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From Germany to Buffalo & Cincinnati: Albert, Betz, Glunz, Jauch, Schmidt, Sess

From Schwenningen to Staunton, VA: Thomas Jauch b. 1805

Last updated: 15 April 2007

While trying to locate the whereabouts of my emigrating ancestor (Andreas Jauch, b. 1800) between his 1847 departure from Schwenningen and the 1867 marriage of his son in Buffalo, NY, I researched the emigration of Andreas' brother, Thomas Jauch, b. 6 October 1805. (I hoped to find them settled together in the U.S.)

Andreas (a very recent widower) was, along with his four children (Anna Rosina, b. 1838; Ludwig, b. 1839; Maria, b. 1842; and Andreas, b. 1843) part of the town-subsidized emigration of 1847. At first, I thought that Andreas' brother, Thomas may have come with him at that time as well, but it appears that Thomas and his wife and children waited almost another ten years to emigrate in 1856. I still haven't found where Andreas and his children were for twenty years, but I do believe I discovered the outcome of Thomas Jauch's emigration. Based on what I have found, I believe the following is the outline of Thomas Jauch's descendants. My sources for this information are the U.S. census records; birth, marriage and death indices for various states/counties; and information from a couple of living descendants.

Thomas Jauch, b. 6 October 1805 Schwenningen; d. 1880-1900 probably Staunton , VA; m. 04 Feb 1835 (Schwenningen) Catharina Schlenker b. 12 or 24 Aug 1808 Schwenningen (daughter of Johann Georg Schlenker and Ursula Mauthe); d. between 1870-1880 probably in Staunton, VA. Children, all born Schwenningen, include:

  1. Ursula Jauch, b. 17 Oct 1835 Schwenningen; m. abt. 1860 Henry Pfifferling, b. Sept. 1832 Germany; shoemaker. By 1900 Ursula had had six births, but only 4 were living, so one of William, George or Hannah was deceased by 1900.Children, all born Virginia (probably Staunton) were:
    • Hannah Pfifferling (b 1861); m. abt. 1883 Lewis Rinsland.
      • George H. Reuseland, b. 27 Jan 1884 VA; d. 25 Dec 1970 Lynchburg, VA. Living with grandparents (and not mother) in 1900 census; did his parents die? m. 27 Apr 1909 (in Staunton, VA) Lena Virginia Bosserman, b. 4 Nov 1883; d. 19 Mar 1975 Lynchburg, VA. Children:
        • 1. Anna Rinsland, b. 13 Feb 1910; d. ??; m(1) 25 Aug 1932 Robert Hayes Giles, b. 3 Sep 1910; d. ?? . Two sons, possibly living; m(2) 1965 Joseph Oscar Trevey.
        • 2. Katherine Rinsland, b. 16 Apr 1914; d. ??; m. 13 Aug 1938 Doral Edward Irvin, b. 21 Aug 1913; d. ??. Son and daughter, possibly living.
    • George J Pfifferling (b 1863) [not in 1880 census with them, but might be in Cincinnati in 1900]
    • Henry Pfifferling (b. October 1865); single in 1900 (with parents) and in 1910. Barber.
    • Andrew J.Pfifferling (b. 1868), m. abt. 1896 Lillie? H. Unknown, b. abt. 1871 VA.
      • Marie C. Pfifferling, b. abt. 1897 VA. [found in 1910, but not 1900]
    • William Pfifferling (b 1871)
  2. Johann Georg Jauch, b. 16 Mar 1837 Schwenningen; d. btw 1910-1920; m. abt. 1860-1864 Barbara Unknown, b. abt. 1835 Wurttemberg; d. 1900-1910. In 1860 he is still single and working with father as a cooper in Staunton, VA. By 1870, I believe that he is the George J. Houch/Haug found in Baltimore, MD. He is alive as late as 1910 when we find him living in the General German Aged Peoples' Home in Baltimore, MD. Children:
    • Jacob Houck, b. abt. 1860 Wurttemberg [if birth place is accurate, this might be a child of Barbara's from a previous marriage and therefore with a possibly incorrect surname in the 1880 census] He is not in 1880 census with them.
    • George Haug, b. abt. 1864 Maryland; m. abt. 1890 (probably Baltimore) Kate A. Unknown b. March 1870 MD. Cooper. In Baltimore 1900, 1910, 1920; wife Kate, identified as "divorced" living with daughter in 1930 census (also Baltimore; no sign of George.) One of their first three daughters (but which one?) married and had a son Floyd Chenoweth, b. abt. 1918. Floyd is living with his grandparents in both 1920 and 1930 (in the latter case with his grandmother, Kate, and Aunt Helen).
      • Annie A. Haug, b. Aug 1892 MD
      • Emma M. Haug, b. March 1895 MD
      • Viola Haug, b. Nov 1897 MD
      • Helen A. or S. Haug, b. abt. 1908 MD; m. abt. 1926 Thomas B. Orndorff or Brindorff , b. abt. 1907 PA.
        • Evelyn M. Or/Brindorff, b. abt. 1929 MD
    • Anna Houck, b. abt. 1867 Maryland
    • Lydia Houck, b. abt. 1873 Maryland
    • Mathilda Houck, b. abt. 1875-1877 Maryland
  3. Andrew Jauch, b. 3 Nov 1841 Schwenningen; m. abt. 1875 Mary Unknown, b. Oct 1852 OH. Children (per 1900 census where we find them in Cincinnati, OH):
    • John Jauch (b. Aug 1876 OH)
    • Andrew Jauch, Jr. (b. Nov 1877 OH)
    • Maggie Jauch (b. Jun 1887 OH)
    • Christian Jauch (b. Mar 1891 OH)
  4. Maria Jauch, b. 2 Dec 1844 Schwenningen; no sign of her in the U.S. She would have been about 11 at time of emigration; if she left Schwenningen (check death records) she may not have survived the journey or perhaps she died shortly after and before the 1860 census.
  5. Thomas Jauch/Yauch, Jr., b. 8 July 1846 Schwenningen; m. abt. 1877 OH? Fannie Ross, b. July 1847 OH (parents b. VA or OH); d. 19 Jan 1922. Fanny had six births, but only two survived to adulthood. Thomas worked as a cooper for awhile to Scioto, OH, but ended up in Lexington, KY working in a distillery.
    • Thomas Jauch [III], b. Feb. 1878 OH; m1. abt. 1903 (CA?) Lusia Unknown, b. California, Swedish parents. Child:
      • Francine Jauch, b. abt. 1904 California; m. abt. 1920 Madera CA Willis G. Peabody, b. 19 Jun 1893 Calif.; d. 28 May 1965. Children:
        • 1. Wilda Lorraine Peabody, b. 22 Aug 1920; d. 24 Sep 1964; m1. abt. 1948 Homer C. Lewis, Jr., b. 1 Mar 1919 Riverside Co., CA; d 12 Oct 1995 Fresno Co., CA; divorced. Two children, living, one of whom I'm in touch with. WLP m2. 24 Dec 1954 Lester Johnson, b. abt. 1890; deceased. At least one child, living.
        • 2. Tomas A. Peabody, b. 13 Sep 1923; d. 5 Mar 2002
      TJ III m2. abt. 1924 Anna Serina Jacobson, b. 1 Jan 1884 Norway; d. 9 Aug 1856 Madera Co., CA. Children:
      • Thomas R Jauch, b. 10 Jul 1924 CA; d. 20 May 1974
      • Bernard Stephen Jauch, b. 3 Aug 1927; d. 5 Jun 1988.
  6. Leslie/Lula Jauch, b. Nov 1879 OH; d. Jan 1922 Lexington, KY (same month as her mother). Lived with her parents. Worked as a bookkeeper in a jewelry story. Either married (briefly) or had a child out of wedlock between 1910 and 1920 censuses. Not found after 1920 census.
    • Francine Caywood, b. 25 March 1916 KY. Cannot find after 1930 census, in which she is being raised as an adopted daughter of two single sisters, Katherine and Mary Harrison (Lexington, KY).


U.S. Timeline:

  • 1860: Thomas, Catharina and four of their five children are in Staunton, Augusta Co., VA; he is a "cooper." They are enumerated as "York" and daughter Ursula is identified as "Celia." Sons George and Andrew are also coopers. Thomas Jr. is 12 and in school.
  • 1870:
    • Thomas ("YOUCH"), cooper, and wife Catherine are still in Staunton, Augusta Co., VA (p. 73). Daughter Ursula is living next door, married to Henry Phifferling (or Pfifferling) with children.
    • Thomas Jr. is 22 and living in Union Twp, Wood Co., West Virginia, single, cooper with the HARPER family.
    • Son Johann Georg (now just George) is now married to Barbara and living as a cooper in Baltimore, MD, with children.
    • Son Andrew is single and living in Winchester, Frederick Co., VA working as a "glover" and enumerated with the STAGLE family.
  • 1880:
    • Thomas Sr. is identified/enumerated as "Holmer Yauch." He is widowed, a cooper, 75, and living with his daughter, Ursula, and son-in-law, Henry Pfifferling, and their children.
    • Son, Georg Houck/Haug is still in Baltimore with wife Barbara and children. Still a cooper. (But enumerated as from "Prussia.") Also living with George and Barbara in 1880 is a boarder, John J. Haug (same spelling as George), 38, tailor, b. Prussia. Who is he? Age is appropriate to a sibling or cousin.
    • Cannot find Andreas/Andrew Yauch. (mm... is that who Johann J is? in Baltimore? check dates.)
    • Thomas Jr. is now a Yauck, living in Portsmouth, Scioto Co., OH (p. 13) at 82 South Second. He is a cooper, married with children.
  • 1900:
    • Can no longer find Thomas Yauch Sr. (He would have been 95.)
    • Ursula is enumerated as Nisula Pefferling. With husband Henry and son Henry Jr. Still in Staunton.
    • Cannot find Georg & Barbara Houck/Haug in Baltimore (but do find his son, Georg Haug, Jr.).
    • Son Andrew is now in Cincinnati, OH working as a day laborer, married to Mary with several children. Enumerated as "Jauch" with a "Nov 1837" birth date (4 years off); emig 1865 (also off).
    • Thomas Jr. is living at 60 Manchester Street, Lexington, Fayette Co., KY (ED 13, p. 8b) working in a distillery.
  • 1910:
    • Georg (now Haug) is widowed, 74, and living in the General German Aged Peoples' Home, Baltimore , MD. His emigration year is listed as 1860.
    • Thomas Jauch/Yauch, Jr. (with wife Fannie) are still in Lexington, KY, living with their single daughter, Lula.
    • Thomas Yauch, III has moved west to Madera, CA where he is an engineer in a planing mill, married to Lusia, 29, of Swedish parents; they have a daughter, Francine or Francis.
  • 1920:
    • Thomas Yauch, Jr and Frannie are still living (71 years old) in Lexington (862 Manchester? St; ED 48, p. 11A); he's still working in the distillery. Daughter Lula is enumerated with them as married (but no husband present) and she has a daughter, Francis. The surname is "Caywood".
    • Thomas Jauch III is still in Madera , CA; living either widowed or divorced, with dau Frances M. (16), and her husband Willis G. Peabody (26); Thomas is a machinist in a garage.
  • 1930:
    • Thomas Jauch III is at 304 Vanguard Ave. Madera , CA, married to a second wife, an Anna, b. Norway; with two sons, Thomas R, 5, and Bernard 2 years 6 months, both b. CA; he's a machinist at a machine shop. His daughter by his first marriage ( Frances ) is still married to Willis E. Peabody; they still live in (Twp 4) Madera CA with two children: Wilda Y? (f), 9; and Tomas A. (6) both b. CA [Willis died May 1965 per SSDI]
    • The Lexington, KY JAUCHs are deceased; it looks like Lulu and her mother died the same month. Lulu's daughter Francis Caywood is living as an adopted daughter of Kathleen and Mary Harrison (Lexington, KY).



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