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From Germany to Buffalo & Cincinnati: Albert, Betz, Glunz, Jauch, Schmidt, Sess

JAUCHs of Buffalo, NY

This is an attempt to document the early JAUCHs (and lines marrying into the JAUCH line) of Buffalo, Erie County, NY.

Last Updated: 11 Nov 2005

The earliest JAUCHs in New York state that I've found so far:
    Rochester, NY JAUCHS (included here only due to the similarity of the first names):
  • Jacob JAUCH, 48 (b. abt. 1802) with wife Agnes, 46 (b. abt. 1804) and the following children:
    • Eliza JAUCH, 21 (b. abt. 1829)
    • Jacob JAUCH, 16 (b. abt. 1834)
    • Agnes JAUCH, 10 (b. abt. 1840)
    • John JAUCH, 7 (b. abt. 1843) [May be the John YAUCH also in Rochester in the 1880 census.]
    • Martin JAUCH, 5 (b. abt. 1845)
    • Conrad JAUCH, 8 mos. (therefore b. Jan/Feb 1850)
    Reference: 1850 US Census; Rochester, Monroe County, NY; 6th ward; p. 589 (handwritten); p. 295 (stamped); image 141 on NOTE: This family is still in Rochester in the 1880 census, but spelled YAUCH. Jacob, a sign painter, is 78; Agnes his wife is still alive at 74. Living with them is daughter Agnes married to George FISCHER, milliner, age 42, and two sons Irving Fischer (8) and George W Fischer (17). See Film 1254864, T9-0864, 335A.

    UPDATE: I'm 95% certain that this is the family found in the Schwenningen church records here: If so, and if the data collected so far is accurate, we have this line back to Michael & Katharina Jauch, and her father Hanss back to abt. 1600.

  • Elisabetha JAUCH, 21 (b. abt. 1829), enumerated with the HUSBAND family (lawyer from Ireland). Same age as the daughter of Jakob, above. Is it possible she was enumerated twice? Once with her family; another time with her employer? [As of Nov 2003, I still have not documented all the FEMALE Jauchs of Schwenningen, but her age AND her placement in the same city as Jakob make me think she must be related to him, if not his daughter.] Reference: 1850 US Census; Rochester, Monroe County, NY; 7th ward; p. 270 (handwritten); image 3 on

  • Johann JAUCH m. 3 July 1853 (St. Johns German Evangelical Church, Buffalo) to Agnesia RAPP. Likely the John JAUCH, shoemaker, in the 1855 city directory on Clinton near Jefferson. In 1858, he's on Clinton, corner of Madison. In the Concordia Cemetery records, there's a Johann JAUCH, d. 18 Feb 1889 (see United Trinity Lutheran records). Also buried there is an Amelia JAUCH (variation on Agnesia?), d. 20 Nov 1890.
    • Agnesa JAUCH, b. 15 Jul 1853; apt. 7 Aug 1853; sp; Maria Wuerstner, Christian Meyer. (St. Johns)
    • Anna Katharina JAUCH, b. 3 Oct 1854 (baptised St. Johns; sponsors: Johann Quattlander, Maria Haller)
    • Mary JAUCH, b. 1 Dec 1855 (baptized St. Johns; sponsors: Johann Quattlander, Maria Haller)
    • Wilhelm JAUCH, b. 9 Apr 1857 (baptised St. Paul/St. Marks; sponsors: J. Quattlaender, Kath. Rapp)
    • Michael JAUCH, b. 28 Sep 1858 (baptized St. Paul/St. Marks; sponsors: Jakob JAUCH, Cath. Rapp.)

  • Valentine JAUCH shows up in the 1856 city directory as a shoemaker on Batavia near Ash. Possible relation to John JAUCH, above, another shoemaker? See 1860/1870 below; and 1890 city directory at 297 Smith; and lastly I attempt to put it all together at "Mystery JAUCHs" below.

  • Catharina JAUCH m. Karl SILKI (sp?)
    • Carl Heinrich SILKE, b. 14 Jan 1856; bapt. 21 Sep 1856. Sponsors: Heinrich Flick; Mary Schlenker. St. Johns.
    • Maria SILKI?, b. 21 Sep 1858 (St. Paul/St. Marks; sponsors: Johann JAUCH, Maria Quattlaender). Sponsor Johann JAUCH is probably the Johann JAUCH, above.

  • Christina JAUCH (b. 13 Jun 1827 Schwenningen; d. 19 Jun 1897 Reed City MI); m. (1852 at St. Peters in Buffalo) John/Jacob BENZING, (b. 6 Jan 1827 Schwenningen; d. 28 Nov 1889 Reed City, MI.) According to Wes Benzing, they arrived in the U.S. on May 10 1852 at the Port of New York aboard the Cotton Planter, having boarded at Antwerp. They moved to Buffalo; some children baptized there (see below), then moved to Kitchner, Ontario, Canada, then Reed City, MI where they lived until they died in 1899 (per descendant Wes Benzing - benz_w(AT) Jacob was a farmer and logger. Members of the Hersey Evangelical Church in Michigan. NEW (Nov 2003): Have confirmed that Christina was born in Schwenningen 13 Jun 1827, daughter of Johannes Jauch and Anna Katharina Palmtag. Jacob was born 6 Jan 1827 in Schwenningen, son of Jakob Benzing and Anna Wuerthner.
    • Jacob Benzing, Jr., b. 3 July 1853; bapt. 31 July 1853. Sponsors: Conrad Mayer, Rosina Weimann, Christian Schrenk. (St. John's Evangelical Church)
    • Johannes Benzing, b. 20 Aug 1854; bapt 29 Apr 1855; Sponsors: Charles Sulki, Maria Schlenker, Catharina JOOCH [Jauch]. (St. John's Evangelical Church)
    • Christ Benzing, b. 1857 Canada
    • Charles Benzing, b. Canada
    • Abel Benzing, b. Canada
    • Anna Katharina Benzing, b. 1865 Canada. Married and settled in Traverse City, MI. Great-grandmother of researcher Dawn Bonney.
    • William Benzing, b. 1870, Osceola, Michigan. Settled in the upper peninsula.

  • Anna Jauch m. Jacob QUATTLAENDER
    • Anna Quattlaender, b. 24 Mar 1852; bapt 28 Mar 1852; sp: Bonifazuius Smendinger, Anna Floegg. (St. Johns Evangelical church records; baptisms)

  • Anna Maria JAUCH m. William Hoeflich / Hoflich
    • William Hoflich, b. 20 Dec 1853 (baptized St. Johns 17 Mar 1854)

  • Anna JAUCH m. Conrad Mueller (umlauted "u"). VERY likely the Anna Jauch, b. 7 Mar 1827 in Schwenningen, dau of Christian Jauch and Anna Jaeckle. Their family page (Band 24, Fam. Reg. Vol. I, #138b) indicates that Anna married a Mueller (I couldn't make out first name) and that Anna died in America.
    • Jacob Mueller, b. 30 Nov 1855, bapt 2 Jun 1856 at St. Peters. Sponsor: Elisabeth Wohler.

JAUCHs who show up in the 1860s/1870s

  • Andreas JAUCH m. Friedericke found baptizing a daughter at St. Johns. This MIGHT be the brother of Jillaine's Ludwig/Louis.
    • Friedericke Louise JAUCH, b. 3 May 1866; bapt. 2 Jun 1866. Sponsors: Johann Jaeckle, Auguste/Augusta Burghardt.

  • Jacob JAUCH, b. 1835, 5th ward, roll 933, p. 597
  • Jacob JAUCK, b. 1851, 5th ward, roll 933, p. 610.

  • One of the above Jacob's is likely the one who shows up in the 1869 city directory, shoemaker , at 253 Jefferson. That's also a Jacob Jauch who shows up in St. Johns baptizing children with wife Barbara:
    • Wilhelmina Cath. Barbara Jauch, b. 26 Feb 1869, bapt. 4 Apr 1869; sponsors: Joh. Mackemer, Cath. Machemer, Barbaraa Krebs, Mina? Gottler.
    • Johann Jacob Jauch, b. 18 May 1870; bapt 18 May 1870. Sponsors: JOhann Krebs, Johanna Krebs.
    • Christian Wilhelm Jauch, b. 6 Ma 1871; bapt 11 June 1871; sponsors: Barbara Krebs, Johan Machemer, Catherina Machemer.

  • Ludwig JAUCH, b. 1839; m. 29 Sep 1867 (St. Peters?) Paulina GLUNZ First instance of presence in the U.S. is his 1867 marriage. He's in the 1875 directory, butcher, at 46 Mulberry. Still there in 1880 directory. [Jillaine Smith's line; see "Documented JAUCHs" below.]

  • Edward JAUCH, machinest, at 149 Madison in the 1875 city directory. Wonder if this is the father of Cleveland who ends up buried at Forest Lawn (see "Mystery JAUCHs" below.) There is an Edward JAUCH serving as godparent/sponsor at the 1879 baptism of a Weglehner. With him is an Elisabetha JAUCH who may be his wife.

  • Jacob JAUCH, shoemaker, at 430 William in the 1875 directory. See Jacob JAUCH, below, under 1880 Census. (There are two Jacob JAUCHs in the 1870 census: Jacob 35, ward 5, p. 597; Jacob, 29, Ward 5, p. 610.)
  • Valentine YOCK, in 1860: 33, boot & shoemaker of Petersburg, Germany, in __ ward with wife Arath?, 28, of same town. No children as of 1860. In the 1870 census, he's Valentine YAUCH, b. abt. 1828 (age 42), ward 13, foll 935, p. 755 (image 10 on m. Elizabeth Unknown, b. abt. 1842 (38 in 1870). He's identified as a laborer from Wurttemberg. Children in 1870 are:
    • Louisa Yauch, b. abt. 1860 (age 10)
    • Josephine Yauch, b. abt. 1862 (age 8)
    • Joseph Yauch, b. abt. 1865 (age 5)
    • John Yauch, b. abt. 1866 (age 4)
    • Marshall? Yauch, b. abt. 1868 (age 2); don't think this one survives to adulthood.

Erie County JAUCHs from the 1880 census are:

I found some JANKs in 1880, 1900 and 1910 census records, and I added them here, thinking, at first, that it was a typo for JAUK, but the more I look, the more I think they really are JANKs and not JAUCHs from the Schwenningen area. But I keep them here anyway, in case they will help someone.

  • Agnes JAUCH, 19 (b. 1861 Wurtt.), single, servant; enum. with Moses LEVI, of Prussia. 5th ward.

  • Anna JAUCH, 19 (b. 1861 Wurtt.), single, servant; enum. with Frank? MERKLE. NOTE: A Fred BENZING is also living there. 5th ward.

  • Barbara JANK, widowed, 54, b. H. DARMST, Housekeeper. 370 Jefferson in the Bischoff house.
    • Jacob JANK, Son, 15, b. H. DARMST, Apotherary Apprentice
    • Pilip JANK, Son, 7, b. NY

  • George JAUCH, 24 (b. 1856 Wurtt.), single, carpenter; enum. with John BENZING. 5th ward. Very likely the Georg Jauch, b. 19 Apr 1856 in Schwenningen, son of Johannes Jauch and Anna Schlenker (FHL #1658748; Family Registry, Vol. IV, 126). Also found in 1900 census, identified as emigrated 1879; married 20 years with 6 children. (209 Scoville Avenue, ward 11, Buffalo, NY, 1900 Census.)

  • Jacob JAUCH, 39 (b. abt. 1841 Wurtt.), shoemaker; with wife Wilhelmina (Mina) UNKNOWN, 30 (b. abt. 1850 NY; parents from Bavaria). 5th ward. [There as early as 1875; see directory, above.] With daughter. Likely possibility for this Jacob is Jakob Jauch, b. 10 Dec 1840, son of Michael Jauch and Katharina Schlenker. Band 24, Family Registry Vol I, #144b indicates in the marriage column of Jacob "nach Amerika."
    • Mina JAUCH, 11 (b. 1869 NY)

  • John JAUK, 25 (b. 1855 Wurtt.), single, butcher; enum. with Christian WIRTNER. 5th ward.

  • Joseph JANK, 52, widowed, b. BAVERIA, Keeps Dry Goods Store; pb. BAV. At 585 Broadway:
    • John JANK, Son, 19, b. NY; Tailor
    • Mary JANK, Dau, 18, b. CANADA
    • Joseph JANK, Son, 16, b. NY, Tailor
    • Peter JANK, Son, 15, b. NY, Tailor
    • Frank JANK, Son, 10, b. NY
    • Creszenzia JANK, Dau, 7, b. NY

  • Josephine YAUCH, b. abt. 1863, enum. with Charles SAUER family.

  • Ludwig / Louis YANCH, b. abt. 1840, Wurttemberg. [This is actually Ludwig JAUCH, ancestor of Jillaine Smith. See "Documented JAUCHs" below.]

  • Martin JAUCH, b. abt. 1832 Wurttemberg; residing at 249 Shumway in 1880 census; butcher, works as a laborer, grape? peddler; "partly disabled (by rheumatism)"; m. Anna Unknown, b. abt. 1833 Wuerttemberg; "goes out washing." They live two doors down from a Jacob Schlenker family. Believe this to be the Martin Jauch b. 1832 in Schwenningen, cousin to my ancestress, Rosina Jaeckle; son of Jakob Jauch and Anna Jauch (this couple were second cousins to each other). According to Jakob and Anna's family registry, Martin and his brother Christian (b . 1838) both emigrated to America (but when?). He is also in the 1880 Buffalo city directory at this same address (249 Shumway). Is this the the Martin who m. 24 Feb 1870 (St. Peters) [Anna?] Margarethe ZINK? Witnesses: Heinrich ZINK and Christina C. WEBER. [Initial thought that this was the BROTHER of Agnes JAUCH who marries Woppler/Emminger/Wunsch. BUT: a brother of Agnes (b. 1867) is would not be old enough to marry in 1870. So this must be a separate Martin JAUCH.]

1890 JAUCHs (from 1890 Buffalo city directory)

  • Edward JAUCH, 207 Adams or 670 Clinton [father of Cleveland, below?]
  • George JAUCH, 134 Monroe. [There's a "Gorg" YAUCH in the Concordia Cemetery, d. 21 Mar 1910.]
  • Jacob JAUCH, 42 Cassy [is this the Jacob that marries Agnes ZAPF? They are also in the 1930 Census.
  • Matthias JAUCH, 213 Pine or 439 Chicago. I believe this is the Matthias JAUCH in the 1900 census on 23 Gray Street, Buffalo, with wife Margaret UNKNOWN (b. Apr 1861; despite age difference she *is* identified as his wife on the 1900 census). In the 1930 city directory, Mathias M. JAUCH and wife Margaret are living at 303 Bissell Ave. He's a sign painter. Children [from 1900 Soundex]:
    • Herman JAUCH, b. Nov 1885, NY
    • Catherine JAUCH, b. Apr. 1887 NY
    • Matthias JAUCH, Jr., b. Apr 1892 NY [see SSDI below]
    • Joseph JAUCH, b. May 1884 NY [There's a Joseph V. JAUCH in the 1930 city directory at 782 Northhampton.]
    • Anthony JAUCH, b. June 1898

  • Frederick YAUCH, barber, 46 Mulberry. [Likely the Carl Friedrich JAUCH, son of Ludwig, born Nov 1871. Would have been 19.]
  • John YAUCH, works; two addresses: 824 Seneca; b. 297 Smith. [Might he be the John JAUK, butcher, in the 1880 census, above? If so, he'd now be 35.]
  • Joseph YAUCH, laborer, 297 Smith. [Must be related to John, above; at same address. First appearance of a Joseph. There's a Joseph V. JAUCH in 1930 city directory at 782 Northhampton.]
  • Louis YAUCH, butcher, 46 Mulberry. [This is Ludwig JAUCH, Sr., ancestor of Jillaine Smith.]
  • Ludwig YAUCH, Jr., carpenter, 46 Mulberry. [This is Ludwig Sr.'s oldest son; interesting that he's Ludwig here, but his father is spelled "Louis."]
  • Michael YAUCH, carpenter, 46 Mulberry Street. [This is Ludwig Sr.'s son.]
  • Mrs. Valentine YAUCH, 297 Smith. [Ah... I think I've found a family. Added to "Mystery Jauchs" below.]

Found in the 1900 Census
  • Edward Jauch, b. Feb 1852, 48, widowed, b. Germany; emig 1866; occ: real estate ... (Ward 17: 2nd district, Block H, ED 129, Sheet 14A: 205 Utica Street)
    • Mary Jauch, dau, b. Nov. 1874, 25, single; b. NY; fb Germany; m. b. Canada
    • Cleveland Jauch, son, b. Nov. 1882, 17, single; b. NY
  • Elizabeth JAUK, b. Sep 1882, 17, single, self and parents b. NY; enumerated as step-daughter of George Wagner, 80, and his wife, Anna. NOTE: See John JAUK, 1910, below; this George JAUK is living with them in 1910!
  • Erhart Jauch, cousin (of Chas. Baase?), b. July 1879, 20, single, b. Germany; emig 1889; butcher (8th ward: 50? Howard Street)
  • John JANK, b. Oct 1868, 38, m. 18 years, b. NY; pb Germany; tailor; m. Mary Unknown, b. Aug 1867 (dies before 1910? see John Jank in 1910 below); 10 births, 9 living; b. NY; parents b. Germany. (284 Whaley? or Wholers? 18th ward, p. 43)
    • Lizzie Jank, b. Mar 1883
    • George Jank, b. Feb 1884
    • William Jank, b. Aug 1885
    • Jacob B. Jank, b. Mar 1888
    • Joseph Jank, b. Aug 1890
    • Mary Jank, b. Jun 1894
    • Clara Jank, b. Aug 1894 two months later???
    • Jacob L. Jank, b. May 1895
    • Herbert Jank, b. May 1895
  • Louis Jauch, b. Jun 1868, 31; m. 8 years, b. NY; parents b. Germany; saloon keeper. This is son of Jillaine Smith's emigrating Ludwig.
    m. Mary [Kemmich], b. 1873, 26; 2 births, 0 living; b. NY; p. b. Germany. (5th ward: 2455 Seneca Street)
  • Matthias Jauch, b. Jun 1839, age 60, m. 15 years; b. Germany; emig. 1881; Tailor
    m. Margaret Unknown, b. Apr 1861, 39, m. 15 years; 6 births, 5 living, b. NY; p. b. Germany. (13th ward: 23 Grey Street)
    • Herman Jauch, son, b. Nov 1885, 14
    • Catherine Jauch, dau, b. Apr 1887, 13
    • Matthias Jauch, Jr., b. Apr 1893, 8
    • Joseph Jauch, b. May 1894, 6
    • Anthony Jauch, b. June 1898, 1
  • George Yauch, b. Apr 1865 Germany, 35, widowed; m. 20 years; emig 1879, carpenter. (11th Ward: 209 Seville)
    • Mary Yauch, b. Apr 1883, 17, single, b. NY
    • Jenny Yauch, b. Nov 1887?, 12, single
    • William Yauch, b. April 1890, 10
    • George Yauch, b. Jul 1892, 7
    • John Yauch, b. July 1894, 5
    • Clara Yauch, b. Apr 1898, 2
  • John Yauch, b. Oct 1871 NY, 28, m. 5 years; occ: car inspector
    m. Anna Unknown, b. Jun 1878 NY, 21, m. 5 years; 2 births, 2 living. (5th ward: 909 or 919 Perry (multiple family building)). I believe this is the son of Valentine Jauch/Yauch. See "Mystery Jauchs" below.
    • Edward Yauch, son, b. May 1896, 4
    • Lillian Yauch, dau, b. May 1899, 1
  • Michael Yauch, b. Mar 1873? NY, 27, m. 6years; occ: teamster. This is son of Jillaine's emigrating Ludwig.
    m. Elizabeth [Reinig], b. Dec. 1877? NY, 23, m. 6 years; 3 births, 3 living. (344 Virginia)
    • Lillian Yauch, dau, b. Dec 1895, 4
    • Eleanore Yauch, dau, b. Oct 1987, 2
    • Edwin [Edward] Yauch, son, Mar 1900, 4 months
  • Peter JANK, b. Feb 1865; m. 13 years; b. NY; pb. Germany; tailor. m. Barbara Unknown, b. Aug 1868, five births, 4 living, b. NY; pb Germany. Living at 260 Monroe:
    • Josephine JANK, b. Jun 1887 NY
    • Frank JANK, b. Jan 1891 NY
    • Edward JANK, b. March 1893 NY
    • Irene JANK, b. Feb. 1899 NY
  • Unknown Yauch, m. Anna Unknown, b. Aug 1850 NY, 1 birth, 1 living
    • Minnie Yauch, b. Feb 1869, 31, married 2 years; 0 births, 0 living; m. George Schlenker, b. Feb 1867, 33, m. 2 years.
  • Unknown Yauch m. Unknown [Ah... see Valentine Jauch under "Mystery Jauchs" below; this is his daughter and son.]
    • Rose Yauch, b. Oct 1875 NY; 24, single; living at 297 Smith with brother:
    • Joseph Yauch, b. May 1866 NY, 34, single

  • William [Ludwig] Yauch, head, b July 1839, 60, m 32 years, self and parents born Germany; immig. 1867; in country 33 years; butcher
    m. Pauline [Glunz], wife, b July 1847, 52, m 32 years; 12/12 births, self and parents born Germany; immig 1867; in country 33 years. [NOTE: I could NOT find this through the index, despite "Yauch" being very easy to read; I am not confident in's indexing.] (15th ward, sheet 11b; 46 Mulberry Street)
    • Yauch, William, son, May 1875, 25, single, born NY; grocery clerk
    • Yauch, John, son, September 1876, 23, single, born NY, printer
    • Yauch, Edward, son, March 1879, 21, single, b. NY, shipping clerk
    • Yauch, Gottlieb, son, May 1880, 20, single, b. NY, store clerk
    • Yauch, Lizzie, dau, Feb 1882, 18, single, b. NY, domestic
    • Yauch, Lena, dau, March 1884, 16, single, b. NY, dressmaker [Jillaine Smith's grandmother]
    • Yauch, Jennie, dau, Sep 1885, 14, single, b. NY, at school
    • Yauch, Henry, son, May 1888, 12, single, b. NY, at school

Found in the 1910 Census:

  • Cleveland Jauch m. Florence [Sigrist]. Living with her parents at 677 West Ferry, ward 21.
  • Edward Jauch, age 31, married 3 years, born NY; parents born Germany; inspector, automobile works
    m. Margaret [Riemer], wife, age 26, married 3 years, 2 births, one living, b. NY; parents born Germany (16th ward, ED 159, sheet 5A: 38 Kehr Street)
    • Jauch, Margaret, dau, age 2, born NY
  • Jacob Yauch, 42, first marriage; m. 18 years; b. Germany; emig. 1886; occ: teamster
    m. Agnes Unknown, 37, m. 18 years; 3 births; 3 living, b. Germany (Ward 9, 150 Gilbert)
    • William R. Yauch, son, 17
    • Dorothy N. Yauch, dau, 17
    • George Yauch, son, 6
  • John JAUK, 48, second marriage; married 10 years; b. NY; parents b. Germany. He works as a tailor in a penitentiary; m. Mary Unknown, 44, also her second marriage; she's had 7 births, 5 are living; b. Canada (German); fb Germany; mb NY (131 Richland Ave., 12th ward, Buffalo, p. 117A. George Wagner, 90, is enumerated with them as father-in-law of John JAUK, but is he father of the first wife or the second?
    • Joseph JAUK, 18, b. NY (must be from first marriage)
    • Mary JAUK, 16, b. NY (must be from first marriage)
    • Clara JAUK, 16, b. NY (must be from first marriage); are these twins, or is one of them HER child from first marriage?
    • Herbert JAUK, 14, b. NY (must be from first marriage)
    • Jacob JAUK, 14, b. NY (must be from first marriage); are these twins, or is one of them HER child from first marriage?
    • Margaret JAUK, 6, b. NY
    • Albert JAUK, 4, b. NY
  • John C. Yauch, 27, m. 10 years, b. Canada; emig. 1899
    m. Catharine Unknown; 32, 2 or 3 births; 1 living, b. Canada. Emig. 1899. (11th ward, 101? Filmore Avenue)
    • Hazel N. Yauch, dau, 4, b. NY
  • Joseph Yauch, 44, single, brother-in-law of Lorenzo Harrison (therefore brother to Lorenzo's wife, Anna, 39); b. NY; car inspector. Ward 1, 299 Smith?
  • Louis Jauch, 69, married 43 years, born Germany, emig 1867 [retired]
    m. Pauline [Glunz], wife, 61, married 43 years, 12 births, 11 living; born Germany (13th ward, ED 120, sheet 13A, 46 Mulberry Street)
    • Jauch, George, son, 30, single, b. NY, dry goods store
    • Jauch, Henry, son, 20, single, b. NY, office
      (next door at 50 Mulberry is son William W....]
  • Louis Jauch; He's living at 900 Broadway with a number of unrelated individuals; he's identified as married for 19 years, but his wife [Maria Kemmich] is not enumerated here. [He is son of Ludwig/Louis Jauch, immediately above.]
  • Margaret (Jauch) [widow of Matthias; see above], 49, widow, 6 births; 5 living. (506 Goodyear, 12th ward)
    • Mathias Jauch, son, 18, single
    • Joseph Jauch, son, 16, single
    • Anthony Jauch, son, 12, single
  • Mary Jauk, 47, single, sister-in-law of Frank Brunner (therefore sister of his wife Crescentia) (301 Elm Street)
  • Michael Jauch, 36, married 14 years, b. NY
    m. Elizabeth [Reinig], wife, 33, married 14 years, 3 births; 2 living, b. NY (5th ward, ED 46, sheet 10b; 357 Oak Street; living with Homer Fegan and John H. Schmidt families)
    • Jauch, Elnore, dau, 12, single, b. NY
    • Jauch, Edward, son, 10, single, b. NY
  • Theodore C. Yauch, enumerated as father-in-law in the Henry THIEL household (therefore wife Emma, 38 must be daughter of Theodore)., age 71, widowed, b. Germany? Emig. 1882? occ: oyster man?
  • William Yauch, 32, first marriage; married 6 years; b. Canada
    m. Izabel Unknown, 28, first marriage; m. 6 years; 0 births; 0 living; b. Canada. (315 Holtz Avenue)
  • 16th ward, 166 Bose? Avenue. Three brothers are living with their sister and her husband. The siblings are:
    • Mary (Yauch), 27, b. NY; m. Herman Oppenlander, 36; m. 4 years; b. Germany. Son:
      • George Oppenlander, 1
    • William Yauch, 19
    • George Yauch, 18
    • John Yauch, 15
  • William W. Yauch, 35, married 10 years, b, NY, grocery store
    m. Anna [Osswald], wife, 31, 2 births, 2 living, b. NY (13th ward, 50 Mulberry Street (next door to his parents)
    • Jauch, Walter, son, 5, b. NY
    • Jauch, Genevieve, dau, 3, b. NY

Found in the 1920 Census
  • Henry L. Jauch, 30 (b. 1890); m. Stella A. Schwab (b. 1889). Henry is the son of Ludwig Jauch and Paulina Glunz. See Documented JAUCHs below. (ED #141)
    • Gladys E. Jauch, b. 1915
    • Harry W. Jauch, b. 1917

  • Edward J. Jauch, 60 (b. 1860), widower; real estate; boarder enumerated at 360 Norwood Avenue, with perhaps his daughter. This is the father of Cleveland Jauch, buried at Forest Lawn (see "Mystery JAUCHs" below). (ED #240)
    • Mary Jauch, 32, single; teacher at a private school.

  • Elizabeth Jauch [geb. REINIG], 43, widowed, enumerated at the home of Fred Meyer, but with her son, daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter. This is Elizabeth Reinig, wife of Michael J. Jauch (who died in 1918). Michael was the son of Ludwig Jauch and Paulina Glunz (see "Documented JAUCHs" below). (ED #96, 42 Mulberry Street) Here with her are:
    • Edward L. Jauch, son, 19, single
    • Eleanore L. [Jauch], daughter, 22, married to Walter W. Merkling, 26

  • Pauline [Glunz] Jauch, 72, widowed; emig 1867; nat. 1879; born Wurttemberg. This is the widow of Ludwig/Louis Jauch (see "Documented Jauchs" below). (ED 96, 46 Mulberry Street) With her is:
    • Albert J. Jauch, son, 39. [The "Gottlieb Albert Jauch" in our records; never married.]

  • William Walter Jauch, 44, born NY; parents b. Germany; m. Anna M. [OSSWALD] Jauch, wife, 40, born NY; parents b. Germany. William is the son of Ludwig Jauch and Paulina Glunz; see "Documented JAUCHs" below. (ED 96, 85 Mulberry Street) Children with them are:
    • Walter E. Jauch, son, 14, b. NY
    • Genevieve P. Jauch, daughter, 12, b. NY

Found in the 1930 Census:
  • Anthony J. JAUCH, 31, single, b. NY; parents b. NY. ED 15-356 (Alden Town, Erie Co., Erie County Penitentiary, Wende Road), sheet 8A (print: 33).

  • William JAUCH, 40, single, roomer, painter / contractor; b. NY; parents both born Germany; 100 Seneca Street, Buffalo Ward 4, ED 15-31, sheet 2a (print: 32)

  • Edward JAUCH, 30, single. Identified as brother-in-law to Walter Merkling (37) (m. to Eleanore [Jauch] Merkling, 28), enum. with them at 37 Mulberry Street, Buffalo Ward 8, ED 94, sheet 12b. This is the son of Ludwig Jauch and Paulina Glunz (see "Documented JAUCHs" below). This census was taken on April 9, 1930.

  • William JAUCH, 54; 25 at first marriage; shoe salesman; m. Anna [Osswald] Jauch, 50; 21 at first marriage. No children with them. Also living at this address are: Andrew & Helen Muskanichek.

  • Pauline [Glunz] JAUCH, 82, widow; 20 at marriage. 46 Mulberry Street, Buffalo, Ward 8, ED 95, Sheet 11B. With:
    • Gottlieb JAUCH, 48, single, clerk, shoe store (at his brothers, perhaps?)

  • Edwin C. JAUCH, dentist, 27; m. (1930) Angela Unknown, 24. 164 East North Street, Buffalo, Ward 11, ED 140, sheet 2a. [Son of Johann Albert Jauch; see "Documented JAUCHs" below.]

  • Margaret L.M. JAUCH, 22, single. step-daughter to Edward Keller; daughter of Margaret [Riemers] [and (deceased) Edward F. Jauch. She goes on to marry Joseph Froelich. No offspring.]

  • Joseph V. JAUCH, 35, single, boarder at 742 Northhampton Street, Buffalo, Ward 14, ED 182, Sheet 16A. Born NY; parents born Germany. Occupation: Machine operator at a bakery.

  • Mathias JAUCH, 37, born NY, father born Germany; mother b. NY; printer (BlewP??? Factory), m. (6 years) to Mary M. Unknown. Living with son at 303 Bissell Avenue (renting from owner Michael Fleissner who also lives there), Buffalo, 15th ward, ED 189, sheet 25B.
    • Mathias P. JAUCH, 4, b. NY

  • Walter E. JAUCH, 24, self and parents born NY; occ. Miller (lumber); m. 1929 to Agnes M. Unknown, 26 (self & mother, b. NY; father b. Poland). 165 Theodore, Buffalo, Ward 15, ED 191, Sheet 15A. Renting from owner Anna Hodan, 44. Living with son. [Son of William Walter JAUCH and Anna Maria OSSWALD; see "Documented JAUCHs" below.]
    • Robert W. JAUCH, 6 months old.

  • Herman JAUCH, 43, single, boarder at 1298 East F??? St., Buffalo, 15th ward, ED 193, sheet 5A. Born NY; father b. Germany; mother b. NY. Occupation: Baker at a saloon.

  • John A. JAUCH, 53, works at printing (occup illeg); (26 at marriage) m. (abt. 1902) Clara Unknown, 44 (16 at marriage); 221 Lovering Avenue, Buffalo, Ward 19, ED# 231, Sheet 1A.

  • Albert JAUCH, 22, b. NY; m. Mary Unknown, 18, b. ?. ED 275, Sheet 2A; Image 0217. (Couldn't access on

  • Florence [Siegrist] JAUCH, 47, widow (24 at time of marriage); enum. as daughter of Jacob & Caroline Siegrist. I think she's the widow of Cleveland Jauch (see mystery JAUCHs below). While the writing is smudged, it looks like who is also living with her here (677 Ferry Street, Ward 24, ED 298, sheet 4A) is her son:
    • Cleveland C. or E. Jauch, 16

  • Jacob YAUCH, gasoline tender at a meat packing company, 62 (b. abt. 1868 in Germany); emig. 1886; non-veteran; m. abt. 1893 Agnes UNKNOWN, 57 (b. abt. 1873 Germany); emig. 1888. They reside at 36 Stanton Street, district 54 ( image# 43.] This is likely: Jacob JAUCH, b. 26 Aug 1866 Wurttemberg; m. 2 June 1893 (St. Peters) Agnes ZAPF, b. 22 Jun 1872 Bayern. Marriage witnesses: Michael Biehes, George Hensel, Margaret Goldfuss. [Marriage record from St. Peters.]
    • William R. YAUCH, policeman at a foundry, 37 (b. abt. 1893 NY). Non-veteran.
  • William H. YAUCH, salesman of hair tones?, 52 (b. abt. 1878 Canada-English; parents are from Germany); emig. 1902; m. abt. 1904 (26 at first marriage) Isabelle UNKNOWN, 48 (b. abt. 1882 Canada-English; parents Canadian); emig. 1902. Ward 15, 259 Burgard? Street. image #40

  • Joseph YAUCH, steel mill foreman, 47 (b. 1883 Yugoslavia!); emig. 1910; m. abt. 1903 Anna UNKNOWN, 44 (b. 1886 Yugoslavia); emig. 1914. (He came over after they were married, before her.) Residing at 419 Simon Avenue, ED 420. They are enumerated with some other adults, identified as boarders, also from Yugoslavia, all working at the steel mill, all emigrating between 1903 and 1927. They appear to be living in a Balkan neighbhorhood.

  • Edward F. YAUCH, 33 (b. abt. 1897 NY); m. Alice C. UNKNOWN, 34 (b. abt. 1896 where?). [Can't access actual image of this census page on, but it's ED 76, p. 2A, image 0445]
    • Ruth F. YAUCH, 12 (b. abt. 1918)
    • Edward H. YAUCH, 5 (b. abt. 1925)
    • Kennth [sic] YAUCH, 1-11/12 (b. abt. 1828)

Found in 1930 Buffalo City Directory:

  • Edw. M. JAUCH, asst. mgr., 37 Mulberry
  • Edwin C. JAUCH, dentist, 164 E. North; m. Angela UNKNOWN.
  • Albert J. JAUCH, salesman for Hens & Kelly Co; residing at 46 Mulberry. At first I thought this was my Johann Albert JAUCH (who went by Albert, or "Bert"), but "my" Albert JAUCH is listed in this same directory as John A. (with wife Clara)... Still confused, though... Our JAUCHs lived at 46 Mulberry...
  • Jos. V. JAUCH, machine operator, 782 Northampton. See above, under 1890 directory for possible family.
  • Margaret JAUCH, bookkepper, Bell Stained Cloass Co.; residing 134 Rose
  • Max JAUCH, machine operator; res. 42 Walden Avenue.

JAUCHs from the SSDI (compiled 31 Dec 2002; looked for those who were issued SS#s in NY (N=30); included here only those from this group who were in Erie County.)
  • William JAUCH, b. 4 Apr 1890; d. Jun 1971; last resided 14221 Buffalo, NY
  • Frances JAUCH, b. 31 May 1899; d. 15 Sep 1993; last resided 14221 Buffalo, NY
  • Ernest JAUCH, b. 11 Sep 1893; d. Oct 1971; last residence 07470 Passaic, NJ [included because name looks familiar]
  • Martin JAUCH, b. 27 Mar 1885; d. Feb 1975; last residence 07083, Union, NJ [included because names look familiar]
  • Angela JAUCH, b. 18 Dec 1905; d. 10 Apr 1999; last residence 14215 Buffalo, NY
  • Cleveland JAUCH, b. 19 Mar 1914; d. July 1975; last residence not specified. [Buried at Forest Lawn, Lot 47, section 13]
  • Edward L. JAUCH, b. 1 Mar 1900; d. 22 Mar 2001 (lived to be 101!); last residence: 14219 Buffalo, NY
  • Helen A. JAUCH, b. 6 Aug 1907; d. 14 Apr 2001; last residence: 14219 Buffalo, NY
  • Harry JAUCH, b. 22 Sep 1917; d. Dec 1869; last residence: 14223 Buffalo, NY
  • Matthias JAUCH, b. 14 Mar 1922; d. 2 Dec 1992; last residence: Frankfurt, Germany (US Consulate).
  • Mattias JAUCH, b. 21 Apr 1892; d. Jan 1969; last residence: 14215 Buffalo, NY.
  • Walter JAUCH, b. 12 Apr 1905; d. Apr 1972; last residence: 14215 Buffalo, NY [This is Walter, son of William Walter JAUCH and Anna Maria OSSWALD; husband of Agnes Szczepaniak, father of Patricia JAUCH and Robert JAUCH; see "Documented JAUCHS" below.]
  • William JAUCH, b. 19 Apr 1890; d. March 1968; last residence: 14203 Buffalo, NY
  • William YAUCH, b. 5 Nov 1892; d. Mar 1976; last residence 14210 Buffalo, NY
  • George YAUCH, b. 12 Jul 1904; d. Dec 1980; last residence: North Tonawanda, NY
  • Irene M. YAUCH, b. 13 Aug 1928; d. 11 Sep 2000; last residence: 14225 Buffalo, NY
  • Charlotte YAUCH, b. 25 Feb 1912; d. Apr 1976; last residence:14211 Buffalo, NY.
  • William YAUCH, b. 29 Jun 1877; d. Jan 1967; last residence 14215 Buffalo, NY.

Mystery JAUCHs

    Found at Forest Lawn Cemetery, lot 47, section 13:
  • Edward Jauch, b. abt. 1852 in Schwenningen (per cemetery record); d. 26 Nov 1928; m. ?. Would love to find out how, if at all, he's connected with the other Buffalo JAUCHs. Last residence: 510 Bird Avenue. He's not in 1880 census. But he could be the Edward Jauch in the 1890 city directory (see above). Did not find him in 1900 soundex, but that could be a spelling problem. Worth another look.
    • Mary JAUCH, d. 12 Nov 1962. Single, teacher. Born in Buffalo, per obit. Graduate Central High School. Found in 1930 city directory residing at 205 Bldwell Pkway. Teaching at Buffalo Seminary.
    • Cleveland E. JAUCH, b. 5 Nov 1883; d. 5 Nov 1929; m. 1908 Florence SIEGRIST, b. ?; d. 11 Sep 1965. Per Obit, lived at 677 West Ferry St, VP of JJ Siegrist & Co. "Native of Buffalo." (Find this hard to believe; haven't found a JAUCH born here as early as 1852...) Attended PS 15 and Masten Park high school. Member of the Richmond Avenue Methodis Episcopal Church.
      • Cleveland E. JAUCH, Jr., b. 1913; d. 14 July 1975
    There is also an Elisabeth JAUCH, d. 7 Sep 1897, buried at this plot, but not clear how she's related. Possible wife of Edward?

  • Valentine JAUCH / YAUCH, b. abt. 1828; d. 18 Apr 1888; m. Elizabeth Unknown, d. 24 Apr 1895. Valentine shows up first in the 1856 city directory as JAUCH, a shoemaker on Batavia near Ash. In 1860 he's YOCH of Petersburg, Germany, a boot and shoemaker. In 1866 he purchased what would become 297 Smith from Catherine Saxe. In the 1870 census, he's YAUCH, 42, ward 13, roll 935, p. 755. Cannot find him in the 1880 census. In the 1890 city directory, where find a Mrs. Valentine YAUCH at 297 Smith with John and Joseph. In 1900 Joseph and his sister Rose still live at 297 Smith. Children, determined from probate records (and 1870 census), include:
    • John YAUCH, works
    • Joseph YAUCH, laborer (in 1890 directory). [This *might* be the Joseph YAUCH in 1930 directory, although there is another Joseph that this could be as well.]
    • Louise YAUCH, m. Unknown REHM.
    • Rosa E. YAUCH. m. Unknown Shanahan
    • Josephine YAUCH m1 Smith; m2 Leno; m3 Fox
    • Anna B. YAUCH b. 2 Jul 1870 [right after census]; m. Lorenzo D. HARRISON.

    Other mysteries:
  • Gorg YAUCH found in the Concordia Cemetery, d. 21 Mar 1910. Recording church is St. Stephens. Also in same cemetery is a Clara YAUCH, d. 5 May 1908, also with St. Stephens.

Documented JAUCH lines

Ludwig / Louis JAUCH, b. July 1839 Schwenningen; d. 1912 (buried Ridgelawn Cemetery); m. 1867 (St. Peters, Buffalo, NY) Paulina GLUNZ, b. 17 Jun 1847 Cannstadt, Wurtt; d. 16 Nov 1930 Buffalo. In 1930 city directory, she was living at 746 Mulberry.

  • Louis W. JAUCH, b. 20 Jun 1868 Buffalo; d. 14 Jan 1913 (bur. Ridgelawn Cemetery); m. 28 Oct 1891 (St. Peters) Maria KEMMICH (sp?), b. 6 Sep 1971 Buffalo. Witnesses: Heinrich Alles, Katharine Jauch (they marry each other in 1892). They are at 2453 or 2423 Seneca St., Buffalo, in the 1900 census with no children. He's a saloon keeper.
  • Katharina JAUCH, b. 8 Aug 1870 Buffalo; m. 27 Apr 1891 (St. Peters) Heinrich ALLES, b. 13 Jan 1859 Buffalo. Witnesses: Joseph Glae???, Augusta Alles, Friedrich JAUCH, Mathilde Haller.
    • Pauline ALLES, b. 11 Feb 1893; d. 14 Jun 1893; buried 16 Jul 1893 (probably Concordia). [Death record from St. Peters.]
    • Irene ALLES, b. bef. 1900; m. Arthur Leonhard
      • Clifford Leonard
      • Muriel Leonard
  • Michael J. JAUCH, b. 17 Mar 1873; d. 16 Apr 1918; m. Elizabeth REINIG
    • Lillian Pauline Noette JAUCH, b. 2 Dec 1895 Buffalo. [Baptism record from St. Peters]; d. 30 Jan 1897 [St. Peters death records]. Looks like she's buried at Pine Hill.
    • Eleanor L. JAUCH, b. 1897; m. 24 Jun 1915 Walter W. MERKLING, b. 1893.
  • Genevieve (Jeanette Rose) JAUCH, b. 11 Sep 1885; d. 1 Sep 1929; m. 9 Oct 1907 (St. Peters) Jacob J. STRAEHLE / STRALEY
    • Roy STRALEY
  • Carl Friederich JAUCH, b. 9 Nov 1871; d. 22 Jun 1908 (buried Ridgelawn).
  • Wilhelm / William N. (or "W" / Walter) JAUCH, b. 28 May 1875; d. 18 Dec 1931 (bur. Ridgelawn Cemetery); m. 5 July ?? Anna Mary Osswald, b. 1879 in Buffalo. In 1930 city directory, they're at 85 Mulberry; he's a clerk at A. J. Jehle.
    • Walter JAUCH, b. 12 Apr 1905; d. 12? Apr 1972; m. Agnes Mary SZCZEPANIAK, b. 1903; d. ?. In 1930 city directory, they're at 165 Theodore; he's a miller.
      • Robert L. Jauch, b. 1931 or 7 Oct 1929, m. Marilyn BUCKLE; b. 7 Oct 1931; d. 30 Apr 1993; buried Lakeside cemetery, Camp Road, Hamburg, NY.
        • David W. JAUCH, b. 28 Dec 1959
      • Patricia JAUCH m. BUCHHOLTZ
        • Jim BUCHOLTZ (researcher)
      • Genevieve JAUCH m. Howard GLUNZ (descended from Elias GLUNZ)
  • Johann / John Albert JAUCH, b. 1 Sep 1876; d. 7 Dec 1931; m. Clara UNKNOWN. Found in 1930 city directory as a printer, living at 226 Lovering Ave.
  • Edward Friederich JAUCH, b. 1 Mar 1879; d. 22 Feb 1915; bur. Ridgelawn Cemetery; m. Margaret RIEMERS. After Edward's death, Margaret married Edward KELLER, moved to (and died and is buried in) Derby, NY. [Sara Burkholder is associated with the RIEMERS line.]
    • Margaret JAUCH (1907-1996) m. Joseph FROELICH (1903-1993). No children.
  • Gottlieb JAUCH, b. 19 May 1880
  • Elisabeth Pauline Rosine JAUCH, b. 5 Feb 1882; m. 16 May 1906 Julius C. HEMANN, b. 1884.
  • Pauline Caroline JAUCH, b. 27 Mar 1884 Buffalo; d. 1963 Buffalo; m. 1906 John Patrick SMITH, b. 1882; d. 1969; Pharmacist: Smith's Safe Pharmacy.
    • Howard SMITH, pharmacist m. Evelyn JUNG, dentist.
    • Mildred SMITH, still living; m. Walter Heffley (deceased).
      • John HEFFLEY m. Carol
      • Peter HEFFLEY, single; teacher
    • John Lincoln SMITH, living; m. Miriam SESS, living.
      • Sandra Patricia SMITH, living; m. John C. LEWIN, living. Three children.
      • Gale Pamela SMITH, living; m1. Donald HARTMAN, living; one daughter; m2. Joe KRAPS, living.
      • Bradley Howard SMITH, living; m1. Kimball CLINE, living; one daughter; divorced; m2. Mary Lou KAMRATH, living; two children.
      • Jillaine SMITH, living (researcher of this line); m. Philip Bogdonoff; no children.
  • Heinrich / Henry JAUCH, b. 18 May 1899; m. 21 Jun 1911 Estella SCHWAB. Found in 1930 city directory living at 33 Edna Place. He's an agent for the Travelers Ins. Co.

Martin JAUCH m. Maria MEIER. Stayed in Germany. Parents' names obtained from the death certificate of their daughter, Maria JAUCH THEN . Alive as of Summer 1907 when grand-daughter, Caroline THEN STEIN, visited them. (All per descendant Jean Emerson). Click here to see scan of Schwenningen Familienbuch family registry page that documents the origins of this family.

  • Ursula JAUCH (stayed in Germany). On family registry page of her parents (found in Schwenningen Familienbuch Vol IV, #321), she was born 1863 and married Johannes Jauch in 1886 (see Familienbuch Vol VI, #27?).
  • Christina JAUCH (dressmaker, remained in Germany); On family registry page of her parents (see above), she was born 1 Dec 1869 and married in 1889 Christian Hilfinger, and died 1948.
  • Martin JAUCH, Jr., b. 1862 or 1865. NOTE: There is no son by the name of Martin Jauch on the family page of Martin Jauch and Maria Meier. So I don't know now who this Martin is. But he does NOT belong to this family.
    • Agnes JAUCH m. John UNKNOWN
  • Agnes JAUCH, b. 1863 Germany (per 1920 census) (born 13 Jan or Jun 1862 per family registry of her parents; see above), d. 1925; m1?. 9 Jan 1881 (by F. Schle, pastor) William Woppler, b. abt. 1861 Germany; No children. [NOTE: The Agnes JAUCH who marries Emil Emminger claimed he was her first marriage, but Kevin is now wondering if there was a second Agnes JAUCH (perhaps the the servant at Moses Levi's home in the 1880 census?) who married Woppler. No Woppler in the 1890 Buffalo City Directory...]

    m2. 1882 (by C. Valz) Emil Emminger, tinsmith, b. abt. 1859 Buffalo, parents: Christian Emminger, Clara Bauman. Children:

    • Emil Emminger m. Cora Lee VALLEE
      • Erwin EMMINGER, deceased.
      • Lorraine EMMINGER, b. abt. 1913; d. 19 Dec 2002; m. GOETZ, deceased. Later divorced.
        • Thomas GOETZ
        • James GOETZ
        • Mary GOETZ
    • Julies Emminger, b. 10 Mar 1883; d. 18 Jun 1938; never married.
    • Clara Emminger, b. 9 Oct 1885; d. 1 May 1971; m. Frederick WADO
      • Ruth WADO, b. 16 Mar 1913; d. 7 Jun 1985 m. 7 Dec 1935 Franklin SLOTMAN
        • Wayne SLOTMAN (deceased)
        • Dennis SLOTMAN (twin)
        • David SLOTMAN (twin)
      • Ethel WADO, b. 26 Jun 1908; d. 19 Jan 1979; m. Norman WOHLHEUTER. Adopted:
        • Robert WOHLHEUTER (adopted)
        • Diane WOHLHEUTER (adopted)
    m3. 14 Jan 1891 (by J. Stormer at Evangelical Reformed Emanual Church near Hunbolt Pkwy, Buffalo, NY) Charles/Karl WUNSCH, b. 1853 Germany, farmer, son of Christian WUNSCH and Louise STEPHEN; d. 1918. (Second marriage for Charles). Child:
    • John WUNSCH, b. 8 Jun 1893; d. 10 Aug 1854; m. Clara DIETRICH, d. 1932.
      • Adaline WUNSCH m. Frank ENSER
        • Kevin ENSER (researcher)
      • Katheline WUNSCH m. Joseph Santos "Sandy" ARLOTTA
        • Sandra ARLOTTA
        • Susan ARLOTTA
        • John ARLOTTA
        • Douglas ARLOTTA
        • Peter ARLOTTA
      • Virginia "Jim" WUNSCH m. Leonard ARLOTTA
        • Gregory ARLOTTA
        • Jane ARLOTTA
        • Drew ARLOTTA
  • Maria JAUCH, b. 1867 in Germany; emig. late 1889; m. 1890 (St. Anns Church, Elmslie St.) John THEN. Lived on Liddell Avenue. "THEN" may have been "DEHN" in Germany. On family registry page of her parents, she was born 31 Oct 1867.
    • Ann THEN, b. 1891.
    • Caroline THEN, b. 1893; d. 1982; m. 1915 (St Jochaim RC Church ) Herbert John STEIN. Researcher Jean Emerson is descended from this line.
      • Rita STEIN
      • Mary Anne STEIN
      • Joseph STEIN
      • Elizabeth STEIN
      • John STEIN
      • Rosemary STEIN
      • Herbert STEIN
      • Jerome STEIN
      • Grace STEIN (mother of Jean)
    • John THEN, b. 1897; m. Florence VALLEE, d. 1994; sister of Coralee VALLEE below.
    • William THEN, b. 1900
  • Johannes JAUCH, b. 21 May 1865; m. 1889 Barbara ??; d. 1948. This entry is found on the Family Registry page of his parents, but was not provided by the researchers of this line.

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