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Where you see "Obit" better click on it.  It will take you to the article from the newspaper.  If totally unreadable online, we have tried to type them up. Some are old and may read better once printed, and some might not print as good.  We tried.   If you have any you would like to submit, all help would be appreciated.


Adams, Veda  1916 - 2004     Obit
Anderson, Grace W.        Obit
Anderson, Myrtle  age 10 years     Obit


Baines, Irene Eidson        Obit
Baines, Jacob Donzil        Obit
Blankenship, Charley Calvin       Obit
Blankenship, Lucy         Obit
Blankenship, Porter A.        Obit
Blankenship, Shelvey S.        Obit
Blankenship, Wilma Pauline       Obit
Blount, Jefferson Davis        Obit
Brock, Valeri Ann     Obit
Brown, Sadie Francis        Obit
Bunch, James M.         Obit
Burns, Nelle (Scott)    Obit
Burns, Richard E.     Obit


Calvin, Lena Snipes     Obit
Campbell, Charles Nathan     Obit
Caviness, Ethel (Long)   Obit
Caviness, Ralph     Obit
Childress, Eva (McDowell)     Obit
Claiborn, Allyn H.        Obit
Claiborn, Becca         Obit
Claiborn, E. G.         Obit 1         Obit 2
Claiborn, Ousley         Obit
Crall, Mollie     Obit
Crane, Fred     Obit
Crane, Ollie (Clark)     Obit
Creach, Hulda Mae     Obit
Crider, Dewain M.     Obit
Cullen, Sarah Isabell (Webb)       Obit


Dailing, James Edward     Obit
Davis, Caroline      Obit
Davis, Wilma L. Corder     Obit
DeGraffenreid, Olive Myrtle     Obit
Degraffenreid, Mrs. Z. M.     Obit
Denny, Annie L.     Obit
Denny, Bertie Hogue        Obit
Denny, Cleo         Obit
Denny, Louise Fern        Obit
Denny, Virgil         Obit
Devine, James William        Obit
Dickerson, Harold Malcomb "Mac"     ObitFuneral card side 1  Funeral card side 2
Dometrorch, Edith P.     Obit
Donaldson, Warren     Obit
Dugan, Brooks         Obit


Eidson, Claude Ray         Obit
Eidson, George Thomas        Obit
Eidson, Mae M. (Coffey) Warren      Obit
Eidson, Mary C. (Campbell)       Obit
Eldred, 2 yr. old son of Henry Eldred  March 29, 1900  Obit
Eldred, George M.      Obit
Eudaly, Mary Belle Eidson (Seaton)      Obit 1      Obit 2
Evans, Nancy Ann         Obit
Ezard, Thomas E.     Obit


Foster, Ada Kay         Obit
Foster, Marguerite L.        Obit
Foster, Mason R. (Doc)        Obit
Foster, T. R.         Obit
Frank, Cathy     Obit
Franklin, James A. Sr.        Obit
Frederick, Nancy Jane     Obit


George, Anna Elizabeth        Obit
George, Carrie         Obit
George, Doc         Obit
George, Floyd John        Obit
George, Nancy Ellen        Obit
George, Oscar         Obit
George, Porter         Obit
George, Noble         Obit
George, Virgie         Obit
Gibson, Daniel R.  (husband of Hannah Gibson)   Obit
Gibson, Hannah M.         Obit
Gibson, Henry Thomas        Obit
Gibson, John A.     Obit
Ginnings, C. E.         Memorial Card
Green, Ada Frances        Obit
Green, Della Viola        Obit
Green, Earl S.       Obit
Green, Grace Lee      Obit
Green, John C.         Obit
Green, Loyd F.         Obit
Green, William Eugene     Obit
Greenwood, Maud Cornelia (Salsman)     Obit
Grimes, Clon     Memorial Card
Grimes, David Daniel      Memorial Card #1          Memorial Card #2
Grimes, Goldie L.     Memorial Card
Grimes, Rev. Joel D.        ObitMemorial Card
Grimes, Rev. Everett Bland     ObitObit
Grimes, Lawrence     Memorial Card
Grimes, Mamie Myrtle (Mrs. Everett)      ObitObit
Grimes, Uel     Memorial Card
Grindel, Henry     Obit


Hart, Elizabeth     Obit
Hart, Sherman E.         Obit
Heimbeaugh, Ernest        Obit        (Son of Floyd and Nellie)
Heimbeaugh, Floyd S.        Obit
Heimbeaugh, James Floyd (J.F.)    d. 4-1-03  Obit
Heimbeaugh, Lilly Mae     Obit
Heimbeaugh, Nellie J.  (wife of Floyd S.)    Obit
Henderson, Madelyn     Obit
Hicks, Marvin Roma        Obit
Huddleston, William Carroll     Obit
Hudson, Patricia     Obit
Hughs, Dick     Obit
Hunter,  Ethel S.     Obit



Jeffries, Rosetta     Obit
Jones, Charley         Obit
Jones, James Oscar        Obit
Jones, Melborne "Horse"     Obit


Kincaid, Charles Frank        Obit
Kincaid, Emma Frances        Obit


Laughlin, Ada Francis (Meads) Eidson     Obit
Long, J. E.          Obit
Long, John T.         Obit
Long, Rosalie Patterson (Mrs. Leonard)     Obit
Long, Richard         ObitSubmitted Obit


McDowell, Charles         Obit
McDowell, Elisha         Obit
McGuire, Earl Van     Obit
McGuire, Margaret E.        Obit
McIntire, Mary Rebecca (Moore)      Obit
McIntire, Thomas Ephraim       Obit
McKay, Rev.Adrian L.     Obit
McNeely, Delmar L.     Obit

Mace, Idella         Obit
Mace, Thomas         Obit
Manes, Maude Hillhouse        Obit
Martinson, James W.        Obit
Meads, John Houston        Obit
Melton, Joseph "Joe" Edgar       Obit
Miller, Carl Coxie     Obit
Morelock, Eldon L.     Obit
Morrison, Bessie Carman Webster      Obit
Morrison, Roy         Obit
Mosier, Elijah Glen        Obit
Mosier, Leonard W. Jr.        Obit
Moulder, Mrs. G. J.     Obit
Myers, Dr. G. T.  3-29-1900     Obit


Neely, William Burton        Obit



Perkins, Fred     Obit
Pierce, Joseph     Obit
Pile, T. North     Obit
Porter, B. "Jay"     Obit



Rector, Sr., James "Red" E.       Obit
Robinson, Dr. Leo D.     Obit
Rogers, Rebecca Glee "Becky"     Obit
Rogers, Theo E.         Obit
Rush, Hardney L.     Obit
Russell, Amanda     Obit


Sallee, Frank     Obit
Sallee, Nancy         Obit
Saulsbury, Beverly     Obit
Schaumburg, Ruth     Obit
Scott, David         Obit
Scott, John         Obit
Scott, Nancy Belle (Galyon)       Obit
Seaton, Ellis Aaron        Obit 1         Obit 2
Seaton, Elsie Bell (Skinner)      Obit
Shumate, Bertha H.     Memorial Card
Shumate, Clifford     ObitObit
Shumate, Daniel         Obit
Shumate, Daniel E.        Obit
Shumate, Margaret F.        Obit
Shumate, Mary         Obit
Skinner, Julie Ann (Rogers)       Obit
Slatten, Robert Jack     Obit
Smith, Stanley W.     Obit
Snelling, Edna Bea        Obit


Thurman, Lonnie Isaac      Obit
Toler, Col. Lee Roy        Obit
Turrell, Opal Ellen     Obit     Obit
Twitchell, Mary Jane (McLaughlin)     Obit
Twitchell, Ralph Alexander     Obit



Vandelicht, Glen     Obit
Vaught, Harriett     Obit


Waters, Frieda (Heimbeaugh)      Obit
Waters, Hazel Lee (nee-Witt)       Obit
Watson, Eliza Claramine      Obit
Webb, Frank         Obit
Webb, Howard         Obit
Webster, Ace         Obit
Webster, Alfred  d. Dec. 21, 1899     Obit
Webster, Bertha Lea      Obit
Webster, Clarence "Bug"      Obit
Webster, Floy         Obit
Webster, James, Jr.        Obit
Webster, Zella         Death Notice
Welch, Christie Ann     Obit
Welch, Gary Hall     Obit
White, Bonnie Belva (Cyrus)       Obit
White, Ida (Caviness)      Obit
Whitehead, Charles Lee     Obit
Williams, Jan     Obit
Williams, Mary Ellen     Obit
Wilson, Charles M.     Obit
Wilson, Sterla Ann (Heimbeaugh)      Obit
Woodall, Robert L.        Obit



Young, Gracie         Memorial Card