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Daniel Bartlett and Hannah Starr
from Mary-Margaret Beach

They lived in Linn Creek.

Daniel Bartlett born Jan 14, 1829, Linn Creek
Hannah Starr, born February 14, 1835, Missouri

Their Children:
William M., born December 19, 1850, Linn Creek
Rachel C., born 1852, Linn Creek
John, born 1855, Linn Creek
Sarah E., born 1857, Linn Creek
George F., born 1859, Linn Creek
At least 3 more sons, birth place unknown

Daniel Bartlett was the son of William and Rachal Bartlett.   Other children of William and Rachel were
Benony W., William A., Sarah and  Amanda.  William died in 1841.

Anyone else researching this family please contact me.