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From Germany to Buffalo & Cincinnati: Albert, Betz, Glunz, Jauch, Schmidt, Sess

Overview of BETZ Researchers

The purpose of this compilation is solely to help BETZ researchers find others working on their line. Readers and researchers should NOT use the information on this page as a documented source for their own research. Always check ALL claims below against actual documented proof. This compilation project has revealed a variety of approaches to family history research and therefore controversial claims on similar lines. Please document your efforts! Also please note: in an effort to reduce spam, I have edited email addresses so that they cannot easily be "harvested" by spammers. When you click on an email link you will have to edit the email address in order for it to work, replacing "_AT_" with "@".

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Last updated 15 February 2010

  • From Pfalz to Buffalo - This group of researchers is tracking the family of Joh. Heinrich BETZ and Maria Magdalena-Christina DRESSEL, most of whom came to Buffalo, NY between 1837 and 1847. At least two of the seven children who emigrated (with their parents) have been documented to the present time. We seek descendants of the other lines.
  • Other Buffalo (& Erie Co.) BETZes describes other BETZ lines that settled in Buffalo, some of whom may be connected to the above family, but we don't know yet.
  • Egelsbach to Jefferson Co., NY tracks the line of BETZes that came from slightly east of the Pfalz Betzes, above, and who settled slightly east of Buffalo, as well.
  • From Schelkingen to America describes the BETZes who emigrated from about 60 miles southeast of Stuttgart and settled in various places in the U.S. Chances are most of them are related.
  • Western BETZes covers those west of and within the Rocky Mountains.
  • Palatine BETZes to Pennsylvania attempts to track the effort of a set of BETZes that arrived a century earlier-- along with the Palatine wave of the early-mid 1700s. These BETZes came from around Mannheim (and elsewhere within nearby Alsace), settled initially in Pennsylvania, and some of whom moved to points west.
  • Later Pennsylvania BETZes documents BETZes that either came to Pennsylvania later, or who have not yet been connected to the earliest generations of PA BETZes.
  • Eastern Seaboard BETZes describes those BETZ lines that settled in New England, eastern New York, NJ and down along the eastern seaboard (excluding Pennsylvania).
  • Midwest BETZes describes the BETZ lines that settled in Ohio, Illinios, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and South Dakota. Includes some that moved west to Washington State.
  • Southern BETZes (includes Texas)
  • Canadian BETZes currently includes only one listing-- our only knowledge, to date, of BETZes that settled in our neighbor to the north.
  • BETZ Still in Germany
  • Russian BETZes

The right-hand column goes back no further than the ancestor who emigrated from Germany to the U.S. Researchers may have data going back further; but for brevity, we've started here with the emigrating ancestor. For details about descendants or ancestors related to the particular line listed in the right-hand column, please contact the researcher in the left-hand column. If no email address is listed, please email me and I will put you in touch with them. -- Jillaine Smith, Washington DC.

From Pfalz to Buffalo

The following researchers (left-hand column) are descended from Joh. Heinrich BETZ (b. 12 Apr 1786; d. 2 Mar 1873) and Maria Magdalena-Christina DRESSEL (b. 7 Apr 1790; d. Aug 1852). This couple (married 17 May 1808) and most of their adult and near-adult children (right-hand column) emigrated from Feilbingert, Pfalz, Rheinbayern to Buffalo, NY sometime between 1837 and 1847. The BETZes were farmers and potters in Germany. They must have come to America fairly well off, or at least enough so to purchase land fairly quickly upon arrival. Land deeds are found as early as 1846. Henry, Sr. opened up a family pottery business at 824 Genesee that stayed in the family for at least three generations. The first few generations remained in Buffalo, NY, and were potters, engineers, city assessors and more. We have also documented several generations further back in Germany. We seek descendants of each of their children; we also seek validation of when and how they emigrated.

Jillaine Smith
Darcy McCabe

are both descended from Elisabetha BETZ (1820-1891) who married (1848) Leonhard SCHMIDT (1818-1872).

We seek descendants of Catharina Schmidt and Frank Schueler. (We are in touch with some since this page first went up.)

While we are in touch with many descendants of Philip L. Schmidt, we're still missing a few branches.

  • Elisabetha BETZ
    b: 01 July 1820 in Bingert, Pfalz, Bayern
    NEW!!: emigrated: 25 Jun 1845 on the ship "Fanny"
    d: 05 March 1891 in Buffalo, New York
    m. 21 Nov 1848 Leonard SCHMIDT (1818 - 1872)
    1. Catharina Schmidt
      b: 31 August 1849 in Buffalo
      d: Abt. 1932: in In 1932 directory, not 1933
      m. 1871 Frank Schueler (1849 - ?)
        (We would love to find descendants of all of these)
      • John Schueler (1873 - ?)
        m. Unknown and had at least one daughter.
      • Jennie Schueler (1873 - ?)
      • Charles Schueler (1875 - ?)
      • Mary Schueler (1877 - ?)
      • Frank L. Schueler (1883 - ?)
      • Rosa Schueler (1886 - ?)
        m. abt. 1907 Henry Deinzer; had at least three daughters. We are in touch with living descendants of this line.
    2. Philipp Leonard SCHMIDT (1851 - 1898)
      m. 1872 Elizabeth FASSNACHT (1852 - 1926). This line is well documented elsewhere.
    3. Maria Schmidt (1858 - 1885) single
    4. Heinrich Schmidt (1855 - 1897) single
  • Philippina BETZ (one of the emigrating children of Heinrich & Christina Dressel) was quite prolific, especially through her daughter Julia Schauf. There are (as of March 2002) at least five different lines from this daughter who are researching this branch of the Buffalo BETZ tree (see below).

    We are seeking descendants of Philippina through her REITZ children.

    Sharon Centanne is descended from Philippina Betz through daughter Julia Schauf and August Kellerman's son Carl.

    D Kellerman
    is descended from Philippina Betz through Julia Schauf and August Kellerman's son Edward Joseph.

    E L. Endres
    is descended from Philippina Betz through daughter Julia Schauf and August Kellerman's daughter Julie Marie Kellerman

    J Shields
    is descended from Philippina BETZ through daughter Julia Schauf and John P. Gantzer.

    Carol Upton
    is descended through Philippina Betz Schauf's son, Carl Schauf and his wife Wilhelmina Bartel.

  • Philippina BETZ (1818 - 1901);
    m1. abt. 1847 Unk. Schaefer (no issue);
    m2. abt. 1848 George Adam REIZ in Buffalo, NY
    1. Peter REITZ (1849 - ?); m. Caroline B. Wale (1869 - )
      • Caroline Margaret REITZ (1893 - 1975); m. John A. Lang (1892-?)
    2. Adam Henry REITZ (1849-1899); m. Eliz. Schroeder (1859-1927)
      • Julia Eliz. Reitz (1880-aft. 1960); m. Lawrence C. Pond (1878-bef. 1839)
        • Esther M. Pond (1901-?)
        • Evelyn E. Pond (1904-?)
        • Lawrence F. Pond (1906-?)
      • Peter Reitz (1892-?)
      • Louisa Reitz (1886-?)
      • Clara Emma Reitz (1888-1969) m. Harry W. Smith (1885-1939)
        • Harry Peter Smith (1907-1990)
    m3. Philipp Leonhardt SCHAUF (1810 - 1878); extensive line to present, including:
    1. Catharina D. Schauf (1850-1918) m. Charles Sargent
    2. Carl Schauf (1856-1937) m. Wilhelmina Bartel (1860 - 1923)
    3. Julia Marie Schauf (1859-1912) m1. John P. Gantzer
      m2. August E. L. Kellerman

    Noreen Luke Steele is researching and descended from one of the two sons of Jacob-- Henry and Philip.

    Margaret Johnson is also researching this line. She is descended from the children of Jacob's second wife.

  • Jacob Betz, b. 11 March 1812 Feilbingert; confirmed 1826 Feilbingert; emig. abt. 1840; d. 30 Apr 1873 (suicide) Chicago, IL;
    m.1 (abt. 1841 in Buffalo?) Katharina M. Hauk. Believe that our Jacob, as oldest, came over first (possibly with his sister Maria; see above) and were joined later by his parents and most of his siblings. But he didn't stick around Buffalo; Jakob and Katharina are found in the 1850 census in Milwaukee, WI with four children:
    1. Elizabeth Betz, b. abt. 1842. First found in 1850 census, Milwaukee, WI, age 8. No other evidence.
    2. Heinrich Jacob "Henry" Betz, b. 1848 Buffalo; m. Nancy Jane Vliet (b. 1849). Served in the Civil War. Later was a motorman for the trolley line. Farmer in Riley, McHenry Co., IL.
    3. Philipp Jacob Betz, b. 20 December 1843?; bapt. 4 Feb 1844 St. Paul/Marks; m. Kate Unknown. Lived in Coral, McHenry Co., IL in the 1880 census. As widow Kate lived in Woodstock, same county.
    4. Carl Betz, b. 25 ? 1847; bapt. 26 Dec 1847. Also in Milwaukee census, 1850.
    5. John C. Betz, b. abt. 1848 Wisconsin (probably Milwaukee); baptised (get this!) 1862, Buffalo, NY. May be one of the two John Betts found in Colorado in 1880 census.
    6. Male Betz, b. 1850 WI. In 1850 census, he is one month old, born in Wisconsin, and not yet named. Exploring the possibility that he is the George Betts, 30, b. WI, mining silver in Colorado, in the 1880 census.
    m2. abt. 1858 (probably Chicago) Anna Maria / Mary GRUSS, b. 29 Dec 1835 Bavaria; d. 7 Aug 1923, Porterville, CA. Jacob may have been in Chicago as early as 1856; there's a listing in that city's directory that reads: "Jacob Betz, Clerk, Madison Street, 2 years." Children with Mary:
    • Caroline Betz, b. 1859; in 1870, not 1880 census
    • Sophia Betz, b. abt. 1863
    • Frank Betz, b. abt. 1865; likely found in Kane County in 1910 married (second marriage) to Ellen, b. abt. 1879, with children from first marriage, spelled BETTS:
      • Willard Betts, b. abt. 1891
      • Robert Betts, b. abt. 1892
      • Henry Betts, b. abt. 1894
    • Edwin Betz/Betts , b. 9 Aug 1867 Chicago, IL, d. 28 Feb 1920, m1. 6 Jun 1889 (in Elgin, Kane Co., IL) Hermeone "Hermie" PARKER , b. 1872; d. 1897 Chicago. Edwin shows up in the 1920 Saint Charles Township Census (IL). Occupation: Miller, grinding flour at flour mill, in Geneva, IL.
      • Ruth Betts b. 19 Jan 1891 in St. Charles, Kane Cy., IL. After death of her mother, Ruth and her father moved to St. Charles.
      m2. 1899 Anna M. Himnon-Hitchcock; children:
      • Vern Betz, b. 1904
      • Edward Betz, Jr., b. 1905
      • Vallie Betz, b. 1907
    • Clara S. Betz, b. abt. Nov 1869 (twin); m. William J. Taylor
    • Mary Betz, b. abt. Nov 1869 (twin); d. bef. 1880
    • Eva G. Betz, b. abt. 1873
    • Bertie Betz, b. Aug 1875 (father Jacob was dead by this time, so don't know who his blood father is)
  • Louise Diers is descended from Anna Maria Schmitt and John Seckinger. We just "discovered" her late July 2002, and are still exchanging details.

    We would love to find descendants of Henrietta's other SCHMITT children. We know that one of them moved to Grand Island, Nebraska.

  • Henrietta Betz, b. 1814 Feilbingert; m. 1842 Joseph Schmitt (in Feilbingert). Initially emigrated to Buffalo (they were on the ship "Fanny" that arrived in NYC on 25 Jun 1845); settled for many years in Sherman, NY. Looking for descendants of:
    1. Anna Maria Schmitt (1844-?); m. John Seckinger. Buried in small cemetery near farm of their son, in Eddy Co., ND.
      • John W. Seckinger. Left Sherman in the 1880s, first traveling to Grand Island, NE, where he worked with his uncle Henry Schmitt? Moved to Dakota Territory in 1886, settling in what is now Eddy County, ND. m. Mary Ann Cotter (sister of Andrew Cotter, below).
      • Joseph Seckinger. Also went to Eddy Co., ND. Died young, single.
      • Elizabeth (Lizzie) Seckinger. Also went to Eddy Co., ND. m. Jack McCrum . Three children.
      • Adeline Seckinger. Also went to Eddy Co., ND. m. Andrew Cotter; had two sons (Harold and Clarence); died young around 1900.
      • Harriet (Hattie) Seckinger. No further information known.
      • Mary Seckinger. No further information known.
    2. John Schmitt (abt. 1847-?)
    3. Philipp Schmitt (abt. 1849-?)
    4. Henry Schmitt (6 June 1850-?); may have moved to Grand Island, NE.
    5. Carl Schmitt (6 Sept 1851-?)
    6. Catharine Schmitt (22 Mar 1853-?)
  • Dan Conlin

    Dan is descended from Philip's son, Charles.

    Lois Watkins is descended from Johanna's stepson, William Clabeaux. She is seeking his birth information and name of his birth mother.

    We are seeking GRASS descendants.

  • Philipp Betz, b. 1828 Feilbingert; d. 1893 Buffalo m. 1849 Johanna SCHLOTZER, Buffalo.
    1. Johanna M.B. Betz (1849-1946) m. Philip E. Clabeaux. She's buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery with parents and husband.
      • William Clabeau (1869-?). We currently believe William is Johanna's stepson. William married twice; no issue from #1, and a daughter from #2. We are in touch with a descendant of William through his second wife.
    2. Charles C. Betz (1852-1907); buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery with parents and siblings. He married Mary Davern (b. 1850 Ireland; d. after 1907). Their children were raised Catholic.
      • Jennie Betz (1880-?); in 1880 census, but in 1900, she was Sister Eusebia Betz of the Black Franciscans in Buffalo, NY.
      • Charles Betz, Jr. (Aug. 1881- 20 Jul 1941), law student in 1900. Changed name to BETTS. Secretary or treasurer of Buffalo Savings (later Golddome).
        m1. Maude Foley:
        • Mary Francis Betts
        • Marguerite Betts
        • Charlene Betts
        • Patricia Betts
        m2. Margaret Foley (sister of Maude)
        • Jeanne Foley Betts
        • Maude Betts
      • Clara Betz (April 1886-?); in 1900 census; m. David Missert
        • Carol Missert
        • David Missert [Jillaine believes he is alive and well in Washington DC, but he has not responded to her effort to contact him.]
      • Mabel Betz (Nov 1888 - ?); in 1900 census; m. (James?) Gordon White; settled and died in Pittsburgh, PA.
      • John Betz (Nov. 1890-?); in 1900 census; Unknown to Conlin.
    3. Eliz. Marg. Betz (1857-1935); single
    4. John Caspar Betz (1861-1921); single; Erie County Assessor
    5. Eugenia "Jenny" Betz (1862-1915); m. 1883 Andreas Grass. Divorced by 1900; she never remarried. Children:
      • Willard Grass (1885-?); m. Helen Hauck. Had at least two children:
        • Betty Grass (b. abt. 1916)
        • William (b. abt. 1920)
      • Elmer Grass (1886-?)

  • We have not yet identified any researchers working on or descended from these children of Heinrich Betz and Christina Dressel. Some of the researchers above are slowly documenting whatever we can find about these other emigrating BETZ offspring. But we'd really like to find their descendants...(most of whom settled in Buffalo).

    Surnames we're seeking (in addition to BETZ) of this branch include WEBER, BUSH, ROEMER

    UPDATE Oct 2005; Jillaine Smith is in touch with a WEBER descendant, an elderly gentleman in Buffalo, currently 93 years of age (as of 2005); he is not online.

  • Anna Catharina Betz, b. 11 Feb 1809 Feilbingert; m1. (in Germany before 1844) Philipp Dormer/Dorner/Diener (? - abt. 1855);
    1844: Godparent (with husband Philipp Dorner) to her niece, Anna Maria Schmitt, Feilbingert, Germany
    07 May 1849: Deeded land by her father; therefore she emigrated between 1844-1849.
    1851: Godparent (with husband Philipp Dorner) to her nephew, Philip Leonhard Schmidt (my great-grandather) in Buffalo
    15 May 1856: Deeds land to her brother, Henry Betz, Jr., in Black Rock, Buffalo, NY
    m2. 10 May 1856 (in St. Peters German Evangelical Church, Buffalo, NY) Conrad Wagner. One of the witnesses is the bride's father, Heinrich Baetz [sic], Sr. Curious to know more about this Conrad Wagner; there was a Wagner family back in Feilbingert that also married into a different Betz branch. Catharine would have been about 47 at the time of her second marriage. Still no indication of children. We find Conrad Wagner in the Buffalo city directories until 1858, then he disappears.

  • Anna Maria Betz, b. 4 June 1810 Feilbingert. Confirmed 1824 Feilbingert; sponsor of her niece in 1844 (in Feilbingert). Was on the ship "Fanny" that arrived 25 Jun 1845 in NYC (with her mother and some sisters). We believe she is the Anna Maria Betz, marrying a Georg? Heinrich DILLER on 8 Aug 1845 in Buffalo; one of the witnesses is Jacob Betz. This is the same church where a Jacob Betz (below, next) is baptizing his children.

  • Maria Christina Betz, b. 17 Feb 1816; m. 21 Nov 1841 (in Feilbingert) Johann Schwed. They are both on the ship "Fanny" arriving 25 Jun 1845 in NYC (with their two children). There is a John Schad in the 1859 Buffalo city directory living in the same location as a Leonhard Schmidt. We have yet to find other evidence of them. Children:
    • Philippina Schwed (1842-?)
    • Henrietta Schwed (1844-?)

  • Heinrich Betz, b. 1824 Feilbingert; d. 1876 Buffalo; m. 1848 Catharina DERN, Buffalo. Multi-generational pottery/earthenware business at 824 Genesee Street, Buffalo NY. Looking for descendants of this line.
    • Maria Betz (1841-1849) (we found her death record, age 8, in 1849 in St. Peters church records; if accurate, her parents had her before they were married)
    • Henry Betz (1849-1911) (buried at family plot, Concordia Cemetery); died single.
    • Catharine Betz (1850-?) m. 3 Jun 1880 Heinrich WEBER in Buffalo.
      • Catherine J. Weber, b. Aug 1881; m. abt. 1911 John A. Roemer
        • Heather? Roemer, b. abt. 1912
        • Adolph C. Roemer, b. abt. 1914
      • Karl Heinrich Weber, b. Oct 1882; d. Aug 1883
      • Henry Ferdinand Weber, b. Dec. 1883; m. Nov 1907 Matilda Mahl [unconfirmed]
      • Charles Weber, b. Sep 1885; m. Aug 1908 Beulah Prook; on Goodall St. in 1920. Jillaine is in touch with their son.
      • John David Weber, b. Jan 1887; not in 1905 census with family
      • Fred Weber, b. Nov 1888
    • George Betz (1852-1893) m. 30 Aug 1883 Margaret WEBER (~1856-1930) (both buried at family plot, Concordia Cemetery).
      • George Betz (1884-1956) (living with mother in 1905); appears to have died single (not sure).
      • William Betz (1885-?); may be the Wm. Betz found in 1930 married to Martha (b. abt. 1906) with 9 children [BUT there is another William Betz, son of a William Betz, also born in 1885 who this could be)
      • Tillie Betz (abt. 1885-?) (living with mother in 1920); m. Arthur Bush. May have had children after 1930.
    • Johanna Betz (1854-?). [Look for her marriage in 1886.]
    • Ferdinand Betz (1857-?); we think he died single in the 1920s.
    • Elisabeth Betz (1858-1885); m. 1 Jun 1882 David Gross; she died shortly after her marriage, perhaps in child birth. No issue. David remarried shortly after.
    • Carl Betz (1864-1896) (buried at family plot, Concordia Cemetery); died single.

  • Margaretha Betz, b. 1831 Feilbingert; d. 1910 Buffalo; m. 1850 Charles/Carl SCHMIDT/SMITH, Buffalo.
    • Wilhelm Carl Schmidt (1852-abt. 1879); m. abt 1877 Louisa Unknown
      • Maud Schmidt, b. abt. 1878; in 1892, she's living with her grandmother, Margaretha, in the 8th ward. We have tracked a Maud Schmidt/Smith through 1930; if her, she appears to have remained single.

  • Johannetta Betz (1836 - ?)
    Our only evidence of this girl is her birth and baptism in Feilbingert. We have found no evidence of her confirmation, marriage or death, nor have we seen any indication of her in Buffalo. Her mother was 46 at the time of her birth; perhaps the child died in infancy. She is not on the ship "Fanny" with her mother or sisters in 1845.
  • Other Buffalo (& Erie County) BETZes
    The following researchers are also tracking BETZes of Buffalo; we're just not sure if they are connected to the above family.
    Richard C. Betz Unknown Betz [Might be John] b. Germany abt. 1860; m. Unknown [might be Schmidt]
    • Henry Betz, b. abt. 1880; m1. Louise Zink; m2. Matilda Steinfeld. [*] below indicates that in 1930 this family was living together with parents in Buffalo, E.D. #136.
      • Henry J. Betz[*], b 3 Apr 1900; m. (aft 1930) Maria Unknown. In 1936 living at 110 Herman Street, Buffalo, NY. Jillaine Smith has Social Security application for this Henry.
      • Albertine Betz, b. abt. 1903; m. Joseph Steinhoff b. abt. 1903 MI. In 1930 census, living in Buffalo E.D. 97.
      • Willard Betz, b. abt. 1904; m. Daisy Unknown, b. abt. 1908. In 1930 living in Buffalo, E.D. 401.
      • Ruth Betz b. abt. 1908; m. John Unknown
      • Mildred Betz, b. abt. 1909; m. John Unknown
      • Arthur Betz[*] b. abt. 1905, d. 1999; m. (aft. 1830) Margaret Unknown.
      • Clifton Betz[*] b. 22 Mar 1910; m. (aft. 1930)) Beatrice Nagle, d. 30 Sep 1999. (RCBetz is descended from this line.)
    • Frederick Betz m. Alma Unknown
      • Amie Betz
      • Georg Betz
    • Peter Betz m. Florence Unknown
      • Jerome Betz
      • Lois Betz
    • Joseph Betz m. Kathrin Unknown
      • Joel Betz
      • Joan Betz
    • Mary Betz m. Unknown Klinch
      • Charles Klinch
    • Marie Betz m. Unknown Klien
      • Kenneth Klien
      • Frank Klien
    • Gertrude Betz unmarried.

    Sandra Naehrig Mary Meyer, b. Germany abt. 1876 (dau. of Gottfried and Auguste); m. 21 February 1894 Johann Friedrich Heinrich BEETZ (in St. Jacobus Lutheran Church in Hamburg, today St. James UCC) . Lived in Erie, Co., NY.
    • Evelyn Beetz
    • Alice Beetz
    • Edward Gottfried Albert BEETZ (ended life as Edward BATES), b. 23 August 1899.
    (Not 100% positive on names of children.)
    Nicole Kreuzer
    Nelson Metke

    All of them lived in the fruit belt area of Buffalo, NY

    Two separate, unrelated (as far we know) Betzes (but both in Nicole's line):
    1. William Betz m. Sophia SOTTSCHALK
      • Joseph Betz, b. 22 Oct 1886; m. 28 Nov 1929 (St. Boniface RC Church, Buffalo) Rose Marie Weigel (b. 12 Feb 1904 Buffalo) [Nelson is descended from this line.]
    2. Unknown Betz
      • Mary Betz m. abt. 1908 (Buffalo) Edward A. Kreuzer (b. abt. 1878)
    Lisa Baitz

    Great-granddaughter of Louis Baitz & Louisa Pankow

    Johann Baitz m. Doretha Wagner (both of Lichtenberg, Meckenberg-Strelitz, Germany); emigrated in the mid 1850s. Children:
    1. Carl / Charles Baitz (also "Beitz") m. Augusta Unknown. Both buried at Concordia Cemetery.
      • Mathilde or Tillie Baitz m. Maecker
      • Louis C. Baitz m. Carrie Gaiser, according to family records
      • Josephine Baitz.
      • Charles Baitz.
      • Henry Baitz.
    2. Louis Baitz (b. 1846 Germany; d. 1931 Buffalo, NY); had hardware and wallpaper store @ 665 Clinton, Buffalo, NY; emigrated 1850s/60s, possibly with his mother; apparently worked for a time for the Commissioner of Streets and Baitz Avenue may be named after him. May have been a member of St. Stephens United German Evangelica Church (formerly at Adams and Peckham).
      m. 19 January 1868 (at St. Peters German Evangelical Church) Louisa Pankow.
    Charlie Mack Norman Betz b. abt. 1899; m. Adeline Tepas; both died after 1942.
    Carl Wind
    Web site

    First couple appear to have come from NYC (from where?) and settled first in West Seneca, then at the least the next generation settled in Buffalo. Note that the two brothers married sisters.

    Frederick Betz m. Minnie Ruhlman (where? when?)
    • John Betz b. 1861 in NYC; d. 1952; m. 7 May 1890 in Buffalo Elizabetha Wind (daughter of Henry A. Wind and Katharine Kumpf, born 1859 Buffalo; d. 1948, Buffalo).
        (all born and died in Buffalo, NY)
      • Flora Mary Betz (1895-1986) m. (1923) Leo W. Logan (1892-1977)
      • Ella Elizabeth Betz (1893-1969) m. (1920) Carl J. Berner (1895-1943). Living children.
      • Howard Arthur Betz (1898-1991) m. (1923) Mildred Vetter (1902-1986). Living children.
      • Edwin John Betz (1891-1892)
    • George J. Betz b. 1873 in West Seneca, NY; m (1894) Caroline Wind (sister of Elizabeth Wind, above); 1873-1961)
        all born and died in Buffalo, NY
      • Mildred Betz (1895-1919) m. (1913) Albert W. Mally (1887-?). Living children.
      • Living Betz m. Norman Strack (1904-1986). Living child.
      • Norman Charles Betz (1900-1952) m. Living Scheeler. Living child.
    Thomas Loebel

    One of these Buffalo boys moved west to Minnesota.

    John Betz (b. 1855 Buffalo; d. 1943 Buffalo?)
    m. Willamina Unknown (b. 1852 Germany; d. 1944 Buffalo?)
    • Henry Betz (? - 1967)
      • Henry Betz, Jr. ("Hank")
        • Two daughters
    • Charley Betz m. Maude Unknown; moved to Minnesota
      • Charlie Betz, Jr.
      • Woodruff Betz
      • Daughters?
    • John Betz (1888-1969) m. Emma Unknown (1892-1964)
      • Earl Betz (1923-2000) m. Joyce Unknown
        • Grace Betz
        • June Betz
      • Grace Betz m. Unk. Loebel
        • Thomas Loebel
      • Viola Betz
    • Margaret Betz
    • Minnie Betz
    Egelsbach, Hesse-Darmstad to Jefferson Co., NY
    These people are researching BETZes who originated in Egelsbach, Hesse-Darmstadt and ended up in Jefferson County, NY.

    Carolyn Sue Smith Johann George Betz b. 1774, Egelsbach, Hesse-Darmstadt; m. ??
    • George Philipp Betz, b. 5 July 1805, Egelsbach; m. Melina FINK. Emigrated 1838 with his two daughters and one son. Went first to Redwood, NY, and are listed on the 1850 census as BETTS. In 1851, went to St. Clair Co., IL.
      • Matthias Betz, b. 10 Feb 1827, Egelsbach; m. (in IL) Maria Schantz; d. Carl Junction, MO.
        • Barbara Elizabeth Betz (married: Reis)
      • Anna Catherine Betz
      • Anna Barbara Betz
    Jennifer Starr

    Eleanor Hyle Dillon

    Wayne Ziegler

    This Egelsbach line went first to Jefferson County, NY and then further west to Scotland, South Dakota (SD). Eleanor has church records from Egelsbach on the early German BETZes. In addition, Eleanor's family research is documented on F.T.M. CD#4.

    Margaret Elizabeth BETZ, born in Egelsbach, Hesse-Darmstadt; died in Jefferson Co., NY; m. Henry HYLE. (Eleanor is descended from this line.)

    Jacob BETZ, brother of Margaret, above; born 3 May 1832 Germany; d.14 Aug 1899, Scotland, SD; married in Redwood, New York 1860: Katherine Pfaff, born 27 Jun 1840 , died 7 Mar 1927 in Scotland, South Dakota. Jacob went to South Dakota after the Civil War.

    • Mary Betz m. 27 Feb 1896 (Scotland, SD) Wilhelm BUCHOLZ. (Wayne is descended from this line)
    • David Betz born 9 Mar 1873 in Redwood, New York; married 26 Sept 1901 Martha Karlin, born 9 Dec 1882 in Beulah, ND.
      • Henry David Betz, born 29 July 1902 in Tripp, South Dakota; died 29 Mar 1928 in Beulah, ND. Researching if he married and had children.
    From Schelkingen to the U.S.A.
    These folks are researching different (possibly connected) BETZ lines that emigrated from Schelkingen, Germany (approximately 60 miles southeast of Stuttgart) and settled in PA, OH, MI, WI.
    Kent Robarge and Fred Claussen are descended from (A) George Martin Betz, who ended up in Wisconsin and died there in 1938.

    Diane Shelton descended from (B) Joseph Anton Betz who came over around 1854.

    Joseph Anton Betz, Sr., b. 14 July 1757; d. 15 Sept 1831; m1. Johanna Crescentia Ruesch, b 28 May 1770; d 31 Dec 1811. They had 12 children, one of whom was:
    A. George Martin Betz (b. 1838 Schelkingen; d. 1918 Eau Claire, WI). He and his sister (Barbara) and two brothers (Charles and John) came to the States in the early 1850s and farmed in Pennsylvania before moving to Wisconsin in the late 1850s. Claussen has documented the German side several generations back.

    Joseph Anton Betz, Sr. m2. Maria Baumann (b 29 Jan 1780; d 11 Aug 1838). They had 4 children, including:

    B. Joseph Anton Betz
    Emigrated to America July 1854 from Schelkingen Germany; settled first in Lima, Putnam County, OH, then to Lafayette Township, MI.
    m.1 (in the US) Mary Barbara Nann (b. ?; d. 8-30-1873)
    m.2 (in the US) Barbara Hinterman (b? in Zurich, Switzerland; d. 9-10-1917).

    Western BETZes
    Includes BETZes who settled west of or within the Rocky Mountains.
    Jodi B

    Original post

    From Karthaus, Pennsylvnia, to Kansas City, Missouri, to Pagota, Colorado, to Oakland, California, to Pheonix, Oregon. Our family story is there were four brothers, three left Germany possibly to escape the Prussian war. The fourth was too small to travel and stayed behind. May be from Bad Rappenau, Germany. The 1st son Charles served in Gemany and contacted children of the unknown 4th son in 1950s. Who are the other 3 brothers?

    Charles Henry Betz, b. 1-6-1878; d. 4-8-1947; m. 11-12-1912 Lydia Mae (or May) Kerns, b. 1-29-1892; d, 1-12-1987. Children included:
    • Charles Henry Betz, b. 12-4-1913 K.C. Mo.
      • Charles Betz
      • Paul(a?) Betz
    • Christina Betz, b. 4-3-1915
    • Henry Charles Betz, b. 5-25-1917 Mt Harris Co.
      • Mary Betz
      • Paul Betz
    • Clarence Betz, b. 3-1-1921 Mt. Harris Co. Died 12-29-1986 No Children
    • Samuel Betz (twin), b. 3-2-1926 Pagota co. Killed in action; Vietnam.
      • Daughter Betz
    • Lydia Betz (twin), b. 3-2-1926 Pagota co.
      • Nancy Betz
      • Joseph Betz
      • Tina Betz
    • Paul T. Betz, b. 1-15-1929 Oakland California; d. 7-22-1993 Medford, Oregon
      • Paula Betz
      • Carl Betz
    Mary Betz

    Mary and her cousins are researching a set of BETZ brothers and cousins (many with the same name) that settled in the Northern Colorado communities of Pagoda or Mount Harris in the 1890s. They may have also have gone into the Wyoming territory.

    • Henry Betz
    • Charles Betz
    • Frederick Betz
    Palatine BETZes in Pennsylvania 1700s
    These BETZes likely originated in or near Mannheim and surrounding towns in Alsace-Lorraine. They came over with the wave of Palatines in the 1700s who were escaping religious persecution. Note that some of them were also in Maryland. Not all the researchers descending from this line have the same information about the same people. I am trying to retain a connection between the researcher and the information that they have. Unfortunately, this results in some duplication. But until they all come into agreement on data, I'm not sure what else to do.
    Ron & Linda Richter
    appears to have documented (but not online) the German side of the Palatine BETZes. Because this is so rare (that German Palatinates are documented on the German side), I include more details about the German side than I do for other BETZes on this web page. Contact Ron or Dennis for more details about their sources for this information.

    Dennis Betts
    Chardon, OH

    Dennis is cousin to Ron's wife, Linda, and is also researching this line.

    The brother relationship between John Urban Betz and "Somerset" Christian Betz is based on court transcriptions and from an article written by a Betz descendant about the Betz "Family Reunion" which identified them as such.

    Johann Georg Betz I, b. 1668 Hessen
    1. Johann Georg Betz II, b. 1688 Mannheim
      • Abraham Betz (see Pete Apple's entry below)
      • Johan Ludwick Betz, b. ~1720 Metz, Alsace. [Per Caral, emigrated with son Urban.]
        • Johan Urban Betz, b. 1748. EMIGRATING BETZ
          • Christian Betz m. Christina Keafer This Christian is referred to by some researchers as "Columbiana Christian" based on his appearing in Columbiana County, PA.
            1. Catherine Betz
            2. George Urban Betz
            3. Mary Betz
            4. Hannah Betz
            5. Samuel Delmore Betz
            6. Nicholas Betz
            7. Dorothea Betz
            8. Christian Keafer Betz
            9. Jeremiah Betz
            10. Benjamin Franklin Betz
            11. Abraham Betz
            12. Solomon Betz
            13. David Betz
        • Christian Betz b. Abt. 1760 in Salem Twp, Franklin Co., PA; d. Abt. 1825 in Washingtonville, Columbiana Co., OH; m. Christiana KEIFER Bef. 1795, daughter of Johan KEIFER and Veronica STEINBRENNER, b. Abt. 1779 in Delong's Church, Bowers, Berks Co., PA3, d. Aft. December 1856. [Note: Caral indicates this woman married John KEEFER after Christian died; see below]. This Christian is referred to by some researchers as "Somerset Christian" based on his appearance in Somerset County, PA.
          1. Mary Anna BETZ, b. May 03, 1795, Franklin Co., PA; d. April 07, 1881, Jenners Twp, Somerset Co., PA.
          2. Susanna BETZ , b. June 27, 1796, Allegheny Co., Maryland; d. February 20, 1885, Sipesville, Somerset Co., PA.
          3. Henry B. BETZ, b. November 26, 1798, Allegheny Co., Maryland; d. October 07, 1871, Jenners Twp, Somerset Co., PA.
          4. Catherine BETZ , b. September 09, 1799, Allegheny Co., Maryland; d. March 01, 1877, Jenners Twp, Somerset Co., PA.
          5. JOHN BETZ , b. Abt. 1802; d. April 30, 1820.
          6. Christian BETZ , b. September 09, 1805; d. July 05, 1862.
          7. Michael Henry BETTS , b. September 17, 1812, Somerset Co., PA; d. January 20, 1886, Jenners Twp, Somerset Co., PA.
          8. Louisa BETZ , b. Abt. 1815, Jenners Twp, Somerset Co., PA; d. Bef. November 1853, Ashland County, OH.
          9. Moses BETZ (changed name to BATES) , b. Abt. 1819, Jenners Twp, Somerset Co., PA; d. September 02, 1875, Alvordton, Millscreek Twp, Williams Co, OH.
          10. Christiana BETZ , b. Unknown; d. Unknown; m. Jacob GOHN; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

    Caral's research question centers around when and why her ancestor (the "Somerset Christian") was for a time in OHIO; was he connected to the Columbiana Co., OH Betz family? If so, how? An 1853 estate record reads: Christiana's dower record, dealing with Christian's Somerset Co PA land says: "... heirs and legal representatives of "Christian BETZ, late of Ohio, deceased..."

    Caral also wants ot know where is the "old KEEFER Farm" burial location? Was Christiana (Christian's wife) also buried there?

    Caral has not yet confirmed to her satisfaction the parentage or family ties of her oldest Betz.

    CHRISTIAN BETZ-BEITZ (b. abt 1770s; d abt. 1823-25 Ohio or Somerset Co PA) m. Christiana/Christina/e (b. prob ca 1770s; d after Dec 1856 prob. PA). "Somerset Christian."
    • Mary or Anna Maria Betz/Beitz m. Frederick Biesecher
    • Christina Betz/Beitz m. Jacob Gohn/John
    • Susannah Betz/Beitz (b. 25 Jun 1796 MD); m. Michael SIPE
    • Catherine Betz/Beitz (b. 1796); m. John Cover
    • Henry B. Betz/Beitz (b. 26 Nov 1798); m. Elizabeth
    • Christian Betz, Beitz (b. 9 Sept 1802; d. single)
    • John Betz (b. 1802; d. 30 Apr 1820 "18y, 9m, 3d")
    • Louisa Betz (b. btw. 1810-1826) m. Samuel Lutz
    • Michael Betz (b. abt. 1812) m. Sarah Unknown
    • Moses Betz/Beitz/Bates (b. abt. 1819) m. Anna Peach; Caral is descended from this line.

    After Christian's death, Christiana then married John KIEFFER/KEEFER between 1825-1828 perhaps in Somerset or Franklin Co, PA; -d perhaps in Franklin Co PA, prob. buried on old Keefer Farm, stones gone.

    Billie Betts LeClerc

    Also seems to be tied into the same family of the above three, but has, like Caral, not yet confirmed parentage beyond Christian, nor the maiden name of Christian's wife.

    Family legend has it that these Somerset Betzes were glassblowers; a possible connection to glass-blowing Betzes in Alsace-Lorraine; also researching Heidelberg area. Also found 3 glass-blowing Betz males at Stegiel Glassworks, Lancaster County, PA until 1774 when company went bankrupt (and revolutionary war began). But have not yet confirmed connection of these Somerset Co. BETZes to the Lancaster BETZes.

    Also researching this line is Barb. She is descended from Daniel Betz and Carylan Devitt.

    Christian or Christopher Betz, (? - 1825); possibly born MD; m. Christianna Unknown; settled in Somerset County, PA early 1800s; had ten children; first four children possibly born in Allegany County, MD.
    • Three Daughters, all born between 1795-1799 in MD.
    • Henry Betz, (23 Nov. 1798 - 1 Oct. 1871); m. Elizabeth BEAM (1806-1887). Nine surviving children reared in Somerset Co., PA.
      • Christopher Betz/Betts (19 Oct. 1829 - 17 Feb.1899); m. 1 Jan. 1859 Lucinda ELLIOTT (1834-1894) in Cedar Falls, IA; six surviving children.
        • Arthur Elliott Betts, Sr. (1878-1932); m. Laura Ann HIRD (1874-1960); four sons.
          • Arthur Elliott Betz, Jr. (1905-1977); m. Elinor Sylvia GALLUP (1912-1962)
      • Daniel Betz m. Carylan Devitt
        • Anna Julia Betz, b. 20 Oct 1871 Somerset Co., PA; m. Emmanuel Yeager.

    Mary Lauffer

    Mary's descended from Christian & Christiana's son Henry. "I am interested in getting more information about Christian and Christiana along with their ancestors with good sources to back it up."

    Christian Betz m. Christiana Keifer. Among others (see above):
    • Henry B. Betz, b. Nov. 26, 1798; d. Oct. 7, 1871; m. Elizabeth Beam, b. March 17, 1806, d. Oct. 14, 1887. Both buried in the Beam Church Cemetery in Gray, Somerset County, PA. They had nine children, including:
      • John B. Betz b. Feb. 26, 1839, d. Dec. 22, 1917; m. Matilda Kimmell b. Sept. 20, 1837, d. Dec. 20, 1911. Both buried in the Zion Church Cemetery in Ligonier, Westmoreland County, PA.
        • Laura Emma Betz
        • Ida Sarah Betz b. July 21, 1865, d. Sept. 1950; m. W.A. Queer, d. Feb. 1897. Ida Sarah is buried in Ligonier Valley Cemetery, Ligonier, Westmoreland County, PA; her husband is buried in Zion Church Cemetery near Ida's parents, though the headstone is missing.
        • Fenton Geary Betz
        • Mary Elizabeth Betz
        • Russell Elwood Betz
        • Amanda Eldira Betz
    Harold "Pete" Apple, Jr.

    This tree is related to that of Ron & Linda Richters, and Dennis Betz. Pete has in his possession a photograph c. abt. 1890s of a "George Betz" identified as the cousin of Rebecca's son James Hoover. This would likely make the photographed George the son of one of Rebecca's brothers. IMPORTANT! Pete indicates he has NOT confirmed the data to the right.

    NEW: Judy Betts is researching her husband's line; he's descended from Abraham's son, Jonathan, b. 1781.

    Johann Georg Betz, b. 1688 Mannheim, Germany [see data above under Ron Richter and Dennis Betts]; d. 1793, Cocalico Twp, Lancaster Co., PA; m. Katharina , b. Zurich, Switzerland.
    • Abraham Betz, b. 14 Aug 1743 Metz, Alsace-Lorraine, France; d. 3 Jan 1821 Steubenville, Jefferson Co., OH; m1. 1763 Elizabeth Gieger, b. PA; d. 16 Dec 1780 Berks Co., PA.
      • John Betz, b. 28 Feb 1773, Buffalo Valley, Buffalo Twp, Union Co., PA; d. 14 May 1852 North Center, Jefferson Co., OH; m. abt. 1794 Catharine Troxell, b. 2 My 1778; d. 5 Jun 1862
        • Solomon Betz, b. 1797
        • Sara Betz, b. 1795
        • Catherine Betz, b. 1796
        • Abraham Betz, b. 1800
        • George Betz, b. 1806
        • John Betz, b. 1808
        • Samuel Betz, b. 1810
        • William Betz, b. 1813
        • Rebecca Betz, b. 4 Dec 1816 PA; d. 13 Jan 1887 Kingston, Ross Co., OH; m. 20 Sep 1833 Wooster, Wayne Co., OH John W. Hoover, b. 10 Apr 1807 MD; d. 7 Jan 1861 Ross Co., OH. Pete Apple is descended from this line.
        • Isaac Betz, b. 1818
      • Mary Betz, b. abt. 1764; m. Jacob Croniger.
      • Elizabeth Betz, b. abt. 1768; m. Lewis Heifer
      • Unknown Betz, b/d. 16 Dec 1780
      Abraham Betz m2. 17 Nov 1781 Reading, Berks Co., PA Rebecca Eve Bowers, b. 1 Oct 1761 Reading, Berks Co., PA; d. 16 Jun 1831 Reading, Berks Co., PA. Children:
      • Jonathan Betz, b. 1781; co-founder of Freedom, PA; steamship builder (Phillips & Betz); d. 1866.
      • David Betz, b. 1783
      • Phoebe Betz, b. 1784
      • William Betz, b. 8 Nov 1787
      • Catherine Betz, b. 1791
      • George Betz, b. 30 Dec 1793
      • Solomon Betz, b. 1794
      • Anna Betz, b. 22 Oct 1801
    • Louisa Betz, b. 1719 Metz, Alsace-Lorraine, France
    • Johann Ludwick Betz, b. abt. 1720 Metz, Alsace-Lorraine, France; d. aft 1796 Hamilton Twp., Frankling Co., PA; m. abt. 1747 in Alsace-Lorraine, France Anna Maria Duffield, b. abt. 1720 Germany; d. aft 1796 Hamilton Twp., Franklin Co., PA.
    • Frederick Betz, b. 1742
    • Peter Betz, b. 11 Apr 1748 York Co., PA
    • Johann Georg Betz, b. 8 Jul 1750 White Oak, Lancaster Co., PA.
    • Reuben Betz, b. 1751 York Co., PA
    • Margaret Betz, b. 12 Jul 1752 York Co., PA; d. 28 Mar 1822.
    Added Feb 2010
    Debbie Galante
    Henry Betz: B:17 Nov 1799, Bedford, PA : D: 20 Feb 1885, Sipesville, Somerset, PA. Married Catherine Stull: B: 11 Nov 1804, Columbiana, OH D: 19 Dec 1887, West, Columbiana, OH
    • Levi Betz: 1825 - 1900: Married Susanne Jennings 07 Nov 1850; B: Jul 1828, OH (My Line)
      • Lewis Irvin Betz: 19 Nov 1851 Columbiana, Oh - 20 Feb 1917 Alliance, Stark, OH, married Cinderella Clark 07 Sep 1872 Columbiana, OH, B: 31 Aug 1855 - 13 Mar 1926, Canton, Stark, OH
        • Harriet Ann Betz June 1873 - 08 Oct 1936
        • William Henry Betz 28 Nov 18 1875 Moultrie, Columbiana, OH- 10 Mar 1943, Alliance, Stark, OH married Clara Stump
        • Eveline Betz 20 Apr 1877 West, Columbiana, OH
        • Ada Betz 24 Apr 1879 - 31 May 1942
        • Henry Conrad Betz 27 Dec 1886 -13 Nov 1986 married Dora Young
          • Cora Alice Betz 21 Mar 1888 - 1950 (my line) Married Clarence Clippinger B: 31 Jul 1880
            • Lloyd Russell Clippinger 1906 - 1950 married Jessie Nicol
              • Morgan Clippinger 23 Apr 1932
              • Gregory Clippinger 23 Mar 1935 - 16 May 2001
              • Frances Clippinger 06 Dec 1940 married Willis Moore Jul 27 1957 b: 19 Jul 1937 - 24 May 1967
                • Deborah Moore 30 Jun 1958
                • Willis Moore 06 Jul 1959 - 30 Sep 1978
                • Randolph Moore 02 Nov 1960
                • Sandra Moore 13 Oct 1965
              • Sandra Clippinger 04 Oct 1945
            • Lela Clippinger 1907 - 1974
            • Jennie Clippinger 1908
        • Harrison Betz Nov 1880
        • Earl Betz 1882
        • Charles Betz
        • Hazel May Betz
        • C. Mabel Betz

    Linda Lacich

    My Betz came into Philadelphia in 1752 on the Anderson from Rotterdam under the Captain Hugh Campbell. Settled in York County, PA (many other BETTS and BETZ there); fought in Revolutionary War; later in Fayette County, PA.  Went to Stark County, OH in 1811.

    German side information: Unknown

    Major research question: Confirmation of parentage of Christian Bates, and where in Germany he came from. Also, searching for maiden name of Eva, his wife.

    Christian Bates, b. abt. 1740 Germany; m. Eva Unknown (b. abt 1750).
    • Cathrine Betz, b May 23,1779 in York City, York Co, PA
    • Mataliana Betz, b. abt 1782 Fayette County, PA
    • Polly Betz, b. 1785 Fayette County, PA
    • Andrew Betz, b. April 7,1787 Fayette County, PA
    • Sarah Betz, b. 1788 Fayette County, PA
    • Jane Betz, b. 1791 Fayette County, PA
    • Adam Betz, b. Abt 1791
    • Son Betz, b. 1792
    • Eve Betz, b. abt 1798
    • Eliza Betz, b. abt 1794
    Bill C. Betz, Jr.

    All (except where noted) originated from Bloomsburg, Columbia County, PA.

    Christian D. Betz b. abt. 1783; d. ?
    • Samuel V. Betz, b. abt 1810; d. before 1900; m. Mary Unknown (d. aft. 1900)
      • Miles N. Betz, b. 1853; d. 1935; of Lebanon County, PA
        • Clarence W. Betz, b. 1909; d. 1849
          • Bill C. Betz, b. 1933; d. 1996 Denver, CO

    Rebecca Betz, researcher below, is researching a very similar line and from her research has documented this alternative to Bill Betz's lineage. They were mostly in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, then migrating into Berks County, Pennsylvania. She assumes that they were probably part of the Palatine immigration:

    James Betz, b. abt. 1848; d. btw 1886-1900; m. Mary S. (?), b. July 1852 d. btw 1920-1930

    • Ma---ie N. Betz, b. approx. 1876 (name on census records is unreadable; it appears to be "Mauuiooie")
    • Elmer James Betz, b. 05 Aug 1879; d. after April 27, 1942; m. Minnie E. , b. approx. 1884.
      • Vernon E. Betz, b. approx. 1902
    • Harry E. Betz, b. June 1881 d. after 1915/before 1920; m. Ella J. Gruber, b. 10 July 1884 d. October 1978
      • Earl J. Betz, b. approx. 1902/1903
      • Anna M. Betz, b. 08 August 1904 d. 14 August 1995
      • Harry G. Betz, b. 22 May 1906 d. March 1981
      • Eva M. Betz b. 05 May 1908 d. 17 December 1992
      • Ralph A. Betz, b. approx 1913
      • Warren A. Betz, b. 23 June 1915 d. 14 November 2000
    • Emma Betz, b. February 1884
    • Miles N. Betz, b. June 1886; m. Clara K. Rhine, b. approx 1891
      • Mary Betz b. 30 September 1907 d. July 1994; m. Albert Gromis b. 04 April 1906 d. January 1978
      • Clarence W. Betz b. 23 September 1909 d. February 1948; m. UNKNOWN.
        • Bill C. Betz, Sr., b. 24 May 1933 d. 31 March 1995; m. UNKNOWN.
          • Bill C. Betz, Jr.
    Rebecca Betz

    Despite the similarities, Rebecca says that her Miles Betz is not the same as Bill's, above. (Hers was a bachelor.)

    Wonder if this Columbia County Christian is connected to any of those above?

    Christian D. Betz b. abt. 1783; d. ?; m. Mary Unknown. Shoemaker.
    • Samuel V. Betz, b. abt 1810 PA; d. April 1886; m. abt. 1849 Susannah Jacoby (b. 1830, PA; d. 1914; dau. of John Jacoby and Susanna Womer. Shoemaker; lived in Columbia County, PA; shoemaker
        eleven children, four of whom died before 1900, and:
      • Mary Margaretha Betz, b. 1850; d. 1922; m. Quick
      • Miles William Betz, b. 03 March, 1853; d. 03 March 1935, bachelor all his life.
      • Sarah Bertha Betz, b. 1861; d. 1937
      • Susan Lenora Betz, b. 1863; d. 1934
      • Barton Quick Betz, b, 14 April 1872; d. 22 November 1946
        • George Betz
    Rob Stamm

    Has pictures of headstones.

    Also researching this same line is Pat Onu.

    Not clear how his Catherina Betz is connected to Palatines, above.

    Catherine Betz, born 1749 Folkhommer Swamp, PA; died 1809, buried Strawberry Ridge, PA; m. 30 Jan 1769 in Faulkner Swamp, PA Conrad Dieffenbacher/Dieffenbach (1744/45-1814).
    • Jacob Dieffenbach, b. 17 Nov 1775 Montgomery Co., PA; d. 30 Oct 1840 Sullivan Co., PA.

    Doneva Shepard

    web site

    Doneva's BETZ line is already in the U.S. (Pennsylvania) by 1750. Not clear how she's connected to the Palatine BETZes above.

    German side information unknown.

    David BETZ; b: Abt. 1750 Of Madison Twp., Columbia co., PA; d: Abt. June 1827 in Madison twp., Columbia co., PA;

    • John BETZ, b: 3-25-1785 in Madison Twp., Columbia Co., PA; d: 3-15-1847 in Madison Twp., Columbia Co., PA; m. Margaret OHL b: 12-31-1785 in Madison Twp., Columbia Co., PA; d: 12-16-1827 in Madison Twp., Columbia Co., PA

      • George Washington BETZ b: 1-1-1822 in Madison Twp., Montour Co., PA; d: 12-8-1893 in Montour co., PA; m. Hannah HILEMAN / HEILMAN.
    David Niswender Heinrich Betz, b. abt. 1745 in ?; m. 28 Sep 1773 in St. Michael's Lutheran Church, Germantown, Philadelphia Co., PA to Maria Barbara Neuschwander, b. 15 Oct 1744 Germany; emig. 6 Oct 1767 on board the Hamilton (arr. Philadelphia).
    BETZes found later in Pennsylvania
    These folks may or may not be descended from the Palatines who came over in the 1700s.

    Suzette Yandle is working on the whole group.

    Millie is descended from William, b. 1849.

    Mike Sacks is also working on this group.

    Richard Herber is descended from Eliz. Strasser Betz through her second marriage to HERBER.

    Added 29 Oct 2005

    Benjamin BETZ, b. ca 1815; d. 1854; m. Elizabeth STRASSER b. 12 Aug 1817; d. 17 Feb 1885. (She married Jonathon HERBER abt. 1856.) They lived in Perry Twp, PA; Children:

    • Henry BETZ, b. abt. 1825; m. Sarah ??
    • James BETZ, d. 1864
    • Sarah Ann BETZ, b. 1841; m. Charles H. LONG
    • Catharina BETZ, b. abt. 1842
    • Isabella BETZ, b. 1845; m. Ephraim H. BOSSLER
    • Joseph F. BETZ, b. 1847; m. Sarah A. GRETH (sister to Isaac, below?)
    • William BETZ, b. 22 May 1849; m. Mary Elizabeth EVANS (might be her widowed name?); Children:
      • Agnes BETZ
      • Susan BETZ
    • Emeline Victoria BETZ, b. 1852; m. Isaac C. GRETH
    Rachell Lindley

    My Step Father's Betz family originally came from Pennsylvania, then to California and now are in Oregon.

    Chriss Lyon is another researcher of this line.

    Updated 25 August 2003

    John Betz b. abt. 1839 Germany; d. 1880-1900 Spring City, PA. Married Harriet Unknown, b. abt. 1844-1845 England; d. after 1930; she emigrated abt. 1859. Children:

    • Caleb Betz, b. June 1867 Pennsylvania; d. after 1920.
    • Annie Betz, b. 1869 (Pennsylvania?)
    • Malinda Betz, b. 1872, Pennsylvania; m. abt. 1892 Unknown MILLER. Children:
      • Mercedes MILLER, b. Dec 1896
      • Harvey D. MILLER, b. June 1899
    • Helfred Betz (male), b. 1879 PA
    • Alfred Betz, b. btw 1880-1881 PA m1. Viola Hadley, b. 1874 Illinois; m2. Sadie E. Unknown, b. abt. 1883 OH. Alfred may be in Ohio in 1930.
        Children of Alfred & Viola:
      • Ralph J. Betz, b. abt. 1902 PA.
      • Gerald Alfred Betz (b. 1 Mar 1903 PA; d. Sep 1972 Oregon) m. 1930-32 Berenice Celesta Willey (b. 1909 OH; d. 1984 OR). He left home age 15 to join Navy; never returned or spoke of his family again.
        • Donald Betz (still living; only child) m. Diane Marie Tanneyhill (still living)
          • Daniel James Betz (still living)
            • Lori Betz (still living)
    Bob Hoy

    This is all I know of Samuel. Trying to connect him up with a family.

    Samuel Betz, b. 1809 Pennsylvania; m. Hester Morrison.
    • William Betz, born 18 Jan 1834 - death 13 Feb 1875
    • Jane M Betz, born 1836 - death unknown
    • Gabriel Betz, born 1838 - death unknown
    • Rebecca Betz, born 1841 - death unknown
    • Greta E Betz, born 1842 - death unknown
    • Lucinda M Betz, born 23 Oct 1843 - death 25 Nov 1930
    • Samuel Betz, born 1845 - death unknown
    • John Betz, born 1850 - death unknown

    Trying to attach this gr-gr-grandmother to a family. No nothing about her other than the info provided.

    Amelia Batz, b. 7-7-1818 Berks Co. PA; d. 6-4-1892; m. Daniel Schlicher. She is buried in Old Zionsville Cemetery, Lehigh Co., PA.
    Ella Ann Hatfield Sophia Betz b. abt. 1844 in PA; m. Jeremiah Marshall, lived in Washington Co., PA; d. 1 Dec 1892 in Washington Co., PA
    Bobbie VB Smith

    These people are connected to my Seasholtz line.

    (?) Betz (b. abt. 1838) m. Isaac Lape (b. 1827 probably PA)
    Dottie Lennon
    Outstanding questions:
    Mary Betz was disowned from the family for marrying below her class so she had nothing else to do with her family. My grandfather remembers her stories of her father owning the Betz brewery in Philadelphia and how well she grew up. I have no idea who her mother is or any brothers or sisters she may have had.

    John Betz, brewer in Philadelphia, PA
    • Mary Betz; b. unk Phila PA? m. Charles OGBORN in Philadelphia, late 1850s, early 1860s. Thay had 16 children.

    Gail Kelly

    Would like to hear from others connected to this line.

    Emigration year: Unknown

    German side information: Unknown

    Ann & Tom Sinton are also working on this line. They are very interested to know if/how Anton is related to any of the other BETZ families that live/lived in Schuykill Co., PA. [Added Nov 2005]

    Anton BETZ; m. Regina ?; children included: Jacob BETZ, Nicholas BETZ, Charles BETZ, Conrad BETZ, Margaret BETZ, Isabella BETZ, and Anton BETZ.
    • Anton BETZ b. 5/17/1836 PA; d. 1/13/1882; m. Mary Jane (Jennie?) BROWN. Children include: George BETZ, Mary Elizabeth BETZ, John Elsworth BETZ Sr. (b. 7/4/1862); Jacob Henry BETZ (b. 8/12/1864); Anna Regina BETZ (b. 7/23/1869) and Christine Margaret BETZ (b. 8/11/1873)
      • John Elsworth BETZ Sr. b. 7/4/1862 Tamaqua, PA; d. 11/29/1913 Hazleton, PA; m. Elizabeth DIEHL b.2/19/1870 Stockton PA; d. 9/16/1927 Hazleton, PA. Children include: John E. BETZ Jr. (b. 8/6/1886); Mary Elizabeth (Minnie) BETZ (b. 3/27/1889); Willard Robert BETZ (b. 4/10/1892); Florence Myrtle BETZ (b. 1/27/1894); Charles Lester BETZ (b. 5/16/1896); Ethel BETZ (b. 11/9/1898); Alvin Lesley (b. 12/25/1899)
        • Willard Robert BETZ b. 4/10/1892 Stockton, PA; d. 3/31/1953 Phila., PA; m. Mildred May ANDERSON b. 11/8/1891 Hazleton, PA; d. 10/18/1967 Cape May, NJ.
          • Florence Mildred BETZ b. 6/22/1912 Phila., PA; m. William Robert BOWKER b. 5/10/1909, d. 8/29/1985 Langhorne, PA
    Denise Wells
    Falls Church, VA
    Jacob BETZ m. Mary Unknown, both of whom I know nothing.

    • Moses BETZ , b June 8, 1840; d. November 8, 1921; buried in Mt. Carmel, PA; m. Susan Amelia TOBIAS (1840-1907). They had six daughters:

      • Daughter Betz m. Charles GEYER
      • Mary Betz (1863-?) m. Edward MINNICH (1859-?). One son; six daughters between 1881-1898.
      • Emma Rebecca BETZ; b March 26, 1865 in Schuylkill Haven, PA; d May 23, 1933; m. George Albert FRYE (1860-1910). They had 12 children between 1882-1906.
      • Sarah Betz m. Henry RHOADES
      • Katie Betz (1868-?)
      • Laura Betz (1869-?) m. Harvey CARL
      • Annie L. BETZ (1881-1950) m. William H. KRAMER (1871-1941). Two children. Lived & buried in Mt. Carmel, PA.

    • Hannah Betz (1851-?)
    • Ester Betz (1853-?)
    • Catherine Betz (1856-?)

    Ann contacted me in Feb 2006. This is one of two separate BETZ lines that she is researching (see next section for the other). She is seeking confirmation that Jacob b. 1838 was son of Thomas. She HAS confirmed Jacob's lineage to the present through his daughter Estella. John Valentine BETZ, b. 17 Dec 1783 Albany, Berks Co., PA; m. 2 Jul 1810 Anna Maria (Mary) Ziegenfuss, b. 10 Jan 1786 Upper Minford, Northhampton Co., PA. Children:
    • Thomas Betts b. 15 Dec 1811 PA; d. 22 Aug 1855; buried Muncy Cemetery; m. Catherine b. 1803 d. 26 Mar 1885 buried in Muncy Cemetery. Children per 1850 census (Moreland, Lycoming Co., PA):

      • Peter Betz b. abt. 1835 PA
      • JACOB BETZ b. August 09, 1838; d. November 27, 1911; buried Turbotville Cemetery, Turbotville, PA. bm. abt. 1866 ELLEN UNKNOWN, b. December 26, 1839; d. September 24, 1924 (buried in Turbotville). In 1870 and 1880 found in Lewis, Northumberland Co. Postoffice Watsontown. In 1900 & 1910, they're in Delaware Twp, Northumberland Co., PA. Children:
        • John W. Betz, b. abt 1867 PA
        • William D. Betz, b. abt. 1869
        • Thomas H. Betz, b. 1873 [Possibly "Harry" b. 1873 with them in 1900 census? If so a soldier.
        • Jennie V. Betz, b. 1875
        • Minnie M. Betz, b. 1877
        • Estella M. Betz, b. 1878 PA; d. 1961; m. David F. Mincemoyer.
        • Charles E. Betz, b. 1871
      • Mary Betz, b. abt. 1840 PA
      • Hannah Betz, b. abt. 1842 PA
      • Harriet Betz, b. abt. 1844

    Eastern Seaboard BETZ (excluding PA)
    William Betz William Betz, b. abt. 1860 in NYC (Brooklyn?); worked as a glass etcher and was something of an artisan.
    • Walter Betz, b. abt. 1890; lived in Brooklyn, then Queens, NY; worked for an oil company originally called Socony (Standard Oil Co. of New York) and now Mobil; d. in the 1960s.
      • William Betz, b. 1 Nov 1917; d. September 2005; WWII veteran who also worked for Socony;
      • Edward Betz; lived in Newport, RI; deceased.
      • Mary Betz, d. 2003.
    Several people are researching this line, including:

    [Heinrich] Conrad Baetz came over as a Hessian soldier to fight the Colonials for King George III. He was captured at the battle of Trenton and
    after being a prisoner for about three months joined the Continental Army. After getting married, moved to Franklin Co VA and settled on land given to the Hessians that joined the USA. They had about 13 children and some Diana has traced. Some became Morman and are in Utah and near there. Some came to Indiana. Some
    married Clingenpeels from the VA area. they were also of Hessian origin. See JSHA Journal 1985.

    [Heinrich] Conrad Betz, b. abt. 1758 Germany; d. aft 9/1828; m. (by 1787) Mary (Harley or Hartley?). He was shown on a tax list for in 1799 at Franklin County, Virginia. He appeared on the census of 1810 at Franklin County, Virginia. He died at Franklin County, Virginia. (Janet has a copy of his will.) Children (some used Betz and others Betts):
    • Sarah Betts, b. 1787; d. before 1850; m. 1 Sep 1806 Benjamin Bernard
    • Margaret Betts, b 20 Feb 1789; d. 20 Aug 1873 Cass Co., IN; m. 21 Nov 1812 (Franklin Co., VA) Joseph Clingenpeel, son of Joseph Clingenpeel.
    • Abraham Betts (aka Abraham Betz), b. abt. 1792 Franklin County, Virginia; d. abt. 1875; m. 4 Mar 1816 (Franklin Co., VA) Sarah Stewart/Ramsey. He appeared on the census of 1850 at Franklin County, Virginia, as Betz Abraham 58 M Physician 1,000, with his wife, Betz Sarah 58 F, Betz John T. 24 M Blacksmith, Betz Julia 20 F, Betz Ann J. 3 F, Betz John 2 M Betz Polly 25 F, Betz Rhonda 22 F. (While Janet believes this is the Abraham who was Conrad's son, it has not been proven. It is possible this could be a different Abraham). [If it is same Abraham, see "Ingrid Jones" entry, top of next section.]
    • John Betts, b. 20 May 1795 at probably Franklin County, VA; d. 30 Mar 1864 Flora, Carooll Co., IN; m1. 3 Sep 1821 (Frankline Co Twp, Mont. Co., IN) Catherine Ikenberry, daughter of John Ikenberry and Elizabeth Rusch. He appeared on the census of 1840 at Franklin Township, Montgomery Count, Indiana; m2. 22 May 1856 Lydia Ikenberry (Catherine's sister) at Flora, Carroll County, Indiana.
    • Lydia Betts, b. 5 Sep 1797 at Franklin County, VA; m. d 23 Apr 1879 Springfield, Clark Co., OH; m. 2 Sep 1820 John Clack at Franklin County, VA. Dianne Jones is descended from this line.
    • Anny Betts, b. abt. 1798 at Franklin County, VA; m. 6 Aug 1833 William Dillon Jr at Franklin County, Virginia.
    • Mary Betts, b. abt. 1800; m. 5 Jan 1818 Edward Richeson (Myrna Craypo documents him as Richardson, and that they were married in Snow Creek, Franklin Co., VA.)
    • Benjamin Betts, b. 25 Nov 1806, Franklin County, VA; d. 12 Oct 1885, Payson, UT; m. 10 Aug 1829 (Franklin Co., VA) Frances Ann Sink . He appeared on the census of 1850 at Franklin County, Virginia: Betz, Benjamine, 43, M, Blacksmith; his wife Betz, Frances, 42, F; Betz, Mary, 19 F. He was shown as a blacksmith in the 1850 census record.
    • Aseneth Betts, b. abt. 1810 at Virginia.
    Peter Viveiros Conrad Betz, b. ?; d. ?; m. Eliza Keenan.
    • Tobias Weims Betz, b. 1869; d. 1931 Leeds, NY; m. Emma Josephone Packard (1871-1939).
      • William Henry Betz, b. ? Rhode Island; d. 1929 Arizona. Mormon. Married Ella Almeida Wilcox
    Terry Betz Sale

    These two brothers apparently had a falling out after the second one emigrated to the states.

    Philipp Betz m. Margaret Juliette Stager (both stayed in Germany).
    • Wilhelm/William Betz, b. ? in Ettlingen, Baden; emigrated first to NY (September 1922) on the "Hannover" out of Bremen; may have gone to Hartford for a time. A "Willi Betz" is found in Hartford, CT in 1924. Married Sophia Unknown.
    • Hermann Betz, b. ? Aue, Baden; m. Wilhelmina Derbogen, b. ? Durlach, Baden. Married in Germany then emigrated to NY (1925) on the "Lutzow" out of Bremen; settled in Wethersfield, CT just outside of Hartford.
    • sisters who stayed in Germany: Liesel (m. Metzger), Eliese (m. Berggotz), Elsa (m. Ulmer)
    Joseph A. Betz
    Stony Brook, NY

    from Soden & Aufenau, Hesse Cassel, Germany to New York City, Peterborough, NH, Stamford, CT, and Long Island, NY

    Emigration year : Abt. 1879

    Has ancestral information further back in Germany.

    Major research questions:
    The only way I am probably going to further this line is with church records found in Fulda. This is not a very common line in the USA. My 2nd great grandfather had very few descendants that reproduced.

    Alexander BETZ b: 11 October 1856 in Aufenau, Hesse Cassel, Germany d: 08 January 1931 in Richmond Hill, New York; m. Crescencia HILD b: 21 May 1853 in Soden, Hesse Cassel, Germany m: 11 May 1879 in Soden, Hesse Cassel, Germany d: 15 October 1927 in Peterborough, New Hampshire

    • Joseph Lawrence BETZ b: 19 February 1880 in New York, New York d: 16 May 1948 in Stamford, Connecticut; m. Mary Ellen CURRAN b: April 1875 in Stamford, Connecticut m: 29 April 1903 in Stamford, Connecticut d: 09 July 1904 in Stamford, Connecticut

      • Joseph Alexander BETZ b: 10 February 1904 in Stamford, Connecticut d: 09 July 1988 in Huntington, New York; m. Ruth Eleanor SMITH b: Private m: Private

        • Anthony John BETZ b: Private; m. Josephine Jane O'DONNELL b: Private m: Private

          • Joseph Alexander BETZ b: Private; m. Jennifer Anne SARGENT b: Private m: Private

            • Alexander Sargent BETZ b: Private

    Bill & Betty Menke

    are researching New Jersey BETZes.

    August Betz/Batz, b. ?; d. 1890 Oberkaufungen (was in cavalry); m. Maria Market (b. 1858 Oberkaufungen; d. 1952, Bogota, NJ)
    • Elizabeth Betz, b. 1880 Oberkaufungen, Germany; d. ? Hackensack, NJ?; m. Ernst Menke (b. 1880 Cuxhaven, German; d. 1956 Hackensack, NJ).
    Joan Betz

    I believe my husband's family was descended from the John b. 1845 to the right, but have not yet been able to make the connection to my husband's grandfather, John b. 1870. The emigrating couple may have gone first to Ohio before settling in Maryland.

    John Betz, b. abt. 1807 Wurttemberg; m. Mary Unknown, b. abt. 1812. Emigrated abt. 1837.
    • Maria Betz, b. abt. 1837 "sea borne"; appears in 1850 census
    • Mary Betz, b. abt. 1839, MD; appears in 1850 census
    • Lewis Betz, b. abt. 1840, MD; appears in 1850 census
    • Jacob Betz, b. abt. 1841, MD; appears in 1850 census
    • John Betz, b. abt. 1845, MD; appears in 1850 census
    • William Betz, b. abt. 1850, MD; appears in 1850 census (4 mos old)
    Ann is researching two unrelated BETZ lines (see Later PA Betzes above, for the other one). Her forefather emigrated in the late 1800s to Baltimore, MD. Anna is descended from Emma Elizabeth BETZ. JOHN BETZ, Sr. b June 20, 1837 in Germany; d. June 26, 1900 in Baltimore Co., MD; m. ANNA BARBARA VOLZ, b. February 04, 1840 in Germany; d. February 12, 1907 in Rossville, Baltimore Co., MD. Children:
    • JOHN HENRY BETZ, b. September 11, 1863, Reichbach, Hesson, Germany; d. November 08, 1932, Baltimore Co. Maryland. He married ELIZABETH CAROLINE BERLETT June 23, 1884 in First United Evangelical Church Baltimore Maryland; b. February 02, 1866 in Rossville Baltimore Co. MD, and died January 22, 1955. Children:
      • ANNA BARBARA BETZ, b. January 1894; d. July 01, 1977, Baltimore Co. Maryland; m. HARRY ANDREW SCHULTZ; b. December 13, 1891; d. August 28, 1969.
      • HENRY JOHN BETZ, b. November 16, 1887, Rossville Baltimore Co. MD; d. January 18, 1971, Baltimore Maryland.
      • WILLIAM GEORGE BETZ, b. May 10, 1890, Baltimore Co. Maryland; d. October 08, 1970.
      • MARIA LINDA BETZ, b. September 17, 1892; d. May 08, 1964.
      • CHARLES AUGUST BETZ, b. January 13, 1897, Baltimore MD; d. July 14, 1985, Baltimore MD.
      • EDWARD JOHN BETZ, b. June 10, 1899; d. September 11, 1989.
      • FREDERICK THOMAS BETZ, b. August 28, 1901, Baltimore Co Maryland; d. July 05, 1990, Baltimore Co Maryland.
      • JOSEPH HENRY BETZ, b. 1904, Baltimore Md; d. May 29, 1977, Rosedale, MD.
      • EMMA ELIZABETH BETZ, b. May 24, 1908, Stemmers Run; d. August 20, 1998, Manor Care Nursing Home Lancaster, PA.
      • JOHN BETZ, b. December 17, 1910; d. September 22, 1979.
    BETZes of the Midwest (IA, OH, MI, MN, MO, SD, WI)
    Note that many of these started out in states to the east, including NY and PA, so be sure to check those sections, too.
    Ingrid Jones Abraham Betz m. Sarah Ramsey/Sally Stewart abt. 1816. Suspect they lived in Bedford Co., VA before moving to Franklin Co.. Abraham might be the son of Conrad, the Hessian soldier (see "Janet Small" entry, top of previous section, above).
    • Nancy Betz
    • Polly Betz
    • Rhoda Betz
    • William Betz
    • John Fleming Betz b. 1824 Bedford Co., VA; d. 1 Apr 1904; buried Hunley? Cemetery, Callaway Co., MO; m1. Julia Blankenship and moved to Callaway Co., MO in 1858 with first five children.
      • Angelina F. Betz, b. abt 1847 VA; m. 23 Mar 1870 in Callaway Co., MO to William D. Frazier of Boone Co., MO. In 1904, according to her father's obit, she was living in Mexico, Audrain Co., MO.
      • Dewitt Betz, b. abt. 1851 VA; 1860 Callaway Co., MO census as 9 years old; 1904, living in Auxvasse, MO. (I have no further verified information, but there was a DeWitt BETZ who married Amanda Jane Johnson and had four children: Claudius, Roy, Edward, and Bradford. I do not know whether he is the same individual.)
      • William C Betz, b. abt 1849 VA. 1860 Callaway Co., MO census; living near Boydsville, Callaway Co., MO in 1904. (He MAY or MAY not be the same William C. BETZ who married Amanda C. Cull on 4 Nov 1874.)
      • Abraham Betz, b. abt. 1853 VA; 1860 Callaway C., MO census gives his age as 7; d. abt. 1897-98 (father's 1904 obit: son "...Abraham, died in Fulton some six years ago." I found two obits, one in the Callaway County Gazette and one in the Fulton Telegraph for an Abraham BETZ who died July 1897 leaving a widow, a little son, an "aging father", a stepmother and several brothers and sisters. No names were given. HOWEVER, both obits gave his age as "about 32", which would be too young for "my" Abraham.)
      • Angemon?/Andrew Betz, b. VA. The 1860 Callaway Co., MO census gives his age as 5, but subsequent censuses are conflicting; m. 6 Apr 1878 in Fulton, MO to Lucinda Turner NICHOLS (daughter of Thomas NICHOLS and Elizabeth FOWLER; b. abt 1847 Boone Co., MO; widow of James W. SHELNUTT, who died in 1874). Andrew was living in Sturgeon, Boon Co., MO in 1904. Andrew and Lucinda had at least one child, John. There MAY have been a daughter named Laura. The Auxvasse Review had an obit for a Laur BETZ, about 20, d. January 1901, but I have not yet obtained a copy, so I don't have details for her. In the Millers Creek Cemetery listings, I found a Laura V. BETZ, d. 31 Jan 1901 sharing a lot with Andrew BETZ, d. 17 May 1925. I don't have a death date for "my" Andrew, so I don't know whether it is the same person. Andrew's name has been variously given as Angemon (in the 1884 History of Callaway Co., MO), Ajarne (on the marriage record for him and Lucinda Shelnutt), Angerne (in his father's obituary), and Andrew on at least two censuses.
      • Sally Mary Betz, b. Oct 1860 - d. 9 Aug 1864, buried in Hundley Cemetery.
      • John Henry BETZ, b. 11 Mar 1863 - d. 16 Aug 1864.
      m2. Elizabeth Fowler/Nichols, b. 1825; d. 1914; buried Hunley? Cemetery, Callaway Co., MO.
      • John Fleming Betz, Jr. b. 19 Jul 1867 Boydsville, Callaway Co., MO - d. 3 Feb 1936 Mexico, Audrain Co., MO, buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Mexico. He was married 2 Apr 1891 to Adda BALL (daughter of John Nelson BALL and Addeliza Rachel PINDALL) b. 4 Jan 1870 Santa Fe, Monroe Co., MO - d. 18 Jan 1952 Moberly, Randolph Co., MO, buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Mexico. (These were my grandparents)
      • Charles Wallace BETZ, b. 22 Mar 1871 Millersburg, Callaway Co., MO - d. 26 Nov 1959, St. Louis, MO, buried in Hundley Cemetery, Callaway Co., MO. He married 11 May 1913 to Mary Eltie WHITMAN.
    Patti (see her GenForum posting), and
    Mary Littrell
    John Allen Betz b. abt. 1840 Ohio; m1. 22 Feb 1865 in Sigourney, IA to Ida Laura White
    • Laura Ida Betz, b. White Pigeon, IA
    • Luna Louise Betz, b. Keokuk Co., IA
    • Elmer Betz
    m2. Elizabeth Robertson
    • Johnie Betz
    • Cora Alice Betz
    • Ora Allen Betz
    • Glen Roy Betz
    • Mary Catherine Betz (grandmother of Mary Littrell)
    John Betz and Elizabeth Robertson are buried in Shawnee, OK.
    ZoeAnn Matthias Betz/Betts b. abt. 1826 Germany/Prussia; emig. abt. 1845; m. Christine Poetz/Pitts; emig. abt. 1844. They lived many years in the Sand Creek area near Jordan, Minnesota. In 1900 they were in Scott Co., MN.
    • Margaret Betz m. 1877 in Shakopee, MN to August Matthias Weber
      • Christina Eva Weber
      • Kathryn Marie Weber
      • August John Weber
      • Matt Anthony Weber
      • Mary Ann Weber
      • Jakie Peter Weber
      • Margaret Sevina Weber
      • Anna Leona Weber (ZoeAnn's grandmother); m. ? HARTMAN.
      • Joseph Philip Weber
      • Peter William Weber
      • Julie Rose Weber
      • France Agnes Weber
    Lauren Schultheiss (see her GenForum Posting) Johann Jakob Betz (Germany) m. Christina Waibel
    • Leopold Betz, b. 1843 Rappenau, Germany; d. 1 March 1888 (in St. Louis, MO?); Civil War veteran; m. ?
      • Clara Betz, b. 1876 St. Louis, MO; m. Christopher Schultheiss; by 1920, they are in High Point, NC.
    Betsy Michael Betz, b. abt. 1725, Germany
    • Johann Michael Betz, b. 1756; m. Anna Catharina Zeh in Oberesslingen, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg.
      • Johann Betz, b. 1788 Oberesslingen..., m. Marie Munzenmaier
        • Johannes Betz, b. 1815 Germany; m. Marie Beitenmiller [Emigrating couple]
          • Paul Michael Betz, b. 1863 Iowa [grandfather of Betsy]
          • Louisa Betz, b. Iowa
          • John Betz, b. Iowa
          • Christian Betz, b. Iowa
    Julie Melchior

    Descendents of the children to the right are found in Dubois County and Marion Counties, Indiana and in Jefferson and Hardin Counties in Kentucky. I have much information about this family and would be happy to share it with any descendents. If you have any Betz ancestors in the above areas they may be part of this family.

    Johann Lorenz Betz, b. 1792 in Flieden, Fulda, Germany, came to the U.S. in 1833 with his second wife Katharina Auth. He eventually settled in Celestine, Dubois Co., IN where he died in 1840. He was accompanied by the four surviving children of his first wife, Katharina Elizabeth Klug, and three children born to Katharina Auth, with whom he had four more children in America. These children include:
    • Lorenz Betz, b. 1819, m. Elizabeth Mehringer;
    • Anna Katharina Betz, b. 1821, m. Nicholas Basler;
    • Katharina Elizabetha Betz, b. 1826, m1. George Libert; m2. John Reichert
    • Gertrude Betz, b. 1828, m. Gottfried Kaiser
    • Elisabetha Betz, b. 1831, m. Andrew Depp;
    • Margaretha Betz, b. 1834, m. Frederich Raubold
    • Maria Betz, b. 1836, m. Ferdinand Gress
    • Joseph Betz, b. 1838, m. Mary Victoria Schulz;
    • August Betz, b. 1840, m. Maria Schlegel
    Pat Butler

    This line originated in Stuttgart, emigrated first to Delaware (by 1820) then on to Ohio.

    Surnames associated with this BETTS line include: Painter/Tanner, Lewis, Dolby, Holtsberry, Price, Barchus, Odell, Sinift, Smith, Ross, Good, Gunder, Reid, Guthrie, Like, Rollins, Crosby, Kimmel, Miller, Latimore, Rife, Brown, Hubbard, Howe, Bland, Royce, Keck, Michael, Baker

    Phillip BETTS, b. Stuttgart, Baden Wurttemberg; died 1839 Sussex, CO, DE
    • Henry W. BETTS (1820-1891)
      b. Sussex Co., DE; d. Hedges, Paulding, OH
      m1. 1845 Abigail PAINTER (or TANNER?) in Pickaway Co., OH (she b. DE; d. 1859 Hannibal, MO).
      • Mary Isabella BETTS
      • Jonathan Painter BETTS (1845-1924)
      • Joseph Smith BETTS (1849-1915)
      • Thomas Henry BETTS (1852-1871)
      • Rachel Josephine BETTS (1855-)
      • Mary Jane "Missouri Jane" BETTS (1857-1909)
      m2. 1860 Mary Ann LEWIS in Pickaway Co., OH (she b. 1848; d. 1919)
      • John Lewis BETTS (1861-1938)
      • Benjamin Franklin BETTS (1863-1935)
      • William Sherman Elsworth BETTS (1865-1937)
      • James Albert BETTS (1867-1947)
      • Dortha Rosa Anna BETTS (1870-)
      • Thomas (Charles?) Henry BETTS (1873-1915)
      • Eli Wesley BETTS (1875-1953)
      • George Washington BETTS (1877-1917)
      • Sarah Alveda BETTS (1880-1919)
    • Joseph Smith BETTS (1822-1909)
      b. Sussex Co., DE; d. Paulding Co., OH
      m. 1843 Susan H. DOLBY (b. 1828 in DE; d. 1871 OH?)
      • William Wilmore BETTS (1844-1903)
      • Nancy Ann BETTS (1846-1896)
      • John Henry BETTS (1848-1897)
      • Benjamin Franklin BETTS (1850-1850)
      • Susan Alice BETTS (1851-1934)
      • Jonathan BETTS (1853-1865)
      • Serepta Jane BETTS (1855-1864)
      • Joseph Thomas Asberry BETTS (1856-1942)
      • Mary Ellen BETTS (1860-1940)
      • Rachel Josephine BETTS (1864-)
      • Laura Elmira BETTS (1866-1895)
      • Isaac Thomas BETTS (1868-1903)
    Gary Mesick

    Quite likely the German BETZ line is connected to the Buffalo Betz lines at the top of this page. They are from the same towns. Looking to find the ancestors of Johannes Betz and Augustine Sch??k. Not certain of her last name, as it cannot be read from Peter's birth record. Might be Schuak.

    Johann Betz m. 1861 Feilbingert, Pfalz, Rheinbayern to Augusta Sch??k
    • Philipp Betz b. 1862 Ebernberg or Feilbingert, Pfalz
    • Peter Betz b. 1864 Ebernberg, Pfalz, Rheinbayern; emig. 1880s; 1889: found in Allentown, PA city directory as carpenter; d. 28 Aug 1928, Canton, OH; buried Allentown, PA next to first wife:
      m1. Catherine Stichler (d. before 1902)
      • Frederick Wilhelm Betz b. 5 Aug 1891 Allentown, PA; d. April 1974 Burien, WA
      • Richard Betz
      • Clara Betz
      • Augusta Wilhelmina Betz
      m2. 17 May 1902 Emma Fegely; moved to Canton, Stark Co., OH
    Katharina Betz Birch [UPDATED!]

    My direct line Betz emigrant to the US is my father, and he didn't come until 1958. But I have done extensive research in his ancestral village of Ingerkingen in Baden/Württemberg (to the point of extracting all information out of the parish records up through 1770). I have documentation on all descendants of Simon Betz and Barbara Braunger, both born abt 1630 in Ingerkingen. There are several Betz relatives that immigrated to the Milwaukee area in the 1860s. I would be extremely interested in establishing contact with anyone who is researching those lines.

    Andreas Betz b. 1790; d. 1856 Ingerkingen; m. 1815 Anna Maria Glaser (b/d Ingerkingen). Emigrating children were:

    • Johann Martin Betz (b. 1820 Ingerkingen; d. 1877 Milwaukee); m. 1850 Genoveva Romer (1826-1865). Children included:
      • Sophia Betz (b. 11 May 1850 in Ingerkingen)
      • Theres Betz (b. 15 Aug 1851 in Ingerkingen)
      • Franziska Betz (b. 5 Nov 1856 in Ingerkingen)
      • Josef M. Betz (b. 7 Mar 1863 in Ingerkingen); m 1899 Caroline Unknown (b. 1865 in Illinois; d. Aft 1930 of Milwaukee)
      • Anna Maria Betz (b. 4 Apr 1865 in Ingerkingen)
    • Joseph Betz (b. 20 Aug 1829 in Ingerkingen; d. 1 Sep 1896 in Milwaukee) m 1856 Ottilia Wanderer (b. Jun 1833 in Bavaria; d. 21 Oct 1907 in Chicago, Illinois). Children included:
      • Frederick Betz (b. 1856 in Wisconsin), m Ida F. (b. 1861 in Wisconsin; m. 1889). Children:
        • Neven O. Betz (b. 1893 in Minnesota)
        • Helen M. Betz (b. 1894 in Minnesota)
        • Marjory Betz (b. 1902 in Minnesota)
      • Zeimbert or Simbert Betz (b. 1858 in Wisconsin)
      • George Betz (b. 1860 in Wisconsin)
      • Joseph Betz (b. 1863 in Wisconsin)
      • John Betz (b. 6 Apr 1865 in Milwaukee; d. 1934 in Portland, Oregon); m 1894 Julia J. Butler (b. Sep 1867 in Minnesota; d. 21 Oct 1916 in Portland, Oregon). Children:
        • Frederick Joseph Betz (b. 1 Oct 1896 in St. Paul, Minnesota)
        • Kenneth Betz (b. 1905 in Ohio; d. 1943 in Portland, Oregon)
      • Elizabeth Betz (b. 14 Feb 1868 in Milwaukee) m 1894 Joseph Breitenbach (b. May 1867 in Wisconsin). Children:
        • Olive Breitenbach (b. Sep 1895 in Wisconsin)

    Doug & Carmen Liggett

    Two BETZ lines: one in PA early 1800s; second one in OH and IN mid-late 1800s.

    Emigration year : Before 1833.

    German side information unknown.

    Jonathan Betz, b. ?; d. ? ; m. Mary Lane

    • Mary Adaline Betz b. 1833 in PA; d. 1912 in Ohio; m. James L. HOLLENBAUGH.

    Second Betz line:

    . Henry Betz, b. ?; d. ?; m. Mary Elizabeth CLESTER

    • Mary Lucy Betz, b. 1849, Darke Co, OH; d. 1910 Howard Co, IN; m. James Henry McGAIL.

    Janet K

    Janet's ancestress emigrated around 1852, possibly from Esslingen or Neckar, Wurttemberg. May have had brother or nephew living in Germany named Fred Betz. The WEI indicates a family emigrating from Esslingen (but originating in Hegensberg) in 1854: "Johann Friederich Betz (no age or date) and family, Johann Friederich Betz b. 6-23-1837, Gottlieb Friedrich Betz, b. 10-7-1840, Maria Magdalena Betz (age 11; therefore b. abt. 1843), Rosina Betz (age 9; therefore b. abt. 1845). There was also a Christian Friederich Betz from Esslingen (but born in Hegensberg) who emigrated 1850 at age 19 (therefore born abt. 1831). Janet is looking for any information about this family.

    A Gottlieb F. Betz was living in Cleveland, emig. 1853 (per census) and whose birthdate is consistent with the one above. May be Mary Betz Ruppert's brother. Interested in any information about this Gottlieb.

    Maria Magdalena "Mary" BETZ b. 11-11-1842 (possibly Esslingen or Hegensberg, Wurttemberg) Germany; d. 11-20-1905 Cuyahoga Co., OH; m. 10 Jan 1872 in Cuyahoga Co., OH Charles Ruppert (b. 8-26-1840 Alsace; d. 3-1-1015 Cuyahoga Co., OH). Lived in Cleveland, OH. Children:
    • Mary J.E. Ruppert (1873-1946); m1. (1896) Frederick S. Gaylord; m2. (1912) Frederich Leissa; lived/died in Cleveland, OH.
    • Catharine Marie "Katie" Ruppert (b. 1876 Cleveland; d. 1951 Kirkwood, MO); m. 1900 (Cleveland) Eugene Hauber.
    • Caroline "Carrie" Ruppert (1877-1920); m. Henry Carley.
    • Pauline Anna Ruppert (1880-~1946); m. (1902) Charles C. Cadden.
    • Henry Rupert (1885-?); m1. (1913) Marie K. SCHOMERS; m2. (1924) Viola M. MILLER; m3. (1930) Hattie E. WERNER; m4. (after 1930, bef. 1942) Elsie Unknown.

    Looking for the 5 children born to Daniel and Florence BETZ between 1928 and 1936 in Aid Township, Willow Wood, Lawrence County, OH and/or their descendants.

    The story is that they were all adopted by early 1940 from the (Lawrence County) Ironton Childrens Home. Daniel died and his wife was forced to take them to the Home. She then moved to the Dayton area and reclaimed them in early 1939 but this was a hard time in this country, and she had to take them back to the home in July of 1939.

    They never saw her again.

    Henry BETTS (b. abt. 1876 OH) and Ella UNKNOWN (b. 1880 OH)

    • Mattie Betz, b. abt. 1908.

    • Daniel Jefferson BETZ, b circa 1906 in Aid Township, Lawrence County, OH; m. Florence THORONTON?, b. abt. 1908 Lawrence Co., OH

      • Catherine BETZ b 8-3-1928

      • Maralyn BETZ b 8-30-1930

      • Raymond BETZ b 4-27-1933 (still living)

      • Carl BETZ b 2-27-1935

      • Anna Mae BETZ b 11-10-1936

    Judy Peterson

    Also researching this line are Valerie Betz Mechenbier and Beverly Layman, both of whom are descended from Daniel Clinton Betz.

    Daniel Betz, b. 17 Dec 1811, PA; m. Sarah ROOT (b. PA)
    • Rachel E. Betz, b. September 19, 1849, Pickaway County, OH; m. Samuel Isaiah FURNISS (also of Pickaway Co., OH); d. November 23, 1913 Green Camp, Pleasant Township, Marion County, OH. Both buried at Marion Cemetery
    • Lois Betz
    • George Ludwig Betz, b. 5 Sep 1858;. d. 27 Jun 1916 in Marion, OH. Buried Circleville, OH. Blacksmith. Death certificate (in possession of Judy) signed by a Clifton C. Betz of Columbus, OH.
    • Daniel Clinton Betz m. Susan Patterson Karr
      • John Betz (line of Beverly Layman)
    Michael Naughton John Betz b. abt. 1796 Germany or PA; d. October 1850 IL; m. abt. 1831 (in PA) Barbara Unknown, b. abt. 1814. By 28 October 1850 they are living in Lasalle Co., IL. Children:
    • Elizabeth Betz, b. abt. 1834 in PA; died abt. 1884; buried Greenwood Cemetery, Petoskey, MI) m. 9 Aug 1849 Lasalle Co., IL Jacob Manon (b. PA). This couple is enumerated with her mother in the 1850 census (Lasalle Co., IL). Children:
      • Rebecca F. Manon (ancestress of Michael)
      • Other children
    • Susan Betz, b. abt. 1836
    • Catharine Betz, b. abt. 1840
    • Sarah Betz, b. abt. 1842
    • Dallas Betz, b. abt. 1844
    • John Betz, b. abt. 1846
    Daniel L. Betz
    Muskegon, MI

    My grandfather is James Clinton Betz

    Samuel Betz, b. abt. 1825 OH; d. 29 Apr 1900 Toledo, OH; m. 5 Sep 1858 Rachel HEIMBAUGH or HIMEBAUGH, Branch Co., MI (she was b. 27 Mar 1839 Bronson, MI; d. 5 June 1930 Bronson, MI); Prior to marriage, live in Burr Oak, MI. Fought in the civil war 1860-61.
    • Enos Betz, b 5 May 1859 Bronson, MI; m. Luella ?
      • Melissa Betz, b 5 Oct 1861 Bronson, MI; d 19 Mar 1933 Mason county, MI; m1. Richard STAPLES; m2. ? OOSSON; m3. ? DALE
      • Emanuel Betz, b 31 Oct 1862 Bronson, MI, d 18 Nov 1924; Norwich township, MI; m1 abt 1887 to Ellen CASE; m2. Delilah TURNER
      • James Clinton Betz, b 25 June 1867 Bronson, MI; d 11 July 1929 Hamlin, MI; m1 13 Mar 1909 to Mary Elizabeth MOSTER; m2. Emily DUNKEL
      • Emma Ester Betz, b 5 Nov 1869 IA; d 14 Mar 1925; m Phillip BOWMAN
      • Eva Betz, b 26 Mar 1871; m Hillery SHARP
      • Agnes Polly Betz, b 27 Jul 1873 Bronson, MI; m ? STONE;
      • Bertha Josephine Betz, b 3 Sept 1874 Branch county, MI; d 23 Apr 1953 Branch county, MI; m 13 Feb 1892 Louis Bullock MODERT
      • Harriet Betz, b 27 Nov 1878 Bronson, MI; d 19 Apr 1908 Bronson, MI; m George SOURS

    Jill Heishman John Betz (b. 1884 Pirmasens or Zweibrucken?; d. 1955 Kansas City, MO) m. Emilie Pfannkauch (b. 1866 Kassel; d. 1940 [also Kansas City?]. Both buried in Woodland Cemetery. Emig. 1912 on Kroonsland. Children:
    • William George Betz (1909-1979) m. Phyllis Jones (1912-1986); both buried Forever Cemetery, Kansas City, MO. All children lived in Kansas City, MO.
      • Richard Betz (1941-1976); buried Forever Cemetery, Kansas City, MO
      • Living Male Betz
      • Living Female Betz
    • Margaret Betz (1915-?) m. ? Frisbey; lived in MO; buried Woodland Cemetery.
    • Living Female Betz
    • 10 other male Betzes (all deceased)
    Antione Betz (brother of John; also emigrated; lived for a time in OH, possibly elsewhere) (? - ?1976?) m. Augusta Unknown
    • Rose Mary Betz (? - ?) Living? Kansas City, MO
    Periena [male] Betz (brother of John; did not emigrate; remained in Germany)

    Outstanding questions:
    I have only one BETZ to search for. She married into one of my lines. I would appreciate having her parents names if anyone recognizes this Mary.

    Mary "Molly" BETZ, b. 28 Aug. 1849, VA; d. 1916, CA; m. 23 Jan. 1868 in Johnstown, Bates Co., MO. to Levi MEARS.

    Bill Denney
    Vancouver, WA

    Ancestors from 1767 in Kefenrod, Oberhessen, Hess, Germany; Bindsachsen, Oberhn, Hessen, Germany; Unterreichenbach, Hessna, Prussia.

    Emigrated from Germany:
    Three sons of Jakob BETZ and Anna Margaretha HEUN emigrated to the states 1850s-1860s.

    Jakob Betz m. Anna Margaretha HEUN, both of Kefenrod and/or Bindsachsen, Oberhessen.
    • Johannes "John" P. BETZ, b. Herchenhain, Oberhn, Hess, Germany. Died about 1903. Farmer. By 1870, he was in Cass County, IL. m. Catherine CRAMER, born about 1835 in Prussia. They had the following children:
      • Henry BETZ
      • Mary BETZ b. abt 1860 in IL; d. abt 1943.
      • Amelia "Emily" BETZ b. abt 1864 in IL; d. abt 1881.
      • Elizabeth "Lizzie" BETZ b. abt 1868 in IL; d. abt 1952.
      • John "Johnie" W. BETZ
      • Anna BETZ b. abt 1872 in IL; d. abt 1884. Per 1930 newspaper article, last name was Acheson and she was residing at Meyers Falls, WA at the time.
      • Katie BETZ b. abt 1876 in IL; d. abt 1903.
    • Johannes "John Henry" Heinrich BETZ , b. 28 Oct 1831 in Herchenhain, Hessen, Germany. d. 24 Feb 1914 in Cheney, Spokane County, WA. Immigrated 19 Nov 1857 in New Orleans, LA on the S/S Tropic, embarked at Antwerp and came from Germany. Emigrated on 21 Aug 1857 in Bindsachsen, Oberhessen, Hess, Germany. Moved on to IL. Civil War military: 21 Aug 1861/1865 in 1861=14th Vol. Infantry; 1863= 33rd Illinois Vet. Infantry. Tailor by trade; also homesteaded and subdivided his land between his children.  They had the following children:
      • George Henry BETZ
      • John William "Will" BETZ
      • Albert BETZ
      • Edward Franklin BETZ
      • Christian "Chris" BETZ
      • Anna Katherine BETZ
      • Maria "Mary" Elizabeth BETZ
    • Heinrich "Henry" John BETZ , b. 7 Dec 1835 in Herchenhain, Oberhn, Hess, Germany. d. about 1917. Migrated to the U.S. shortly after the Civil War. M. Margarett ALBRANT, b. 21 Aug 1840 in Berlin? Germany; d. 28 Oct 1919 of acute cardiac dilatation. They had the following children:
      • Charles Christopher Godfrey BETZ
      • Pauline "Lena" BETZ
      • William F. BETZ
    Rick Wagner (updated 11/12/2002)

    Web site

    John Betz, Sr. b.Jan 1854 Germany, d. bef. 1920; m. 1882 Rosalie BINNIGER b. Apr 1864 Germany; d. aft. 1920. Emig. abt. 1882. Settled in Milwaukee, WI (were there in 1900 & 1920 censuses)
    • George Betz, b. Mar 1883, Milwaukee, WI
    • Pauline Betz, b. Jan 1886 Milwaukee WI
    • Clara Betz, b. Nov 1887, Milwaukee WI
    • John Betz, Jr., b. 21 Jan 1889 Milwaukee; candymaker; deceased; m. 9 Apr 1911 Catherine Schroll (1891-1963). Stayed in Milwaukee, WI.
      • Evelyn Pearl Marie Betz (1911-1963) m. (1935) Louis Wagner (1910-1970)
      • Irene Betz (1916-1990) m. (1941) William Pagel (1915-2000)
      • Gordon Betz (1918-1999) m. (1941) Bernice Shuier (1918-1996)
      • Robert William Betz (1923-1947) unmarried.
    • Randolf Betz, b. Mar 1900 Milwaukee WI.
    Patti Beattie is seeking information about the parentage of her gr-gr-gr-grandfather. (She's seeking confirmation that the father might be Conrad Betz.) Note that like Ann, immediately above, she's researching Northumberland Co., PA BETZes of the same generation.

    William Henry Betz, born in Northumberland Co. PA probably on 7 Aug, 1800, married Mary Catherine Imler (b. 15 Aug 1796 in Dutch Corner, Bedford Co. PA) on 24 November 1822 in Pickaway Co. OH. They both died in Keokuk Co. IA in 1871/1876 respectively. They had at least 10 children:

    • Isaac Imler,
    • Israel,
    • Caroline,
    • Margaret B.,
    • John Allen,
    • Julia Ann,
    • Ira Charles,
    • William Henry Harrison,
    • Elizabeth
    • Lydia Ann
    Southern BETZes (includes Texas)
    J. B. John Betz, b. 1825 Berlin; d. 17 Jan 1897 Shelby Co., TX; m. Catherad ?, b. 1823 Germany; d. 23 April 1893 Shelby Co., TX.
    • Andrew Joseph Betz, b. 22 Dec 1863 Boston; d. 25 April 1958 Shelby Co., TX
    • George Betz, b. 22 Dec 1865 Boston; d. ?
    • Elmer Betz, b. 11 Mar 1869 where?; d. 4 Mar 1914 Shelby Co., TX
    Canadian BETZes
    Betsy Stewart (of Canada)

    I am looking for information on my Great grandfather Harry Betz. His family came from England and before that Germany. The name is also spelled Betts. This family was supposed to have been distantly related to the royal family of England and was voted supposedly the most look alike to the royal family. Stories in the family say that Harry ran off with the scullery maid and that he turned down a legacy that subsequently went to Mark Phillips husband of Princess Anne.

    Harry Betz/Betts
    BETZ Still in Germany
    Margaret Wheelhouse Hensley is trying to track down her mother's family. Her mother, Erika BETZ emigrated to the U.S. in 1964. Margaret believes Erika was originally from Heilbronn, Germany. While Erika did come over and settle in the states, I'm placing this information in the "German BETZes" section since Margaret is looking for Erika's BETZ relations, still likely to be in Germany. Erika Paula BETZ, b. 26 July 1928 possibly in Heilbronn, Germany; emig. to U.S. in 1964; d. 3 Aug 1891 Tacoma, WA. Married (American) WHEELHOUSE. Her children:
    • Harry BETZ, b. 15 Aug 1957 (in Germany)
    • Margaret Elaine WHEELHOUSE, b. 11 January 1964 in Bad Cannstadt, Stuttgart, Germany.
    • Arthur Henry WHEELHOUSE, b. 8 Dec 1964, Newport News, Virginia, USA.
    Helmut Burger-Scheidlin

    Web site

    Researching the BETZes of Ringsheim and Herbolzheim, Baden. Looks like one of them, a Rose Betz, married a Retzbach and emigrated to Philadelphia around 1860.

    Georg Betz, b. ABT. 1671 in Herbolzheim, Baden. m. Anna Ursula Fey ABT. 1696 in Herbolzheim, Baden.
    • Franz Josef I Betz, b. 27.11.1697 in Herbolzheim, Baden. Other names were Petz, and Peetz. m. Maria Ursula Heinrich on 11.1.1723 in Herbolzheim, Baden. Many children, including:
      • Fidelius Betz, b. 1738 in Ringsheim, Baden; d. 5.2.1792 in Ringsheim, Baden m. Maria Anna Büchele on 26.9.1768 in Ringsheim, Baden. Several children, including:
        • Kasimir Betz b. 4.3.1786 in Ringsheim; d. 15.11.1860. m. Maria-Anna Nussack on 10.4.1815. Several children, including:
          • Josef III Betz * 7.2.1833 in Ringsheim, Baden. oo Rosa Deninger.
            • Karl Betz * 22.1.1870 in Ringsheim, Baden.
          • Rosa Betz * 14.4.1839 in Ringsheim, Baden +20.12.1926 in Atlantic City, N.J., USA. oo Adam Michael Retzbach ABT. 1860. Emigration: 1854, Philadelphia, PA, USA
          • Pius Betz * 23.9.1820 in Ringsheim, Baden and died in Böblingen. oo Magdalena Ko"lble. Three children, including:
            • Martin Betz * 11.11.1844 in Ringelheim +13.3.1906 in Mannheim. oo Regina Schuster. Several children, including:
              • Julius Betz * 8.11.1891 in Mannheim +14.7.1971 in Mannheim. oo Karoline Schmitt on 12.6.1919.
                • Helmut Betz * 27.5.1924 in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg; oo Ilse Bachmann on 28.12.1951 in Heddesheim, Baden-Würtemberg.
                  • Liselotte Rita Betz * 28.8.1954 in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, oo Helmut Burger-Scheidlin on 25.5.1979 in Heddesheim.
    BETZ: From Germany to Russia
    Leona Herman Kollman Garcia

    Web site

    Jacob BETZ (b: 1724; d: 1800 in Frank, Saratov, Russia
    • BETZ, Anna Christina b: Abt. 1755 d: 1798 in Frank, Saratov, Russia; m. Johann Heinrich LEONHARDT, b: October 05, 1755 in Sprendlingen, Isenburg, Germany; d: Bet. 1811 - 1816 in Frank, Saratov, Russia. His Father: LEONHARDT, Johann Andreas Mother: UNKNOWN, Anna Gertrude

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