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From Germany to Buffalo & Cincinnati: Albert, Betz, Glunz, Jauch, Schmidt, Sess

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Descendants of Ludwig JAUCH (b. 1839 Schwenningen; d. 1912 Buffalo, NY) and Paulina GLUNZ
Jillaine Smith
Web page

[Paulina JAUCH c. 1900 Buffalo, NY]

Descended from Ludwig JAUCH and Paulina GLUNZ's daughter, Paulina JAUCH. Photo to left is Paulina JAUCH, ~1900, Buffalo, shortly before her marriage to John Patrick SCHMIDT.

Research Question: What happened to Ludwig, his father and siblings after their 1847 departure from Schwenningen and before he arrives in Buffalo in 1867?

Jim Bucholtz Descended from Ludwig Jauch's son, William Walter Jauch (1875-1931) who married Anna Osswald (1879-?). There are many JAUCHs from this line still living in Buffalo. Jim's uncle, Robert Jauch, is most familiar with the details, but does not (at this point) have email.

Descendants of Martin JAUCH (b. Schwenningen) and Marie MEIER
Jean M. Emerson

[Marie Jauch Then and Walburga Vallee]

Ted Hull also appears to be researching this line (the Emminger part).

Jean is descended from Martin JAUCH b. 1835, and Marie MEIER b. 1837 (married in Schwenningen 1861). Children:
  • Agnes Jauch b. 1862, m1. Emil EMMINGER and had 3 children:
    • Clara Emminger
    • Emil Emminger, Jr. m. Cora VALLEE (d. 1973; see Mary GOETZ, below)
    • Jules Emminger
    Agnes then m2. Carl WUNSCH and had one child (see Kevin ENZER, below).
  • Ursula Jauch, b. 1863.
  • Johannes Jauch, b. 1865; d. 1864.
  • Martin Jauch, Jr., b. 1865; d. 1948; married and had a daughter:
    • Agnes Jauch, who married a man named John (stuck on this line).
  • Ludwig Jauch, b. 1866; d. 1870
  • Marie Jauch, b. 1867 (That's her on the left of picture to the left) m. John THEN April 1890 in Buffalo, St Ann's Church on Emslie Street. They lived on Liddell Ave and had four children:
    • Ann THEN, b. 1892; m. John Kreitzbender 1913; d. 1965
    • Caroline THEN, b. 1893; d. 1982; m. Herbert John Stein 1915; Jean is descended from this line)
    • John THEN, b. 1897; m. 1925 Florence VALLEE (who d. 1994; sister of Cora VALLEE).
      • David THEN m. Eleanor
    • William THEN, b. 1900, m. 1920 Jeanette Grant; d. 1966
  • Christina Jauch, b. 1869; d. 1948
  • Ludwig Jauch, b. 1870; d. 1871

Kevin Enser Kevin is descended from Agnes JAUCH (b. Germany), daughter of Martin JAUCH and Marie MEIER; Agnes first married Emil Emminger, had three children and was then widowed. She then married Charles (Karl) Wunsch abt 1890 and lived up on Cole Road it what was then East Hamburg (now Orchard Park). Kevin is descended from this second marriage.

Researching Schwenningen JAUCHs that settled elsewhere

California JAUCHs and YAUCHs
A large number of the California Jauchs originated in Switzerland, but at least one branch is of Schwenningen:

Jillaine Smith

I would love to be in touch with descendants of this Thomas. I have a HUGE amount of data to share with you.

Thomas Stephen Jauch or Yauch was born 2 Feb 1878 in Ohio. He died 30 Aug 1951 in Madera Co., CA. His grandfather (another Thomas) was the emigrator, who left Schwenningen in 1854 and settled in Staunton, VA. Thomas's father (yet another Thomas) moved from Virginia to Ohio (where this Thomas was born), then Kentucky. But the third Thomas (this one), emigrated to Madera County, CA. He m1. abt. 1903 Lusia Unknown, b. abt. 1881 in California of Swedish parents. They had one daughter:
  • Frances Yauch, b. abt. 1904 California; she married abt. 1920 Willis G. Peabody, b. 19 Jun 1893 in California; d. 28 May 1965 in California. They had two children:
    • Wilda Y. Peabody, b. 22 Aug 1920 CA
    • Tomas A. Peabody, b. 13 Sep 1923 CA; he died 5 Mar 2002 in Rupert, Minidoka, ID

Thomas Stephen Yauch m2. abt. 1924 Annie Serena Jacobson, b. 1 Jan 1894 in Norway; she d. 9 Aug 1956 in Madera Co., CA. They had at least two children:
  • Thomas R. Yauch, b. 10 Jul 1924 Madera Co., CA; d. 20 May 1974 Fresno, CA
  • Bernard Stephen Yauch, b. 3 Aug 1927 Madera Co., CA; d. 5 Jun 1998 Alameda, CA

Colorado JAUCHs

Caroline Herbaut, France.

Christian Jauch, b. 1792 Schwenningen; m(2) 1829 Maria Link, b. 1801 Schura. Both died in Schwenningen. Six children. Caroline is researching:
  • Elias Jauch, b. 23 Oct 1836 Schwenningen; m. abt. 1862 Marie Heckle in Colmar, France. Caroline is descended from their son Christian Elias, b. 1863. But Father Elias left his wife and child in France and emigrated to the U.S. around 1869 or 1870. We first find him in NYC in the 1870 census; he ends up in Denver, CO where he dies 8 Dec 1894, apparently without having remarried. His son, Christian Elias, marries in Paris in 1890.

Illinois JAUCHs

Marilyn Peters

George Jauch, b. 1796 Schwenningen; d. 1866 Schwenningen; m. 1822 Schwenningen, Maria Jaeckle, b. 1795 Schwenningen; d. 1863 Schwenningen.
  • Ursula Jauch, b. 10 Oct 1827; emigrated after 1841.
  • Maria Jauch, b. 11 Mar 1831 Schwenningen, d. Pittsfield, Pike Co., IL; m. Martin Jaeckle, b. 9 Oct 1827 Schwenningen. Marilyn Peters is descended from this line. Became YAKLEYs of Pittsfield, Pike Co., IL.
  • Jakob Jauch, b. 13 Aug 1834. May be the Jacob Youch, immediately below, who marries Sarah Harper in Pittsfield, IL, but then is killed in 1862 at the Battle of Shiloh, TN. His parent's family registry indicates he died in 1863.
  • Anna Jauch, b. 15 Oct 1836; emig after 1858.
  • Agnes Jauch, b. 24 Jan 1839; emig after 1853.

Mark Patton
W.C. Lauver
Jacob Youch, b. abt. 1834 Germany; m. 1860 Sarah Harper, b. 1842 Illinois; d. after 1903; lived in Pike Co. Jacob fought and died in Civil War, Battle of Shiloh, Tennesee, April 1862. May have had a sister, Anna Jauch who married a Meyer (Myers) 15 Aug, 1858 in Pike Co. (Sarah Harper Jauch then married abt. 1865 Henry William Drolte in Pretty Prairie, KS.) NEW: Might be Jakob Jauch, b. 13 August 1834, son of Georg Jauch and Maria Jaeckle. See: LDS Film #1658747, Schwenningen Kirchenbuch, Band 24, Family Registry, Vol. I, #140; #141b. Jakob's parents' family registry indicates that son Jakob emigrated to America, and that he died abt. 1863.
  • Mary Shiloh Youch, b. 11 Nov 1861 Pittsfield, IL; d. 19 Oct 1902 Independence, KS; m. 1879 Jasper Newton Patton in Mitchel Co., KS.
    • Grace Patton
    • Robert Patton
    • Alma Patton
    • Charles Patton
    • Frank Patton
    • Iva Patton
    • Nora Patton

David Beckwith
Gail Klebe
Friedrich JAUCH, b. 17 Jan 1841; d. 1915 Chicago; m. 1867 Anna Benzing, b. 13 Apr 1842; d. 19 Nov 1914 Chicago. Children:
  1. Friedrich JAUCH, b. 1865 Schwenningen; m1. Emma L. Wanner; m2. Sadie H. McAuley (David's wife is descended from this branch.)
  2. Annie O. JAUCH, b. 1868 Chicago, IL; d. 1897
  3. Mary M. JAUCH, b. 1870 Chicago, IL; m. George A. Umbach
  4. Lena JAUCH, b. 1874 Chicago, IL; m. William H. Gingrich
  5. John M. JAUCH, b. 1877 Chicago, IL;
  6. Minnie Lydia JAUCH, b. 1881, Chicago, IL; m. William G. Klebe (Gail's husband is descended from this branch)
  7. Emma JAUCH, b. ???

John Andrew Jauch Erhart Jauch b. Schwenningen; m. Frieda Unknown, b. Schwenningen. They settled in Mendota Illinois. We have yet to figure out which Schwenningen family he's tied to.

Carl Gray
Genealogy Web site
Researching Schwenningen JAUCHs, starting with Hans JAUCH (1655-1733) m. Catherine KOHLER. Emigrating ancestor was Jacob JAUCH (1836-1899) m. (in IL) Margaretha Haesler (1849-1927). Family settled in Richland Co., IL.

Michigan JAUCHs
Wes Benzing


Dawn Bonney

Christina JAUCH b. 13 Jun 1827 Schwenningen; d. 19 Jun 1897 Reed City MI; m. 1852 (St. Peters German Evangelical Church, Buffalo NY) Jacob BENZING, b. 6 Jan 1827 Schwenningen; d. 28 Nov 1889 Reed City, MI. According to Wes Benzing, they arrived in the U.S. on May 10, 1852 at the Port of New York aboard the Cotton Planter, having boarded at Antwerp. They moved to Buffalo; some children baptized there (see below), then moved to Kitchner, Ontario, Canada, then Reed City, MI where they lived until they died in 1899. Jacob was a farmer and logger. Members of the Hersey Evangelical Church in Michigan.
  • Jacob Benzing, Jr., b. 3 July 1853; bapt. 31 July 1853. Sponsors: Conrad Mayer, Rosina Weimann, Christian Schrenk. (St. John's Evangelical Church)
  • Johannes Benzing, b. 20 Aug 1854; bapt 29 Apr 1855; Sponsors: Charles Sulki, Maria Schlenker, Catharina JOOCH [Jauch]. (St. John's Evangelical Church)
  • Christ Benzing, b. 1857 Canada
  • Charles Benzing, b. Canada
  • Abel Benzing, b. Canada
  • Anna Katharina Benzing, b. 1865 Canada. Married and settled in Traverse City, MI. Great-grandmother of researcher Dawn Bonney.
  • William Benzing, b. 1870, Osceola, Michigan. Settled in the upper peninsula.


Charles R. Heath II

Charles is researching TWO Benzing-Jauch couples. [Note: A third JAUCH married a third BENZING in Buffalo, NY in 1852...; see researcher Wes Benzing.]

  1. Anna Maria JAUCH, b. 1 July 1839 (based on age at death) Schwenningen (dau of J.M. & M. Jauch-- see likely candidate); d 15 April 1882 at age 42 yr 9 mo 14 da 1882 Butler Co., OH; m. ab. 1860 John M. BENZING (~1831-1899). Both are buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Hamilton, Butler Co., Ohio.

  2. Maria Jauch, b. 21 Sep 1768 Schwenningen; d. 6 Nov 1833; m. Johannes Wolfen Benzing, b. 1760 Schwenningen.
    • Jacob Benzing, b. 1788 Schwenningen?
    • Martin Benzing, b. 1790
    • Johannes/John Benzing, b. 1793 Schwenninge?
    • Erhard Benzing, b. 25 July 1805 Schwenningen, d. 11 Dec 1891 Butler Co., OH; m. Maria SCHLENKER, daughter of Thomas SCHLENKER & Ann HAUSER. Ancestor of Charles Heath.
    • Christian Benzing, b. 17 Sep 1802; believe he lived in Hamilton Co., OH area
    • Maria Benzing, b. 1 Mar 1801; m. VOSSELER; probably lived in Hamilton Co., OH
    • Matthias Benzing

Tina Hursh


Karl Weiler

Jakob Jauch m. Marie Schrenk
  • Catharina Jauch, b. 24 July 1814 Schwenningen; m. Jacob Weiler (in Germany); settled in Wapakoneta, Auglazie County, Ohio.
  • Other siblings who may or may not have moved to the U.S.

Bob Yauch &
Donald Yauch
Jacob John JAUCH, b. 23 May 1847 Schwenningen; m. Mary Fromm. Became Catholic. Settled in Celina, OH. NEW: 95% certain that this Jacob was son of Johann Martin Jauch and Anna Barbara Kaefer. See Schwenningen family registry, Volume I, #130b (FHL #1658747 - Band 24) .

Jim Jauch Christian Jauch, b. Schwenningen
  • Jacob Jauch
  • Christina Jauch
  • Marie Jauch (different mother than above two)

Ron Janka (thinks he's related to line, above, of Jim Jauch's) Thomas Jauch [possibly brother of Andreas, ancestor of Jillaine Smith] Settled in Northern IL after immigrating.
  • Christian Jauch (same as immediately above?)
  • Johann George Jauch (Grt Grandfather of Ron).
  • 15 more children, only three of whom survived to adulthood)

Joe Keller

(also has RICHTERs who settled in Buffalo!)

Jacob Jauch, b. abt. 1800; d. Hamilton, OH. 99.9% certain that he is the son, b. 28 Nov 1801, of Jakob Jauch and Maria Schrenk. He was married 1827 to Agnes Hausser who died (probably from pregnancy/childbirth) in 1845).
  • Mary Jauch, b. 7 Jun 1826, Schwenningen; m. Frank Keller. Per Joe, she and her husband Frank Keller slipped from Germany to Switzerland without papers and ended up somehow in New Orleans, LA (by 1846), and then Cincinnati, OH.
  • Philip Jauch; b. 22 Jul 1836 Schwenningen; d. Hamilton Co., OH
  • Jacob Jauch; b. 10 Apr 1834 Schwenningen; d. Hamilton Co., OH
  • Anna Jauch; b. 11 May 1832 Schwenningen; d. Hamilton Co., OH

James Warr Christina Jauch b. 1826 m. 1845 (in Schwenningen) Jakob Kaefer. They had a number of children in Schwenningen (through 1851) after which time (1860, apparently) they emigrated to Cincinnati, OH.

Researching JAUCHs from Bessarabia

Researching JAUCHs who emigrated from Schwenningen to Alt Postal, Bessarabia/Poland before some of them emigrated to the U.S.:

Susan Rice

Michael Jauch

Kerry Heidebrecht. See this message board posting.

Sunni Kay McPheeters
Web site

Christian Jauch b. 1762 Schwenningen; d. aft 1791; m1. August 03, 1785 Ottilia Link; m2. Anna Flaig, b. 1768 Moenchweiler.
    Children from first marriage:
  • Christian Jauch, b. 1791 Schwenningen; d. 25 Jul 1853 Wittenberg, Bessarabia, Russia; m. Anna Flaig, b. Moenchweiler [Ancestors of Chad Rice, husband of Sue]
  • Johannes Jauch, b November 22, 1785 Died: Unknown
    Children from second marriage:
  • Maria Jauch Born: January 20, 1813 in Wittenberg, Bessarabia, Russia Died: Unknown
  • Catharina Jauch Born: January 27, 1816 in Wittenberg, Bessarabia, Russia Died: Unknown ............ +Friedrich Lehr Born: May 03, 1810 Died: Unknown
  • Christian Jauch Born: July 04, 1819 in Wittenberg, Bessarabia, Russia Died: Unknown
  • Barbara Jauch Born: September 09, 1821 in Wittenberg, Bessarabia, Russia Died: Unknown ............ +Martin Sauter Born: November 08, 1820 Died: Unknown

Researching JAUCHs from Hungary

Lorraine Boettcher
both Lorraine and Kenneth are researching JAUCHs from Kernei, Hungary.

Lorraine's emigrating JAUCH was Marianna JAUCH (1910-1973), born in Kernei, Hungary, dau of Matthias JAUCH and Katharina FATH; d. Bronx, NY; m. Andreas Schmidt (1906-1997).

Kenneth Quinn Kenneth's JAUCH line has several emigrating JAUCHs (including Marianna, above):
  • Anna JAUCH (1887-1952), dau of Franz JAUCH and Katharina SCHNEPF; also born in Kernei; she died in Chicago IL; m. Josef Amstadt (1882-1946). Josef did not emigrate; looks like Anna did not emigrate until at least after the 1910 birth of her first child, and quite possibly not until after Josef's death in 1946.
  • Anna JAUCH (1879-1962), dau of Anton JAUCH and Anna MUELLER; d. in Chicago, IL; m. Peter Schlachter (1879-1956); he also died in Europe, making me believe Anna did not emigrate until after 1956.
  • Heinrich JAUCH (1873-1943); he d. in Milwaukee, WI; m. Gertrud Stoeckl (1859-1941); looks like he emigrated after 1941.
  • Michael JAUCH (1890-abt. 1920), d. in Chicago, IL. He was also married to Gertrud Stoeckl, above, but also to Regina Gasdig.(1891-1976); she died in Chicago, IL.
Susan D.S. Grossl is researching Hungarian Jauch/Yauchs from Mogacs, Baranya, Hungary. SDS Grossl is researching Anna YAUCH, b. 1878; m. Johann/John Grossl, b. 1875 Fuenkirchen (Pecs), Hungary. Emigrated 1903-1904. Children:
  • Helen Grossl
  • Johan/John Grossl
  • Josef/Joseph Grossl
  • Anton/Anthony Grossl
  • Franz/Frank Grossl
  • Fritz/Frederick Grossl

Researching JAUCHs from Switzerland

Paul Jauch Joost Jauch m. Barbara Knause.
  • Joseph Maria JAUCH, b . Silenen Canton Uri Switzerland Jan. 1877; died in San Francisco in Feb. 1962; m. Maria Indergand, b. Gurtnellen Canton Uri Switzerland March 1887, dau of ? Indergand and Salome Unknown. Joseph was grandfather of Paul Jauch.
  • August Gustav Erben Jauch, b. Canton Uri Dec. 1908; d. Zurich 1986.
Tom Muller Frank Joseph Jauch, b. Bristen, Uri, Switzerland. Emigrated to California in the late 1800s; married (in Fresno) Maria Seiler. They had 8 children.
Ron Jauch
Nevada City, CA
Joseph Mari Jauch b. 9 Jan 1859 Switzerland; d. 28 Jul 1932 Sacramento, CA; m. 15 Nov 1882 (San Francisco) Josephine Zgraggen, b. Jun 1861 Switzerland; d. 1 Apr 1912. Immigrated from Switzerland in 1880 (1910 census indicates 1883) and arrived by ship in San Francisco. Dairy farmer near Sacramento (in Calumsne in 1900 census). Both buried initially at St. Andrews then moved to St. Mary's Cemetery, Sac'to, CA. They were Catholic and had at least eight children, including:
  • Joseph Mar Jauch [Jr.], b. 11 Oct 1884; d. 27 Nov 1972; m. Clara Belle Walker, 29 Jul 1897; d. 26 Jun 1959. Had a dairy farm near Sheridan, Ca. on the Bear River. Grandfather of Ron Jauch. "Jr." shows only on his tombstone (St. Mary's Cemetery, Sacramento, CA); otherwise no use of "Jr." on other docs. m2. after 1959? Catherine Bowman.
  • Mary Jauch, b. Feb 1883 Calif; m. ATKKINSON.
  • Josephine Jauch, b. Apr 1884 Calif; m. KURTZ.
  • Fred Jauch, b. July 1887 Calif; divorced by 1930 census, when found with two children, all living with brother Frank's family.
  • Benjamin T. Jauch, b. Sep? 1894 Calif. With brother Frank, took over father's dairy farm near Sloughhouse and the Consumne River near Sacramento. Single in 1930 census (living with 2 brothers and their children).
  • Frank A. Jauch, b. Sep 1896 Calif. m. Mary E. Unknown. In Lee, Sacto Co., CA in 1930 with brothers Fred and Benjamin and various children.
  • Annie Jauch, b. Apr 1892 Calif.
  • Lillian Jauch, b. Jan 1900 Calif; m. THORESON.

Mystery Jauchs

Geri Bloch Isaac Jauch m. Augusta? Unknown
  • Anna Rebeckah Jauch b. 1864 Berlin; d. 1942 Connecticut; m. Abraham Burros; had 13 children, 11 of whom lived to adulthood.

Scott Hale

Also researching this line:
Una Cornelius
Pat Hale
Rhonda Jauch

William (Lee?) Jauch, b. 1861; d. 1942 in Ripley, OK; m. Claria Edda Sharp, b. 1870 Missouri; d. abt. 1951 Ventura, Calif. Settled in Ripley, Oklahoma the and surrounding Payne Co. area. Some researchers indicate that William Lee was actually adopted by a John JAUCH but was not born a Jauch.
  • Stella Francis JAUCH, b. 22 Nov 1892 Missouri; m. John Oliver Balch. [grandmother of Una]

If you are researching the JAUCH surname (of various spellings, including YAUCK) and would like your information added to this list, please send details to Jillaine Smith.

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