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October 1861

This is a list of prisoners captured at the battle of Wet Glaze and Linn Creek October 13, 14, and 16, 1861.  These battles are also known by the name of Henrytown, Dutch Hollow or Monday's Hollow, and the men were members of the Missouri State Guards, 6th Division.  Prisoners were taken to Rolla, MO.  Action reported in Volume 3, Series 1, Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies.

Information donated by Sue Sullivan of Oklahoma City, OK
Source:  National Archives, Washington D.C.  Miscellaneous Records MISSOURI - Two or More Names with no Organization Shown.

Sherriff Calfee Capt. Roberts D. M. Trammell Alex Hampton
D. F. Ayers ________Cummings Lewis Langden L. B. Roberts
Newton Allison Peter Rexrodes Jas. Brown Robert Eidson
Wm. M. Eidson Thomas Jackson Rainery Eidton James Eidson
W. P. Yeaden Rainey Eadson Stephen English David Moldey
H. C. Richardson Jas. Allison G. D. Roberts Geo. Carroll
M. J. Heall Jno. M. Size* C. Jackson E. B. Jackson
A. T. Bailey I. * C. Snyder A. G. Byler Nathan Cooper
W. T. Carral A. S. Loveall A. K. Starke Austin Brown
Adison Porter P. C. Bromly I.* F. Oney R. H. Oney
Jas. R. Laughlin I.* F. Lee Nick Loveall H. M. Dickenson
A. J. Humphrey C. W. Givens S. L. Givens S. S. Everett
A. B. Warthron Jas. Hawkins Wm. R. Thompson H. B. Clark
Stephen Allen David Haldy Benj. Clarke William Link
John B. Nichols I.* H. Barnes A. H. Elliott F. A. Blair
I.* M. Nichols A. J. Balou R. Stewart Jno Read
Wm. Williams James W. Hinton Jas. Calwell Wm. Jackson
T.* P. Caney I.* W. Allixon Jas. Phillips G. W. High
Henry Laughlin P. Townsend Lieut Col. Summers Thomas Bickerstaff

3 Returned to Lynn Creek upon order from Genl. Wyman
Y* A. Switzler Escort

NOTE:  * denotes a letter that Sue is not sure she deciphered correctly.  If any names are listed incorrectly, please email her at  and she will update the list.