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The following notes were donated by RENEE KOECHNER she was visiting the area.  She thought maybe someone might find it a help in their own research.                   


Hattie,daughter of B.and Sephronia George,died Mar.5,1907 age 16 yrs.1 month and 10 days.
Amanda,wife of Walter A.Arnold,Jan.16,1874-Mar.22,1921
Goldie Arnold,Oct.28,1908-Dec.25,1923.At Rest
A.F.,wife of Richard Hopkins,Apr.16,1874-Apr.29,19-
Ezra B.and Edgar J.Hopkins,born Oct.15,1908.Ezra B.,died June 13,1909 and Edgar died July 8,1909.May god bless my babys,by William R.Hopkins.
John Hopkins 1894-1937


CANTWELL:Marcus H.,son of E.E.&M.D..1891-1893
VAUGHAN:M.A.1843-,Rosa E.,Dec.22,1870-Jan.12,1885.Adam,1775
CANTWELL:Warren Gail,oct.4,1932-Feb.15,1934.Dorris D.,1923-1925.Donald G.1923-1925.M.P..may 19,1833-Apr.27,1897.
DAVIDSON:Elizabeth,apr.18,1828-jan.15,1865.Elizabeth,wife of William,died may 16,1816,aged 54 yrs.John F.born Blunt county,Tn.may 16,1816-oct.6,1904.William,jan.19,1829,died aged 52 yrs.William,april 16,1818-march 25,1905.
DAVENPORT:Lieulisha E.Hix,daughter of M.G.&S.,1862-1881
HILL:John W.1859-1909.Martha J.1868-1903
HAYES:Arthur A.,son of H.H.&C.J.1909-1909.T.J.dec.26,1883-oct.1,1918.
MILLER:Elizabeth,wife of A.J.,dec.27,1841-july 24,1891
MARRIOTT:Josephine S.,daughter of S.A.&L.E.,1917-1917.
PHILLIPS:Vela,daughter of J.W.,1895-1904.Addis,may 10,1898-feb.23,1925.James W.1860-1935.Laura V.1862-
PURVIS:Evac,1896-1948,Ueras,1897-1948,Geraldine,daughter of G.I. & O.,1915-1915.Richard S.,april 19,1869-aug.1872.Elizabeth,oct.14,1841-mar.29,1891.George V.1836-1928.
TOWNS:Lennie,wife of G.E.,apr.15,1871-jan.17,1913.
SCOTT:Infant son of J.W.&M.S.,march 25,1918.William,1879-1930.Mary S.1882-1956.Minerva-Hugh-Frances


Located about a mile west of highway 5 through a private road,past the house and barn,through a gate.A pathway,hard to see,turn left at some big rocks through the brush & weeds for about a half mile.Very neglected burial plots of several.There's only 2 gravestones with inscriptions on them are there,theres 3 graves marked with field stones.Told they are CAVINESS children.Next,in a row are:
Sarah K.Caviness,wife of Albert Caviness,died Feb.13,1884,age 48 yrs.Stone was broken.Lying next to her is the infant daughter,born Feb.13,1884,this is a field stone marker.Next is another field stone marked the grave of Albert Caviness.Close to him is an inscription,Joseph L.,son of B.C.&L.B.Clopp born & died 1923.At the foot of Sarah K.Caviness'grave are 2 graves marked with iron stakes,told they are of the 1st wife of William Caviness,Mae Trey Caviness and infant son Albert Caviness,both mother and son dying at this birth.Theres also suppose to be several other graves that are lost,no stones