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The Ancestry of the New England Bogdonoffs:
Barber, Cooley, Devoe, Dick, Hill, Johannson, Peterson

Tracking the Maternal and Paternal Lines of the New England BOGDONOFFs

After investing a significant number of hours (days, weeks, months...) into my husband's genealogy, I figured it was time his branch got its own set of web pages. This effort was begun on 13 March 2005. I will slowly be fleshing out this section with the data compiled, and the research questions yet to be answered.

The paternal branch is divided in two:

  1. Russian/Polish Jewish immigrants who arrived in Boston in the mid 1890s. (Bogdonoff, Halpern, Glassman)
  2. Swedish Lutherans who arrived in Boston in the 1880s (Johannson, Peterson)

The maternal branch is predominantly Colonial, but also in two sections, both arriving early/mid 1600s:

  1. British Isle "Protestants" escaping the Church of England (Barber, Cooley, Dick, etc.). I have also started Philip's Emigrating Colonists, a list of names of those of Philip's ancestors who emigrated to New England in the earliest days.
  2. Protestant Huguenots escaping Catholic France (De Veaux, Devoe, Deveau, etc.)

Last updated: 30 May 2005

Philip Bogdonoff & Jillaine Smith

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