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Josiah Hull and Elizabeth Loomis

Husband: Josiah Hull
Baptized: 10 Nov 1616 at Crewkerne,Somerset,England
Parents: George Hull (b. 1590) and ???
Married: 20 May 1641 in Windsor, CT
Died: 16 Nov 1675 at Killingworth, CT

Wife: Elizabeth Loomis
Born: abt 1618 at Braintree, Essex, England
Parents: Joseph Loomis and Mary White
Died:after 1665 probably in Killingworth, CT

01 (M): Josiah Hull b. 6 Sep 1642 Windsor CT; source: Windsor Vital records, vol MG (WVR Vol MG)
m. date unknown, Elizabeth ???
d. Sep 1670 Killingworth CT; source: Killingworth Vial Records vol 1 page 79 (KVR 1-79)
02 (M): John Hull b. 17 Dec 1644 Windsor CT WVR also KVR 1-71
m. 3 Dec 1668 Abigail Kelsey, Killingworth CT KVR 1-66
d. 24 Jul 1728 Killingworth CT.
03 (F): Elizabeth Hull b. 18 Feb 1646/47 Windsor CT WVR 1-40
m. 28 Nov 1661 Israel Dibble, Windsor CT WVR 1-55
04 (F): Mary Hull b. 2 Oct 1648 Windsor CT WVR 1-40
m. 2 Aug 1666 John Grant Windsor CT WVR 1-45
05 (F): Martha Hull b. 10 Jan 1650 Windsor CT WVR 1-40
m. 29 May 1670 John Nettleton, Killingworth KVR 1-66
06 (M): Joseph Hull b. 10 Aug 1652 Windsor CT WVR 1-40
m. 1676 Mary Merwin
d. 1709
07 (F): Sarah Hull b. 9 Apr 1654 Windsor CT WVR 1-40
08 (F): Naomi Hull b. 17 Feb 1656/57 Windsor CT WVR 1-40
m. 4 Jan 1676 Thomas Burnham; at Killingworth WVR- 1-46
d. 15 Mar 1726
09 (F): Rebecca Hull b. 10 Aug 1659 Windsor CT WVR 1-40
10 (M): George Hull b. 28 Apr 1662 Windsor CT WVR 1-40
never married
d. Sep 1670 Killingworth CT KVR 1-79
11 (M): Thomas Hull b. 29 May 1665 Killingworth CT KVR 1-68
m. 10 Dec 1685 Hannah Shether KVR 1-66
d. 1720 Killingworth CT

Additional Information

Josiah Hull was baptized on 10 Nov 1616, the first of 6 children born to George and Unknown wife Hull, at Crewkerne,Somerset,England.  

George Hull was born 1590 in Crewkerne, Somersetshire, England.  He had 6 children by his first wife (including Josiah).  George settled in Dorchester Mass in 1630 or 1636.  Before 1659 he lived in Windsor CT and also Fairfield, CT.  He died in Windsor, CT in 1659 or 16 NOv 1675.

At the age of 13, Josiah sailed from Plymouth England, with his parents and family, on the ship "Mary & John", on 30 Mar 1629/30, bound for America.

They settled in Dorchester MA for about 7 years. In 1637, when Josiah was age 21, the family moved to Windsor CT, where he became the owner of land bordering his father.

Josiah Hull married in Windsor CT on 20 May 1641 to Elizabeth Loomis. Elizabeth Loomis was born in probably Braintree, Essex, England, date about 1618. Elizabeth was the 3rd of 8 children, all born in England to Joseph and Mary White Loomis.

On 11 Apr 1638, when Elizabeth was age 20, the Loomis family sailed from London England to Boston MA, on the ship "Susan and Ellen".In 1639, the Loomis family moved to Windsor CT, which became their permanent home; and where Elizabeth Loomis met and married Josiah Hull.

Josiah and Elizabeth Loomis Hull made their first home in Windsor CT where 10 of 11 children were born to them. As service to the community, Josiah served as a Deputy to the General Court 3 times; in 1659, 60, and 62.

In 1663, the Josiah Hull family moved to the new town of Killingworth CT, where they were among the original settlers; and where their 11th child was born.

Killingworth became the final home for Josiah and Elizabeth. Here Josiah was named the first Town Recorder on 20 Oct 1665; and also served again as Deputy to the General Court from 1667 until 1674.

Josiah Hull was a Lieutenant in the "Traine Band of Killingworth"; and was known in the Town as "Lt. Josiah Hull".

Josiah Hull died in Killingworth CT on 16 Nov 1675,(KVR 1-79).  Elizabeth Loomis Hull died after 1665..

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