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Please check out the Sullivan and Bookout Families .  All these family histories submitted by Mary Carey and if you have
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Charles Bradley Sr. B:1790 D:1854. He was thought to have been born in N.C. of Scotch-Irish descent. He was a ship carpenter by trade in Pittsburg, Penn. He worked from 1828 to 1841, wages received were $1.12 cents per day.
He married Margaretta Foreman. They were the parents of the following: 1) Jane B:12/30/1821 2) Joseph B:11/7/1823 3)Richard B:3/16/1824 he m. Helena Geason 4)Sarah B:2/3/1826 5)Caroline B:2/12/1830 m. Philip Edwards 6)
Charles C. Jr. B:5/4/1832 7)Eliza B:3/21/1833.

Richard David Bradley was a nailer by trade.He made the old square nails. He worked for Jones-Lackland Steel Mills in Pittsburg, PA. His wife Helena Geason was born in Ohio of PA-German descent. They were the parents of the
following: (all were Born in Allegheny County, PA)1)Henry Clay B:5/3/1856 D:6/15/1944 m. Margaret Thomas
2)Richard David Bradley Jr. B:1858 m. Alice Thomas  3)India Nola B:2/8/1861 D:1/19/1950 in Homer, Ill. M. Robert Wilson in Camden County, MO  4)Margaretta Virginia D:in Pittsburg, PA 5)Allie Ona D:in Pittsburg, PA

Henry Clay (H.C.) Bradley Sr. & Margaret Melvina Thomas were married 12/27/1883 in Camden County, MO. They were the parents of the following:  1) girl B:1884 D:1884   2) boy B:1886 D:1886   3)Allie Ona B:9/15/1887 m. Doyle Edwards on 11/23/1902 D: 7/17/1959 4)Ellsworth B:9/25/1889 m. Emma Brown 5) ? B & D 1891 6) Elsie May B:2/2/1893 D:10/3/1986 m. (1st)Evert Carr (2nd)Harry George in Denver, Colorado 4/9/1914 7) Henry Clay Jr. B:10/24/1895 D:10/9/1918 during WWI with influenza in Liverpool, England. His body was brought back for burial some time later and was buried at High Point Baptist Church Cem. on 8/1920.   8)India Nola B:7/25/1898 m. Frank Speilman in Bellville, Ill. She later m.  Asa Green, Montreal, MO    9)Boy B:6/29/1902 D:7/1/1902  All 4 of the infants are buried at High Point Cem.

Helena and 2 of her sons, Richard and Henry Clay came to Camden County in 1874. She homesteaded the Bradley homestead in Camden County known as the H.C. Bradley farm. Her husband Richard David Bradley came later. they 1st
went to Richland, MO then to Stoutland, MO where the were told by J.W. Burhans where theyre would be land to homestead. Richard and Helena are buried in Clairborn Cem. On the Decaturville Road, in a field. *From a
letter written by Helen Ruth Rice: I can remember Grandmother India Nola talking about Allegheny County in PA and I wish I had listened more carefully or taken notes. Her mother was from farm land in Lancaster, PA but her Father worked in a Factory in PitTsburg making nails. Great Grandmother was homesick for farmland and Great Grandpa had a habit of drinking too much, so when she heard Mo was open for homesteading settlement Great Grandma insisted they go west. They homesteaded in very poor soil and could not make a living on the farm. Great Grandpa used to go to St. Louis to work in the factory and left her on the farm to manage in a log cabin. She died when she was 49 and my Grandmother became chief cook and bottle washer for her father and brothers.*

Allie Bradley and Doyle Edwards were the parents of the following:
      2)Clarance m. Mable Branch
      3)Arthur m. Virgina spears
      4)Glen m. Edna
      5)Madge m.Perry Neal
      7)Willie m. Thelma Rogers
      8)Kelly m. Madeline
      9)Helen m. Worthy later m. Bob Walters
      10)Clifford m. Dorothy ? later m. Kathryn (Kate)

Children of Elsie May Bradley and Harry George were:
      1)Lester m. Thelma Rogers
      2)Harrison died when young
Children of Lester and Thelma were:
      1) Archie m. Franklie Looney
      2) Geraldine m. Roy Brown

Children of India Nola Bradley and Frank Spielman
      1) Elaine
Children of India  and her 2nd husband Asa Green:
      1)Adeline m. Alec Jeffries

Elsworth and Emma L. "Brown" Bradley m. 8/19/1930 at Old Linn Creek, MO.
Emma's pastor met them at the swinging bridge on the Osage river. this
bridge was later tore down by cutting the cables and letting it fall into
the river when the Lake of the Ozarks was made. they were the parents of the
      1) Virginia Ruth B:3/9/1922 in Sleeper, MO
      2) Richard Henry B:11/15/1924 on the H.C. Bradley farm
      3) David Elsworth B:1/2/1927
      4) Norman Kenneth B: 2/11/1929
      5) Margaret Paulina B: 1/23/1931
      6) Lawrence Duane B: 5/17/1933
              * the last 4 children were born in the new home in Camden
County, MO