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Submitted by Mary Carey.  This is the first couple pages of information that her Grandmother typed up.  Be sure and check out the Sullivan Family and the Brown Family History as well.
Contains a lot of Camden County names.     To contact Mary:

Bookhout Family History: The 1st Bookhouts came from Holland and Germany in 1662 to the USA. Some where baptized into the Dutch Church and buried in Delaware County, NY. Abraham Bookhout was B:7/15/1813 in NY and D:6/8/1890.
He is buried at Decaturville, MO. Abraham's 1st wife was Mary Thorp B: 9/1813. They were married in 183? and had 1 son Joel T. Bookhout B: 2/21/1837. Joel was last heard of in West Plains, MO around 1892. Abraham's 2nd wife was Catherine E. Snyder B:6/1/1825. they were married on 6/6/1844 han had 4 children together. 1)Adel C. Bookhout 5/21/1845 d:2/6/1847,2)Imogene E. Bookhout B:1/20/1847 d:9/25/1848, 3)Margaret Eliza B:7/1/1849 D:? 4)Cora M. Bookhout B:4/16/1854 last heard of in Kansas. Had a daughter Faye in Ottowa, Kansas. Abrahams's 3nd wife was Cornelia E. Lewis B:4/13/1835 in NY D: 4/8/1913 at the age of 78. She is buried at Decaturville, MO. Abraham and Cornelia had 2 children:1)Frank L. Bookhout B:2/20/1862 D:5/6/1924 at the age of 62 on the home place in Stoutland, MO He is buried at Decaturville, MO 2)Ida B. Bookhout B:6/12/1872 and D:? Cornelia married Sammie McGuire in her late years. The family did not approve. she had brothers that ran a store in NY, know as the lewis Brothers Store. Frank L. Bookhout married Mary A. Sullivan. Mary A. (Mollie) B:2/14/1872 in St. Louis, MO D:12/30/1949. Buried at Decaturville,MO. Frank & Mary's children: 1)Lester B:4/19/1889 D:10/13/1959 buried Camdenton, MO 2)Joe B:2/4/1892 D:12/1/1913 (killed when thrown from a horse)buried in Decauterville. 3) Etta B:2/18/1894 D:11/21/1975 buried at Montreal, MO 4) Mamie B:7/22/1896 D: 11/4/1944 buried at Decaterville 5)Walter B:4/2/1899
D:4/1/1952 buried in Calif. 6) John B:6/11/1901 D:8/7/1973 buried at Brookline Cem. in Springfield, MO 7)Frank B:10/11/1903 D:4/23/1987 in Richland, MO 8)Lem B:12/1/1905 D:10/8/1969 buried in Lebanon, MO9) Margaret
B:10/10/1907 D:10/9/1961 buried at Gladstone, MO10)Stella B:6/27/1909 D: of TB on 11/6/1943 buried at Montreal 11) Andy B; 7/26/1914 D; 7/30/1979 buried at Memorial Garden, Brea, Calif. 12) Ferd  B:12/20/1917 D:11/22/1975 buried
at high Point, Cem., Stoutland, MO All of these children were born at the home where the Camdenton airport
stood, south of Camdenton, MO on Hwy 5. They later moved to a farm on the Niangua River, across from Iron town. Then they moved to the farm south of Montreal, MO. Ferd tells a story that during their move they had to cross the river on the swinging bridge. the mules they had to carry their belongings where so afraid they almost crawled across the bridge. One mule lost a shoe and it fell down into the river. Ferd raised his family on the Stoutland farm. This is the farm that Frank, the father, passed away at. Frank L.Bookhout hauled freight from Lebanon, MO to Linn Creek, MO and to Springfield, MO. Frank and mary kept travelers overnight at their home. The children went to Myetta school. When they lived on the farm on the Niangua they went to Dry Ridge school. the house where Abraham and Cornelia lived was across the road from where Frank and Mary lived. John bookhout told us that the Bookhouts came 1st to carthage, MO when Frank L. was about 9 years old. Frank L. told of a sttorm that hit when they lived there around 1873. In this storm Frank L. and his father Abraham were out in the field and had to hold onto a sprout to keep from being blown away. The Bookhouts were
believed to have come to Camden County between 1873 and 1880. After Frank died Mary and the children lived ont he Stoutland farm. They moved a few times but always came back to the Stoutland farm. Ferd and Andy went to the
CCC camps to pay off the morgage on the farm. Mary (Molly) had told them she would give them the farm if they would pay it off. Andy went 1ft & Ferd went in about 1936 and came out in 1939. They were allowed to stay only 3 years.
These camps were inacted by Presendent Franklin D. Roosevelf when there wern't any jobs for young men. Andy and Ferd received $30.00 each month and sent home $25.00 to their Mother.


Lester m. Ada Webster on 2/16/1913 their children:
        1)Sally Hattie B:12/27/1914
        2)Sylvia Lee B:12/18/1917 D:5/2/1986
        3)Rita Jo B:3/27/1921 D:8/21/1984
Walter Bookhout m. Elsie Purvis Phillips  their children:
        1)Gertrude B:1912
        2)Glenna B:1924 D; 7/23/1975
2nd marriage of Walter was to Eula Thompson their children:
        1)Mary Jane
        2)Betty Lou
Etta m. Floyd Raines they had 1 son:
        1) Lewis B:5/23/1914 D:8/13/1979
Mamie m. George Johnson no children
Lem m. Gladys walters no children
Frank m. Bertha Massey one daughter:
John m.Vernia Jones on 10/27/1926 their children:
        1)James B:5/21/1928
        2)Pearl B:2/8/1930
        3)Mary Elizabeth B:2/10/1934
        4)Louise B:6/3/1937
Margaret m. Harley Appleton their children:
        1)June B:9/26/1934
        2)Joanne B:10/14/1937
        3)Jerry B:10/9/1939
Stella m. Walter Jarrett their children:
        1) Charles B: 6/25/1933 D:3/22/1981
        2)Mary Lee B:11/18/1935
Andy m. Pauline Hillhouse they had one daughter
        1) Karen B:8/14/1947
Ferd m. Virginia Bradley their children:
        1)Julia B:1/2/1941
        2)Joe Don B:4/2/1942
        3)Paul B:9/22/1943
        4)Janice B:3/23/1945
        5)Rose Marie B:10/6/1946 D:10/6/1946
        6)Linda Sue B:7/3/1948 D:7/3/1948

Ida B. Bookhout, daughter of Abraham and Cornelia m. Frank Webb their
        1)Florence m. Rob Keeney
        5)Roy died of spinal meningitis
        6)Ruth (Lizzie) m. ? Birdsong

>From Land Books of the Camden County Courthouse, Camdenton, MO:
The sale of the tract of land from J.T. bookhout and his wife Nela of
Carthage, MO Jan.8, 1883 to Abraham bookhout for 500.00 for 237 1/2 acres
filed on 5/20/1886

The last will of Abraham bookhout 6/8/1890 filed on 3/15/1902:
       Joel T. Bookhout to receive 50.00
       Margaret 25.00
       Cora Mae 25.00
       The rest I give to my wife Cornelia. After her death it goes to Frank
L.Bookhout. he shall pay Ida Belle 150.00