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"I haven't been able to date this since it was cut from a newspaper , but I'm guessing it was the Revile or whatever the Camden County paper was at the time.  Eliza was born in 1862 in Camden County to John Appleton and Lavina Elmore Appleton and Married Pinkney Green Ash in 1888.  My best guess is that this is from 1907 to 1922 as she mentions sister in law and her daughter Elua.  Eula Appleton's mother was Carrie Carroll Appleton who died in 1922, it doesn't mention Eula's father, John T. Appleton who died 1907. Which leads me to believe it was sometime after John's death, but before Carrie's death."

Newspaper article written by Eliza Appleton Ash

My Visit in Camden County

I have decided since so many people went to the fair at Sedaila and I stayed home, to take mine visiting down in the hills of Camden where I was born and raised.  My heart beats fast at the idea of seeing my old friends and relatives once again.
     Sept 28th-  My home is in Versailles.  My niece and her husband stopped to see me on their way from the fair.  My niece is the daughter of my Oldest brother John Appleton who died in 1907.  She married a son of Cy Garrett of Nonsuch.  I will speak of them as Edna and George and the readers will know who I mean.  I am now ready to start.  With Edna and George leaving Versailles at 2:30 PM we arrived at Nonsuch at 6 o'clock.  We came by way of Linn Creek, and had a nice spin over thew new graded road.
     Sept 30th-  Went to Barnumton to see my sister-in-law Mrs. Jno. Appleton, accompanied by Edna and George.  We spent the day there then went back to Nonsuch that night.
     Oct 1st-  Spent the day eating watermelons and having a good time at Edna and George's.
     Oct 2nd Tuesday-  Went to the public sale at Ben Johnson's near Nonsuch brought back fond memories of days gone by.  I lived there when my husband had the Linn Creek and Climax mail route.
     Oct 3 Wednesday-  My visit with Edna and George is over and I must be traveling on, or else I won't get to see the people I had planned to see.  I go from there to the home of Mrs. Vina Williams one of my old girlfriends.  It makes one feel so happy to be with the ones you played with when small.  I visited the Tabor School Wednesday evening which is being taught by Miss Mary Woods and she seems to be getting along splendidly.  Went from school to cousin Jonnie Warrens.
     Oct 4th-  went to Dock Lauries near Linn Creek and had the pleasure of visiting the old Cunningham Cemetery where my first husband was buried and it is also the resting place of old uncle George Carroll, The Tom Stevens boat pilot who was well known by many.     It seems so good to be real that I am back here once again, and can see the places that are so dear to me, but alas "Life is but an empty dream."
     Oct 6th-  went to cousin Ed Elmore's near Barnumton.  Stayed there until Sunday morning Oct 7th, got up light hearted and happy this morning because I was going to hear one more sermon in the Bollinger Creek schoolhouse down on the Osage river below Iron Town.  Services were conducted by Rev. Billy Warrens, one of my cousins living near Coelleda.  Again my heart is beating fast, for the old schoolhouse calls Back many pleasant memories of days gone by.  It is there that I heard the best sermon I ever heard.???with the poem "The Old Oaken bucket"  "How dear to my heart are the scenes of my childhood."
     Oct 10th-  Went to my brother Hybert Appleton's Wednesday evening stayed all night.
     Oct 11th- Took dinner with Willoughby Thomas who married my niece, enjoyed the day there and back to Barnumton again in the evening and stayed with my sister-in-law Mrs. Appleton.
     Oct 13th-  My niece Eula Appleton and her friend Tess White took me to Climax Springs today in Mr. White's Chevrolet.  My cousin Zeph Warren met me there in his car and took me to his home 5 miles south of Climax Springs.  Heard three sermons preached at the Green Ridge Church.  Took dinner Sunday with cousin Fannie Moulder.  Back to Warrens at night after church.
     Oct 15th-  Went to Climax Springs to visit my niece Mrs. Henry Vogel and remained in Climax until Oct 25.  In the meantime I called on many of my friends and visited the cemetery.  Oct 25 came back to Barnumton.
     Oct 26th-  Visited the Barnumton school which is taught by my niece Datha Delozier.  She is getting along fine too.  My
sister-in-law and her daughter Eula went with me.  I enjoyed the evening very much.  Still at Barnumton Tuesday.  Then go back to Edna's.  Went from there to cousin Willie Campbell's.and spent the day and from there to cousin Billy Warren's and stayed all night and his wife and I went to cousin Annie Warren's- back to Edna's Friday morning and from there to visit one of my old friends Geo. J. Moulder's wife, back to Edna's Friday night and Saturday evening Geo and Edna brought me back to Barnumton where we were met by my nephew Clyde Appleton who works near Versailles.  hew is the son of Jno. T. Appleton  Monday down to Willoughby Thomas and spent the day accompanied by my niece Eula, back to Barnumton Monday night.
     Nov 6-  Go out to Datha's school and bid her goodbye, as I am going home tomorrow.  Got another surprise by seeing my niece Hazel Appleton who lived near Crittendon.  Go back down to Thomas's this evening and stay all night.
     Nov 7th-  I am now ready to go home.  I think I have visited long enough for this time.  My niece and her husband Willoughby Thomas took me to my home in Versailles.  And as the pose says; "Life for the last has been one grand sweet song."   Am praying to live to see my old relatives once more.  Best wishes from one reared in Camden.  Eliza Ash