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Sent to us by:      Lisa Nelson

I have a Camden County WWII Victory Cookbook published by the American Legion Aux. Post 193, Camdenton, Missouri. This book is very interesting and getting worn out so I thought I would share some of what is in it. In addition to recipes, there is a Camden County “Honor Roll’, that is to say those Residents that had gone off to war were listed. Later I will try to type in a list of those who had contributed recipes and do look ups for those that want their family recipes.  Also a word of caution, this list does NOT include all that served from this county. For example, It left off two of my relatives, my grandfather, Roy A. Butler (Bank Branch area) and his brother.  However, the Honor roll clearly states “to date”.  Thanks to all of these people who gave literally blood, sweat, and tears for their country and those at home who loved them.

                                                           In loving memory of:
                                                           Bert Eugene Butler,
                                                           Born  Jan. 23, 1918  Yuma County, Colorado
                                                           Died Dec. 21, 1944 in Belgium, Battle of the Bulge
                                                           Buried 1949 in Hermitage Cemetery, Hickory County, MO.

                                                           Honor Roll (to date):

The Honor Roll as published in the Camden County WWII Victory Cookbook.  Another missing name that I personally know of is Eva “Maxine” Mosier Williams, WAC.  I hope that all of your loved ones returned and that you have found them here once again.  Lisa Nelson

Andrews, Edgar William
Andrews, Floyd Nolan
Adkins, Charles Jacob
Allen, Joseph Woodrow
Allison, Oscar Edward
Alexander, Cecil Edward
Alexander, Daniel Noah
Anderson, Glen Robert
Arnold, Willard  James
Ayres, Sidney Raymond
Arnold, Willard J.
Anderson, Drew T. 
Ash, Winford H.
Allee, Warren J.
Anderson, Robert G.
Anderson, Raymond S.
Andrews, Albert J.
Arnold, Ivan F.
Adkins, Charles J. 
Adkinson, Samuel Nason
Andrews, Harold G.
Arnold, Harold R.
Allison, William D.
Arnold, Wilbur E.
Anderson, Louie C.
Anderson, John Leslie
Alexander, Daniel N. 
Andrews, Arthur C. 
Asher, Harold D. 
Arnold, John A.


Brown, Vadie Adrain
Briggs, Frank William
Ball, David Austin
Ball, James Nelson
Barr, Raymond Allen
Berry, Joseph Edwin
Bledsoe, Herschel Paul
Blair, Edgar Wesley
Blair, John Jr.
Blankenship, Lilburn Filmor
Bobbit, Fred Gearing
Boggs, Harold Elmer
Brown, Cecil Allin
Brown, Leo
Bruner, Harry Linton
Bunch, Harold
Burke, Hobart William
Byrne, Leroy Rapheal
Burkhart, Robert E.
Bellington, George R.
Burch, Virgil W.
Blair, Glen O.
Bonner, Billie C.
Burton, George T.
Burns, Milford A.
Blurton, Marvin F.
Brown, Cecil A. 
Brown, Weaver
Brown, Thomas H.
Bentch, James H.
Bryant, James L.
Butler, Flavel J.
Blankenship, Leonard C. 
Brickey, James A.
Breedlove, Howard D.
Bowden, Frank T.
Brown, Richard A. 
Baker, Vernus I. 
Beard, Benjamin H. 
Burgess, Aubrey H. 
Bobbit, George P. 
Brown, Ned D.
Barnes, Ernest
Burch, Willard
Banty, Earl William
Bonner, William F.
Burch, Fred S.
Burns, Walter
Bobbitt, Paul
Burke, Hobart W.
Brown, Murl E.
Bell, Edward
Beal, Wilburn R.
Beard, William B. 
Bell, Harold
Black, Melvin M. 
Branch, Eugene E.
Blankenship, Johnnie R. 
Bookhout, Andy
Barnes, Earnest
Bentch, Charles
Bunch, Clara
Burns, Wayne
Burns, Sylvester
Burns, Robert J. 
Blankenship, Lilburn
Blair, C. C. 


Coffey, James W. 
Capps, Vernon N.
Cline, John S. 
Carroll, Melvin B. 
Collins, Frederick L. 
Coffey, Charles L. 
Cline, Claude
Cannady, John W. 
Capps, Lester S. 
Capps, Lonnie L. 
Clorp, Vinal L.
Capps, Wayne A.
Clifton, Robert W. 
Cline, Mitchel C. 
Calton, James L. 
Cooper, Aubrey S. 
Case, Owen W. 
Craddock, Ellis F. 
Crane, Clarence R. 
Curtis, James H. 
Cline, Virgel E. 
Cooper, Harold V. 
Carnes, Leeman G. 
Colloway, Leo
Clark, Ed C. 
Clark, Boyd G. 
Canfield, John M. 
Carver, Samuel R. 
Creach, Cloyd K. 
Capps, Maudra E. 
Crall, Arvel W. 
Coffman, Dan B.
Cyrus, Wade M. 
Charlton, Charlie L. 
Crawford, James P. 
Chipley, Henry J. 
Crouch, Joseph H. 
Cline, Charles M.
Chapman, Bennie A. 
 Cyrus, Arley D.
Crain, Lester O.
Calvert, Earl L. 
Cumper, Henry J. 
Cyrus, Jessie K. 
Creach, Champ L. 
Collins, Joseph P. Jr. 
Carver, George A. 
Cyrus, Leslie D. 
Calton, Harry W. 
Carroll, George F. 
Carey, Rutherford Elton
Curtright, Kenneth Eugene
Cain, Leaman Edward
Canfield, Eugene Victor
Canfield, James Ward
Cannon, George Irwin
Capps, Vernon Newton
Carnes, Burdette Traw
Carver, Afred Abrahm
Caviness, Ermel Edwin
Caviness, Wm. Glenn
Chalfant, Marcellus A. 
Chalfant, Pierre Webster
Cline, Francis
Cline, John S.
Clopps, Arthur Murley
Cole, Paul Melbourne
Conner, Samuel Walters, M. D.
Coonse, Alfred Harve
Corpening, Albert N. 
Colterman, Marion Frank
Crawfor, James Patrick
Crabtree, Ira, Jr.
Carnahan, Henry M., Jr. 
Cunningham, Lieutelleus, Jr. 
Curtis, Chester D.
Chancellor, Ben
Cline, Francis
Crabtree, Cleo D. 
Cowlishaw, Jesse P. 
Crainshaw, James M. 
Chalfanr, Hollie D. 
Cotterman, Marion F. 


Depew, George Earl
Depew, Vernon Wilson
Devore, Jessie C. 
Dodd, Robert John
Dority, Franklin Lloyd
Dowell, Albert Francis
Dozier, John Durrett
Duncan, Wilbur  (Fooh?)
Degraffenreid, William M.
Davis, Morris
Dickerson, Harold M. 
Deardeuff, Everett F. 
Decoursey, William M. 
Dison, Arnold E. 
Deardeuff, Elza W. 
Denny, Benjamin M. 
Davis, Clifford L. 
Deardeuff, Melvin S. 
Davis, Cecil G. 
Duncan, Wilmer F. 
Dunn, James D. 
Duncan, Obert Otis
Drake, Glenn A. 
Deberry, Sherman L. 
Draper, John H. 
Dyer, Roy O. 
Dodson, James S. M. 
Drenan, Chas. B. 
Dority, Lloyd F. 
Devore, Jessie C. 
Deardeuff, Elmer H. 
Danuser, Johnnie E. 
Denny, Aubrey O. 
Dickerson, Malcolm



Elliot, Vincent R. 
Edison, James
Edison, Ernest L. 
Ester, John K. 
Edison, Glenn w. 
Edde, Wendell R. 
Emmerich, Walter J. 
Emery, Clay
Elliot, Harvey L. 
Eakeu, Clarence Raymond
Evington, Eugene
England, Reuel Elijah
Edwards, Glenn B. 
Eidson, Raymond N. 
Eidson, Jerry W. 
Eidson, James A. 
Elliot, Otto D. 
Edwards, John E. 
Edwards, Thomas W. 
Eidson, Donald N. 
Eaqleton, Raymon Clifford
Eaken, Clarence R. 
Edwards, Clifford Joseph
Eidson, Jerry Moran
Eidson, Robert Wesley
Elliot, Vincent Ralph
Emery, Merl
Emery, William Frank
Ezard, Willie J. 
Eakeu, Clarence Raymond
Eidson, Roy L. 
Edwards, John A. 
Eldred, George M

F - G

Fishback, Glan Ernest
Fisher, John Edgar
Flowers, Jodie A. 
Ford, Harry Block
Forman, Leon Buell
Foster, Theodore Wayne
Franklin, Benjamin Clifton
Franklin, James Anderson
Farris, Frank
Fowler, Aubrey R. 
Fowler, Mason R. 
Frederick, Arthur S. 
Fisher, Paul L. 
Frederick, Arthur S. 
Findley, Virgil
Furnell, Paul M. 
Frederick, Harvey C. 
Fishback, Glen E. 
Foster, Louis F., Jr. 
Francis, Jasper J. 
Fipps, Opal D. 
Foster, J. E. 

Goldsberry, Walter H. 
Gregorie, Lawrence
Green, Roy E. 
George, Ralph V. 
Glor, William
Glor, Roy
Gregory, Herbert L. 
Gregory, Arthur L. 
Garrett, Leonard H. 
Green, Mark E. 
Green, Ralph G. 
Grainger, James David
Garrett, Donald Lloyd
Garrett, James Vernon
Gentry, John W., Jr. 
George, Otto Clyde
Gernhardt, Alva Colman
Gernhardt, Paul Ethan
Gideon, Raymond J. 
Gillidand, James Vernon
Gire, Ellis John
Grady, Henry Baldrige


Hammers, Herbert William
Hammers, Jewell Slavorn
Harrison, Elbert L. 
Haney, Bert Myron
Husong, Eugene
Hoskins, Lloyd E. 
Hodges, Ralph N. 
Hanks, Roscoe Harold
Hammer, James O. 
Harrison, Elbert L. 
Henson, Walter L.
Howard, Jimmy
Howard, Charles W. 
Hurst, Walter
Husong, Royal Keith
Heines, Charles Robert
Henry, Walter Keith
Henson, Walter Lee 
Hepler, Lester Wendell
Hibdon, Ralph, Jr. 
Hicks, Jerry Marr
Hollcroft, Louis Ezra
Heimbeaugh, Tona R. 
Holmberg, Herbert August
Holt, Joseph Newton
Huddleston, Wayne
Honey, Gerald A. 
Hoskins, Lloyd E. 
Henson, Leonard L. 
Howard, Charles W. 
Hack, Clyde A. 
Husong, Deith
Honey, Joe E. 
Holcomb, Henry L. 
Hunt, Lawrence R. 
Henson, John B. 
Hollingsworth, Loran M. 
Hodges, Ralph N. 
Hicks, Louis
Hutten, Virgil H. 
Honey, Nobel G. 
Hicks, Wila D. 
Hembree, Jack
Hollandsworth, Harold
Hix, Earl H. 
Head, James C. 
Hicks, Lonnie F. 
Hoskins, Clyde B. 
Honey, Bert M. 
Hughs, Walter H. 
Hutten, Joe A. 
Head, Oliver
Hibdon, Arnold
Hoover, Raymond
Hunter, Roland V. 
Hollandsworth, Lonnie E. 
Hanks, Ross G. 
Henson, Warren H. 
Hart, Gardner E. 
Hankins, Leonard
Harper, George M. 
Hembree, Joseph J. 
Hopkins, Aubrey E. 
Houdyshell, George
Howell, Charles
Hammer, William H. 
Hutton, Charles P. 
Hepler, Wendel L. 
Harrold, John S. 
Henton, Virgil B. 
Husong, Charles V. 
Herbert, Ivan L. 
Holloway, James H. 
Hepler, William L. 
Heavner, John


I - J - K

Irwin, Clarence W. 
Irwin, Alfred
Irwin, Harley
Iiams, Smith H. 

Jackson, Donald Frederick
Jackson, Lee Roy
Jackson, Robert Lacy
Jackson, William Howard
Jamison, Harold Dawson
James, Kenneth E. 
Jeffries, Dwight Lee
Jeffries, Jessie Wayne (DE)
Jeffries, Alex Carl
Jeffries, John Wm. 
Jones, William Herbert
Johnson, Glen Anderson
Jones, William Harold
Jones, William Wiley
Jones, Jack H. 
Jones, Charles
Jeffers, Edward R. 
Jones, Ralph J. 
Justice, Raymond
Jones, Earl M. 
Johnson, Douglas E. 
Jones, James E. 
Johnson, Glen A. 
Justice, Horten H. 
Jones, William W. 
Jones Earl
Jennings, Leroy M. 
Jeffries, William Carl (DE)
Justice, Carl
Jeffries, Vernon C. 
Jointer, Ralph J. 
Jetter, Lloyd W. 
Justice, Alma V. 
Johann, Orville B. 
Jaminson, Boyd F.
Johnson, James V.
Jaminson, Byron K. 
Jeffries, Oscar L. 
Justice, Less P. 
Jackson, Rolla V. 
Jeffries, Lewis

Keeney, Jessie Willie
Kelso, Cecil Robert
Kerr, Otis Leland
Keltner, Glen
King, George, Jr. 
Kertz, Leonard W. 
Krahl, Sidney D. 
Kelso, Ethel B. 
Keltner, Kenneth
Knight, Charles E. 
Knapp, Earne T. 
Kidwell, Roy H. 
Kellogg, Howard A. 
King, George
Kinney, Jerry J. 
Knapp, Harold E. 
King, William C. 
Keeney, Joe O. 
Kelso, Cecil R. 
Knapp, Homer C. 
Keller Isadore P. 
Keltner, Willard C. 
Krahl, Henry F. 
Kimberling, J. C. Russell



Lamb, Robert Edward
Lawson, Glen R. 
Layman, Floyd Leroy (DE)
Layman, Wm. Kenneth
Ladd, Arthur Lloyd
Leap, Henry Herl
Looney, Harrison Aubra
Leffert, Jewell Sidvester
Lewis, Donald P. 
Libby, Wesley R. 
Lewis, Vaugh F. 
Lucks, Arthur Wm., Jr. 
Little, Wm. Jackson
Long, Virgil W. 
Laughlin, Chris R. 
Loreffler, Harry Howard, Jr.
Looney, Harrison A. 
Looney, Henry S. 
Long, Marvin L. 
Lowell, Kenneth Wesley
Laruie, John
Long, Hobert
Lucas, Coy C. 
Leffert, John R. 
Lucas, Hobert E. 
Leffert, Delmar [E.?]
Lee, Howard R. 
Long, Oda
Lynch, James
Leap, Edward R. 
Leap, Warren
Leffert, William D. 
Love, Lowell
Libby, John

M - Mc

Mann, Willard, C. 
Mann, Earl E. Jr. 
Manes, Stone
Marshall, Robert Lee
Martin, Henry E. 
Mathews, Glen David
Meads, Kenneth Edward
Morelan, Lloyd E. 
Messersmith, Clark H. 
Meltabarger, Woodrow Wilson
Martin, Henry E. 
Moore, Robert R. 
Miller, William Denzil
Mitschele, Phillip Alva
Moore, Jack Richard
Mosier, J. C. 
Mosier, James Willard
Messersmith, James Carl
Morgan, Harland M.
Moulder, Rolla G. 
Moreland, Arlow Clarence
Moreland, Clyde Warren
Myers, Eugene F. 
Meiser, William T. 
Morgan, Harold Vincent
Moulder, Jerold L. 
Moulder, Donald L. 
Mann, Paul M. 
Morgan, Jack Edwin
Morse, Roland Emerson
Mitschel, Joel T. 
Miller, William D. 
Moreland, Lloyd E. 
Morrison, Claudie Delmar
Morrison, Clyde Francis
Manuel, James A. 
Mooney, Arnold D. 
Moulder, Dale Fred
Morgan, Eldon V. 
Moulder, Ralph W. 
Moore, Carroll J. 
Miller, John T. 
Meads, Joseph D. 
Manuel, Warren E. 
Miller, Eldon L. 
Maness, Tom H. 
Martin, Henry E. 
Moore, Roy L. 
Meredith, Basil B. 
Meads, John M. N. 
Mann, Holland H. 
Meads, J. A., Jr. 
Miller, Homer A. 
Moulder, Roy E. 
Mead, Melvin R. 
Moore, Leslie T. 
Mauss, Henry R. 
Morrow, Joseph K., Jr. 
Morse, Raymond [L.?]
Morise, Rollin E. 
Mitschele, Phillip A. 
Moore, George M. 
Morse, Billy

McCulley, Ellis C. 
McCrory, John T. 
McDowell, Lloyd M. 
McDowell, Ralph M. 
McDowell, Malcolm
McCubbin, Merle J. 
McNeil, William P. 
McCoy, Bert Norman
McQuitty, David Wray
McCulley, William A. 
McGuire, Kenneth S.
McGuire, Toy B. 
McGuire, Howard H. 
McCrory, Glen S. 

N - O

Neeley, Elson Ivan (DE)
Nicholson, James Albert
Nickel, Paul Emery
Newton, William A. 
Noland, William Lloyd
Nations, William J.
Newell, Ralph
Newell, Ben W. 
Newton, Chester W. 
North, Eldon F.
Nolan, Wilber F. 
North, Leonard Wm. 
Nations, Eldon A.
Nations, Rolla
Noe, Kenneth E. 
North, Leland
Noland, Willard L. 
Newell, Robert L. 
Nelson, Joe R. 

Osbourn, Don B. 
Oursbourn, Ernest C.
Osborn, Audra L. 
Osborn, Russell E. 
Olson, Albert A. 
Osborn, Gilbert L. 
Ollison, Elbert W. 
Osborn, James E. 
Oliver, Aubrey
Osborn, James W. 
Oursbourn, Cecil F. 
Osborn, Albert C. 
Olliver, Orville


P - Q

 Pletz, Kenneth, Jr. 
Parrack, Charley Albert
Patterson, Carlos
Park, Raymond Hadly
Parrack, G. D., Jr. 
Pitman, Ora Lee
Prall, Walter Harrison
Pruitt, Donald W. 
Prall, Hobert W. 
Palmer, Walter L. 
Pritchete, Warren O. 
Parish, Arley M. 
Percival, William J. 
Purvis, George J. 
Pennel, Edward L. 
Porter, Claude E. 
Parrick, Kenneth (DE)
Phillips, Walter V. 
Parker, Charles A. 
Parish, Russell
Price, Lawrence
Phillips, Hugh
Powers, Johnny
Park, John W. 
Prall, Walter H.
Pate, James E. Marion
Percival, Wayne E.
Parish, Wayne E. 
Parish, Howard
Palmer, Jasper S. 
Patterson, Roy
Patterson, Ray


 Rhoadman, George Merad, Jr.
Richards, Grant Theodore
Roach, James Pleasant
Roll, Finas Hince
Rush, Albert E. 
Roofener, Wallace J. 
Roofener, William Mark
Raines, Geroge Oral
Richards, Gomer T. 
Ray, Carl, Jr. 
Rice, Paul L. 
Rector, James E. 
Roark, Harold M. 
Rosen, William L. 
Ruthledge, Charles W. 
Rogers, Willard
Roe, Joe Lloyd
Rogers, Leroy
Russel, Lee M. 
Rainwater, Warren G. 
Riggs, David B. 
Ray, Dean R. 
Randolph, Kenneth C. 
Roark, Herbert M. 
Riggs, James I. 
Rantz, Howard E. 
Roe, Edward Preston
Roark, James P. 
Roark, Howard C. 
Rogers, Eliga
Roofener, Bobbie Dean
Ricker, Lonnie E. 
Rainwater, Zeldon P.
Rogers, McClain
Roofener, Albert
Ross, Woodrow W. 
Ramsey, Rufus B. 
Ruble, Clyde W. 
Rice, John R. 
Reiminsnider, Ralph



Salsman, Ben Harrison
Salsman, William Dale (DE)
Scott, LeClare Robert
Shank, Paul John
Sharp, William E. 
Shipman, James George
Skouby, Hance Raymond
Shipman, Warren Alvin
Simmons, Wesley Carl
Starks, Enid M. 
Stoufer, Glen A. 
Schmoutey, Robert H. 
Smith, William G. 
Scott, Pete W. 
Simons, Carl L. 
Stoufer, Lloyd Woodrow
Stoufer, Earl E. 
Strutton, Walter
Striegel, Harry Junior
Scott, Oscar N. 
Sousley, Clark T. 
Scott, Charles W. 
Stoufer, Charles A. A. 
Shivers, George E. 
Stoufer, Roma D. 
Shodkley, Marion E. 
Smith, Emmit W. 
Singer, Ralph C. 
Salsman, Ben H. 
Salsman, Gerald N. 
Shipman, Leman M. 
Sealy, Edward J. 
Stamper, Malcolm E. 
Stoufer, Sherman O. 
Schrimpsher, Rolla H. 
Shipman, Warren A. 
 Scott, George W. 
Stout, Everett S. 
Scott, William  A. 
Shephard, Jack
Sharawger, Russell E. 
Simmons, Paul [D. or O. ?]
Shivers, John
Sousley, Carl O. 
Shipman, Gilbert L. 
Stoner, Oval M. 
Shivers, Calvin C. 
Shipman, Malcolm G. 
Snellings, Loyd
Smith, Malcolm I. 
Skinner, Virgil Otis
Starks, Leslie


T -U - V

Tompson, Brice
Thompson, Burval
Thompson, James Gilbert
Tillberry, Joseph Ellis
Twitchel, Greely Alexander
Turner, George W. 
Topping, Marion Edward
Turner, Horation Frederick
Traw, James Vernon
Turner, Ovid N. 
Traw, Harold J. 
Twitchel, Floyd H. 
Thomas, Roe S. 
Tombs, Charles L. 
Thomas, Floyd D. 
Thompson, Lester
Thompson, Hadley H. 
Thomson, Alvin L. 
Talbot, Bob
Thompson, Alvin Lynn (DE)

Ulrich, Charles Edgar

Vandenberg, Arthur Ray
Varner, John P. 
Van Meer, William J. 
Vogel, James C. 
Vincent, James Morgan



Walters, Clyde Elmer (DE)
Washia, Dale Francis
Wilson, Ralph R. 
West, Adrain V. 
Wilson, Elmer R. 
Whitworth, Floyvel N. 
Wood, Joe L. 
Wallis, Louie A. 
Wry, Harry E. 
Webster, John J.
Webster, Loran
Willis, Earnie F. 
Willey, Ethan A. 
Wallace, Joseph A. 
Winfrey, Wayne
Williams, Glen O., Jr. 
Webster, Bill
Waters, Winston D. 
Warren, Stanley D. 
Wilson, Leman W. 
Willimson, Louie H. 
Woods, Leonard W. 
Willis, Edward C. 
Wiseman, Charles V. 
Webster, Wilbur Ronald
Whitworth, Loraine Thomas
Webb, Howard Edgar
Wilson, Clark Z. 
Wilson, Clyde
Worley, George
Willard, Timothy D. 
West, Eldon L. 
White, William Wesley, Jr. 
Wilson, James A. 
Whitsel, Frank Lloyd
Williams, Glen Orville, Jr. 
White,  John Paul
Williams, Robert Jeremiah
Willis, Edward C. 
Worley, Eugene R. 


Ziglar, Benjamin