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In Search of Philip Pluto Bader

The search for Pluto Bader began as a community event 28 March 2000 when Zona Himmelsbach posted a question to NYERIE-L trying to find the web site she'd once stumbled across that listed Pluto Bader as one of those interred. The NYERIE-L archives are "littered" with clues. This page is an attempt to pull those clues into one place.

Over the years, members of the list have attempted to help Zona find Pluto. One breakthrough was had when Dianne Erickson discovered his marriage certificate at St. Joseph's RC church. This confirmed that his real first name was Philip, that he was the son of John and Auguste Baider, and that he was protestant, while his wife was Catholic. Zona subsequently found him in the Buffalo city directories through 1889.

Why "Pluto"? While the bulk of the records referred to below identify our man as "Philip Bader," his name appears as Pluto on the following:

  • A list of names buried at a Tonawanda or Niagara County cemetery that had once been posted to a web site, but is no longer findable.
  • The marriage certificate/record of his daughter identifies the bride's father as "Pluto Bader."

Last Updated: 9 September 2005

What We Know

  • John BADER, b. abt. 1808; m. abt. 1835 Auguste Louisa LUTZ, b. abt. 1815. This couple emigrated between 1842 (when last child was born in Hesse Darmstadt) and 1850 (when Conrad was born in Erie Co., NY).
    • Catherine BADER, b. abt. 1836; in 1850 census, but not 1860 or 1870. [Didn't someone find a marriage of a Catherine Bader recently? I believe it's a separate Cat. Bader; see "unrelated Baders" below.]
    • Philip/Pluto BADER, b. abt. 1840 Hesse Darmstadt; m. 20 Apr 1872 (St. Josephs RCC) Mathilde WINTER, b. Abt. 1852 NY. Zona believes that Philip/Pluto buried in Tonawanda or Pendleton in Erie or Niagara County. We believe he remained Protestant and that their children were raised Catholic.
      • Mary Bader (grandmother of Zona), b. October 1874 NY. Baptized Seven Dolors or St. Mary of Sorrows RC Church; d. Gasport, Township of Royalton. Married Joseph HIMMELSBACH. [NOTE: her 1874 baptism seems to be in question; one reader of NYERIE-L reviewed the St. Mary of Sorrows baptism records and could not find her.] Found in 1900 census; Mary's brother Henry Bader is living with them. Son of Mary Bader and Joseph Himmelsbach:
        • Henry Himmelsbach, b. 14 Nov 1892 Buffalo . Child of Henry H.:
          • Zona Himmelsbach, b. Buffalo; settled in San Bernardino Co., Calif.
      • Michael Bader, b. 1878 NY (age 2 in 1880 census; not found in subsequent censuses)
      • Henry Bader, b. July 1881 (per 1900 census, when he is living with his sister and brother-in-law)
    • John BADER, b. abt. 1842;
    • Conrad/Cunrad BADER, b. abt. 1850; in 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 census. Found last in 1920, ward 20, at the Erie County Home, age 70.

  • Spelling Variations
    • Baader (1850 census)
    • Bader (1870 census)
    • Baeder (in some city directory listings)
    • Baider (1860 census) - Census location M653-747-248 Household 266, Family 320 Line 36-40 on the page.
    • Beder (1880 census)
    • Beiter (cemetery records at St. Mary's RC Church)

  • Chronology Note: there are TWO different John Baders in Buffalo; need to determine which of the John Baders in the city directories (below) is the father of Philip/Pluto.
    • 1850 US Census: Philip with parents and siblings, 4th ward (see below for details)
    • 1851-1852 BADER, John, tanner, Cherry N Mulberry
    • 1852 city directory: BADER, John, tanner, h. Mulberry N Virginia
    • 1853 city directory: BADER, John, tanner, h. Mulberry near Virginia
    • 1854 city directory: BADER, John, Tanner, h. Mulberry near VA
    • 1855 city directory: BADER, John, tanner, h. Mulberry n VA
    • 1856 city directory: Baider, Philip, chairmaker, 307 Main
    • 1856 city directory: BADER, John, 135 Oak
    • 1857 city directory: Baeder, Philip, chairmaker, 156 Elm
    • 1857 city directory: BADER, John, Mason, h. 98 Goodell
    • 1858 city directory: None
    • 1859 city directory: None
    • 1860 US Census: with parents and siblings (less sister Catherine; see below for details)
    • 1860 city directory: Baider, Philip, chairmaker, b. J. Baider
    • 1860 city directory: BAIDER, John, laborer, h. Hickory n Cherry
    • 1861 city directory: BADER, John, laborer, h. Mortimer n Sycamore
    • 1862 city directory: Baeder, Philip, chairmaker, b. J. Baeder
    • 1862 city directory: BAEDER, John, lab, h. Pratt n Genesee
    • 1863 city directory: BAIDER, John, lab, h. Pratt n Genesee
    • 1864 city directory: Baider, Philip, engineer, h. Pratt n. Sycamore
    • 1864 city directory: BAEDER, John, lab, h. Pratt n Genesee
    • 1865 city directory: BAIDER, John, laborer, h. 224 Genesee
    • 1866 city directory: Bader, Philip, brewer, Cherry n. Spring (same guy?)
    • 1866 city directory: BAIDER, John, lab, 224 Genesee
    • 1867 city directory: Baeder, Philip, joiner, Goodell bet Michigan and Elm
    • 1867 city directory: BADER, John, h. /Clinton n Madison
    • 1868 city directory: BADER, John, laborer, h. 583 Clinton
      BEIDER, John, laborer, h. 544 Hickory
    • 1869 city directory: BADER, John, lab, h. 490 Madison
      BADER, John, mason, Madison cor Clinton
    • 1870 US Census: with parents and siblings (less siblings Catherine and John)
    • 1870 city directory: BADER, John, lab, h. 191 Mulberry
      BADER, John, mason, Madison cor Clinton
      BAIDER, John, lab, h. 544 Mulberry
    • 1871 through 1875: only recorded Phillip's entries
    • 1872: St. Josephs (RC?) Church: 20 April 1872 marriage of Philippum Baider [protestant] and Odilium Winter [catholic]. FHL# 1292854
    • 1873: city directory: Baider, Philip, laborer, 389 Hickory Street
    • 1874: city directory: Beiter, Philip, planing mill, 560 Batavia Street
    • 1876: city directory: Beider, Philip, laborer, 132 Mortimer Street
    • 1876 city directory: BADER, John, lab, h. 493 Madison
    • 1877: city directory: Beider, Philip, laborer, 394 Adams Street
    • 1877 city directory: BADER, John, lab, h. 490 Madison
      BADER, John, lab, h. 138 Mulberry
      BADER, John Jr, sawyer, h. 40 Strauss
    • 1878 city directory: No John Baders in city directories
    • 1879 city directory: BADER, Johann, lab, 490 Madison
      BADER, John Jr, sawyer, 493 Madison
    • 1880 US Census: p. 129-c: Philip Beder, with wife Otilly, dau Mary; son Michael, on Sycamore Street.
    • 1880-1881 City Directories: Philip Beiter, carpenter, 508 Sycamore
    • 1880 city directory: BADER, John, lab, h. 490 Madison
      BADER, John Jr, 493 Madison
    • 18 Feb 1880: Augusta Beider/Buder dies at the Almshouse, age 65 (might be Pluto's mother).
    • 1881 city directory: No John Baders
    • 1882 city directory: BADER, John, Foreman w A.R. Clark h. 493 Madison
      BADER, John, laborer, 493 Madison
      BEITER, John, varnisher, h. 382 William
    • 1882-1883 City Directories: no listing for Philip Beiter
    • 1884 city directory: Philip Baider, sawyer, rear 123 Mortimer Street
    • 1885 city directory: Philip Baeder, sawyer, ov 309 William Street
    • 1886-1887 city directories: no entries for Philip
    • 1889-1889 city directory: Philip Baider, carpenter, rear 482 Spring Street [last known address]
    • 1890 city directory: Mrs. Matilda Bitter, 47 Seventeenth [NEW: Actually: this is not likely our Tillie; we find this woman again in 1900 census with a different set of children.]
    • 1890-1892 City Directory: No listing for Philip Baider
    • 23 Jun 1892: Mary Bader, 18 (b. Buffalo), residing at 266 Bristol; marries Joseph Himmelsbach (res. 801 Best St.) Her father's name is listed as "Pluto Bader;" her mother's name is listed as "Tillie Winter." (Copy of marriage return obtained by Zona from City of Buffalo.)
    • 1900: Matilda Bitter living on Richmond Street; 4 births, 3 living (and they're all living with her and none of them match the names of Pluto & Tillie's children, leading us to believe that this is NOT "our" Tillie.)

Where we know he is NOT

  • United French & German Cemetery
  • Forest Lawn Cemetery
  • Concordia Cemetery (A Heinrich Bader d. 1889 is there, though) [Actually, Heinrich's daughter, Anna is buried there per a Buffalo Courier Obit. Heinrich is listed on the record because he owned the plot.]
  • Buffalo Vital Records checked deaths 1889-1890: nothing found. (What did they actually search for?)
  • Lockport clerk found nothing.
  • Church of the Good Shepherd (searched by Joe Endicott)

Places we may not have checked yet

See further below for long lists of Erie and Niagara County cemeteries.
  • Zona believes Pluto/Philip died in Niagara County. Why is that, Zona?
  • Salem Church
  • Zion United Church of Christ, Tonawanda (Evangelical and Reformed)
  • St. Stephens (waiting for them to microfilm their records)
  • Gardenville Cemetery
  • St. Francis of Assisi RC Church, Tonawanda
  • North Bush, Tonawanda
  • Kenmore city clerk (for death certificate)
  • Tonawanda city clerk (for death certificate)

Unrelated Buffalo Baders (or relationship unknown)

  • John BADER (b. 1815 Germany) m. Amalia Stuerwald(b. 1825 Germany). In 1850 census (Baader), just the two of them; in 1860 census (Bader), the following are with them:
    • John Bader (10), b. 1850 [See below the John who marries Anna]
    • Henry Bader (8), b. 1852 [owner of the plot at Concordia where daughter Anna is buried?]
    • Mary Bader (5), b. 1855 [The "Magdalena" who marries MONET, below?]
    • Joseph Bader (3), b. 1857
    • Mary A Bader (1), b. 1859
    • Catherine Bader, b. 12 Jun 1864; m. abt. 1884 Michael Schmitt. Nine children. Researcher Carole Barron (antcarbar at is descended from this line.
    • Emily Bader, b. 1868 (per Carole Barron) -- Is this the Emma married to Michael Wessinger in the 1910 census (with Amerlia Bader living with them)?

  • Heinrich Bader, buried Concordia 11 March 1889. Funeral record should be in St. Stephens. [UPDATE: Actually buried here is the daughter of Henry Bader: Anna, 1 day old, who died from difficulties related to labor.] Henry lived at 538 Adams in 1889.

  • MONET-BADER Marriage [What's the source of this?]

    Married 28-May-1875 
    Georgium MONET and Magdalena BADER 
    Son of Joannes MONET and Anna MONET 
    Daughter of Joannis BADER and Emiliae STEINWALD 
    Witnesses include Heinrich BADER and Maria BADER 

  • John & Anna Bader from the 1880 census (I believe this John is son of John and Amalia, above.]

     Johann BADER, Self, M, Male, W, 29, NY, BAV, BAV  
     Anna BADER, Wife, M, Female, W, 28, NY, BAV, BAV  
     Margaret BADER, Dau, S, W, 6, NY, NY, NY  
     Michael BADER, Son, S, W, 4, NY, NY, NY  
     Anna BADER, Dau, S, W, 2, NY, NY, NY  
     Johny BADER, Son, S, W, 1, NY, NY, NY  

  • Baders (Soundex) from 1890 Buffalo City Directory:

    Edward Bader 128 Carroll        
    Frank Bader 128 Carroll     plumber  
    Henry Bader 538 Adams     carpenter  
    John Bader 490 Madison     laborer  
    Charles Baudri 488 Sycamore     bookkeeper  
    Felix BeDore over 113 William     woodworker  
    John Beiter 382 William     painter  
    John L. Beiter 230 Wash  b. 382 William  clerk  
    Joseph B. Beiter 383 Seneca  b. 382 Wm.  clerk  
    Catherine Beitter over 168 Gen.     dressmaker  
    Charles H. Beitter 112 Genesee     tinsmith  
    Mrs. Sophia Beitter No. 37  207 East North  asst principal  
    Felix Beutter 222 William     laborer  
    Frederick J. Beutter    b. 154 Goodell  butcher  
    George Beutter 50 Peach     grocer and saloon  
    Mrs. Wilhelmine Beutter 4 Washington markt  
       154 Goodell  meat market  
    Jacob Bitter 67 Gibson     carpenter  
    Joseph Bitter 126 Raze     butcher  
    Mrs. Matilda Bitter 48 Seventeenth 
       [Not likely ours; see above]
    John Boether 63 Pink     laborer  

Census Details (click for images)

1850   4th ward, 2 Sep 1850, p. 267 (handwritten), 
p. 386 (stamped), image 269
           John BAADER, 39, laborer, b. Germany
           Auguste, 34, b. Germany
           Catherine, 14, b. Germany
           Philip, 10, b. Germany
           John, 8, b. Germany
           Cunrad, 4 months, b. NY (therefore b. May 1850?)

1855    not found [they've got to be there somewhere]

1860    7th ward, roll 747, book 1, per, 
p. 28 (handwritten), p. 248 (stamped) , family 320.
         John BAIDER,  52,  Laborer,  Darmstadt
         Augusta  "   ,      45,
         Philip              20,  Cabinetmaker,  Darmstadt
         John                18,  Cabinetmaker,  Darmstadt
         Conrad              10,              ,  NY

1860 Census M653 Roll 751 Page
Buffalo 12th Ward, New York
Household 557 Family 599
Barnhart Winter Age 51, Male, Laborer, born in Baden
Theresa Winter Age 41, Female, Wife, born in Baden
Francis Winter Age 17, Female, Domestic, born in New York
George Winter Age 15, Male, Laborer, born in New York
Barbara Winter Age 12, Female, born in New York
Lany Winter Age 10, Female, born in New York
Otilia Winter Age 9, Female, born in New York
Kate Winter Age 7, Female, born in New York
Ambrose Winter Age 6, Male, born in New York
John Winter Age 4, Male, born in New York

1865    John BEIDER, 55, Germany, Laborer
            Augusta    "    ,  48, Germany
            Philip        "    ,  25, Germany, engineer
            John          "    ,  23, Germany, turner
            Conrad      "    ,  15,  Erie Cty

1870    BADER, John,  62,  w in planing mill,  H-D
             , Augusta, 52,  keeping house, Hesse Darmstadt
             , Felex, 29, w in planing mill, Hesse Darmstadt
             , Conrad, 19, engineer, New York
1870 Census Microfilm Series M593 Roll 953 Page 731 Line 13
Buffalo 12th Ward, New York
Household 540 Family 612
Bernhardt Winter Age 64, Male, White, Laborer, born Baden
Theresa Winter Age 53, F, White, Keeps House, born Baden
Otilda Winter Age 19, F, White, At Home, born New York
John Winter Age 13, M, White, In School, born New York

The only George Winter from Baden:

1870 Census M593 Roll 953 Page 159 Line 19
Buffalo 7th Ward, New York
Household 125 Family 136
George Winter Age 60, Male, White, Milk Peddler, born Baden
Anna M Winter Age 45, Female, White, Keeping House, born Bav
Johan Winter Age 16, Male, White, Work in Planing Mill, b NY
Christine Winter Age 13, Female, White, At Home, b NY
Barbare Winter Age 11, Female, White, Attending School, b NY
Anna Winter Age 6, Female, White, born New York
George Winter Age 3, Male, White, born New York

There is another Winter from Baden:
1870 Census M593 Roll 953 Page 116 Line 15
Household 1323 includes two families
Family #1856
John Baker Age 39, Male, White, Grocer, born Hesse Darmstadt
Magdalen Baker Age 22, Female, White, Keeping House, born NY
Caroline Baker Age 12, Female, White, born New York
Magdalen Baker Age 9, Female, White, born New York
John Baker Age 1, Male, White, born New York
Family #1857
Barbara Winter Age 45, Female, White, Keeping House, b Baden
August Winter Age 14, Male, White,  born New York
Elizabeth Winter Age 13, Female, White, born New York
Jacob Winter Age Age 10, Male, White, born New York
Edward Winter Age 9, Male, White, born New York

No guarantees, but a good working theory worth investigating 
is 1)Barbara is a widow and 2)Magdalen Baker is her daughter.

1875    3rd Election District, 6th Ward, pg 32, 
        enumerated on 15th June 1875
        Philip BEIDER, 35, Darmstadt, employed in planing mill
        Tillie       "        , 23, Erie, keeping house
        Mary      "        ,  8/12,  Erie

1880     Philip BEDER, 42,  H. Darmstadt, works in planing mill
         Otilly     "        , 28, NY, keeping house
         Mary     "       ,  5 , NY
         Michael  "      ,  2,  NY

1900 Census: Mrs. Mathilda Bitter at 17th Street; 
4 children, 3 living (and they're all living with her, 
and none of them match the names of Pluto & Tillie's children).

Churches from 1894 Map of Buffalo

DEUTSCHE EV. EM. CH. on Hickory St.
SWEDISH EV. LUTH. CH. on Spring St.
  (Between 468 & 476 Spring St.)
  This one is 2 doors down from 482 Spring.
FIRST EV. LUTH. CH.  on corner of Spruce & Sycamore.
  on Michigan between Sycamore & Genesee.
ST. JOHNS LUTH. CHURCH on Hickory w/St. Johns School 
  & Lutheran Orphan Asylum.
GERMAN EV. LUTH. GRACE CH. on corner of Carlton & Rose.
ST. BONIFACE R.C. CHURCH, Locust btw Carlton & Virginia.
MAPLE ST. CHAPEL on corner of Virginia & Maple.
ENGLISH EVAN. LUTH. CHURCH on corner of Tupper & Ellicott.
DUTCH EVAN. ST. PETERS CHURCH, corner of Hickory & Genesee.
GERMAN M.E.CH. on Mortimer just south of George.
EV. REF. SALEM on Sherman St. north of Broadway.
ST. ANNA'S R.C. CHURCH  on Braodway.
GERMAN EV. PROT. ST.MARCUS CHURCH, Oak just south of Tupper.


Additional Sources for Research
    there are 85 cemetery hits...via wnycrawler...

Mount Calvary Cemetery, Inc. 
Burial cards, Lot cards, Lot Books, 
Cemetery Registry Books, Section Maps. 
The collection includes data from 1859 for the 
United German and French Roman Catholic Cemetery; 
from 1925 for Mount Calvary; from 1885 for Buffalo 
Cemetery and 1898 for Ridge Lawn Cemetery.
INQUIRIES: (By Mail Only) Procedure: 
Fill out name search form; Enclose fee; Mail to: 
Historian, Mount Calvary Cemetery, Inc., 
800 Pine Ridge Road, Cheektowaga, NY 14225.

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