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  ANDERSON, Bertha     dau. of Frank Anderson and Alice Scott
  ANDERSON, Floyd    son of Frank Anderson and Alice Scott
  ANDERSON, Herman     son of Frank Anderson and Alice Scott
  ANDERSON HOLLOW Class of 1921
  APPLETON, Joseph & Lettie (Cochran) Homestead 1925  children Annie, John holding Ivan Langly, Jr., Leo & cousin
  ASH, Donald & ROBERTS, Donna Lee - Wedding Picture

  BROWN, John and Mary NEELY  Mary is sister to Cynthia Ann Neely
  BURCH, Lycurgus & Georgia
  BURNHAM, Margaret Octavia Shumate Gibson   with FELTEN, Trella (Gibson) & FINLEY, Geraldine (Felten)
  BURNHAM, Octavia Shumate Gibson & SHUMATE, Isaac Daniel, Jr.    Taken 1972 at a reunion
  BUTLER, Bert and COWLISHAW, Jesse with Bert's 1934 Ford
  BUTLER, Bert & James   sons of George & Mildred Ballard Butler
  BUTLER, Bert Memorial Card side one        Memorial Card side Two
  BUTLER, James F.; BUTLER, Roy; BUTLER, Edith (crying)
  BUTLER, Opal (Mrs. Kenneth North); BUTLER, James Franklin; WEBSTER, Dorothy    Taken before 1940
  BUTLER, Roy and neice NORTH, Ellen

           1958 Camdenton High School Graduation Class
           1959 Camdenton High School Graduation Class
           1961 Camdenton High School Graduation Class
           1926 Montreal Graduation Class                   Montreal pictures from Debbie Louden
           1928 Montreal School
 CLIFTON, William Thomas      Great Grandfather's 1st wife Mary Clifton had a brother named William Thomas Clifton. He lived in Camden County in 1875  He ran a ferry   crossing in either Niangua or Osage River near Linn Creek .  It was the dead of winter and William (Billy) was taking someone across the river late one night. He instructed his sisters Lucinda and Martha to keep a large bonfire burning on the bank so he could find his way back across the river.  They kept it burning for along time but as it got later and later and it was snowing and bitterly cold even at the fire, when he hadn't come back when they thought he should have, they decided he must have decided to stay on the other side until morning.  They put all the extra wood on the fire just in case and went home for they were nearly frozen.  The next day William (Billy) Clifton was found frozen to death.  His wife's name was Mahulda  (Perry) Clifton.
  COFFEY, LEWIS JASPER         Coffey, Lewis - doorway of his store          Coffee Store as it appears today
  CULLEN, Cartha Heimbeaugh
  CULLEN, James Red Everett
  CULLEN, Perry with neice Golda CULLEN
   James Franklin Curnutt Home - from Sandra Briones
                Photo taken about 1903 at the Curnutt home close to Macks Creek in Camden County.  Do you recognize
                any of these people?   Let Sandi know.
  1903 PHOTO and INFO - James Franklin Curnutt & Mary Abigail Palmer - also from Sandra Briones
  CYRUS FAMILY 5 Generation Picture
  CYRUS, Edward & Flossie   Picture Two
  CYRUS, Oscar and Margaret and Children


  EIDSON, Claude Ray and Ada Francis    Picture Two
  EIDSON, George Thomas and Mary Coralee
  EUDALY, Mary Bell

  FAULCONER, John & SCOTT, Alice    daughter of Green B. and Cynthia Scott with 2nd husband

  GALYON, George    brother to Elizabeth Galyon Scott
  GIBSON, Daniel R. and Hannah M. .
  GIBSON, Sophie and Flossie       taken in Ha Ha Tonka Castle
  GOUGE, Alma and SHIPMAN, Oscar
                From Sandi Briones.  Sandi's mother was a teacher at High Point.  Check out her pictures.
                This site contains much info on the Scott, Neely, McDowell, Blount and other families from Camden County, as
                well as pictures.  She has a lot of information here and would love for you to stop by.
  GRIMES, Mamie Myrtle (Shumate) & BUTLER, Judy Elaine
  GROUP PHOTO    Believe taken at Bank Branch Butler Farm
  GROUP PHOTO    Possibly taken at Bank Branch Butler Farm-Doll, Frances,  Rucker, Frances, Butler, Edith, McGuire,
    Alvie,  Rogers, Sybil and Butler, Roy
  GROUP PHOTO    Another bunch taken at Bank Branch-Edith Butler, Alvie McGuire, Frances Doll & Roy Butler
  GUEST, Marion McConnell Mack & Mary Evelyn HARBORD

  HART, Charles Banks
  HART, Charles Banks and HART, Oscar
  HART, George E.
  HART, Marshall Elsey
  HART, Marshall & NOLAND, Mary A.
  HART, Rachel   b. Jan 19, 1839 d. Aug 19, 1920  m. William Henry Ash   parents Thomas B. and Mary (Hardinage) Hart
  HART, Roscoe and Family
  HEIMBEAUGH, Charles Lawson and Friend
  HEIMBEAUGH, Floyd S. .
  HEIMBEAUGH, Floyd S., wie Nellie, and daughter Frieda
  HEIMBEAUGH, Minnie (wie of Charles) and their daughters   Minnie dau. of  Daniel R. & Hanna (Bolen) Gibson

  JONES, Bessie, Bertha & Syble - About 1914  (dau. of Mary Mae Gibson Jones & James Oscar Jones)
  JONES, Mary Mae Elizabeth Gibson - About 1888   (dau. Daniel R. & Hannah M. Bolin Gibson)

  KINCAID, Charles Frank & Emma Frances
  KOHLSTAEDT, Oliver and Shirley McLaughlin

       List of names with picture of 1928 class
  LONG, Andrew Jackson and his son Jackson
  LONG, Andrew Jackson and Dollie Lyne with children
  LONG, Everett and Eula Patterson
  LONG, John Thomas
  LONG, John Thomas and Arch Sherman Patterson
  LONG, John Thomas and brother Andrew Jackson LONG
  LONG, Richard and Avis with Grandson Andrew Jackson Long

  McGUIRE, James, Rebecca & Children
  McGUIRE, John Peter and Susie
  McGUIRE, John Peter and Mary Hulstine McGuire
  McGUIRE, Jesse Calvin and Family                                        from   Ilene Jones
  McGUIRE, Jesse Greenberry
  McGUIRE, Rachel Elizabeth (Looney)
  MEADS, John Huston (5 generations)
  MEADS, John Huston and Nancy Belle

  NORTH, Herbert & Dora    Picture 2

  PATTERSON, Charle Arthur
  PATTERSON, Daisy Long
  PATTERSON, Emeline Jeffries (married to Arch Sherman Patterson)
  PATTERSON, Loretta Gheen
  PIERCE, Margaret   Picture 2
  POPPLEWELL, Gholson    Anyone having information on this man and his family, please contact me.


  SCOTT Family Kids
  SCOTT, George H. .
  SCOTT, George (Harry) and Flora Snyder Family
  SCOTT, Hattie Mae & McLAUGHLIN, Thomas    Wedding Picture, Aug. 27, 1908
  SCOTT, James and Nancy Galyon's Children
  SCOTT, Lindsy, Flora and Willard   submitted by Bev Scott Kendall
  SCOTT, Nell (dau of Arthur & Ursula Blount Scott)
  SCOTT, Simon, age 91 submitted by Bev Scott Kendall
  SCOTT, Ursula Blount and dau. Nell (Mrs. Arthur Scott)
  SEATON, Eless Aaron and Elsie Belle (Skinner)
  SEATON, Elsie Bell (Skinner)
  SHIPMAN, Oscar and GOUGE, Alma
  SHUMATE, Dan and Bertha (Looney)
  SHUMATE, Daniel Elbert Dan
  SHUMATE, Edith Geneva & Ruby Louise
  SHUMATE, Isaac Daniel & Mary Lucinda (McGuire)
  SHUMATE, Mary Lucinda McGuire & grandson Harold Malcolm Dickerson   (Taken about 1925)
  SKINNER, Thomas Allen and Mary Virginia (Campbell)
  SNYDER, Flora (dau. of James & Ida Snyder)
  SNYDER, James, wife Ida West with Flora, Earl and Carl

  TAYLOR, Joe   b. abt. 1877 son of William and Catherine. If you know this person contact
        Was found in 1880 Osage Twp census, not located since that time.
  THRAILKILL, Dr. Miles Vernon & Eliza RUSSELL
  TOBEY, Dr. Christoper and Family
  TOBEY, Dr. Christopher 1784 - 1867) & Fidelia (Preston) Tobey 1786 - 1872
  TRASK, John William      Aren't sure the name of this school, but will put it here when we do know.
  TRASK, William David & Etta Belle (Connell)  l to r is Wilke, Mabel & Orma, standing is Claude; taken abt. 1899

  WEBB, Francis Marion and Family
  WEBSTER, Pad and Roy        Possibly taken at Wade Roger's  Baptism
  WEST, Anton & Jane
  WEST, Anton
  WEST, Mary & Anton & Jane
  WOODALL, Elbert Wade      Elbert Wade Woodall was the son of Maggie Juanita Thomas and Robert Lionel Woodall. He died at the age of 2 yrs and 3 months. 
  WOODALL, Ezekiel H. Family
  WOODALL, Dr. James
  WOODALL, Mary Polly Patricia (Davis)         Picture No. 2
  WOODALL, Paris  Picture No. 2
  WOODALL, Robert L. & Maggie      Picture No. 2
  WOODALL, Zeke and Paris with Wives
  WOOTEN, Hattie Hannah (Shumate)