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This is a copy of a list taken from a URL on the internet, but the list is no longer there.  The information shows that the information came from the minutes of the Council Meeting.  It is a list, titled,  "History Camdenton Police Department."

05-02-32 Ovid Clark was appointed as First Marshal
12-05-32 Robert R. Martin was appointed as night watchman &/or Marshall
02-06-33 Ovid Clark was terminated as Marshal
05-01-33 Sam Laurie was appointed as night watchman and agent to collect poll tax, merchants tax, dog tax, auto licenses
and alter license.  Tax at a monthly salary of $20.00 per month & 5% of all collections.  Board recommended that
Laurie be appointed as Deputy Sheriff and requested that Ralph Eidson make the appointment.
11-08-34 T. T. Finley was elected as First Police Judge
12-10-34 Passed ordinance creating the office of Police Judge, T. T. Finley was appointed
02-04-35 Election:  Judge H. H. Long & Marshall Sam Laurie
07-03-35 Wesley S. Ewing was appointed as Special Marshal
12-16-35 Dorsey Cable was appointed as Special Policeman
04-07-37 Election Judge T. T. Finly & Marshall & Collector Dorsey Cable
12-31-37 Separated the offices of Marshal & Collector
0402-41 Election:  Judge M. D. Grimes & Marshal Lester Bookout
04-09-43 Election:  Judge T. T. Finley & Marshal Lester Bookout
04-03-45 Election:  Judge H. H. Long & Marshal Aubrey Carnwell
06-11-46 Dispensed with the services of J. D. Statler as Marshal
07-10-46 E. L. Libby was appointed as Special Policeman
04-04-47 Election:  Judge J. E. Raush & Marshal E. L. Libby
04-05-49 Election:  Judge Harry N. Simpson & Marshal Elmer Hague
04-11-49 Elmer Hague was appointed as Special Policeman
04-03-51 Election:  Judge V. R. Nance & Marshal Elmer Hague
04-05-55 Election:  Judge Vince Hanlen & Marshal Russell Osborn
04-03-57 Election:  Judge Vince Hanlen & Marshal Johny Mosier
02-03-59 Curfew Ordinance was passed
06-07-60 Appointments:  Police Chief J. C. Mosier & Policeman Leland Curtwright
02-07-61 Leland Curtwright was hired as night watchman to work from 10PM to 6AM, 6 nights a week---$1500 was
authorized to be used to purchase a police car and radio
02-13-61 Additional $600 authorized to be used to purchase police car and radio
04-04-61 Election:  Judge James C. West & Marshal Johnny Mosier
05-16-61 Election:  Judge James C. West & Marshal Johnny Mosier
05-16-61 William L. Rainwater was appointed as night policeman
11-18-61 Emil James was hired for night policeman
01-02-62 Russell Shrauger was hired as night policeman
04-02-63 Election:  Judge Carl West & Marshal John Mosier
04-07-64 Election:  Judge Tom Edwards
09-01-64 Loyd Richardson was hired as Policeman
04-06-65 Election:  Judge Bert Jackson
04-20-65 Glen Sorrell was appointed as Police Chief
07-06-65 Passed an Ordinance "The Establishment of a Police Court, appointment of a Judge and providing for the rules
of practice and procedure of the Police Court" ---Bert Jackson was appointed as Judge
08-03-65 John D. Cowen was appointed as Police Chief
12-21-65 Loyd Richardson was appointed as Police Chief
05-17-66 Gordon Armstrong was appointed as Special Policeman
07-06-66 Gordon Armstrong resigned as Special Policeman
07-04-67 Appointed Glen Sorrell as night policeman
05-07-68 Accepted the resignation of Glen Sorrell & J. H. McDaniels as Policemen and appointed Lester Ray Libby
as night policeman
06-04-68 Hired Lewis C. McGuire as City Police
10-08-68 Loyd Richardson was hired as day policeman
04-01-69 Lester Ray Libby was appointed as Police Chief
04-15-69 Jack Ellis & Harry Scott, Jr. were hired as Policemen
10-07-69 Accepted the resignation of Harry Scott
01-06-70 Larry Shadrick was hired as Policeman
11-03-70 Nolan Grover was hired as Policeman
12-01-70 Nolan Grover was laid off as Policeman
04-20-71 Bert Jackson was appointed as Police Judge
10-05-71 Neal Hanlon was hired as Policeman
11-02-71 Jack Ellis resigned as policeman
04-10-73 Orville Wipperman was hired due to resignation of Dale Hester
07-03-73 Bert Jackson resigned as Judge
08-07-73 Ralph Franklin was appointed as Judge
03-04-75 Passed an ordinance establishing Municipal Court & the election of Police Judge, thereby repealing old ordinance
04-01-75 Election:  Judge Daryl Currier
04-15-75 Appointed:  Police Commissioner Loyd Richardson, Police Chief Larry Shadrick, Patrolman Neal Hanlon,
Patrolman Orville Wipperman, Patrolman Larry Parkhurst, Patrolman Daniel Christensen
04-06-76 Accepted resignation from Larry Shadrick as Police Chief
04-06-76 Orville Wipperman was appointed as Police Chief
08-10-76 Police Review Board was established
08-10-76 Police Review Board was established--Neal Hanlon was appointed as Lieutenant & Dan Christensen appointed
04-05-77 Election:  Judge Daryl Currier--Appointed:  Police Chief Orville Wipperman
04-04-78 Voted to accept Police Procedure Manual
04-03-79 Ordinance passed setting $2.00 from Court Cases for Police School
04-10-79 Election:  Judge Daryl Currier--Walt Sommers was appointed as Police Chief
09-04-79 Walt Sommers resigned as Police Chief--Dan Christensen was appointed as Police Chief.
11-18-80 Bill Mullins was promoted to Sgt.
02-03-81 Orville Wipperman resigned
03-03-81 Laura Madsen appointed a Reserve Officer w/commission
03-17-81 Joe Brookbank resigned--Hired Gordon French as patrolman
04-07-81 Laura Madsen hired as permanent city employee
06-02-81 Sgt. Bill Mullins resigned
06-16-81 Clifford Hall appointed to Police force
07-07-81 Gordon French resigned
04-15-82 Rodney Sederwall hired as Reserve Officer
09-07-82 Sgt. Jerry Eidson resigned
09-21-82 Bob West hired as Patrolman
04-12-83 Laura (Madsen) Webster appointed Police secretary
06-07-83 Richard Frank hired as Patrolman
10-04-83 Richard Frank resigned - Gary Conard hired as Patrolman
10-18-83 Steve Blackburn hired as Patrolman
06-05-84 Robert Dale Jerrell hired as Patrolman-Standard Operational Procedure Manual for Reserve Officers adopted.
12-19-84 Dale Jerrell resigned
03-05-85 Kenneth Meyer hired as Patrolman-Gregory Phillips hired as Patrolman
05-07-85 Robert A. Cruzhired as Patrolman
08-06-85 Reserve Officer Mike Whisman hired as Patrolman
08-20-85 Ernie Dampier hired as Patrolman
01-07-86 John Reszler hired as Patrolman
03-25-86 C. W. Kinney hired as Animal Control Officer
04-15-86 Gary Conard appointed Lieutenant
05-06-86 Tony Lucas hired as Patrolman
01-06-87 Acting Police Chief Conard presented Certificate of Merit to Sergeant Dampier for the life saving capabilities
administered regarding an incident occurring on January 1, 1987 -- All Officers were presented a Certificate of
Merit for service in 1986--Purchased 4 KR-10 radar guns--Gary Conard appointed Chief of Police
01-20-87 Larry Bowling hired as Patrolman
05-05-87 Purchased 5 Midland radios
06-16-87 Laura Webster appointed Court Clerk
09-22-87 Plans and Specifications submitted to the Board for a new Fire/Police building.
10-06-87 Ovvicers Reszler and Eden given Certificate of Recognition for medical attention given to heart attack victim.
11-03-87 Officer Reszler resigned-Purchased 5 portable radios
12-17-87 Jerry Kempen hired as Patrolman
01-05-88 Board approved Fire/Police facility
02-18-88 Tony Lucas resigned
04-05-88 Approved rough-in-wiring for new Fire/Police facility for base radio
05-03-88 Board approved purchase of Midland radio for the new Fire/Police facility
06-07-88 Officer Burns resigned
07-05-88 Jerry Shadrick hired as Patrolman
08-05-88 Open house for Fire/Police facility
11-01-88 Larry Bowling promoted to Sergeant
12-06-88 Purchased Breathalyzer machine
05-02-89 Jeffrey Beauchamp hired as Patrolman--Kelly Luttrell hired as Patrolman
06-06-89 Mike Schmidt hired as Patrolman
09-05-89 Board approved hiring up to 6 Reserve Officers
10-03-89 Standard Operating Procedure adopted for use of PR-24.
07-03-90 Proposal to get donations to purchase Drug Dog--Reserve Officers shall be accompanied by a full time Officer.
08-07-90 Narcotics Drug Dog "Jaggers" delivered with training to commence.
10-16-90 Board approved hiring part-time secretary--Standard Operating Procedure manual approved.
11-27-90 Connie Sorenson hired as part-time secretary--William Bleck hires as Reserve Officer.
01-08-91 Chief Conard resigned--Laura Webster appointed acting Chief of Police
03-19-91 Elmer Meyer hired as Police Chief--Ernie Dampier resigned
04-15-91 Ronald Gentry hired as Reserve Officer
05-07-91 Reserve Officer Joe Patrickus to be used as full time temporary officer
05-21-91 Letter of Commendation to Joe Patrickus for his professional manner in the way he handled an attempted suicide--
Steve Eden and Jeff Beauchamp received Letter of Commendation for helping subdue suspect at Ozarkland while
materials were burning inside.
06-04-91 Lisa Hunter hired for Police Secretary/Administration Clerk
07-16-91 Bill Bleck hired as 1st Class Reserve Officer--Jason Armistead, Jimmy Brashear, Adrain McDowell and Glenda
Whitener hired as 1st Class Probationary Reserve Officers--Philip Canon hired as 2nd Class Probationary Reserve 
09-17-91 Joe Patrickus re-classified to full time Probationary Officer
10-15-91 Subscribed to LETN video in-service Training Program
11-19-91 Purchased four 40 Caliber Glock weapons
12-17-91 Philip Canon reclassified as 1st Class Reserve Police Officer
01-21-92 Jack Littlepage confirmed as 1st Class Probationary Reserve Officer--Clifford Shirk confirmed as 1st Class Probationary Reserve Officer.