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Louis Jasper Coffey

Submitted by Carolyn

   Louis Jasper Coffey, b. in N.C., Alice Ann Moulder,b.1-5-1868 in Coleda, Mo. Their children as far as I know, were, Autis Belford (my grandfather, b.1-9-1893, in Coleda, Mo. d. 2-12-1968 in K.C.K. buried at Maple Hill Cemetary in K.C.K.) Aubra, Leslie (d. 2-3-1979 buried at Parrack Grove-Camden County) Shelby (d. 10-18-1974 buried at Parrack Grove) Bob, Elzie, Buford, George, Ila Mabel and Lilly Fay, and a girl with a letter that starts with an "M", Couldn't make out the name, This was in the bible of the last remaining sibling of theirs. Her name is Millie May Eidson and she lives at Windsor Estates there in Camdenton. She is 105 years old; Buford, George, Ila Mabel and Lilly Fay.
   My grandfather (Autis) married Edith Estelle Tobey.(b. 9-29-1896 in Barnumton, Mo. d. 5-6-1993 buried at Maple Hill in K.C.K. with grandpa) Her parents were David Tobey (b. 8-22-1866 in Fristo, Mo. and Roena B. Franklin, b. 4-4-1867) Their children were Charles Franklin,  (he married Buelah Grainger) Mollie, Kitty Mae, Della Forest, Gertie, Edith Estelle, Emma, Julia Etta, Bertha Viola,  (she married Buelah's brother, Martin) and Mary Virginia (or Jennie?) I know that Uncle Charlie and Aunt Buelah are buried in Grainger Cemetary. Can't remember about the others buried there. There's no date of death on Aunt Buelah's headstone, but she has passed away.
   My grandparents children were Charles L. Coffey, Ila Mabel (Coffey) Lister,( she lives at Z road in Climax now), Emil Ray,  Russel Glen, and Paul Marvin. Aunt Ila is the only one left of all of them. My dad is Paul. He and my youngest brother, Mike, were killed together in an electricution accident, 11-26-1983. They are both buried at Mistwood Memorial Gardens. This is just on the other side of Greenview on Lake Rd. 5-58. This cemetary was started by Gene Sellers. He owned the land and a man that worked for him was the first buried there. His mother in-law, sister-in-law, and now Gene himself are buried there.

UPDATE  Jan. 2006

Children of Louis Jasper Coffey and Alice Ann Moulder

Millie May
Ila Maybel
Lilly Fay