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From Germany to Buffalo & Cincinnati: Albert, Betz, Glunz, Jauch, Schmidt, Sess

The JAUCHs of Schwenningen

I am descended from Paulina JAUCH (1884-1963), daughter of Ludwig JAUCH (1839-1912) and Paulina GLUNZ (1847-1930). That's her photo to the right.

In an effort to find Ludwig's origins, I have become fascinated by ALL Jauchs of Schwenningen. I am sharing my research efforts here. If you'd like your Jauch-related research to be added to this effort, please email me. (Email address has been modified to discourage spam; replace "_AT_" with "@".)

--Jillaine Smith, Washington DC
Last updated: 5 Feb 2006

[Paulina JAUCH SCHMIDT (1884-1963)]

What I've got on the JAUCHs of Schwenningen

  • GEDCOM of Schwenningen JAUCHS
    Call me nuts... Starting with the Jauchs found on the IGI (at, I started a GEDCOM of all Jauchs in Schwenningen. This file now includes a growing number of records as found after reviewing the Schwenningen church records. A work in progress.
    • Please help me connect the disconnected! The Schwenningen JAUCH Disconnects is an attempt to tie disconnected branches of Schwenningen families (including additional surnames) into the "main tree trunk" of the Jauchs of Schwenningen GEDCOM.

  • Sources for Research for Schwenningen and JAUCHs. The sources of material I've been drawing from as part of this whacky project of mine. NEW!
  • Thomas Jauch, b. 1805 emigrated to Staunton, VA with wife and children. This page is an attempt to document and find their descendants, who ended up in Baltimore (surname HAUG and HOUCK), Lexington, KY (JAUCH and YAUCH), West Virginia (JAUCH and YAUCH), and Madera, CA (JAUCH). Thomas was brother of my ancestor. NEW!
  • Earliest JAUCHs in Schwenningen determined by examining early death and marriage records in Schwenningen.

  • Catholic JAUCHs of Diesslingen. Schwenningen doesn't have a Catholic church-- or at least one filmed by the LDS, but here's one nearby town that does...

  • The Emigrating JAUCHS from Schwenningen. This page seeks to identify the U.S. whereabouts of all emigrating JAUCHs.

  • JAUCHs listed on the Wurttemberg Emigration Index (WEI)

  • JAUCHs listed in Germans to America (Thanks to Jean Emerson for this compilation.)

  • Compilation of JAUCHs of Buffalo 1850-1930 (var. spellings)

  • JAUCH-L mailing list for those researching this surname. Or if you prefer, participate through the JAUCH message board, which is linked to the mailing list. Please join us. See also the YAUCH Message Board.

  • Other JAUCH surname researchers

  • Yauk / Jauk Family Page is Larry Yauk's attempt to also compile everything he knows about JAUCHs (of various spellings) and the people researching them. His compilation includes a significant focus on German JAUCHs that also settled in Russia and Croatia.

  • Peter Schifferdecker's Excellent Schwenningen Genealogies
    This is a German-language web site of a Schwenningen descendant who has done an excellent job of documenting the history of many Schwenningen surnames, including JAUCH (see "Namenliste" for the surnames he's documented). Some interesting tidbits (translated) from this page:
    • The oldest recorded instances of JAUCH is from near Basel, Switzerland, c. 1293.
    • The origin of the name appears to be related to the amount of land that could be measured by YOKE cattle in a given day.
    • Name variations include Juchart, Juchert, Jauchert (although we don't tend to see these variations in the U.S.; the variations we see here are Yauch, Yauck, Youck, etc.)
    • There is MUCH more history compiled here. Even poorly translated by a free Internet translation service, the info is still great!

  • Karl Weiler has been researching his Schwenningen ancestors for a long time (his JAUCHs went to Ohio), and is one of the primary contributors of JAUCH information to the LDS' IGI. We're happy to see he's put his fine work online.

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