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                In Camden county Historical Society - also a dontated picture of Richard H. Long and Avis Raines

*********************************************************************************************** Prepared by Hazel Emry (daughter of Andrew Jackson Long and Dollie Lyne Long) of Camdenton,  from information obtained in research by Ann Emry, Sharan Lesmeister and Pam Long and personal knowledge, approximately July 1999.

Descendants of Thomas D.  and Mary Bond Long

The earliest record we have of this Long family is when Thomas D. Long
(1803-1865)  and Mary Bond (1798- 1852) were married on 8 July 1822, in
Louisa County, Virginia.  They were the parents of 9 children: Eliza Ann
(1823-?), Richard H (1825-1900), Mary J. (1827-1869), Catherine (1829-?),
John Thomas (1831-?), William Jackson (1833-1913), one stillborn in 1836,
Beverly Franklin (1838-1850) and Jasper Newton (1840-1917)

Thomas D.  and Mary Bond Long moved from Virginia to Kentucky in the early
1830's.  In 1845 Thomas D and Mary and all their children including the two
married daughters, Elizabeth Ann Clutter (Simon) and Mary Jane Potter
(Lemuel) moved by covered wagon to Camden County, Missouri.

In 1848, the entire family except the oldest son, Richard H. moved North of
the Missouri River to Daviess County, Missouri.  Then in 1852, the entire
family except Richard moved back to Kentucky by water, settling in
Hardensburgh, Breckenridge County.  In May 1852, Mary Bond Long and three of
Mary Jane Long Potter's children died of measles.

In 1855 Thomas D. married his second wife Loureasie Wernal.  They had one
son, James B. Long born 10/10/1856.  Loureasie died in 1857.

In 1859 Thomas D and his three daughters moved to Arkansas.  Thomas D.
Long - died 17 March 1865 in Fayetteville, Ark.
********* According to date found in Long family bible owned by Jasper
Newton Long****************

Richard H. Long the oldest son of  Thomas and Mary remained in Camden County
for the most of his life.  Richard married his first wife, Martha Clutter in
Kentucky on 31 July 1844.  It is assumed that she died before the family
came to Missouri in 1845, because no mention in made of her coming to
Missouri.  One might assume that Simon Clutter and Martha Clutter were
related- Simon Clutter married Elizabeth Ann Long and Richard Long married
Martha Clutter but, no further research has been done on the Clutter family.
**********  According to information discovered, Simon and Martha Clutter
siblings, are children of Simon Clutter - deceased before 31 July 1844,
according to marriage record*********

On August 12, 1847, Richard H. Long and Avis Raines (daughter of John and
Hannah Lacey Raines) were married in Camden County.  Other than for short
periods of time spent n Kentucky, Arkansas and Texas, they lived in Camden
County where Richards was a farmer.  He served 3 1/2 years in the Army
during the Civil War.  he was granted patent on 160 acres of land in Camden
Conty in Township 39, Range 16, a river bottom farm, on 1 July 1869 by
President Ulysses S. Grant.  This land is now inundated by Lake of the

Avis died April 3, 1896.  In May 1897, Richard married Cordelia Ann Green
Blount, widow of Abrahma Blount.  Richard died 22 April 1900 and was buried
on the home place near the mouth of Anderson Hollow.  His grave along with 7
other family members, including Avis, was moved by Union Electric from the
Long family cemetery to the "new" Freedom cemtery on 18 May 1931.

Richard and Avis Long's children were John Eliot (1850-1901) married Sarah
Michael (1846-1921) on 10/01/1871 in Jasper County, Missouri where her
parents lived.  Tom, Charles, Will married Minerva Jeffries, Jack, Lucy
married Bruno Cloves, Julia Ann married Ben Woolsey and Sarah Ellen married
William Smith.

John Eliot and Sarah Michael Long remained in Camden County. Other children
of Richard and Avis known to have stayed in Camden County were Lucy who
married Bruno Cloves and Julia Ann who married Ben Woolsey.

John Eliot and Sarahs's children were  Mary Ellen - married Tolliver
Jeffries, Richard, John married 1) Mary Cronin 2) Appie Manuel,  Miltie
married Lizzie McLaughlin, Lundy married 1) Mollie Stamper 2) Georgia
Smithmeirer, Andrew Jackson  known as AJ or Jack married Dollie Lyne, Daisy
married Charles Arthur Patterson, Julie married Charlie Hopkins.  Of these
children, the only one who remained in Camden county to carry on the Long
name was Andrew Jackson.  Richard died in 1911, John moved to Jefferson
City, Miltie and Lundy were ministers, Miltie and famly moved to Nebraska
and Lundy and family move t to Jefferson City and elsewhere in Missouri.

        Andrew Jackson (known as AJ or Jack ) and Dollie Lyne (daughter of Dr.
Martin Lemuel Lyne and Rebecca Hopkins)  were married in Camden County on 1
Aug 1906.  They were parents of 7 children :  Heramn Otto (1907-1909) Edna
married Bernal Anderson, Ethel (1911-1939) married Ralph Caviness, Edith
(1913-1988) married Wallace Earp, Jackson (1919 - 1962) married Mildred
Gregory, Hazel (1923) married Wm F. "Jiggs Emry and Melvin (1927-1984)
married Virginia Phillips Osborn.  The only son carrying the name Long are
deceased.  Jackson died 3-15-62 and Melvin died 1-1-84.  Jackson only son,
Lemuel Jackson II died in an auto accident 3/30/89.  Thus the name Long from
the family of Thomas D. and Mary Long no longer exists in Camden County, MO.

When Jack and Dollie were marrried in 1906, times were hard.  Jack made a
living farming, doing day labor and cutting ties.  He carried the mail and
other merchandise and sometimes passengers from "old " Linn Crrek to Zebra
by wagon and team. He owned one of the first trucks in Camden County.  This
truck had solid rubber tires, but, would have been an improvement over horse
and wagon.  He drove a school bus to transport children to "old" Linn Creek
school.  This was before the big yellow school busses.  It was a Chevrolet
truck he owned with a home made structure on the bed - built by a local
carpenter, Bob Irwin.  When the Dame was being build Jack was foreman on a
clearing job.  He and Dollie kept many boarders - the men who worked on the
job for him.  When the Lake was beginning to fill up Jack and Dollie were
forced to move from their farm near "old" Linn Creek. Union Electric bought
the farm and Jack and Dollie bought 240 acres 3/12 miles south of the new
town of Camdento and moved there in March 1931.  Highway 5 was a narrow
gravel road at that time and there was no electricity running by the farm.
Here he did farming, trucking and dealt in  livestock.  he also drove
Camdenton school bus 2 or 3 terms in the late 30's.  In 1948 he sold part of
the farm, which became the Camdenton Memorial Airport.  Then he sold the
rest of the acreage and moved the family into Camdento where he operated a
feed store and did local hauling until he retired in 1960.  Jack died 2 Jan
1971 at aget of 84 and Dollie died 17 February 1991, 23 days before her
105th birthday. Two of their children are living at the time of this
writing - Edna Anderson, age 93 lives in Lebanon and Hazel Emry age 78,
lives in Camdenton as does her two son and therir families, W. F. "Jiggs" Jr
and John Thomas Emry.