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Whitley Family Cemetery

Monroe Township, Union County, North Carolina

Stack Rd-left on Earl Griffin Rd-turn last road to left- first driveway on right-cemetery behind house

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Copied by Charles Bivens

From the cemetery files of Ann Medlin Price

Knight, Eunice Ivah

Feb 5, 1926-Sept 15, 1927

  D/o Rev Luther & Lina Whitley Knight

  Granddaughter Isaac Adison Whitley

Whitley, Adison {Franklin}

Dec 25, 1819-Sept 15, 1866

   S/o George Whitley III &  Rebecca Cagle

Whitley, Alice Belk Ghent

June 4, 1892-Late October 1928

  2nd W/o Isaac Adison Whitley

   She died less than a week before her

   husband. No grave marker for her.

Whitley, Ann Smith w/o Joshua Whitley

Mar 15, 1861-May 9, 1940

Whitley, Annie Ross 1st w/o William Oscar Whitley


  1st W/o William Oscar Whitley

   Annie died from measles

Whitley, Bertha L.

May 15, 1915-Mar 15, 1920

  D/o Eli C. & Virginia Estelle Helms Whitley

   She died from influenza and pneumonia

Whitley, Eli Columbus

Dec 23, 1888-Aug 13, 1918

   S/o Joshua and Ann Smith Whitley

   He died from typhoid

Whitley, Eli Loyd s/o Eli C. and V. Estelle Whitley

Dec 6, 1916-Jan 28, 1920

   He was a twin to William Boyd

   He died from Stomatitis *

Whitley, Elizabeth E. {Elmira} (TOMBSTONE PHOTO)

Apr 4, 1854-Jan 19, 1915

  W/o John Shepard Whitley

   D/o Milas W. & Caroline Starnes Medlin

Whitley, Eunice

July 20, 1855-July 14, 1884

   d/o Adison Franklin and Samira Medlin Whitley

Whitley, J.D.

Feb 28, 1861-Sept 15, 1900

Whitley, John {Shepard}

May 28, 1859-Apr 15, 1934

   s/o Adison Franklin and Samira Medlin Whitley

   He married first Lacy Lavinia Harris

   2nd Elizabeth Elmira Medlin

   3rd Mattie Jane Baucom

Whitley, I.A. {Isaac Adison}

Nov 8, 1880-Nov 2, 1928

   S/o John Shepard and Lacy Lavinia Harris Whitley

   He married first Dec 9, 1900 to Telitha Cumira Parker. She

   was born June 6, 1879-died Aug 31, 1910-buried at Laney

   Cemetery. He married second Aug 30, 1911 to Alice Belk

   Ghent. He was murdered in an attempted robbery at his store

   in Charlotte. Two armed men accosted him, shot him, and

   in their panic, ran out of the store without the money.

Whitley, Ida Lou Minnie

Dec 3, 1884-Sept 26, 1888

  D/o John S. & Elizabeth E. Medlin Whitley

Whitley, L.C.

June 2, 1883-Nov 25, 1902

Whitley, Mary E. {Eli}

Dec 4, 1918-Mar 25, 1920

  D/o Eli C. & Virginia Estelle Helms Whitley

   She died from influenza

Whitley, Mary E.

July 28, 1887-Aug 20, 1888

  D/o John S. & Elizabeth E. Medlin Whitley

Whitley, Mary R.

Apr 28, 1880-May 12, 1882

Whitley, Samira Medlin

Dec 1, 1820-Nov 23, 1901

  W/o Adison Franklin Whitley

   D/o John Medlin II and Unity Deberry Medlin

Whitley, W.E. s/o Eunicy Whitley

Aug 16, 1883-Aug 30, 1903

Whitley, William Boyd

Dec 6, 1916-Feb 3, 1920

  S/o Eli C. & Virginia Estelle Helms Whitley

   He was a twin to Eli Loyd and died from Stomatitis. *

*Cause of death is from their death certificates. Stomatitis is

an inflammation of the mouth, sores (canker sores) toward the

front of the mouth, lips and tongue. Possibly caused by a

viral infection and easily treated with today's modern medicine.





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