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As of this posting the GENEALOGY is operational but continuously UNDER CONSTUCTION.

                                         Last Updated October 26, 2001



"A Hasselman book tracing the American descendants of
Johan Frederick Ludwig (John) Hasselman and Fredericka Maria Caroline (Ricka) Biedersteadt,
who arrived in America in 1864 and 1865 respectively, will be revised this summer.

Anyone with information and/or pictures that they wish to have included in this
book should contact either Joyce Hasselman Nigbor, 11 White Pine Trail, Madison, WI  53717
 OR Cheryl Haszler Morrison, 616 10th St., Peru, IL  61354

Also, information about Johan Christian Ludwig (Louis) Hasselman
and his wife Caroline Maria Fredericka (Mary) Kleppin would be welcome."

     Research in the lineage of John Frederick Hasselman (of La Salle County, Illinois) and Fredericka (Biederst[a]edt) Hasselman was first compiled by Joyce Hasselman Nigbor, with the assistance of Elsie Hasselman Guenther and Esther Hasselman Hepp (now both deceased). Their tireless years of research resulted in a booklet published in 1972 Titled Hasselman Genealogy.  New data is continually updated or added to this lineage throughout the years as new information and generations becomes available.

Joyce is still very much active in genealogy research of the Hasselman lineage but also has been pursuing another line of her ancestors. Trying to fill in some of the missing information in this line as well as extending other lines is Cheryl (Haszler) Morrison. She has been searching through the old records and cemeteries trying account for and track down individuals who has been long forgotten.

Also following the line of the Haszlers is Arleen Bradburn(more info)
The lineage of the Kesslers as well as Hasslers (Haszlers) is Barbara Kessler


As you search for the names who may be in your lineage and have questions for more information you may contact: (Joyce Irene Nigbor- Main researcher of the Hasselman lineage)[click to enlarge] Morrison (Researching Hasselman, Haszler, Patarozzi etc.   )[click to enlarge] (I am mainly involved with creating and maintaining this website.)


A link to LaSalle County Illinois History and Genealogy.  Good place for information on LaSalle, Putnam, Bureau Counties and the surronding area.

The Homepage of Fred Hasselman of The Netherlands

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