberamt, 1787, 9 Sept… Konrad, d. 5 Feb 1790…. Johannes d. 1788. Die Mutter ist Katharina, wife? of Johann Michael Dold von Oeffingen… and daughter of Johannes Irion, burger and weber of Thalheim; Sie gab bei diesen beyden? kindern, jung Konrad Rapp, son of Konrad Rapp, … burger, and bauer zunc? Vatter und der f??h auch Danzu bokathel?
194 45 Trossingen, 1774, 31 Jul Anna Christian Mauthe, Salpetersieder and burger of Schwenningen and Katharina Kayser
195 45 Trossingen, 1754, 14 Jun Christina, wife of Erhard Schlenker [born Dec 1761], [son of] alt Kaspar [Schlenker and Anna Maria Klaiber], Tillis [house name], burger and Taglohner, Weib Johannes Pilger, burger zu Trossingen, and Christina [Schrenk?] [confirmed-- without the Schrenk-- in Tross. records]
196 45 Hausen ob Verena, 1770, 30 May Anna, wife of Johannes Jauch, doktor martins, jungen, burger and taglohner Hanss Christian Schrenk, burger and taglohner of Hausen ob Verena and Katharina Hausser
197 45 Thalheim, Tuttlingen Oberamt 1749, 17 Nov Katharina, wife of Jakob Palmtag, burger and taglohner, Weib. Konrad Irion, burger and taglohner of Thalheim and Magdalena Warter
198 45 Talheim, Tuttlingen Oberamt 28 Jul 1765 Anna, wife of jung Martin Weyler, Maech… burger and bauermann Johannes Mueller, Felixm, burger and Weber and Johanna Krautter
199 46 …?? 1776, 16 March Johann Friederick Johann Georg Krais damald Mousquetier das Garnison und Maria Schlenker of Schwenningen
200 46 Aldingen, Tuttlingen Oberamt 30 Mar 1768 Elisabetha Haller (? 1790) wife of Jakob Benzing, in der Musslen [district of Schwenn.], bauer of here Johannes Haller, b. and bauer of Aldingen and Barbara Hassler?
201 46 Dottingen, Unachen? Oberamt, 31 Jan 1786 Jakob, d. 23 Sep 1789 Johannes Weyler, … b. and bauer of Dollingen and Anna Maria Bossler of Dottingen [see #95]
202 46 Dottingen, Unacher? Oberamt 14 Mar 1787 Rosina Johannes Weyler, … b. and bauer of Dottingen and Anna Maria Bossler of Dottingen [see #95]
203 46 Oberbaldingen, Oeffingen, 27 aug 1769 Ursula, wife of Andreas Jauch, sackmacher, burger and taglohner, Weib Jakob Kienzle, burger and schmid of Oberbaldingen and Ursula Bosselin of Oeffingen
204 46 Auf der Afperg wurde 1777, 30 Jan… Joh. Jakob Jakob Sebastian, Schaich, tambourus?... der hiesigan Obrist nau Riegesischu Compagnie das leblich General Lieutenant von Romanischen Regiments and Susan Victoria Trossbach
205 47 Hausen ob Verena, 4 Jul 1777 Johannes, die Mutter hat sich ano? 1704 16 Nov hicher? nach Schwenningen … Johannes Schlenker, danzal buber? … Erhard gennant… Weyl? Matthias Weber? … Hausser? Christina Kreutter?
206 47 Stockhach "Am Schoren" house (see #131), Moenchweiler… 1 April 1756 Maria, to. 1791 das Ehreib? das Jakob Schlenker, son of Balthas Schlenker straub von hir? nach … las…. Philipp Jakob Kammerer [b. 23 Jan 1723 per P.S.], taglohner auf dem Stockhach [in "Am Schoren" house] Dorothea Schwarzwaelder [b. 18 Nov 1719 per P.S.]
207 47 Flozlingen, 23 Nov 1766 Katharina, (m?) 1791, das Weib Martin Schlenker, hirthan sohn, burger and Taglohner of here Johannes Haas, burger and taglohner of Flozlingen and Katharina Schwarzwalder
208 47 ??? 10 Nov 1729… Agnes, (?) 9 Nov 1792 Johannes Siegmann, taglohner and widower? of here…. Joh. Breithaucht?, schneider in Oefingen Weib Johannes Grass, burger and Schuster in Biessingen and Brigitta Grass?
209 47 Talheim, Tuttlingen Oberamt 9 Aug 1764 Brigitta (?) Nov 1792. Das Weib jung, Erhard Schlenker, Kronenwirt, [keeper of the guest-house "Zur Krone"] of here, burger and bauermann Jakob Mueller, burger and Weber of Talheim and Anna Stoker
Catharina Hengstler

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