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Nicholas Disborough & Mary Bronson

Husband: Nicholas Disborough
Born: about 1600 in England
Married: 2 Apr 1640 in Ct 
Died: 1683 in Hartford, CT

Wife: Mary Bronson
Born: about 1606  prob in Braintree, Essex, England
Father: Richard Bronson, Sr.

01 (F): Unknown female Married: Obadiah Spencer
02 (F): Unknown female Married: Mar 1662/63 Samuel Eggleston
03 (F): Hannah Disborough  Baptized: 20 DEC 1646 
Spouse: 1668 to John Kelsey
Died: 23 Oct  1718 Killingworth, CT
04 (F)Abigail DisboroughBorn: 1 Feb 1648 Hartford, CT
Married: Robert Flood

Additional Information

Nicholas Disborough(Desborough) was born in England in the early 1600's. The best available research indicates that Nicholas came direct from England to the new town of Hartford in the CT Colony; where records show he became a frequent purchaser of lands, beginning in Feb. 1639. Nicholas was a soldier in the Pequot War in 1637. He is listed among the original settlers of Hartford CT.

Nicholas Disborough married on 2 Apr 1640 to Mary Bronson (Brunson). Mary Bronson was born , probably in Braintree, Essex England, where her father Richard Bronson Sr., was a member of the Rev. Hooker's Church at Chelmsford.

Mary Bronson came to North America between 1630 and 1635, with her father Richard Bronson Sr, and her two brothers, John Bronson, and Richard Bronson Jr. They settled first in Cambridge MA.

The Bronson family moved from Cambridge MA to Hartford CT as original settlers, along with the large group that came with the Rev. Thomas Hooker in 1635. The settlement has started as early as 1633, with people from Cambridge, and was called "Newtowne". The name was changed to Hartford in 1637.

Nicholas was a frequent purchaser of lands in Hartford, an dis mentioned as an abutter in 31 land transactions in early records.

Nicholas and Mary Bronson Disborough made Hartford their home, where 4 children, all daughters were born to them. Mary Bronson Disborough died first, date unknown to the compiler. Nicholas later married Elizabeth (unknown).

Nicholas Disborough died in Hartford CT in 1683. His second wife, Elizabeth Disborough, survived him. A record of the settlement of his estate is dated 31 Aug 1683.

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    • Secty Record Book Vol 1 Part 2 (South Side) partially copied
      John Willcocks 39
    • Secty Record Book Vol 2 Part 1
      Matthew Beckwith 60
      (A)Nicholas Desborough 55
      (A)William Kelsey 32,71
    • Secty Record Book Vol 1 Part 1: (partially copied)
      (A)John Brunson 47
      John Clark 38
      Nicholas Clark 23
      (A)Nicholas Desborough 55
      (A)William Kelsey 49, 50
      Richard Lord 31, 32
      (A)Thomas Lord Sr. 3 *(First Medical Doctor in America)
      Thomas Lord Jr 26
      (A)Thomas Steynton 24
      Thomas Tompson 67
      John Lord 44
      Richard Lord 15
      (A)Thomas Stanton 44
      William Wadsworth 20, 21
      John Willcock Sr 56
      John Willcock Jr 86
      Note: symbol (A) denotes an original settler of Hartford CT, from whom the Compiler is descended
    • CT Historical Society, Contained in reference "Town Lands, Births, Marriages, & Deaths, Town of Hartford 1639-1764". Copied in part
      Page 138: Feb Anno 1639
      Several parcels of land in Hartford upon the river of Connecticutt belonging to Nich. Disborow and to his heirs forever: viz -----

      Page 577: Pheabe Disborow daughter of Nickolas (Disborow) was baptized on 20 Dec 1646

      Page 581: Abigall Disborow daughter of Nickolas (Disborow) was borne february the first one thousand six (hundreth) forty & eight.

      Page 495: Mill Rates given Nich Disbroe
      Year 1 sh dd
      1655 00 10 09
      1656 00 14 05
      1657 00 15 09
      whole sum 02 00 11
      Page 501: Town Book Record 5 Feb 1665:(Partially copied)
      The names of such inhabitants as were granted lotts to have only at the Townes courtesy with liberty to fetch wood and keep swine or cowes by proportion on the common:
      John Brunson
      Thomas Lord Jr
      Nicholas Disbroe

      Page 140: an agreement signed by: about land recorded 9 Mar 1671--"and Nicholas Disbroe engageth himself heirs & assigns to maintain all the fences ---etc Nicholas W Disbroe ( marke)

      Page 452 (estate of Nicholas Disborough) one parcel of land which he bought of Joseph Strickland as he is administrator to the estate of Nicholas Disborough & was passed over to him by said Strickland & Elizabeth Disborough 9 Mar 1687

    • A Genealogy of Descendants of William Kelsey by Edward A. Claypool & Axalea Clizbee 3 Vols. Vol 1 1928

      Page 45: Record of settlement of estate of Nicholas Disborough 31 Aug 1683: His children are listed:
      Obadiah Spencer's wife
      Samuel Eggleston's wife
      John Kellseys wife
      Robert Flood's wife

  4. Historical Notices of CT by William Porter - mentioned that Nicholas died in 1683 and left 4 daughters.
  5. New England Historical & Genealogical Register Vol 54; pg 95
    Disborough Eng. Data

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