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From Germany to Buffalo & Cincinnati: Albert, Betz, Glunz, Jauch, Schmidt, Sess

Emigrating JAUCHs of Schwenningen, Wurttemberg

Compiled by Jillaine Smith
Last Updated: 5 February 2006

This page is divided into two sections:
  1. Emigrating JAUCHs as determined by examination of Schwenningen church records (specifically FHL# 1658748; 19th century family registry pages)
  2. Emigrating JAUCHs determined from Germans to America.
  3. JAUCHs found in the U.S. through census and other records.
The goal is to match those in the each group with those in the other group.

JAUCHs who left Schwenningen

The following individuals emigrated or otherwise left Schwenningen in the 19th century. If you are related to or researching any of the following people and have further information, please email me. (You will have to manually edit that email address in order for it to work.)
  1. Between 1868-1878, all but one of the adult children of Jacob Jauch [son of Jacob Jauch and Anna Christina Jaeckle] (1819-1878) and Agatha Pfeisterer [dau. of Christian Pfeisterer and Agatha Schaub?] emigrated to America. They were:
    • Jacob Jauch, b. Mar 1842
      1870: May be Jacob Jauch, 28, in Brooklyn, NY
      1880: May be Jacob Jauch, 39, in Buffalo, NY with wife Mina, 30, and dau, Mina, 11.
      1990: If 1880 above is so, Jacob died by 1900 at which time his wife (b. Aug 1850) is a widow, his daughter, Minnie (b. Feb 1869) is married to George Schlenker (probably another Schwenninger, emig. 1883), b. Feb 1867. Minnie and George married abt. 1898 and are living with her mother in 1900 at 531 Eagle.
    • Johannes Jauch, b. 21 Dec 1843
      1870/1880: Might be in Rochester, NY, with wife Eliza and dau Ella, b. 1870; son, Marvin, b. 1874.
      Or might be John Jauch, b. Jun 1843 in Custer City, CO, in 1900 census, with wife Minnie and 7 children. Emigrated 1863.
    • Christian Jauch, b. Aug 1845
      Can't find any evidence of him in the U.S. Census records.
    • Johann Martin Jauch, b. Mar 1847; may have died shortly after arriving in US; the family page lists "Amerika" in the death column, but no date. Also a male with same name is born in 1862, implying that the earlier son died by then.
    • Anna Christina Jauch, b. Mar 1849
    • Katharina? Jauch, b. Oct 1850
    • Anna Jauch, b. Aug 1852
    • Wilhelm Jauch, b. June 1854
      Can't find in censuses, with possible exception of Houghton Co., MI in 1900.
    • Agnes or Ursula Jauch, b. Jun 1856
    • Daniel Jauch, b. 1859
      He's in the Wurttemberg Emigration Index; identified as having applied for emigration in April 1874. Can't find him in censuses.
    • Ferdinand Jauch, b. 1860
      Can't find him in censuses.
    • Martin Jauch, b. Jul 1862
      Likely the Martin Jauch in the Wuerttemberg Emigration Index, b. 2 Jul 1862 Schwenningen; application date, Nov 1878; # 841115.
      1900 census: Torch Lake, Houghton County, Michigan: Martin Jauch, b. July 1862; married 9 years; emig 1879; saloon keeper m. Kattie, b. 1871 Germany; 4 births; 4 living; emig 1888 4 children born between 1892-1899 (all Michigan).

  2. After 1856, most of the adult children of Johann Martin Jauch [son of Jacob Jauch and Maria Schrenk] (1812-1897) and Maria Weyler [dau. of Johannes Weiler & Susanna Benzing] (1811-1888) appear to have emigrated, but I'm not sure. (And I find none of them as single women in the 1860 or 1870 censuses.) They are:
    • Susanna Jauch, b. Jan 1833
    • Maria Jauch, b. Aug. 1834
    • Anna Katharina Jauch, b. Jan 1836
    • Anna Jauch, b. Nov 1839
    • Unknown Jauch, b. May 1842

  3. Also in 1856, this entire family emigrated to America. Thomas Jauch [son of Andreas Jauch and Maria Schlenker] (1805-?) m. 1835 Catharina Schlenker [daughter of Johann Georg Schlenker & Ursula Manthe]. They ended up in Staunton, VA by 1860; their children scattered. A researcher on the JAUCH board says he's descended from the son, Johann Georg, below. The father here, Thomas, is brother to another (and my) emigrating Jauch, Andreas (see below). Children:
    • Ursula Jauch, b. Oct 1835; married Henry Pfifferling; remained in Staunton, VA
    • Johann Georg Jauch, b. Mar 1837; ended up in Baltimore (Houck, Haug)
    • Andreas Jauch, b. Nov 1841; in Winchester, VA in 1870; in Cincinnati, OH in 1900
    • Maria Jauch, b. Dec 1844; can't find her; she's not in 1860 census with parents.
    • Thomas Jauch, b. Jul 1846; ended up in Lexington, KY; one of his sons (Thomas III) ended up in Madera Co., California.

  4. This family has no death dates for the parents and no marriage information for the children. The same word(s) appear in the marriage column of each of the children. But I can't make it out. I include them as possible emigrating JAUCHs. Martin Jauch [son of Johann Georg Jauch; no mother listed] (1842-?) m. 1870 Catherine Naif [dau of Jacob Naif and A.B. Pfeister] (?-?). Children:
    • Anna Katharina Jauch, b. Apr 1871
    • Martin Jauch, b. Feb 1872
    • Clara Jauch, b. May 1873
    • Robert Traigold? Jauch, b. May 1876
    • Emil Warner Jauch, b. Oct 1877

  5. This husband/father appears to have emigrated with his young children after the 1846 death of his wife and is listed as part of the 1847 town-subsidized emigration; however, I now believe he did not complete the emigration but remained behind. His son, Ludwig, *did* emigrate in 1867. Andreas Jauch [son of Andreas Jauch and Maria Schlenker; brother to emigrating Thomas, above] (7 Dec 1800-?) m. 1837 Rosina Jaeckle [dau. of Ludwig Jaeckle and Anna Sophia Wurthner] (1812-1846). None of these family members can be found in the 1850 census. Children:
    • Anna Rosina Jauch, b. June 1838
    • Ludwig Jauch, b. July 1839.
      Ancestor of Jillaine Smith. He ends up in Buffalo by 1867 at which time he marries Paulina Glunz just arrived from Hausen ob Verena, very close to Schwenningen. Their families may have known each other back in Wurttemberg.
    • Maria Jauch, b. Apr 1842
    • Andreas Jauch, b. 1843
      May be the Andreas Jauch, married to Friedericke who is baptizing a daughter, Louise, b. 3 May 1866 at St. Johns Evangelical church in Buffalo, NY.
      May be the Andreas Jauch (indexed as Jarich), married to Mina, in the 1870 Census, Evansville, Indiana. I can't find this Andreas and Mina after 1870.

  6. This family appears to have emigrated after 1875 although it is not clear to where. There is no death listed for either parent and no confirmation, marriage or death information or any of the children. Michael Jauch [son of Jacob Jauch and Katharina Rapp] (1842-?) m. 1866 Anna Schlenker [dau of Christian Schlenker and Maria Schlenker] (1843-?). There is a lot of narrative under both the father (Michael)'s name as well as some words immediately following each child's listing. But I can't decipher it... yet. Children:
    • Christian Jauch, b. June 1865 [There's a Christian Jauch, b. 1866, of Diesslingen (close by), in the WEI, applying for emigration in Sep 1883]
    • Jakob Jauch, b. Mar 1867
    • Johannes Jauch, b. Jan 1869
    • Catharina Jauch, b. May 1872
    • Wilhelm Jauch, b. Jan 1874
    • Maria Jauch, b. Mar 1875

  7. The older brother of Michael, immediately above, also emigrated some time after 1853; perhaps WITH his brother's family? I see no evidence that he married in Schwenningen. Jakob Jauch, b. Dec. 1839.

  8. Here's a younger son who appears to have emigrated to America around the time of his 1879 marriage. Parents (who did not emigrate): Johannes Jauch [son of Johannes Jauch and (m2)Maria Wuerthner] (?-1884) m2. 1846 Barbara Jauch [dau of Conrad Jauch and Agnes Wuerthner] (1821-1878). Emigrating child by this marriage (see next for emigrating grandchild by Johannes' first marriage):
    • Johannes Jauch, b. Aug 1859; "m. 1879 Amerika"

  9. The father Johannes Jauch, above (?-1878), was first married to Anna Katharina Wolf. She had only one son before she died, then Johannes remarried. This son was Jakob Jauch (1844-1824) m. 1869 Christina Rapp (1843-1909). At least one of their sons also emigrated:
    • Johannes Jauch, b. May 1873; confirmed 1887. "Amerika" in marriage column. [There's a Johannes, b. 1876, in the WEI, applying for emigration in July 1890.]
    • Christian Jauch, b. Feb 1882. No confirmation date, no marriage or death information. Did he emigrate too?

  10. Two daughters emigrated to America around 5 years apart. Parents were Johannes Jauch [son of Martin Jauch and Ursula Kaefer] (1828-1896) m1. 1859 Christina Jauch [dau of Jacob Jauch and Agnes Hunfer or Hausser] (1828-1863); m2. Agatha Jauch [dau of Johann Georg Jauch and Agatha Barrho] (1841-1898). The following two daughters were the only children of the first marriage to survive infancy/childhood:
    • Maria Jauch, b. Jun 1854; confirmed 1868; "nach Amerika 1868" (i.e., when she was 14)
    • Ursula Jauch, b. Mar 1860; "nach Amerika 1873" (i.e., when she was 13-- she didn't wait for her confirmation). I wonder if the girls didn't like their father's new wife (or vice versa)?

  11. Here's an entire family that emigrated in 1856. Jakob Jauch [illegitimate son of Katharina Jauch, herself dau of Jakob Jauch] (1826-?); m. 1851 Anna Katharina Stegmann [dau of Christian Stegmann and Anna Vosseler] (1825-?). It appears that Jakob and Anna Katharina had two illegitimate children prior to their marriage; the three all appear to have emigrated with them. Note that this family emigrated around the same time as families #2 and #3, above.
    • Anna Jauch, b. March 1848
    • Christian Jauch, b. Jun 1849
    • Anna Katharina Jauch, b. Nov. 1852.

  12. Here's a case of the mother emigrating with most or all of her children nine years before the Schwenningen death of her husband! They emigrated in 1881. Christian Jauch [son of Johannes Jauch and Maria Schlenker] (1835-1890) m. 1860 Agatha Merzing [dau of Martin Merzing and Maria Mueller] (1835-?). Children:
    • Maria Jauch, b. June? 1858
    • Johannes Jauch, b. Mar 1860 [not clear if he emigrated]
    • Martin Jauch, b. Feb 1865 [There's a Martin Jauch, b. 1865, in the WEI, applying for emigration in Aug 1879.]
    • Ursula Jauch, b. Nov 1867

  13. Three children of these parents emigrated to America in the 1880s. Parents: Michael Jauch [son of Martin Jauch and Anna Schrenk] (1832-1905) m. 1859 Katharina Schlenker [dau of Erhard Schlenker and Katharina Link] (1836-1892). Children who emigrated:
    • Erhard Jauch, b. Jan 1859; emig. 1889?
    • Anna Jauch, b. Jan 1862; emig. 1882
    • Martin Jauch, b. Jan 1870; emig 1888-1889

  14. Here's a rare case where the specific city in America was listed on the church record. Looks like the mother emigrated to and/or died in America in 1884 or 1885 and the daughter (her only child) followed her five years later? Parents: Martin Jauch [son of Jacob Jauch and Ursula Schlenker] (1834-1886) m. 1861 Anna Schlenker [dau of Christian Schlenker and Ursula Wuerthner] (1834-1884/85 America). Child:
    • Anna Jauch, b. Sep 1861; emigrated to BUFFALO 1900.

  15. Looks like one daughter (of several children) emigrated in 1883. Parents: Jacob Jauch [son of Martin Jauch and Ursula Kaefer] (1821-1914) m. 1859 Anna Sulan [dau of Johannes Sulan and Agatha Schlenker]. Emigrating child:
    • Agatha Jauch, b. Dec 1863; 1883 nach Amerika

  16. Ditto. A number of children remained in Schwenningen. Parents: Martin Jauch [son of Christian Jauch and Maria Rapp] (1832-1909) m. 1859 Anna Maria Haller [dau of Jacob Haller and Eliz. Jaeckle] (1835-1916). Emigrating child:
    • Maria Jauch, b. Oct 1863; emig. 1882.

  17. Here's a case where it looks like the parents emigrated without children. Of the 8 births only one married; another may have survived and possibly emigrated with the parents. Parents: Andreas Jauch [son of Conrad Jauch and Agnes Wuerthner] (1825-?) m. 1860 Elisabeth Unknown [illegitimate? daughter of Agatha Unknown? Catholic] (1829-?). The page indicates that at the least, the husband emigrated in 1871. What gives me pause about the mother emigrating is that the one son who stayed, Andreas, b. 1861, married in 1886, would have been only 10 at the time his father left. Unlikely that he was left behind as a child. Did the mother not go? Did this son emigrate but ultimately return to Schwenningen to marry? The other child who survived infancy who may have gone with them:
    • Jacob Friederich Jauch, b. Sep 1852

  18. Only one child of this couple's many children emigrated to America. Parents: Johannes Jauch [son of Johannes Jauch and Anna Jauch] (1836-1886) m. 1861 Maria Mueller [dau of Johannes Mueller and Agatha Schlenker] (1839-1889):
    • Georg Jauch, b. Nov 1869; confirmed 1883. "Amerika" in marriage column.

Thus ends the review of the first 83 JAUCH family pages from the 19th century family books (A-L).

JAUCHs from Germans to America

The following are selected JAUCHs from Germans to America. (Thank you Jean Emerson for this compilation.)
  • Agnes Jauch found in: Germans to America, 1850-1874; Age: 24 [therefore b. 1836]; Gender: Female Occupation: Single; Country: Germany; Final Destination: United States ; Manifest ID Number: 00009693; Ship's Name: Hammonia; Port of Embarkation: Hamburg and Southampton; Date of Arrival: Nov 2, 1860; Captain's Name: H. F. Schwensen; Purpose for Travel: Staying in the USA; Mode of Travel: Steerage. FOUND: Daughter (b. 17 Nov 1836) of Johannes Jauch (1811-1880) and Agnes Schlenker (1813-1853). She emigrated 3 years after her father remarried. She may have emigrated with her younger brother Caspar Jauch, b. 1841. (There is a Caspar Jauch in Hartford, CT, 1870, age 24, with a wife, "Mata". Just married the previous October (1869).)

  • Agnes Jauch found in: Germans to America, 1875-1888; Age: 18; Gender: Female ; Occupation Code: Spinster ; Country: Germany; Last Residence: Unknown; Final Destination: USA ; Purpose for Travel: Staying in USA, but not a citizen of USA ; Mode of Travel: Steerage Port of Embarkation: Liverpool & Queenstown ; Manifest ID Number: 35372 ; Captain's Name: Kennedy; Ship's Name: City Of Berlin; Date of Arrival: Sep. 01, 1879. LIKELY FOUND: Probably the daughter, b. 5 Dec 1863, of Jakob Jauch and Anna Sulan; see family registry IV-350.

  • Martin Jauch found in: Germans to America, 1850-1874; Age: 32 [therefore b. 1835]; Gender: Male; Occupation: Farmer; Country: Wurtemberg; Final Destination: United States; Ship's Name: Emma; Port of Debarkation: New York; Port of Embarkation: Havre; Date of Arrival: May 3, 1867 . No obvious candidate in Schwenningen records.

  • Martin Jauch found in: Germans to America, 1850-1874; Age: 23 [therefore b. 1831]; Gender: Male; Occupation: Brewer ; Country: Germany ; Final Destination: Hamilton ; Ship's Name: Lamont ; Port of Debarkation: New York ; Port of Embarkation: Havre ; Date of Arrival: Aug 21, 1854 . No obvious candidate in Schwenningen records.

  • Martin Jauch found in: Germans to America, 1875-1888; Age: 26 [therefore b. abt. 1857]; Gender: Male; Occupation Code: Watch Maker ; Country: Germany ; Last Residence: Unknown ; Final Destination: USA ; Port of Embarkation: Bremen ; Manifest ID Number: 37257 Ship's Name: Neckar ; Date of Arrival: Apr. 14, 1883. No obvious candidate in Schwenningen records.

  • Martin Jauch found in: Passenger and Immigration Index, 1500s-1900s; Place: North America; Year: 1879; Primary immigrant: Jauch, Martin ; Permanent entry number: 1326009 ; Accession number: 8954133 ; Source publication code: 8057.4 \ Source publication page number: 92 ; Source publication: SCHENK, TRUDY, RUTH FROELKE, and INGE BORK. The Wuerttemberg Emigration Index. Vol. 1. Salt Lake City: Ancestry, 1986. 230p. Source: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index. Without an age, I can't determine him easily.

  • Martin Jauch found in: Passenger and Immigration Index, 1500s-1900s; Place: North America Year: 1878 ; Primary immigrant: Jauch, Martin ; Permanent entry number: 1326008 Accession number: 8954134 ; Source publication code: 8057.4 ; Source publication page number: 92 ; Source publication: SCHENK, TRUDY, RUTH FROELKE, and INGE BORK. The Wuerttemberg Emigration Index. Vol. 1. Salt Lake City: Ancestry, 1986. 230p. Source: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index. Without an age, I can't determine him easily.

  • Ursula Jauch found in: Passenger and Immigration Index, 1500s-1900s ; Place: North America; Year: 1872 ; Primary immigrant: Jauch, Ursula ; Permanent entry number: 1326011 ; Accession number: 8954128 ; Source publication code: 8057.5 ; Source publication page number: 91 ; Source publication: SCHENK, TRUDY, and RUTH FROELKE. The Wuerttemberg Emigration Index. Vol. 2. Salt Lake City: Ancestry, 1986. 240p. Source: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index. Without an age, I can't determine her easily.

JAUCHs found in the U.S.

Goal: match these below with those above... See
Jauchs of Buffalo (they're not included below).
  • Louis [Ludwig?] JAUCH, b. 1834 Wurttemberg; identified as married, but wife (born KY) is not enumerated with him in the 1880 census. NEW: Found in Germans to America:
    Louis Jauch, 19 years of age from Wurttemberg, arrived in the U.S. on April 3, 1854. FOUND: He was the son, b. 29 Mar 1834, of Johannes Jauch (1804-1877) and Anna Jaeckle (1805-1863). See family registry in Deisslingen (Catholic) #146b. First cousin of Jillaine's ancestor, another Ludwig Jauch, who settled in Buffalo by 1867. Won't be found in Schwenningen records because his parents settled in Diesslingen (although their ancestors were from Schwenningen) . In 1880, this Louis found as farmer in Irishtown, Clinton Co., IL (p. 441D) with sons:
    • William E. Jauch, b. 1875 IL
    • Louis B. Jauch, b. 1877 IL
    • Hayes Jauch, b. 1878 IL
    • John A. Jauch, b. 1879/80 IL (6 mos old)
  • Elias JAUCH, b. 1837 Germany, found single living in Denver, CO in 1880 as a tailor. Found: Descendant Caroline Herbaut has sent additional information. Elias is son of Christian Jauch (b. 1792 Schwenningen) and Maria Link (b. 1801 Schura). He emigrated 1870, after leaving a wife and child in France. Caroline is descended from this French union. She found that he died in Denver in 1894. Apparently he did not remarry or have additional children in the U.S. [updated 23 Sep 2003.]
  • George JAUCH held land patents in 1927 and 1930 (see
  • John JAUCH held a land patent in 1920 (see
  • John [Johannes] JAUCH, b. 1828 Wuerttemberg, farmer; m. Mary Unknown, b. 1837 Prussia [so unlikely wife is from Schwenningen unless census is wrong which is possible]. NEW: He might be the son of Michael JAUCH (1801-1885) and Catharina Schlenker (1799-1858); see Family Registry I-144b. In 1880 census, found in Washington, Brown Co., KS with:
    • Anna Jauch, b. 1863 KS
    • Theodore Jauch, b. 1862 KS
    • Barbara Jauch, b. 1869 KS
    • John Jauch, b. 1872 KS
    • William Skinner (step-son), b. 1870 MO
  • Michael JAUCH, b. 1831 GER, Varnish works; m. Julia, b. 1844 Germany. New: No obvious candidate in Schwenningen records. Found in 1880 census in Cleveland, OH with:
    • William Jauch, b. 1864 NY
    • Emma Jauch, b. 1867 NY
    • Benjamin Jauch, b. 1869 NY
    • Christina Jauch, b. 1872 NY
    • Henry Jauch, b. 1874 NY
    • Julia Jauch, b. 1877 OH
    • Anna Jauch, b. 1879 OH (10 mos old)

  • Louise JAUCH, b. 1837 Wirtenberg, widow. In 1880, found in Cincinnati with:
    • Jno. Jauch, b. 1862 OH, copper business
    • Wm. Jauch, b. 1869 OH
    • Chas. Jauch, b. 1872 OH

  • Mac JAUCH, b. 1836 Wirtenberg, tanner; m. Louise, b. 1837 OH or Bav.; in 1880 found in Cincinnati, OH with:
    • Mary Jauch, b. 1860 OH, seamstress.

  • Jacob JAUCH, b. 1847 Wittenberg, shoemaker; m. Mary, b. 1845 Wittenberg. NEW: Quite probably the son, b. 23 May 1847, of Johann Martin Jauch (1813-1898) and Anna Barbara Kaefer (1815-1882). See FHL Film #1658747 - Band 24, Family Registry Volume I #130b. Ancestor of Robert & Donald YAUCH (although they wonder if he's not the son of Christian Jauch and Johanna Louisa Mueller of Diesslingen, baptized Catholic there on 9 Jun 1847). In 1880 found in Liberty, Mercer Co., OH with:
    • John Jauch, b. 1877 OH.

  • John JAUCH, b. 1830 Wurt, tanner; m. Appelonia, b. 1829 Baden; in 1880 found in Dayton, OH with the following children (below). Note: No obvious connection the Schwenningen church records, although several possibilities; find him in 1860 and 1870 censuses and see if there is additional evidence.
    • Mary Jauch, b. 1857 OH
    • Fremk [Frank?] Jauch, b. 1859 OH, wheelmaker
    • Julia Jauch, b. 1863 OH, clerk
    • Albert Jauch, b. 1865 OH, clerk

  • Jacob JAUCH, b. 1840 WIR, day laborer; m. Rachel, b. 1851 IN. Found in Gratis, Preble Co., OH in 1880 with the following children (below). NEW: Probably the Jacob, b. 29 Apr 1840, son of Ludwig Jauch and Ursula Majer; their family registry page indicates that their son emigrated to America in 1859. Note there is also in the 1900 census, in Jefferson, Montgomery Co., OH, living in a home for disabled veterans a Jacob Jauch, b. Apr 1840; married 33 years, having emigrated 1859.
    • Lewis Jauch, b. 1868 OH
    • Daniel V. Jauch, b. 1872 OH
  • John JAUCH, b. 1853, found in 1880 single, as servant on farm of Gottlieb Machning in West Albany, MN. NOTE: No obvious link with Schwenningen church records.

    NEW YORK (non-Erie County)
  • John JAUCH, b. 1858 Wurt., butcher, found in NYC enumerated with the STAUB family. Note: No obvious link with Schwenningen church records.

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