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OLD LINN CREEK  (Photos & Story compliments of Mrs. Sharon Shipman)

In the mid 1830's people had started settling in the area that was to become Linn Creek.  The town was located at the confluence of the Osage and Niangua Rivers builtalong side Linn Creek, which ran down the sloping valleys between high hills and emptied into the river.  It is said that there was a large blue spring located near the town that measured near 30 feet across.  It was this spring that drew the first settlers.  Located at rivers edge the town was soon doing a thriving business with riverboats and rafts arriving daily.  In the mid 1850's the town was made the county seat of Camden Co. and this was to add to its importance.  By the early 1900's the town had grown to include a two story school building, court house, and several churches along with many other businesses.  In the late 1920's it was learned that a new hydro-electric plant was to be built and that this would cause the flooding of the town of Linn Creek.  Some received the news of progress with joy, most were saddened to learn they would have to give up their homes and move to higher ground.  Although the project was fought by many, progress was not to be stopped.  Homes were bought by the company and destroyed.  Those who would not sell their family dwelling somehow managed to move the homes to other locations.  Businesses were torn down, some burned and some moved.  Family treasures both real and imagined were packed and made ready for the move.  The towns people left with saddened hearts.  The Bagnell Dam was completed in Feb. 1931, and in March the waters started to slowly cover the town of Linn Creek.  Today the once busy center of activity lies fifty feet below the smooth surface of the Lake of the Ozarks.