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JAUCHs of Schwenningen: Sources for Research

    In Germany:
  • Schwenningen Kirchenbuch 1651-19??
    These are the original church records -- across many volumes-- made contemporaneously throughout Schwenningen's history. They go back only as far as 1651. Church records prior to that-- if they existed-- were likely destroyed during the Thirty Years War (1613-1648). The original volumes are located at the Schwenningen Pfarramt. Direct access to these is limited to professionals approved by the Pfarramt. The Mormons microfilmed these records and these microfilms are available to the public in the U.S. (and to Mormons in Europe) through local FHL centers. Films numbered 1658743 through 1658748 [check].
  • Manfred Reinartz' Review of Inventuren-u. Teilungsbuch Schwenningen
    The Inventuren-u. Teilungsbuch Schwenningen was compilation of records made shortly after the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) to help determine property ownership and inheritance. Reinartz reviewed these original records and summarized most, but not all, of what he found there in a book published abt. 1990 (928 pages). This compilation is available in his Haeuser Hoefe Hofstaetten book (see below).
  • Quellen zur Schwenninger Geschichte 890-1600, by Otto Benzing.
    Sources to the history of Schwenningen; a collection of sources and documents concerning Schwenningen, collected in different archives (Karlsruhe, Stuttgart etc.) and published in this book.
  • Haeuser Hoefe Hofstaetten, by Manfred Reinartz, published in 1990, contains a compilation of a variety of alternative records (i.e., different than church records) -- mostly dealing with property and taxes-- from as far back as the 1300s through 1824. Excellent source for "bridging" the church records (which began 1651) to the pre-Thirty Years' War history.
  • Fleckenbuch 1652-1699
    A collection of property purchases during this time.
  • Records from Nearby Towns (most available on LDS microfilm; most include familienbuch/family registries):
    • Diesslingen
    • Hausen ob Verena
    • Heimatheftle Gütenbach, published by the Heimatverein Guetenbach. See
    • Oefingen
    • Talheim
    • Tuningen
  • Otto Benzing Genealogy (Unsere Vorfahren in Schweningen und auf der Baar)
    Produced in the 1930s [check] by the brothers Martin and Otto Benzing; this genealogy relied heavily on third party sources, not on the original church records; as a result it has been subsequently shown to include many errors. That said, a number of genealogists still use it as a primary source.
  • Ancestry of the Jaeckle Family, by Dr. Erwin Jaeckle. Four volumes. Published by the Swiss Genealogical Society.
    In the U.S.
  • U.S. Federal Census
    Indexed and digital images downloadable (with paid subscription) through; also available on microfilm (some years indexed, some not) at the National Archives (free) and through the LDS (minimal fee to rent film).
  • Germans to America
  • Wuerttemberg Emigration Index (WEI)

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